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Episode · 1 week ago

Intermission: I think this LiftID brain zapper may actually be working on me.

I've been super busy with work lately. This is a quick update on the brain zapper thing I've been using — The LiftID tDCS (Transcranial direct-current stimulation) — for my ADHD and depression. I think it's helping me. 

I'll start with new Haiku titles and a new intro next time. 

Episode · 1 month ago

Coming Out Crazy: Disclosing Our Hidden Differences

John talks with fellow podcaster, KT, about the positives and negatives of accepting labels and sharing your mental illness diagnoses with others.

Episode · 1 month ago

Medication Recall | Gut Bacteria | Poop Transplants

Today I talk about an important medicine recall for people with soft penises and/or depression; then we get into gut microbiota, and fecal transplants.

Haiku Show Notes:

Sad your cock won't rise/

Mourning the morning before/

The new poop reboots

Transcript at 

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Episode · 1 month ago

How To Be A Good Podcast Listener: Doing Your Part In A Two-Way Relationship

John Emotions explains the dynamic between small podcasters and their listeners, and how everyone can be better podcast listeners