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Signal Jams Takeover: All the fuckery you can tolerate in a single podcast.


  • WandaVision (Disney+)
  • Coming 2 America (Amazon Prime)
  • Dave Lombardo
  • NFTs
  • Persona (HBOMax)
  • Personality Tests (Myers-Briggs, Big5)
  • Kroger’s, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts
  • Pee Wee Herman Reveals Will Arnett’s Line Stealing in A Dream
  • Worse Astrology Signs to Date
  • Laugh, Love, Fuck
  • Girlvert (book)
  • Gary’s Pizza Encounter
  • Manipulative Beggars in Ice Storms 

It was she the one that gave it to you? I'm sure she did. Actually, that's the kind of gift a grandparent gives a grandchild because little away fucking drive their goddamn yeah, offspring crazy. Yeah, exactly, like hey, let's fucking torture him. And I think my because it was my dad's mom, and I think she gave it to me to piss off my mom. So it's my but the mother in law thing, it're like, oh well, I like its her mom still alive? I know she died back in the day, like in the S. okay, so it's similar to mine. I mean my grandma died, I think, late s yeah, so you knew her. You just you were super go oh dude, I gotta share some with you. It's kind of gross, but it's funny at the same time. I was taking shit today and I had a Mr Hanky moment, meaning that this Turd just did not want to get flushed. It got it got caught, like you know where the the the fucking hole where the water goes down. Yeah, it's just it's like almost arms fucking slut it out, is going it on like no, so it took was looking at exactly and I was looking at it, I'm all, Oh my God, this is like a Mr Hanky moment. Just won't let go. That bastard wants to come back and he had something else he had to say. He wanted to fuck can jump around and make little dot messes all over the place. Yeah, so I thought that was funny. And then after that, the other thing that's been in my head is, after seeing coming to America dude all around the house, I go Zamon. Nah. Yeah, that was good. I watched three things last night and I was confused by all of them. Like it's I don't Randomly Watch TV anymore. So much more efficient at getting shit taken care of with the TV watching right. So I planned it, if I know what APPS I have, and I got it. I got the Internet, so I can plan things out. He's playing your TV watching now. I love it. Yeah, I don't like I don't want to sit there and drone on, because I think of TV like a buffet and you don't really want to sit in front of the fucking buffet and just keep forcing yourself to eat whatever fucks. He's some more rat analogy. He needs more. So I'm like no, I'm going to pick, it better be good. If it's not good, I'm going to send it back. So I picked the season finale of Jand Division. I've been catching up with that. It's pretty interesting coming to America and such. Right that first episode of one division and I'm like what the fuck is this? And it just suck. It's all crappy enough it. Don't hate it. I hated it. I was like what the fuck is everyone talking about? And again classic Oh we'll finally get good. On the third episode kind of thing. I'm like, Oh, now it's good, and then by the fifth I'm like, Oh yeahs fucking Birdie, goddamn clever. Well, it didn't. I mean that first episode to me was such a bad way of introducing the show because it you couldn't tell what it wanted to be. A comedy, an action, a horror of Ye, mean you had to have been a fan, I think, to get through that, and I'm not really necessarily. I like movies and I like iron man and all shit as good as anything else, but with that black and white thing. So okay, I give it props. Originality, though, I guess so in hindsight. They explained all of that and it started to make pretty clear sense by the third episode anyway. But long and short of it, so the vision, that Superhero Vision, was killed and Wanda was basically filling the memories of a New Vision clone effectively and in doing so she couldn't figure out how to do it. But Wanda, as a child, was raised on television, so she created a she took over a whole town and brainwashed everybody in the town to thinking that they were all in Sitcom's. So the first episode, one was in the black and white days, kind of a copy of Mary Tyler Moore. Episode two moves into like the Mary Tyler Moore kind of s and then episode three you're moving to the S, kind of a Malcolm in the middle. So each episode progresses forward in time and then when you start noticing that's like, Oh, this is fucking clever. And then they're able to weave the entire story in and honestly, they explained it pretty fucking well. At the end. I'm like, okay, good job, because that was a convoluted fucking storyline in the beginning. Yeah, that again, that one episode in grammys. I didn't I didn't proceed. Not Bad, but except for the finale, like episode eight. I'm like really, eat, it makes no sense at all to me anymore. It's made sense. They explained it well, but now you know when they try to tie up the loose ends and then create the beginning of the next story so that you wait for the next movie in the franchise. That's where they lost me.

I'm like, I had I don't understand what happened. which saying? You're saying this was the finale episode that they yeah, of one division. I don't get the last twenty minutes. I'm like what it's, dude? It's that whole Disney marvel thing of just hey, you know, everything we're going to do is going to be a movie. Now, what part of the universe? Yeah, it's like, all right, I guess if you kiddies like it, so be it. It's not not made for us. What else was okay? And then, Oh, dude, I can give you a an interesting oh wait, let me finish that thought. Coming to America didn't make the last twenty minutes didn't make much sense either. I'm like, I was having fun. I like what they're trying to make sense of this story and all of a sudden it doesn't make sense. And then I'm like, am I high? Did I have a hard week? I don't think I had a hard week. And I'm like, how come everything was confusing today? The wand division ending was confusing. That last ending of coming to America confuse me now. The way coming to America was the beginning was the funniest and it just slowly just tapered off and then when it got into that area, I think where it was, the sun was hooking up with the check and see how I can never remember this. The the characters, way too many characters for me too. I'm like, how many fucking subplots do we got going on here? Few people, right and and you can tell that it was fun. I just spent disbelief in order to make it through all the way and just kind of go, where are they going with this weirdness? Right, right, yeah, you realize you're ninety minutes and it's like, oh, we haven't really done much, but it was nostalgic. I'm like, okay, I like the NOSTYLGIA. I like the setups for each of the cheesy jokes. I'm a fan of cheesy jokes done well by Eddie Murphy and company. That was fucking cool and I thought every time Wesley Snipes entered the picture, I'm just like this guy steals the scenes, fucking little dance moves when he comes in. He's kind of Flamy and he's and he's head of a country called next Doria. Yeah, that was really clever. Nice Dorian about, because that could be anywhere too. And he plays awesome like Central American fucking warlord, like, oh, that's a perfect role for him. But he was like a queen. Yeah, like that. What happened in prison? Wesley really the Goddamn Dude. The Black Women in that movie or just gorgeous. Fuck all all the daughters. fucking I was just like God damn, yeah, all of them will see the thing we watched, even even the original Queen, you know. Oh yeah, no, I always thought she was hot. It's I forgot her name. She was in a bunch of movies back in the day. Well, chick, check this out. When I revisited the first coming to America last week, I was just like, Oh God, this is still s it's like I do not like the s movies that have that s feel to them. It's just it just brings back cheese to me. Wait, hold on, hold on now. But what we did a whole episode that all re upload here on John Hughes. He's a s guy. So what what's the difference? Is there a good s and a bad s? Yes, okay, there there is a cheesy s in then there's the John Hughes s. The John Hughes s doesn't have all the I would call it stupid cliche. You know what I mean? There's just so much cliche and s early s, especially comedy and action, you can tell just bad writing. Really, it's either bad writing or the direction to and of course the soundtrack. I mean a lot of the S. Yeah, likes popular music is just yeah, way conversations with me about the s h. do the s were the best? I was like no, they weren't. Man, the only good thing about the S, at least for me, was the whole birth of the of the thrash movement, just because it went so against that cheesy s Miami Vice, fucking flashy, keyboardy, just the the flock of seagulls vibe. I do like the S. I like the s for the variety and because of my age during the s like. That was the time where I was like growing and filling my brain with all kinds of new shit. So we did have, for sure, tons of great both classic rock the current hard rock. At the time was awesome. Probably some of the best hard rock ever came from the S, and then only the early s, though, because right around hundred and eighty four, no, eight thousand five, hundred and eighty six, when Glammy, well, that's when I say the changing of the guard happened. That that's when Metallica, is master puppets, came out and just completely change the whole we had options. New Wave of British heavy metal came out, thrash formed and then Glam clam formed. So we had...

...all these like Whoa pick a fucking dribe, dude, because you can't be in all three of these really at the same time. Right pick a lane, especially glam. That was funny because back in the day you could, you had to pick punker metal, but at some point you you had to not pick glamm. There's a certain group that picked Glam and others of us just stayed on the rest of the periphery, and the one that bridge the gap was guns n roses, the the appetite for destruction. That came out in eight, seven, eighty eight, somewhere around there. That was the only record that kind of bridge the gap between what La Street, you know, Sleazy Glam Rock, is mixed with just this fucking good, hard, swinging rock and roll Alla Arrowsmith kind of vibe to it. Yeah, that the in hindsight, what a concoction that ended up being. I'm just thinking of all the players in that lineup of guns n roses man, back when Adler pretty stroke had the fucking groove swing. Yeah, hell, yeah, love what days like him? Dude? No one. Nope, I mean, I don't want to slurs. No one plays like Lars. Yeah, Lars has a weird leaned forward sound to me. kind of leans into it. He's not laid back, he's the opposite. He pushes into it. Yeah, but you're right, no one plays like that because it's very unique to the way he well, he's got a push against James. So James is so powerful. It's like I gotta like this dude's gonna come up with these riffs. I got a fucking smash my drunk. Yeah, he's standing over me. Here he comes again. Due in the picture and just injects this Cuban Latin, beautiful fucking influence in the slayer, so smooth like hyper fast flare right that hold the fluidity of a day of Lombardo back in the day. Man, the good times, good times. He still has it, dude. Oh I gotta tell you. I did this. I did this large trade with a buddy of mine in Philadelphia. You know, he was on the bootleg cowboys doc. He sent me a five terabyte drive full of like all his shows, nice and then I took all that, all those shows, put them on a terabyte drive. I bought use that terabyte drive and filled it up with all the shit he wanted for me. Well, Long Story Short, he filmed the misfits when they did the reunion in two thousand and nineteen with Danzig and Lambaro's on drums. Holy Fuck, dude, does he make the misfits swing so much better? Oh my God, yeah, yeah, but it's fucking amazing. I was just watching this shit going. Fuck me, that's fucking a I wish I saw it. I really wish I had an opportunity to Oakland, but I missed. Wow. Well, Bama Goulda. What is should fucking had lampartos always been one of my favorites, mine to man. That's why I was so jazzed when I was invited down to testaments rehearsal studio in ninety eight when they were recording the gathering, because you know about that, right, that he was playing with testament for one record. Uh Huh. Well, we got invited to the studio. This is when I was working for tales from the pit, and Labardo was down there and they played us like two songs and they said Hey, yeah, you can film. It was like dude right next to them, like literally like fucking inches away from him, and just I'm I'm just amazed, splashing a pound those skins only. Fuck, let me think about this right. Maybe you could be sitting on a gold mine and you didn't know it. Are you? Are you familiar with the term nft? No, it is okay it. I thought it was something like non fundable transfer or something like that. I think it is, or used to be. It's a banking term, but it's the term now. Is Not a banking term. It's non fungible token. Ahead. I don't even know what fungible means, and I'm pretty smart, I probably could have looked it up, but it's a non non fungible token. So long and short of it is, people are making these one of a kind digital pieces, let's call them a piece of art, like a digital maybe. What I've seen as an example is a your favorite basketball player scores a winning shot. Well, yeah, they have a Bitcoin, not a Bitcoin, I'm sorry, a blockchain. They have a provable way to know where that came from and to know that you now own that five second clip of Steph curry making a three pointer winning the game. Now you own that. Of course, everybody else could look at it. You own it like that's I'm like, that's stupid. How stupid is it? Well, some artist made a digital like a digital animated gift file or some ship right sold it for like sixty five thousand dollars...

...about a year ago. Shit, okay, well, that fucking thing is worth like six point six million dollars right now. I'm like how I might what the fuck is going on? People are like owning stuff that doesn't exist. Okay, this sounds like the whole fine art thing where it's just like some people can determine oh this is worth this amount because I say so, because I have the money, I have the power. You know what I mean. I know what you're saying, but the proponents of NFT's would counter that this is the opposite. They actually know that only one of those originals exists and they've proven where it came from digitally, and they've also proven who paid for it and owns it. Now. Well, I've always understood that. I am sitting on a rock and roll history, you know, type goal of mine. Will think of it this way, right. I do know that. So say, you can just say hold on step. Before you do that. Let me just finish this though, really quickly. Now I have that Dave Lombardo thing on my page, on my youtube channel, and it gets massive hits. So it's out there in the Youtube Rum. I mean that whole Youtube channel has all, pretty much most of my my shots. Sure doesn't matter. So I look at that as like okay, because I get contacted periodically from collectors. Dude, you got a fucking NFT that thing. I'm telling you. Okay. Well, again, let me finish this part and then you can continue on with the nft thing, because I understand where you're going with this. So I was looking at the Youtube channel that I have right now as a way where people can look at it enjoy it like they're going to an art gallery. Right now, there are those collectors out there that just like, well, I got to have the master, you know. So this guy contacts me and we get into an email conversation. is to look, Dude, here's how I look at my stuff. You can watch it for free on youtube or if you want to own the master channel, you can make a donation, because this is what I call fine art, and if you're a collector of fine art, you got to pay the price a little bit, and they were willing to pay the price. Continue on which you what you'R NFT or did they pay the price? What you mean now that they have the master, if they cut that up and turned it into NFT's it's blockchained back to them as the owners. All. I'm sure some of that stuff is probably happened this. Don't know the nft thing is really new, but anything that you've shot, and so here's the interesting question though. Say you shot the Beastie boys at the Oakland Coll scene or something like that, right, sure, so, just like the NBA filmed steph curry making a shot and somebody else gathered that and turned it into an NFT. I think you gathering the Beastie Boys, makes it your video. You know what I mean. You made that original video, how you got it. Doesn't matter that it's them performing copyrighted material. That doesn't matter either. They could still perform copyrighted material, but that moment in time that you captured is something that you can create an nft out of. HMM, and it's blockchain back to you. You're the originator, and so yeah, you can continue sharing it. In fact, sharing it helps because remember, like say, the van go, that thing's worth the fortune. Why? Because it's been knocked off, as it's in every prince plus and every goddamn all, because everybody's seen it. You could buy it put it on your wall for cheap, but the original gets more and more and more and more valuable. So I think there's a way. So you could turn a lot of original shit into stuff that is like block chained right back to bootleg cowboys. Interesting. Fuck, yeah, it's you make it sound easy, but something tells me, because it's technology, it's going to fucking run over my head. It sounded. It sounds like it could, but there are definitely websites that exist already that make the whole process super easy. Yeah, and I'm sure some of those collectors that did make their donations, that's what I call it, donations. Maybe way ahead of the game on me on that, but they're not contacting me for everything. They're looking for certain bands. Yeah, so, yeah, I know that makes sense to me. They probably band collectors. But moving forward, remember that any fucking momentary clip, even a five second clip that happens to be the best five seconds of the whole five hour tape, that five seconds clipped out originated back to you, could become literally worth billions. Think of like photographers Jim Marshall or even or even John Right, John Magnet, those fuckers. You take... great photograph and it replicates itself over and over. Well, somebody still owns the master right. And I think of it like I would think of your bootleg videos, as like millions of single cells of video captured or almost still photography. You don't I mean let's let's explore this off the air and diving to see if you you want to something you want to do. I don't want to get involved in it myself, but I think if that, because that's kind of a perfect test case. For sure her. Well, okay, I mean for sure. I'd like you to kind of yeah, well, we'll talk about that later. Yeah, sure, if I get too much more into it, sounds boring. Indeed. It's starting to sound boring right now. What the fuck's he talking about? Right? So, did you get a chance to watch Judas in the Black Messige yet? What is that? No, okay, never mind, skip it. It's a great movie if you get a chance to. It happens around the same time as the Chicago movie with Baron Cohen, Sasha Baron Cohen. WHO's in it? Oh, it's a bunch of people. I don't know, because I'm not like a follower of them. Actors, okay, actors, actors like good actors. People know how to act. One of the dudes was the big ID guy from, Goddamn it, that other movie I watched. I can't. I'm sorry. I wish I knew the actor's name. It was a fantastic movie, though. Definitely kept you. It's okay, world, I get it. They were old and there's so much information flying around in our heads right now. You just can't remember it all anymore. I'm amazed at some people that can. It's just some super fucked up on HBO called Persona. So you know these personality test to give people for fun for, you know, leisure and stuff like that. Sure, sure, and you get your Myers Briggs type. There's another one called the Big Five. Anyway, he loves people take them for fun. Well, also a lot of corporations apparently use them to screen applicants, like McDonald's, Duncan donuts, places like this. Wait a minute, you're going to tell me the corporate fucking fast food type chains has personality tests? Oh yeah, Yep, and yet when you go in there they never show off their personality. Well, here's the danger, Dude. Oh, Kroger's is a big one too, and they could. They interviewed people that had been victimized by this. So in a personality test you can discern whether somebody has a mental illness or not. There's some correlating factors in these personality tests. Well, you can't ask somebody if they have a mental illness. That's against the American with Disabilities Act. That's against their rights. Interesting, but they you can trick them into voluntarily taking a personality test, which will reveal the same thing. So what's happening is a lot of people are taking personality test to get Shitty ASS fucking jobs at Kroger's and McDonald's or whatever, and they're being denied these jobs. They don't know why. Oh, you just hired somebody else before you or whatever. They're never given a straight answer. Well, not everyone's going to get hired. I mean, of course right, but there is definitely an algorithm and it's weeding out people with specific conditions which they don't know they're being weeded out for and they're never being informed of the fact later either. So basically you have an entire subsection of American culture that can't get a job and they don't know fucking why. Like, Oh my God's insidious. And they followed this one kid trigger warning. He ends up killing himself because it can't get a fucking job. They his dad was a lawyer. They took kroegers to court. They exposed the whole fucking bullshit about how they use the tests and why they use the test. It was pretty deep man, and make you mad. At the end it's like wow, this whole just knowing that there's a whole series of fucking people in society that don't know they're right. I can't tell you when I've gone into job interviews it's like, Oh God, this again. It's just so tell us, how are you going to make our or what? What are you going to add to our company? Tell us a little bit about yourself and then, well, you know, when you read up all these resume I don't know if you call them enhancers or or whatever that is that you know, they always say there's just bullet point words to just keep in mind to use, especially on your resume. Like it's always numbers. I remember how I told you everything is fucking numbers man. Yeah, it could be. Every is an algorithm the same thing, and they got machines that read this. There's like machine learning reads resumes and weeds out people that can't spell or use bad diction or don't have the right, like you said, the right keywords in their resumes. I hate bad spellers, Dude. That drives me crazy. It's so much, it's so rampant now it drives me crazy. It's so funny too, because I like...

...proper grammar in written form, but when I talk I'm like all fucking over the place. Yeah, I can't talk, where the shit, but I can read really well. Yeah, I could edit somebody else's shit point out others flaws nicely. Yeah, I was educated enough where I know what's good and bad and this death. I mean there. I'll give you an example. I follow this one guy called indie film hustle, right, the guy is really, really good at what he does, but every time he puts out something to make his give Info, describe what the episode's about, you know. Yeah, constant either wrong word, misspelled word throughout the words, throughout the entire paragraph, and it's like, Dude, you proofread, you shit. Is No proof reads anymore. They don't give a fuck. Is it transcribed? Maybe? Maybe it's a machine reading, listening to his words and machine transcribing. I have no idea. I'm just talking about when I either go on his youtube page or listening them on the podcast and I look at the description of the episode and, yeah, it could be what you're talking about. It could be the fact that more and more people are just talking into the microphone and just letting it go instead of proofreading. What it is I mean I I make, I make misspelled. There is constantly a texting just because that autocorrect thing, our auto word Phil or whatever the fuck that is. Yeah, I mean it. Every time I send it out I'm like, oh no, that wasn't what I was trying to take longer explaining the right word than it did. Just the fuck up right funny, but we've kind of conditioned ourselves to be like, I think he meant this, you know, super sloppy. Pretty soon we'll just I'll be speaking giberous and understanding each other. going. You're going back to Englan. You're pretty fluent, dude. You got a good a good command of the English language. Speak. I was hold on, I near drink. They're just totally forgot what I was thinking about. Gotta take a break. We'll say fair. Yeah, I'm going to up my soda pop. If you need to take a break, take a break, I'll bear it back. Okay, do what you gotta do. Man, marks, he's marriage. Hey, I got the car show this weekend in Oklahoma City. said it to myself. Mark, she's mad. Say Mare, mare, you were saying. I was walking into the room, you were saying something about a car show. Oh, yeah, car show this weekend. You going? It's back on the COVID car show. What do you what do you mean? It's back on? It was originally supposed to be sometime and COVID fucked it. Nope, is actually exactly a year ago. And last year they didn't give a fuck either. Of course not. It's Oklahoma, talking Texas and Oklahoma, where everything is open. But you know, just use discretion. You's good goddamn stance. Yeah, I I subscribe to that. I would say that when the Texas governor announced that I'm a hundred percent opening everything, just fucking use your brain. It's like that's the way it should be, instead of just let's shut everything down, make sure no one touches each other and we all live in fear for about a year. Cover up your God Damn Pie Hole. I mean, I have no problem wearing a mask. If there is a business that says, Hey, we would require you to wear a mask, I didn't, but outside I still do. Around here it's crazy. When I was in the hills yesterday doing the hike, it's like you just get near someone all of a sudden they just, you know, they get all, you know, like really they got like stak proximity anxiety.

I call that, dude, especially the women, the women. But here's what's weird. When I'm on my fi and I'm as you're a creep. That's all. That's what meals about. NOPE, no, not at all, not at all, because, and this is why I'm dispelling that rumor, just because when I'm on my bike and I'm on the bike trail, Goddamn, I get tons of fucking women smiling at me and saying hello. So when you come out of those up temple, Goddamn numbers, man, is impossible to make those transitions? Not, damn it. So fucking right, Casey. But no, the people do have a pro or not here as much, but I think because here they have a general proximity anxiety, like when you live out in the sticks, you don't like people standing too close to you. Just in general, like six feet is normal for the conversation out here. Right. But what I'm saying is is when you're in the hills and you know you're on the rail, it's like we're outside. Why are you worried about, you know, masking up? That's the part I don't get. Inside, I get it. I totally understand that, but outside I don't get that part. I think I could tell a lot of people have just lost their mind and it's important. It's more important for them to signal that they're compliant than it is to actually prevent germ transmission. HMM, for sure, you tear about the mean. That's why people wear the fucking mask on social media profiles like it's the fucking Internet. I don't need to see your mask. I don't care that you're wearing masks. Yeah, exactly, I don't care either. And if it's on tender too and bumble, all the things that says people wearing masks, I'm like getting that's a big note for me. I can't see your fucking face and you want me to date based on your forehead. No, Damn Dude. She's got pretty eyes, but I can't see the rest of her mouth. That my cock is going to go in path. Look, villas, surprise. Did you watch that Sasha Barren cooing thing with Jimmy Kimmel? That was just brilliant, brilliant fucking if the first few minutes into it where he's shuffling vaccines to celebrities, and then I saw how much was left and I'm like I can't right now because I was at the end of watching those other things that ended in a confusing way. Finished one division and Got Damn America coming to America. I'm like, I'm confused. Then I started watching that clip. I'm like, I'm bill confused. Trust me when I say this. Watch that whole entire clip. If you didn't get through the whole thing, I mean I could tell you what it is. If you don't want to see no, I'll go watch it, but you could tell the listener what we're talking about. Sasha Baron Cohen was on Jimmy Kimmel and it was starting up to be just a standard interview and then the phone was ringing and Sasha Baron Cohen's house like burner phones and it was like he was being like this drug dealer who was selling vaccines to celebrities. Yeah, yeah, that's how it started. I don't know how how it ends. So you can listen to whoever's listening to US talk right now and then then we'll both know. Because, yeah, that's where I caught it. He was starting to get like Jimmy's all. Well, that was a really funny movie. And then Sasha tries to go all serious like. Well, the movie wasn't about being funny. It was a serious commentary on ring, ring, Ring Ringway, hold on one second. Oh yeah, and then he would like turn around and in the backdrop, behind the camera setting, you could see like one's little hotel fridges full of fucking vaccines. And Yeah, I got your I got your Johnson and Johnson and they got your bio Farma, what you need to need. Yeah, it's pretty good. Then I'Lea Fisher comes in the fucking picture. She's all fucking like like a crackhead. It's like, how many of those vaccines did you take today? Only too, don't lie to me. Don't know. Oh, I took like fifteen of them. So next, next thing you know it, it starts unraveling into him being a drug dealer on the run, and then they cut the footage. They cut the footage of like a an La Traffic Chase from the helicopter Nice, and you hear both Jimmy and Sasha Bear Cohen doing the what you would call acting part of it. Right, right, and then all of a sudden you see a shot where Sasha Baron Cohen, I guess is on his phone in the Selfie Angle, running the video and he's running. He's running like he's running away from the cops. Oh Man, I'll go there. I love that. I mean that's the classic physical comedy. You know, most people won't go there. Any layers, physical comedy on top of political satire. That's especially cool. Well, that dudes a fucking genius and fearless. He just he just like God. Yeah, that's a great idea. Yeah, we can execute that totally. I'm in right, right fucking I'll play that guy and every time he says, yeah, I'm not going to, I can't do for it anymore. I can't do dress up anymore. That to me, that's like exactly what he's doing right now. He's dressed up somewhere doing some shit right under people's noses. Right for sure. Fantastic, fantastique.

You caught up on the day to carvey stuff. I finally listen to the latest one, the Mark Pitto one. That's where the whole Marem are out. Then kind of came into my came into my head. I can't leave your head now, he'll never leave. I love his Vouchi though it's found she said, yeah, it's for those of you who have a problem with my soul casting. Can Go fuck everyone your self. Oh my God, yeah, a man now like like Pitt. It is funny, right, Pitt is a funny guy, but he still seems like a corporate guy or a suit or I don't know. I'm not trying to be dismissive, but because he is funny and that's a hard thing to be, but he still seems like a suit. You got that out of him just from just from that little appearance. I didn't get that at all and I just I just got someone that I'm like, I remember seeing that guy back in the day too, only I got it in context of binge listening to the whole thing in one day. So in relation to the conversation with love it's and with bubbles Brown and with the Sun, I'm just all around listening and trying to gather as much as I can. Like, what is pit of doing right now? What is that guy to and see trying to get a fucking GIG as a TV game show contest or, you know, host? Is he trying to be a sports announcer's trying to just be on TV at any costs or like, I'm Chris Hanson, that kind of show. What's he really up to, or is he just out there? Like no, I have a passion for comedy. All I do is fucking do comedy. Oh Dude, here's a fucking weird goddamn dream I woke up to the other day. Right, so something had been bothered me for a long time. If the Goddamn will our net reese's commercials, right, pieces or cups? Pieces were cups, pieces in cups? Yeah, we're killing it over here. Huh, not sorry. Go ahead, where he's all not sorry that? No, I don't know. Go ahead, all right. Well, there's a bunch of reese's peanut buttercup commercials all over television and the Internet and for a couple of years now they've all said something like sorry, and then he says not sorry, right, and he just fucking hacks it. Am like, why does that so bother me? And then I had a dream the other day and I realize he stole that Shit. What do you mean? In the Dream, pee wee Herman came to me and he sat down and we start having a discussion. Stof no, you see asked. They said that in a cheating chart movie. You did, and then I went and looked on the Internet and there's like he's about to be taken away from for a lobotomy and some old ass like one thousand nine hundred and eighty one cheech and Chong movie and there in some cell and I'm sorry that. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, she's all. I'm sorry, I have to take him force Leboty me now and the meanwhile he's just gone. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. And they slams the door and right a send as the slams door pops his head back in. I'm not sorry. I'm like, that's fucking the line that fucking will our Neett has been trying to use on the reese's peanut butter commercial forever and he just sucks at it. Not Sorry. And this came to you in a dream. Yeah, woke up to it the other morning. Holy Shit, dude, that's awesome. That's where it came from. I knew I heard that shit before somewhere. Not Sorry, and you even even did the pe wee Herman impression. That was good one, but yeah, no, who cares? Yeah, you get it enough to get the story. Through right. You totally enough to go, Oh, he's channeling pee wee Herman. Now, at least to know that that's not my voice, like, because at least when you speak sort of in somebody else's voice, you can use the words that they used, right, because then you get it. We're way with saying bad words that I couldn't or normally wouldn't say on my own. MMM, Zamunda, that's going to be my thing right there. But I think they flogged the flogged the dead horse on some of those jokes, like the McDougal McDonald's joke. It was funny the first time in the first movie and we've said it over and...

...over, like we repeat that line. It's one of the fucking quotes people say from that movie, right, but now they just fucking killed it. Almost every like fifteen minutes they threw and it's a mcflurry, not a mcflurby. Our stuff is on the bottom, not the top. That happened like every fifteen minutes in the movie. Like, come on, you got that from SNL, didn't you? Flogging dead jokes. Wasn't that a trip though, that when you saw Johnny Ames on the screen, you're like God, I thought that guy was dead. Yeah, he look good because he's always look like that. He looked like that shit from fucking good times. I'm like, and that was I because I when I was a kid in like a young kid in the s good times, I'm like, oh, that's an old black man, that's a that's a respectable old black man in my whole life. I'm like, Yep, that's a respectable old black man. Looks like very stoic, very thoughtful, very methodical in the way he held dealt with his kids and stuff. Never went off, just like very level, my cool. That's why I started liking black people. And then to see him still look the same and act the same even now, like, what the fuck that? He pulled it, you and John. He pulled like a Dick Clark or something. Dude, what do you mean? He just didn't age. He Start Age. The motherfucker got to be eighty. Dude. S I want to say probably, because I think he was probably about twenty years older than us. Oh Yeah, yeah, you know, you're probably raise probably like my dad's aid. So yeah, I poke pokem in the mid seventy five, seventy six. Yeah, and then James Earl Jones, I thought I thought he passion. What the fuck? They're like, oh no, no, that was dull. He was old in the first point. I like, Oh, it is David Prouse, not James Earl Jones. I'm like, okay, okay, James Old Jones is old enough, but I'm like he still does the CNN voice thing still. Yeah, I think. Okay, yeah, not even gonna Temple. Dude. The one thing that tripped me out about that movie is how they got every famous black actor they ever goot. Morgan Freeman was in it that way. That was the one that tripped me the fuck out. I'm like, what the fuck is he doing in this? Right, right, who was in it? There's a few people. I'm like like some snl people, basically, some SNL white like Colin Joes. When the sun went in for the interview. That was actually a funny scene. I yeah, right, I thought they did well together. Yeah, I actually liked the sun. I remember seeing him and other stuff and not liking him, but I thought he played that character well. I thought Leslie Jones was hilarious in it. Tracy Morgan was Tracy Morgan. I mean I was waiting for Chris Rock to just kind of just come out of the woodwork there. Maybe Dave Chappelle, because they had like almost every black comedian there ever could be. Yeah, yeah, for sure. I think those. Those are Marquis Dudes, though, you know what I mean, they're not gonna like like, I'm not going to be an Eddie's movie like that. NOPE, right, I'll be. I'm a headliner, Bro, I'm not a sidekick. I never thought that coming to America needed a sequel. That's what's so weird. Thought this did. I like the nostalgia, though, and it was kind of a kind of was set up for a sequel. I don't think it was done as well as it could have done, like crafted it just like I said, it kind of fell apart the story at the end. So you're saying, when you watch the first one, you go, Oh, yeah, I think this needs a sequel. Was Not at all. But I mean just knowing that, okay, they lived happily ever after at thirty years old. Well, my cool, there's a fucking whole life left that will never know what happened with these people. And so that's kind of cool that that's what you were. You were one of the people that gave it thought that's interesting. Yeah, well, I always think of the happy ever, happily ever after movies. I was thinking, no, come on, really, what's come on, tell me what's going on. John's like there's going to be a sequel. I know it. They're sequel. It is out there. Sequel it is. Is is a thing? Well, you could tell, basically if you're sitting in a theater and you're like, oh, that's a pretty fucking good movie and people are like clapping and shit. At the end. You like, Oh boy, there's going to be a sequel. My mind instantly goes, how are to going to make the sequel to this? What's it good? Interesting how your mind goes there. For that, I just look at his applause. I never I never thought of looking into it as like Oh, that's a signal for yeah, see, I'm because we're just dripping in capitalism in the moment, because people rarely clap for movies, but if you hear someone clap for a movie, it's like a boy, wait a sec here. So are you going to tell me that the Friday the thirteen and the nightmare in elm street fucking franchise when that first one ended, people were clapping and you thought a sequel was in the works. I'd or did you? Or did you just go oh, that you know there's going to be a sequel because of the way they ended it. Now, that was those were two early in my in my life. I guess I had not detected the algorithm that that's what happened. And there weren't that many sequels to compare because basically when those came out we really had like jaws two...

...and three to think about, and it's a couple star wars has. So yeah, now I kind of I didn't really think about it in the realm of except for dream warriors and that Shit. By that point it's like, Oh, yeah, this fuckers never died, because he doesn't die. That's how that's how these movies work. Yeah, he's already dead, exactly. You can't kill the day. That's why that Goddamn show walking dead keeps going forever and ever, because there's no way to end it. THAT WE LA is the walking dead right now. Well, I know how to end it. Stopped watching it. That's one way. And the walking dead, even the fucking Chris, that the Chris host of the talking dead moved on to a Goddamn game show host. Wait a minute, he was doing he was doing that one with the big huge yeah, he's back on that. He still does that. Okay, he's a good he's a good shows. Yeah, wasn't he remote control back in the day? Let mean, wasn't he at MTV game show host at one point? No, not remote control, that was Ken Ober. No, he was singled out, singles out. That's right. And then, of course he did his own sticky stuff in late night, like he had a show about five years ago too, and late night at game show host, I think. But it was funnyet. Yeah, midnight thing with the car. Yeah, that's where I was. Kay, yeah, points. Yeah, how man to give you a points just because that was funny? Well, it's yeah, it just became like the fucking buzz that. That was his catchphrase. points. Well, if you think about the way that show was, it was just comedians just riffing on, you know, topics. That's all it was. And they'd have to riff and tell Chris would say points. Now, I'm not going to give you any points for that. And your bits sucked. Yeah, especially when the audience, because he goes by the audience at the audience is into it. Yep, no point and next question. There there. But there were a few times where he goes, Oh, I'm going to give you a points. I was hilarious and I was just lying. It was yeah, well, so, yeah, sometimes it's like a comic thing. It's like no, comedically, that was a well crafted joke. The audience was wrong. points. Yeah, yeah, totally, yeah, interesting format for a show, for sure. For sure. Man, dude, check this out. I was reading the thing. You reading the thing. What's the thing? By Cock, as I pull it out, you sit on the toilet. Yeah, do you put your cock into the toilet or do you like lift it over the seat when you go to take a dump? Oh Shit, now I have it hovering. I have it hovering. What's was hovering me like? Do you squat above the toilet completely like? I don't even sit. I just stand like an Indian, fucking like I'm doing squats and put my fucking stab booty skin doesn't touch this seat. March right up to the toilet. I stand arms of Kimbo A, spread my legs and I squat until my knees are a thirty five degree angle. Now. Well, to answer your question. You don't have to answer that question. Actually, I was just feel like, okay, yeah, I don't care ahead, I like being real. It's just the way I am. Man. That's he's fascinating question to like, do you just do you put your Dick into the bowl and hope it doesn't touch the water that you just shit in, or do you just flop it over the top of the toilet seat and hope you don't crush it as you lean forward or something? No, I definitely don't flap it on the toilet seat because if there's times when you're trying to push something out, or shall we say, Oh yeah, yeah, your prostate might squeeze a little peep out the front. Yeah. So I'm always the type that pushes it down, down, so as soon as as soon as I'm letting go, there's bee coming out and it's going in the fucking toilet. But I'm trying to say earlier was when I say I hover is my Dick ain't big enough to hit the water. So I keep remembering that fucking big ass bald headed dude that worked for the trump administration long ago that had a patent for extra deep toilet for guys whose balls on too low. Know who was that guy and I can't remember his name, but he was out there is like the first month, like he had like a different staff. Every month. There's like the first month guy. Yeah, and had a fucking patent painting for a deeper, bold toilet. So when you sit there, your balls dangle, they don't hit the water. Like this guy's going to make some money one day. Basically he's saying you big, big, big ball motherfuckers, this toilets for you. Yeah, anyway, what I was reading earlier was it's they to a diamond company. was taking a pole about some shit about dating or some other bullshit, obviously to sell diamonds pull, but they ended up finding the most undtable signs. You want to you want to hear the top five undtable signs, according to this pole, undtable signs is in what kind of sign? Astrology? Signs? Oh Shit, like I met were. I bet we're in there western astrology.

So let's go, starting at the bottom the of the top five lists. Number five most undateable sign is Leo. Leo. Of course we are where cats. We're cats. We like we lack a lot of independence. We have no problem being alone and but we love to fuck. I hit a laugh, love drink. Yeah, there you go. Damn, revolution come quicker. All right, number four, and in that order. What do you think? Number four is on the most undatable signs. I'm okay, let me let me throw this out there. Is it a bunch of fire signs that are in this thing or not? The rest only contain one fire sign? Okay, I think yours is in there. I Bet Ari's is in there. I'm gonna say not. Libres leepers are pretty pretty mellow. I think virgos are tough. Are Verdus in there? Virgo is not on this list, but you are right. Almost every not every that's exaggerating, but over half the fucking profiles I see on tender or Virgos. I'm like, Oh, that's the dangerous sign right there. Yeah, Virgos, virgos are too fucking you to particular, too fastidious and just picky and hand pecky's fucking let us in the big word fastidious week and alone. Just let me be quit. Like could trying to yea anyway. No, I know, I was trying to say emotional. There's too much emotions going in. Pisces are emotional, dude, but they're not on this list either. So number four is aries. I beat you. I'm a little less datable than you, bro wait a minute, no, you're more or less. Yeah, you know I wasn't datable. Yeah, I'm higher up the list. Like thirty four percent of the population think I'm not very datable. Only thirty one percent think you're not datable. So thin above us too, we got a Taurus. You know any Taurus has, I do, and they are will do their balls, man their whole bodies. I've known them to be Lazy Ass homebodies, really does, the ones I've known. But you know, you're mileage may differ. What's your which experience? The tauruses I know usually are loud, they're a bit they're a bit fearless, at least the ones I knew and know women Tauruses, though, I don't think I've met too many. HMM, yeah, OK, fair enough. Maybe this is why they're not that datable. Hey, hey, let's go up to next one, number two on the list. The second least datable sign is the cancer, the crab. That one is speaks for itself. Well, what when I know about cancer people is they attack from the side like a crab, like you and I are direct fire signs. I'm a Ram a butt shit with my head straightforward, right. Yeah, well, cancers will come at you from the side like a little crab, like the literally catch it from you, not looking like Oh, you little fucker got me, and then this kind of makes sense to the number one most undtable sign is a Gemini. Forty two percent of the population think Gemini's are undatable as probably because they can't figure out who the fuck they're dating from day to day. Yeah, they're two faced. Literally, not literally, they don't have like two physical faces, but to the to the term with the term means psychologically they have two personalities or the ability to like just shut the door on the previous conversation and change their face and have a new conversation about something totally related and pretend they didn't have the previous conversation. This is a weird, uncanny ability. They have to compartmentalize. HMM, my brother's a Gemini. See, he's too faced. I don't know him to be two faced and in the people I know that I would he's over analytical. I'll definitely say that. Yeah, I just I remember salesperson. This is what stood out to me. He was a Gemini and I'd hear in on a he could call the vendor or sales call or some shit, you know, the guy, which is effectively tell him the fuck off quick, column me right the gem and I would. The guy would tell the gem and I to fuck off, quid bugging me. Quick Call Me. Guy would sit there and wait thirty, forty seconds. Hey, call the motherfucker right back as if that earlier conversation didn't happen, and put on a whole different personality. I'm like, Whoa, that was weird. I think, like does that work all the time with you? That is weird shit. I think that's business as usual,...

...because there, if you couldn't get in the first time, you know, you let some time go by and then you kind of tying it, try and pretend that that didn't happen and come go go at it at a different angle. Yeah, you know well and to the extent that that Gemini's can do that so quickly, in a matter of seconds, not minutes or hours, and so thoroughly, like he thoroughly became a whole different person, almost like a method actor, within a few seconds and straight up called that guy back when just told them to get fucked. Wow. I'm like, well, that was it was pretty wild. And I've no gem and I. Actually I like Gem and I chicks. They talk a lot. I don't honestly care if they talk about or change personalities, as long as I like all of the different personalities. Let's see, I've had Sagittarius Libra. Libra was my favorite. Their chill it really are libras really are scales. They really have that balancing factor. They're cool with pretty much everything. Listen to me, I just said three girls fucking fifty one years old. Yes, folks, I've had actually more girls in that I just don't remember. Just don't remember the signs. I just remember the ones that were long term. Excuse me, yeah, who remember signs? That's pretty good actually. Well, yeah, when you're with him for a long period of time, it's like, okay, your birthday fell here. You know. I mean the SAGITTARY is one. She the cool part about the Sagittarius. She was down for a lot of things. She was open to just be adventurous, but she had some anger issues. said she had to deal with where yere for poor Jim and I, but the libra, on the other hand, she was game for anything. That's what was great about her. fucking drink and the damn revolution come quick, laughing DRAKULICA, he'll make a revolution. fucking drink looking and hill the damn revolution. Come quick on it and drink looking and maybe make a revolution. Not a sip in it, pist cup. But if you guys to go head, twist it up. That's so. Drop in and make you kiss and cuffs, make you have to hustle, rip which a pissings up now broken sambomas in his larder. Gay, we going to rise out to ask like that bird of life, hoping you take action from the warred up write. But if the police, as you never heard my name by years God, like to put a book out there that I recommend you read if you're looking for real good female insight into the really hardcore pornography world. Yeah, we can talk about the book now. I'm not just talking like conversational, not about music to throw in right now, but I mean I think we should do a music episode. Okay, let me just throw this title out there and then we'll move on to that. It's called girl vert and it's by that chick called Ashley Blue. Do you remember her? No, just sounds like a porn star name. Well, she's not what I would call the most attractive thing in the world, but she did a lot of extreme shit. Well, anyway, she put a book out called Girl Vert and it is no holds Barre. Dude. I mean her fucking coke and ass fucking seems to be in every goddamn chapter. She has coke coked out. But what's not the ASS bucket obsession. Did you read the book? Are you going to read the book? Oh, I'm halfway through right now. I read it before I go to bed. Does she explain the obsession with the ASS? Um Let's just say that she was hooked up with a dude who who? They went, you know, to the typical Hollywood story. They go out there and they think they're going to do something. They answer that world modeling ad and it. The cool thing I like about the the book is it gives the whole detail of how she got in. That's all they met. Blah, blah, blah, and all the fucking crazy ass characters they are that are in that scene and it I find it fascinating because it's just these people exist that just used to have to deal with them. When you had the DVD story, you had to deal with the fucking distributors and would like we would go to the fucking porn convention and stuff like that. Like, yeah, they were crazy people. I remember also when I was managing a bondage Hick that worked at Kink, same thing. I had to deal with all this weird fuckers. Not that sex is weird, but I mean the people that choose to work not at the performer level but at the management level of the porn industry are Weirdos. Oh Yeah, oh yeah, especially the ones that, you know,...

...own the vendor, you know. Yeah, there's a couple cool ones. I could think of the dude from vivids pretty cool jewels, Jules Jordan's pretty cool. But aside from that, most of them seem pretty creepy to me. And obviously nobody's an angel. But well, that's what's great about this book because she went down that whole of extreme so she was in the degrading spitting on you. You know, that just the stuff that I'm not into right, but I but I find it fascinating to read that someone actually let themselves get this way. And it's because, you know, she says she's just coked up, she's just had a coke, cabot from, I mean dude, when the her description of just like wake up, do a line, wake up doing lines, and we're doing extra see, and then we're doing this and we're doing that. Then we get a call to go shoot porn. And but the thing I liked about it was she starts revealing that I would rather fuck on camera then fuck other people in real life. And her boyfriend who was doing the porn with her, wanted to kind of turn them into a swingers couple and realize she didn't want to do yeah, exactly outside of outside of porn, but she wanted to have more. She goes, I want to have friends. I don't want to have friends all the time. They're just going to fuck. It is just and that's what that dude was down and again it's because they were coked up constantly, just constant coke. Dude. Well, so do you think the need for the coke is what made them do different things to earn the money to buy the coke? Because I've done coke before. Coke doesn't make you do porn onto itself, unless you're just trying to earn quick money to buy more coke. I think that has a lot to do with it. I sure, yeah, for sure, he came with diction and whatnot. And Yeah, if you really need the money you'll start to do whatever like you with. There's tons of Hollywood movies about people that just sell their bodies, and not just to pornography, but I mean the people on the streets and dangerous situations. So that's sounds pretty wild actually. I think I'd like to read that. But her description of just what she went through and again the cast of characters and how they react, and some are just like im I want to choke you, you know. It's like that was their whole king right there, like I just want to choke you. I don't even want to fuck, I just want to choke you. No, he he wants to fuck her, of course, but yeah, he wants to choke her while he's fucking her. The extra yeah, but really just talking about going to an orgy party and her description of that was like, Oh yeah, I remember that First Gang Bang. I went to that one time. World like this is just disgust. You never forget your first yeah, I know the dude. I think that's one thing I could say to all my friends. It's like, have you ever been to like a fucking fifteen man gang bang on t yes, being Arley hold. Well again, the thing that sucks about that is just one all the fucking naked Dick around, but the smell that starts happening, because you know, the SAS and the sweat and just the body odors and shit. It's just, and that was her description of when she went to like, you know, one of them orgy parties in the Hollywood hills houses, you know. Well, okay, think about an orgy in reverse, a gang bang in reverse. I'm just trying to imagine this, right. So if you're the dude rules on one guy into okay, well, now which that we have to I'm trying to get in her mind. So say now we're an alternate universe and there's a bunch of fucking fat, ugly, Greasy Women, because I'm sure that that's what most of the men were like, right. But now you're strapped down. Somehow they get your Dick to stay hard and you got these fat ugly, Greasy women just plopping down their vaginas and sliding up on that every Dick and then next and they just keep coming like what? That just seems fucking weird to be on the receiving end of that kind of entertainment. Well, again, I think to get to that level of orgy and being around groups and whatnot as drugs, it's not going to be. I mean because the again this goes back to the gang hard drugs, dude, hard drugs. Luckily, when I went to that those dudes were mainly high on pot, but I didn't recall seeing any coke. But yeah, it's like, I don't think you can do it straight sober. If you can, you're a unique person. Pornography in general or a Gang Bang in private? I don't think pornography in general. I I mean, I guess to get it up constantly, maybe you do need an outside stimulant, but I think to do any group activity you need to be on something. It's just, it's just, it's just weird being around I mean like, for example, safe say like you, you came over here with a girl and you just like, Dude, you want to tag team this, just girl with me. I'd be kind of like, I...

...don't know, I don't know if I want to see your naked tick, you know, or I don't like your taste in women something. I would make up an excuse, honestly, Dude. I'm like not pass, it's good, it's cool. Well, that's how I felt when I was at the gang bang man. I mean they were asking me the like are you going to prefer? You going to do anything? And I go no, dude, I came here to film this thing and I can barely do that. I'm laugh love, Nope, not fuck this time. No, no, just film and drink liquor. Yes, no. And you know, there was a table set up with food and drinks and whatnot, and there's naked dudes just fucking jerking off and drinking and eating. And then when they're don't know, yeah, Dude, could. Dude, neverminds me. If you're fucking pizza story, tell, tell listener your pizza story from the other day. Will your drinking the beer in the weird okame, Oh, the pizza story. Oh yeah, so I go down to my favorite Ale Hell Plate, Ale hell, Ale House place to that's actually a good name, Ale hell. Well, yeah, and they have a twenty craft beers rotating there that I love, and they also have slices of pizza. Anyways, it was a nice day out and they have a patio because that's the only place you can eat right now. And there was a dude, I'd probably say he was in his S. I think he eat, he was built, but he was pacing back and forth on the sidewalk right next to where I was eating the pizza, just spewing off something and I tried to listen to it because if you I was like, is he having a conversation with someone, you know, through his phone and I can't see it? You know I'm talking about the whole Bluetooth in the air bullshit. Oh yeah, that happens all the time. That's what I thought it might have been. Well, when he was pacing back and forth, he kept repeating the line over and over and over and over. Ad You must have repeated it like ten times and then I just saw I said fuck, I can't eat, I'm you're your harsh and my mellow. So as he proceeds to come towards me, I make eye contact with them and I give him the death stare. I'm just like motherfucker. Shut up, I didn't say that. I want to know what your death stare looks like. You got to take a picture of your death stair eyes and post it on the Internet so I can see it. I've actually been told by even big dudes that, like, Dude, you got to stare that actually isn'timidating. So you, you and I have never really gotten down to that before, but you remember Josh Right, Big Josh? Yeah, he's one that totally told me that he's just like dude, because he and I got into it one time him and he just just like fuck, don't give me that stare, Dude. So back to the story. So the guy is coming towards me, I give him the death stare and then he blocks eyes with me and he looks at what you will what? I'm like, what the fuck is your problem, dude? Fuck you. Okay, that was his response to what was your problem? Fuck you, is my problem. Yeah, and then suck my Dick. And then I just said, okay, bring it over here, and I said he walked away. That's the funny part right there, Dude. I was thinking about that after you told me. So I'm gonna Start Thinking like like I do. I like continue the rest of the story and alternate ending. What would you have done if doing fold out his Dick just then? That only Oh, if he came over and, yeah, I got pretty close and just pulled his dick out, or even if you just stood ten I know you're not going to suck it, but I'm like, even if he came, like say, kind of closer to you or close to the old people who are sitting by you or something, and just drop it, indeed, put that shit a drop troud down to the knee, like you said you'd sunk it, ha ha ha. Well, I guess if he had a gun and he just says, Oh, you said you'd suck my Dick now. No, no, no, gun, no, gun, this California. There's no good. So I'm just this. I'm just wondering what would gary done if he this crate, because he's already unstable and has bad judgment. Right this guy. I'm like, well, he could just as easily have pulled down his pants and that would really made Gary's beer taste bad. Yeah, yeah, sausage on that pizza and I was eating Linguisa my pizza. Course, you were. You had fucking ween are on the mind. That's right, man. I was going to fucking get your Dick out of here so I can eat my sausage. Can I eat my own sausage and piece there, buddy. They sell it here. You don't need it fucking show it around or suck on it. They cook it. So of course, there, you know, was this older couple that was a couple tables away from me and she just goes, don't say anything, don't I'm like, stop living in fear, man, you gotta push back, otherwise these motherfuckers are just going to continue getting in your face and you're just going to be like yeah, and when you say these motherfuckers, I just take that to me and crazy people in public. Exactly. Yeah,...

...because that's kind of annoying and I have a lot of compassion for homeless people and crazy people, but when they're not trying to do the right thing and trying even harder to do the wrong thing, oh my God, fuck this motherfucker's I heroka. Like homeless people in Oklahoma. They bag on the end of freeway off ramps. Yeah, we still we still have that too. It's pretty that's mainly the main place right because nobody comes up to you at ATM around here. You get shot. Well, that sounds like yours. City is probably like we are only going to have them here, whereas out here it's just like nop go, you can can camp just about anywhere you want. Yeah, yeah, it Willkay. So here's the idiocy, though. It got cold. We're talking minus twenty right, yeah, these motherfuckers out there begging on minus twenty days, like, Nope, not playing this game, you dumb fuck. You know what, I'm never playing this game with you anymore because you're an idiot. It was so cold there was cops picking up people and taking them to cold shelters. You know, the buses were picking up anybody that would needed to hop on, no matter where there was a stop. Get on, the bus will take you to the shelter. And these fucking stubborn assholes trying to play on people's sympathies out there and minus twenty at the end of the fucking off ramp. Big and for money, did it really go down to minus twenty? Oh yeah, for a couple days in a row. Oh Fuck, I knew you're in a freeze. I thought you guys were just like zero or ten or something. Wow, dude. Yeah, Dude, one goes below zero, it's like all bets are off. I doing shit. Yeah, it was like it was exactly. It's like opposite summer, like you know when it's so fucking hot, like a hundred and ten out you got outsidees like fuck this, it either going in swimming pool or I'm going back into the air conditioning. It was the it was like that. You get outside, thinking now I'm just gonna walk over to the dispensary. Yeah, it's only two hundred yards away. I get out there, I'm dude and I've got my fucking Surrell's, my likes big snow snow boots on for sure. I got jeans, I got three tshirts, extra layer, layer, hat, beanie. Get out there. You know a little section where your nose, in your eyes is exposed to the cold. Huh, it was too much. I got about a block away. I'm like, what the fucking fuck, man, it's like giving me a headache, just like right, that can imagine, man. That's just that's just super cold air that human being should just not be in. I should say nothing living should be in it. Even animals are just like fuck you fucking digging a hole. Let's fuck as far as they can get. You know straight up, dude, there's like dead bird my porch, just frozen in place, just like poor guy. Take a picture of it. No, just I felt bad for it because I see all the all the birds come over to eat seeds all the time. But I knew, he knew that this is what place to get food, but there was just nowhere to go. Where do you go, even if you burrowed a hole into the dirt as a bird? Twenty, come on, Oh, dude, you go under the dirt enough, you can be warm. That's what a lot of those rodents do. Yeah, there's I mean I'm sure you've seen the nature stuff where the Fox is hunting the you know, like hamsters or rats or mice or whatever, under the snow. Yep, that blanket of snow actually is a warmer to anything underneath it. Oh yeah, I bet. Yeah, I was a dude. It was like it got up to about twenty finally, and we're like fuck, yeah, it's nice out, let's go watch the cars off. Finally and we're like, oh wait, if we want, if we spray any water's going to freeze in about ten minutes exactly. Not even that, dude. It was spray instantly because it's below freezing. Yeah, it was am I think it was. It averaged about fourteen degrees for something like ten days, that polar vortex thing that just plunged all the way down to the Gulf. I went do when I saw that? I felt sorry for you. I'll go goddamn, I hope Johnny survives that. It's going to happen again real soon. You See, if you know why that's happening, you know the thing we grew up knowingny and loving, called the jet stream that cuts across from California to New York. Nice Consistent Band of wind. Sure that motherfucker slowing down almost to a near stop. That's what was deflecting all the polar from dropping down. It couldn't. There's a big blast of kind of like you put your hand outside the car window. You know, just well know the jet stream was pushing it down because it was going so far north. It was pushing all that Arctic air down. So it was plunging down and going back up. There was nothing in the middle like that with a jet stream normally cuts across just simply left to right in America. Right, the power of that diminished. It just slowed down so that it changes all the time. Well,...'s much slower now, to almost the point of stopping. And what happens now is because it's going so slow, there's no force field resistance from that polar that drops from the north. It just drops all the way down until it's the Gulf and then causes a mess. It used to be deflected by the jet stream. So like, if the jet stream stops, northern Europe's going to turn into fucking ice age. Yeah, Dude, we're in we're in extreme weather times. Man, it's going to be super hot. It's going to be super hot this summer too, I guarantee it. It makes us Hardier as humans. Plus we have technology. You know. Hardier in what way? Well, we have to. I mean if you still have to go out to work, you got to go out when it's mine is twenty. So we start developing better clothing, better textiles, you know, better all that stuff. Our cars start to work better. I think we'll be fine. I get what you're saying. The people with enough money apping, adapting, in progressing. Yeah, but the people with with less money or not enough, will be like that motherfucker out there twenty bag and he'll probably be out there in a hundred ten Bagon as well. Right, that's rough. Fuck me. Fuck me, Michelle. What do you got me? But don't bottle cops. Okay. So to your music thing. What would your what was your question on that? I'm going to pull up some of the the old signal jams episodes we did from a year ago, because they're pretty good, like Eddie Murphy, Van Halen or whatever. Fuck Eddie Van Murphy. That was a good episode. There's a we got like twenty episodes in the can already, so I'm going to share some of those so we don't necessarily have to repeat those ideas. Like the John Hughes episodes. Was Pretty Good. So you're saying none of these have ever made, quote unquote, the air. No, they made the air on the when we hosted on speaker and we shared him on facebook and all that stuff, but once I shut down the speaker account, eventually that just evaporated. But now that we're hijacking this channel, these listeners have never heard any of those episodes and I have them ready to go. We're Hide Jack and we're signal jamming exactly, and you know it's funny too. Is that lightning bolt jamming in the middle of the forehead? That's what prompted all of this. You know why? It's that Goddamn Brain Zapper. I used ZAPP and electricity right there in my brain. I foreshadowed my own life. Beautiful Dude, is that weird? That fucking genie. I didn't know that. Didn't do it on purpose, but I'm sorry. No, Stredam has your nostredamas now. Wow, hey, hey, you know, and you know, you know, you know, I know. Yeah, man, all right, dude. Well, I think we got a nice little solid episode right there, and now back to the wall.

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