Emo Dojo™ Presents: John Emotions
Emo Dojo™ Presents: John Emotions

Episode · 5 days ago

Stop gaslighting people, who are not afraid, with "-phobia" terms.


How would you feel if you lost your benefits?; Can the Satanists save abortion rights in Texas?; Do Republicans want us all to live in the black & white TV days?; Trolls test democracy in California; Republicans stick together/Democrats do not; The media decides who is a “viable” third-party candidate … and there never is one?; Misokinesia is the intolerance of other people fidgeting; Misophonia is the intolerance of random unknown noises; If intolerance is “miso-“ why are we gaslighting people with “-phobia” about things they aren’t actually afraid of? #misohomia #kinesiophobes 

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