Emo Dojo™ Presents: John Emotions
Emo Dojo™ Presents: John Emotions

Episode · 3 days ago

Creative and mentally ill? NFTs might be for you / Matching your "best self" with your best moments


John Emotions talks about how NFTs might be a great way for creative people with mental illnesses to escape the misery of day jobs, and how to set up an account using the Coinbase/Coin Wallet apps, Ethereum, and OpenSea. Then he talks about how difficult it can be for people with mental disorders to be their "best self" at exactly the moment social interactions call for it, and how this disconnect can create distressing patterns of isolation. G-Shock seemed worried that people stop leaving reviews after he showed up. John is taking a break from social media until the holidays. Please email john@emodojo.com, or call 1-405-44-3330

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