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Deep thinkers might be/ More about debauchery/ With Bootleg Cowboys


  • Philosophy for Beginners
  • Leadership Vs. Following
  • Trivia … Ends in debauchery 
  • Gary and the Bootleg Cowboys
  • Paramount+ MTV app is void of music shows 

... because I'm reading the that that girl burt book still and it's still fucking cocaine and butt. fucking chapter thirteen, cocaine and but fucking that. Well, there's there's lots of drama to throw in there too, but the check it out. I wonder if it's inaudible. I want to hear the audio poll. Yeah, that would be interesting if she did. Yeah, Dude, because, like, I'm down without audible. I've been listening to philosophy today, getting my philosophy on Nice. So you're doing philosophy and I'm doing this endless quiz APP thing for I usually do it for about fifteen, twenty minutes until I get sick answering questions. Okay, give me a sample question. Can you pull up the APP real quick? Yeah, hold on, pull up the APP and I'll tell the audience what I learned about socrates. So apparently socrates was a dirty little fucking annoying scumbag that roamed around the streets and never bathed and he was so fucking annoying. Eventually Society captured his ASS and executed him. That's what I learned about socrates. Why? Why? Wow, why? Why? Can you imagine like a two year old, three year old kid who goes why? Why? All the time? But he's still doing it. It is fucking s and s Yep, society said enough for this socrates, motherfucker. Kill him. Plato, though, thought he had a point, so he kept going. He kept going with it. Then Aristotle thought he fucking could add some shit to that. So, with you listening to this philosophy stuff, are you? Are you grabbing anything from it, or you just kind of like, okay, that happened. Oh No, I'm grabbing quite a bit. Yeah, actually, I'd never really studied philosophy and it's not my thing. Right. I remember this Josh, this thing I live now and keep fucking going yeah, yes, now that has right. That's my philosophy. Didn't really grab me either. The philosophy, though, the one thing that hit me today. So all the philosophy is just fine thinking, like thinking, or finding the meaning of life, truth thinking, and to me that seems a bit like Navel Gazing, like you just looking at your belly and like him, doop to do thinking. That is a bit like Josh Yeah, but so the one thing that stood out to me, though, was, you know, we've talked about the idea that we live in a simulation. That kind of idea for sure. Well, philosophers since forever had had a kind of not so specific way of looking at it, but definitely the same. And there's is, there is no reality. Everything is perception. So, unlike maybe a computer simulation that...

...requires a greater power or something above us or advanced, most old philosophers are just like. They had a similar vibe. But it's like, well, you don't know what is. This is just what I perceive and what you perceive and we think we're perceiving the same thing, but we're not even perceiving the same thing. And I'm like, okay, I'll go with that, because think that could be applied to fucking anything like that. It's true. We all perceive things differently completely and in many philosophers that's the thing. It's like, well, what what is real? And then, if it's not real, does it even fucking matter? And and then what is matter? And there are those people out there that will continue on their path of, you know, their own philosophy and not listen to anyone else. And then there's those others that preach the philosophy and others grab onto it and they're always looking for that philosopher to tell them what to do. Yeah, I've never been that. That's the thing, right, I don't. I've never espoused to like looking up to a leader to follow or thing. There's a couple of thing that you and I don't subscribe to. We don't worship, that's for sure. I think there's also a thing like, I don't know, maybe it's our fire signs in us, but like, I don't just I don't feel anybody's capable of leading me. There's definitely a million, it's of people that are capable of partnering up with, that are capable and more capable than I am, but not actually leading me. Right, that because you have your own vision on where you want to lead, you of what I am and how I fit into all of this. Yeah, exactly right. It's like, if I follow you, like you've used to, sacrificed you to follow me. Yeah, and that's how I feel like I'm not going to sacrifice me to follow you and your vision because you haven't explained what your vision is. It most leaders completely fail to explain their vision. That explains right there why I had a hard time with my ex girlfriend, and we've had those conversations before, which she wanted me to do all the thinking. That drew me nuts, which mean like I mean, because obviously everybody's always thinking. But well, I mean, remember, she's Bible girl. So her whole thing was that Bible and the teachings and I guess you could call it the philosophy in it. Yeah, for Sures, what you subscribe to, and she followed it. She did not have her own way of thinking. She she put it out there to me that God is going to lead and she will follow. So she's a follower. Yeah, give it to God, give it to God's hands to saw. So when I came along and challenged her, it's just like, what is it you want to do outside of this? This can't be life. This is this is not life. This being a slave, in my opinion. But that's your perception, right. This is what I'm learning today, and philosophy exactly. Your perception... that she's stuck in a cage of her own making. Her perception is that she's comforted by her belief in an alternate being exactly. She won't get out of that comfort zone. Yeah, why? If you're in a comfort zone, why would you leave? That's that's the thing. That's the weird thing about perception, for sure. For sure. Okay, I can subscribe to that because of my situation here is it's very comfortable because I know it's the easiest way to do things at this moment, to get it. Well, I would argue that it's not easy, but it's comfortable enough, and I think she's the same way in that sense. I'm not talking out of turn, but I think people that believe in religion they don't know at all. They can't prove God exists. So there's somewhat uncomfortable, but they're comfortable enough knowing that they belong to something, so they go with that community. Yeah, a belonging. Right, exactly. I want you to want me Epi. So a lot of people hold up. Yeah, do you want to eat? Want to hear a question? I Love Trivia. Do that. Yeah, but lay it on me. What's whatever comes up. There's some of these are pretty difficult and some of them are fucking real easy. So here's a difficult one. All right, what causes the sonic boom of a supersonic aircraft. Is it doppler effect, pressure waves, electromagnetic field or the LDEN FROST EFFECT? It's what was number two? Again, pressure waves. M No, and here's what's grabbling towards. Pressure waves, and it's not the doppler effect. The dopplers a wigh, a different thing completely. That's how they measure radar and moisture, air pressure. And the third one, electromagnetic field. No, definitely not that one. And the Fourth Lighten Frost, L Iden Frost, Leaden Laden Frost. I don't know the Break Line Frost. It sounds like cold left behind. Leave the cold. I'm going with pressure effect, for sure. I think you're right. Let's see what happens and you you would be correct. Stir bit, that was kind...

...of somewhat simple process of elimination, but cool, cool. That's exactly how you play this game, because when I do it, there is no time limit or anything. They and what's great is when I look at my score and how many I've answered correct I look to see how's everyone else doing? Right, right, you can do that. Yeah, and it says you are fifty one percent smarter than everyone. I love it. He a little validation. Damn, that feels good, for if they tell everybody that no, it changes. That was the highest I got. Normally am in the S. see, I'm really leary of people trying to manipulate me by telling me things I want to hear, I know. So, okay, Oh, you want me tell you about this my attempted date? Sure, sure, if you don't want any more questions. Actually, I do want some more questions, but put a pinion it, because that yeah, no, last one reminded me of the date thing. Okay, yeah, and Pinion it. Motherfucker can put a pin in my ass. Go for it. Oh, okay, I thought you know why I love playing games. I wish I could have see it so I can ask your question, but I'll tell you what. I'll get my I'll get out my pod decks, dude, I'll get out the pod decks and then you ask me what a trivia question, and then I'll ask you a pod that question. Okay, have you ever licked your own Butt Hole? If you could, would you lick your own Butt Hole? Yes, definitely, clean that fucker out first, like real good in the bath. Oh yeah, no, you don't want to do it after a fucking I'm much trying to taste my shit. That's that's get that straight, right. Not Trying to taste my shit. No, thank you. It fucking tongue of girls butt hole. Right, yeah, but I get something. There's a recipro reciprocity involved with that, like I get something out of that. Well, that's what I'm kind of driving at here. Is You, you lick her clean butt hole. You want to make sure your butt holes clean. So I'll probably like her dirty butt hole. I'll just get my girl. I would just lit her buttle. What the hecky talking about? I'm already had shit on my Dick enough time. No, not my tongue. Nice, on much tongue, but Mama Dick, I for sure some cling ons down there. I'm I'm just remind it. Like maybe we should go swimming on. So let's go swimming first, swimming. I got an idea. Let's go swimming first. Make sure you're in there, make that shit all cleaned up, bleach that asshole for you, eat it. Wow, is this tacky? What the fuck is this? All right, so I find a good one. When you die, dude, what do you want to be remembered for? Shit. Okay,...

...we could arrange that. Gary, Gary, Gary, I guess my biggest accomplishment has to be the fucking taping of the shows. So you'd say you want to be known for a like a rock archivists. There you go, for sure. Okay, I like will you put it? Yeah, well, that's what it is. I mean in history will show it as that. Whatever people call how does it really fucking matter? Like people kind of like the Don Marshal the video. Yeah, it's a good way to put it. Exactly, how many of their are you? Oh, well, what we're talking about? People? This is a great way. This is a great segue actually. So we're talking about a project Gary worked on called the bootleg cowboys, and it's all about dudes like Gary who, back in the day, bootleg video concerts. So how many of them, like you, belong to like a tribe of bootleggers through your communication methods? Right, right, how many people are in your personal tribe and how many are in the overall community, do you think? HMM, personal tribe is probably the guys from the movie. was that like less than ten? Right, yeah, okay, it's a nice size little personal tribe, and I'd say in the grand scheme of things. HMM. Are we talking globally? Yeah, that you're aware of, because, I mean, you can't know how in the Third World countries are countries that are like North Korea or whatever. But just generally, is it in the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, like of the people actually captured the video? No, it's when those lots of more breed. Now, are you talking back in those days? Are currently the one still alive, the the you guys who did it back then, who had to fucking smuggle actual film cameras, not film you no, videotape cameras, not digital fucking cam telephones and shit like that. Now that doesn't count anything. Actually, I'll go under a thousand. I'll say probably hundreds worldwide. What. Yeah, come on, Dude. Think of it this way. Look at all the contrasts I've done and the only angles that have ever popped up, or either mine or my friends that were there, that was it. Huh. Yeah, I mean to differentiate to the listener, there's tons of pro shot stuff. That's not what we're talking about. You can tell if if it's a pro shout, it's approach. I just like some we're talking audience? Yeah, we're and we're talking I mean I approach that will just looks like something you would see on TV. There's it's not special. It was made because that's what they were made. It's what they were trying to do. The beauty of bootleg is you capture it from any particular person's viewpoint and you really get more of the experience instead of the TV production. Yeah, I feel, and this is why I started doing it, is because when I started watching those pro shot things, they...

...were just so bad. They took away the live element that I would experience at the concert and that fueled me more and more to want to pick up a camera and go. I want to make my own my way. That's a good pool. In fact, you and I both brought up why. That's a good point. It reared its ugly head last week when Metallica played battery on the fucking a late show with Stevens gold are great performance, horrible video production, with that Goddamn one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven video slice effect that they just kept superimposing every cut. I'm like, just leave the camera fucking loan, just let it go. Funny, bring that up. Eddie trunk brought that up as well you did. Did he like it or hate it? Oh, he hated it too. Good, smart man. It's just why. It didn't need to do that. There's no reason to do it, like all the camera angles were fine. They didn't have anything to cover up. The band look great. My coming. So I mean back to your point, though, the reason you shot videos because you probably saw stuff like that from some of your favorite bands, like Metallica, and you're like, a hell no, we got to get in there and make a better video. Actually Ry. Bringing it back to MTV, I'd honestly have to say those Saturday night concerts in the early s were another fuel, because you got the you felt the live look did it wasn't shot on film. Wait, what was? What are you talking about, because I remember like Friday night videos and I remember, like some they had a video version of TV's on Saturday nights. Had this thing called Saturday night concert, and every Saturday night at eight o'clock they'd have a concert, and the most memorable one was Judas pree screaming for vengeance. Is that like Westwood one or some kind of production? Who made that or like, was a syndicated. What do you mean? It was on MTV? I don't remember that. Yeah, you weren't, Dude. You were. You were often sacramental, I think right around that time. Oh yeah, and Sacramento didn't have cable then. That's the weird shit, Dude. MTV came out with everybody in cable in the bay area. Back in the days. Sacramento did not have cable, so we had to go to the bay area to watch MTV. Are you go? But I knew people. I had my fucking video cassettes. Well, hit before we had MTV at this household. I had to go over friends house to watch MTV, especially when it first started. Yes, like some bootlegs Shit, like it's like porn or something. I'm going to go watch a little MTV. Oh you got a connection? Yeah, man, no, there's one of those things where you know the neighbor be like, dude, fucking iron maid video on MTV. I'm like fuck, I can't watch mtvs. Come on over, dude, see some MTV. I'm... all right, man, I could drug, dude, and you know what, fucking chaps my ass. Oh yeah, checking out the paramount plus APP right, looking at all the old paramount shows. That some good stuff, the little beavis and butt head on there, some other classic movies and Nice. I get down to the MTV stuff right because I wanted to check out that real world reunion. Okay, not bad. I don't know. I don't know, Work Care what people think about reality TV, but I remember being a young person watching the original real world. They can know this is interesting, this is going to take off. I liked it when it first started. Yeah, so it was really neat to see actually all the exact same cast come back to see like how people have changed or not changed. So that was cool. Anyway, I was looking at that. So I'm like fuck yeah, they got all this MTV stuff, liquid television, eon flux. I saw that, like this is Badass. Look, see headbangers, ball, headbangers, ball, headbangers, but where the fuck is headbangers ball? And I keep going on like where the fuck is a hundred and twenty minutes. I'm like they got all of the MTV shit. ACCEPT ANYTHING WITH MUSIC IN IT. You're right, and it's all because of the licensing issues with music. They can suck my ass. That's their fault. You know why? Because Tick Tock, seem to be able to manage to license music. All they have to do is license the music, and all that requires US paying a little bit of fucking profit. Well, no one said MTV was legit. Hmm, you could sun an ass or paradouncer, whoever it is. HMM, parasitic. They there was some renting stimpy. I think I saw on there. Or did I know? I Bet I did that. I think I saw something else, like Rocco. It's probably on there because that's nickelodeon. They're part of that family. I don't know. I think the rented stimpy guy got canceled. Dude. What I think? So I gotta check into it, but I know it's making an apparently it's. Someone's making a really good documentary about him and Ritten stimpy or made it or it's out. I got to look John Krek Flucy, yeah, that guy. Well, that guy. Yeah, I think he got canceled. Dude. His his art, I thought, was just some of the best at that time. Oh, BAS wide eyed super ground bringing and those fucking intense closeups of like pimples and stuff like. Whoa, who does that? That's disturbing, Dude. But you said no's goblins. I't like it one bit. And and then fucking he actually gives like the boogers like faces and character and Oh yeah, yes, and they're wipes the book around of the table. When they start talking to each other, boogers are under their hey, what are you doing? So so real, dude, I swear to God do. When I was watching that cartoon, I'm like, God, this guy must have been in some serious fucking acid money he was thinking this shit. Yeah, or just had the balls, you know, because...

...a lot of people think of Weird Shit and if you given the permission to keep thinking weirder, the stuff he came up with wasn't really that weird, right HMM. But the fact that he had the balls is like I'm going to not only make it, I'm going to draw this and, when a fucking spend the time to animate it and give it voices and show it to somebody and like dare them to make a show about it. That's balls, Dude. This is great. Oh Hey, and now back to the wall.

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