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This season is rough/ Customized care will improve/ Opening new minds


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This season is rough/

Customized care will improve/

Opening new minds

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I welcome back to Emo Dojo. It's Saturday, November twenty eight. How are you? It's great to have you here and it's great to be here. Like just in general, feeling better than I did yesterday. So I had a little interaction my mom, at turned out, called me on the telephone after I'd gone to bed the other night, after I had completed the podcast. I was talking about being all lonely on Thanksgiving and she said she hadn't got my video and chalked it up to technical difficulty. So that felt better hearing from her and just chat chatting with her a bit on Messenger and of course I heard from my one of my son's, which is always great because he's the quiet one and when he replies that's saying a lot. So I did hear from some people on Thanksgiving and then yesterday we talked a lot about the lifted, the get liftedcom, the neurostimulation device. So today I was a yeah to generally feeling better, until I got I don't really do facebook, so a lot of times people try to contact me through there and ends up being days or weeks until I reply. I got like thirty friends maybe tops, and I saw a message today from one of my really close friends. Like when I was kicked out of my house, there's been like two families that took me in. Rai's family, Ray Lavoue, he's my music director, he's responsible for the theme music. You hear. His family took me in and then when I wore his mom out, I moved to Sacramento and was ultimately taken in by a kind family called the grahams. Well,...

...that was so they're those people are like brothers and sisters. To meet the Grahams and in fact my buddy Steve, he met his wife and I think they were married at like seventeen, seventeen, eighteen, and they're still married today. So That's how long I've known them, since they were dating. Like we used to go visit let's call her d. So we go down and visit the in this tiny little town called Galt. We drive all the way from Zacramento down to Galt and I can't remember how my buddy, my brother Steve, originally met. Maybe on a school trip or, I don't know, a football game somehow, because back in the day, unless you knew somebody in that town, there was really no way to meet another person. That was definitely no internet, no email, no social media for sure. So it was saying a lot for them to have found each other and to have stuck together this long. Anyway, she posted this morning that she was in the hospital and that the whole family had caught covid and she was on oxygen. So I would really upset by that, as you tend to be right. And of course she's like the angel that we all knew. She's like most like my sister of anybody I know, like when I would fall out and just be near homeless, she would take me in. She wouldn't have to convince Steve do but she would be the one to volunteer to like Steve was my mic of my brother, and we never had to he didn't have to convince us to accept d into the group of guys. She was one of us. So if I've ever one of us was out and out, down and out, D was there to say, Hey, come on, we got space, will help you out all that. So it seems especially unjust that she would get sick enough to need oxygen in a hospital. Anyway, wherever you are on this planet, if you could steer some of your positive vibes toward the Sacramento California area whenever you get a chance...

...and think about just think D in your head. All right, thank you. And sometimes you get in that space where you don't talk to your friends or family for months or years. Right, just the way life happens, especially when you have a mental illness, as you tend to crawl into your own world and stay there so you don't spread your toxic energy to other people. So I was like, Geez, I have I want to hear from these people. I want to talk to my friends again. Anyway, I had planned to make Chili today and so I'm like, well, fuck it, I'm going to hook up the facebook live but the camera on a stand and just go chop the vegetables to make the Chili. So I started to make the Chili and guess who pops up watching my live stream of chopping vegetables and peppers? It's D so it kind of warmed my heart quite a bit. And then my brother Steve popped into so they apparently communicating through messenger or whatnot. One sick in bed, one sick in the hospital. So I wish you guys the best of luck. I don't think you've listened to this podcast, but I'm trying to spread good vibes good energy to you and I hope you're better quickly. So it was anyway between me and you. I thought it was awesome kind of synchronicity that they would just pop up, probably bored in bed, honestly, because they're they're otherwise healthy, and I think the oxygen is supplemental and not healthy. Healthy. They're healthy humans generally speaking, aside from the COVID that they're suffering through. So I think they're like sick people in bed, the traditional sick person in bed, and I thought it was cool that they were able to watch me make some chilly and you know, the little things mean a lot both to me and maybe to them. So my point being, Hey, if you're thinking of just doing something random, putting together some Lego, making Chili, playing with the puzzle or...

...doing a board game, maybe stick a camera on that and show it to your social streams. Maybe some old friends might pop in and say hi. So tomorrow I'm going to interview a cancer survivor and that won't be part of this actual show feed. I'll put that on a different show feed. I'm working on collecting interviews for that's going to be interesting. But the developer of the lifted neurostimulation device, he emailed me back. His name's can, by the way, but I'm going to make some time for can and see what's up. I have questions about his device and he probably just wants to have, you know, a conversation about how I want to use it or whatever. Now I just I'm curious and he's probably equally curious. I was doing my due diligence because invariably after we talk there's no reason why he should not come on this show, like I'm sure you guys want to hear from them, especially by the time I finished wearing it for several days see if it's helpful at all for depression or Adhd. So we'll see anyway, if he comes on. I was thinking, I Geez, I got to like actually look into this whole thing, and the best way to do that is just typing the thing you're talking about and then the word scam. So I went and looked up neuro stimulation scam. Now there's not a scamital. Apparently there's one device on scam detector or scam report and it looks like it's just a shady company making a crappy version of a device. I mean, don't order a device from the fucking website that has no address or no phone number and stick gets electrodes on your head. Will Duh. Anybody can make electures. You can go hook car batteries your head. Don't do that. Don't buy a junky thing from a company that's not known. Yeah, because there are scammy companies for sure, but generally speaking neurostimulation not a scam. I couldn't...

...find anything on the Internet that said anything about it being a scam at all, which is cool. Plenty of places, in my estimation, are just marketing them poorly. They're using words that they that they can't back up, and that's never a good thing. I think a lot of them are fearful of going straight to the mental health market because it seems so limiting, because a lot of people with mental health problems don't speak up about them and the general stigma against mental illnesses. But I did find some research I definitely want to talk to Ken about. Mostly revolves around the locations being stimulated. One concern I read about in the in scientific paper that made sense to me was what happens if you reverse the Poles. What happens? So, for example, so you have a symmetrical device, and this device is fairly symmetrical, you could easily flip it upside down in the button would be on the other side if you weren't following directions. My point is, though, what if you did that? Is there any damage? I don't think there's damage. Will it affect your brain differently? possibly. Here's the interesting thing. There is no indication or proof or research how this kind of neurostimulation affects lefthanded people differently from righthanded people. And before you go thinking left brain, right brain, hold it, hold it. The most recent research basically says the left brain, right brain, creative versus analytical or whatever. That's all bullshit. Not all bullshit, but at such an oversimplification of the way things work as to be inaccurate. The brain operates not in single notes at a time or single hemispheres. There's multiple parts of the brain and they talk to each other simultaneously, more like chords of music, multiple to multiple notes. Multiple nodes of your brain communicate with each other simultaneously, depending on the activity but there is a difference in the brains between lefthanded and righthanded people. That's not to...

...say I mean I'm not even sure I believe in the rhetoric that lefthanded people are more creative and righthanded people are more analytical. I don't. I don't think that's accurate. Honestly, I think it's been disproven by now. But there's clearly a difference, even a physiological difference, in lefthand and right hand. For example, I was born lefthanded. In the kindergarten and first grade when they taught me to write, they continually moved the Pencil back to my right hand, at one point even rubber banding the Pencil to my right hand so that I just couldn't move it back over to my left hand to right. Even to this day I formed my letters in a strange way, typically from the bottom up with my right hand. Anyway, not a big deal, except for sports mechanics. For example, I bat and golf, hockey, things like that standing righthanded, but my swing sucks. I have no natural body mechanical swing in that direction. When I try it from the left hand I feel so awkward I don't. There might be a correct body mechanics happening there lefthanded wise, but I can't find it where. I really noticed it, though, is shooting long guns. My eyes do not line up. If I try to aim righthanded, just doesn't work. I see two visions. If I hold the rifle on my left side up against my left shoulder, everything lines up perfectly. So that tells me there is something physiological, at least with the vision in the vision is closely associated with the brain. So I'm I'm still curious about the effects of a neurostimulation device on righthanded versus lefthanded people, because as a drummer, I would really like to continue to bolster my lefthandedness. As a drummer I've always been kind of ambidextrous,... the things. I can play righthanded, I can play lefthanded, I can sit down at a righthanded kit and play it lefthanded and sit at a lefthanded kit and play it righthanded. You get the idea. My fourway independence sucks. If you're a drummer you know what I'm talking about. But I can do things symmetrically left and right, which is kind of cool when you putting on a show. Anyway, all that aside, I want to enhance the ambidextrousness and to the extent that that might be possible with neurostimulation. I want to know, for example, the great buddy rich, one of the best drummers that has ever lived, never shook people's hands with the right hand. He insisted on shaking with the left. He wanted to build lefthand dominance to outweigh, or at least balance out his natural right hand dominance. So, by the same token, I'm really curious, with neurostimulation, if we could change the polls back and forth or if you could just order a lefthanded or righthanded model. That's what I'm getting at. That seems like it might be beyond what we're able to do, but I think it might be a good step in the right direction. The one thing I wanted to bring up especially about neurostimulation and the parts of your brain it stimulates, about like cannabis and also pharmaceutical drugs, since each of our brains is so vastly different. I think the Holy Grail for all of these treatments to what ails us is customization and frankly, I think we'll get there in ten years on all of these things, on cannabis, on electro stimulation, eurostimulation and on pharmaceuticals. The thing is right now none of them are customized enough to truly help people enough for everyone to say Whoa, that's the thing. So clearly, overnoming yourself with pharmaceuticals or cannabis or Zapping your brain maybe not enough, because you know there's a level of safety and unless it's customized, you kind of have... turn that level down to the lowest combat denominator so nobody will get hurt. But I think some people with thicker skulls, literally thicker skulls, might need more different brain parts might need deeper stimulation and different voltages and things like that. So until we can start customizing these devices or the nature of cannabis, I know about cannabis because I work in a cannabis processing lab and the newest marketing craze and cannabis is instead of calling it out by Indicut or sativa, they're starting to call it out by what they think. It makes you feel like relax, focused, calm. That sort of thing. The problem there is again it's kind of bullshit marketing, because until these drugs are finely tuned and customized per the individual, there's no way those terms are going to be accurate. So, similar to the drugs that the pharmacies give you every day, you know they're not helping all that you need, but in the future they might, and in the future neurostimulation will do the same thing. So it really comes back down to like who owns electricity? electricities cheap? You could. You could get a neurostimulation device and live off the grid and power the thing was solar energy and clear your mind completely. This is these are the things I think about, especially if your device, say five, six, seven years from now, has been custom tuned to your brain and can be software updated based on its feedback every three or four months, checks in on your brain sees what you need. People think this is scary and that's because we live in kind of the Beta technology times right now. I definitely have faith in technology, but I definitely believe we live in the shittiest era of technology ever. We are completely a Beta society. We're being tested on day and day out. Things don't work, things break. Things are complicated. It's elibance of bullshit. In the future this will all be flawless...

...and technology will have proven to be a huge benefit to society, especially with regards to health. So we're basically waiting for government approval of these devices in the medical field and for science to advance to the point where we have nanotechnology that the can pin point different areas to research and what things we can apply to those areas of the brain, especially with regards to mental health, longevity, dementia problems, things like Epilepsi. Seize your disorders, brain injury, trauma, anxiety, depression, the whole thing. There will be cures for all this by twenty forty. We just need to hang in there and test the things like help out the companies that are at least trying. So I look forward to talking with can add lifted and I'm going to go put my device on right now and go watch a Tom Hanks World War Two movie. So, yeah, it sounds like a nice evening right. My Chili's done cooking. Maybe have a bowl of chilli. A bowl of Chili and again I send out my love to the grams of Sacramento. Get well soon. Look forward to seeing you in person in two thousand and twenty one chowel. And now back to the wall.

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