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These gifts may help you/ From suffering holidays/ Alone with your thoughts


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These gifts may help you/

From suffering holidays/

Alone with your thoughts

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Hi, welcome back to Emo do joe for December. Third. It's Thursday. I'm johnny emotions. Thanks for joining me. I had a pretty crappy day, but I'm just going to do the opposite, going the opposite this time. Fuck it. If such a bad day that. Yeah, all I can do is try to find the bright side. So I found a cool article here. You know when you see these gifts for people lists? Well, this one's for anyone struggling with their mental health this year, and really, WHO's not? This is over on Huffington Post if you want to check it out. I always like to look through these and see if they're accurate or just a bunch of bullshit, and this list turned out to be pretty good. That's why I'm sharing it. So let's get to it. The first thing they have on the list here is a light therapy lamp.

I don't know if anybody thinks that this is some kind of bullshit therapy, but this is for real, totally proven, long time history of scientific data backing up the power of sunlight. So if you live in a dark climate or somewhere where it's cloudy all the time, place like Alaska, or just you know, northern hemisphere with the days get super short, anything like that. They yeah, they got them all over the place that like from about thirty too, I don't know, a hundred, fifty bucks if you get a really big one. They are super bright and they work. For me, I like it a lot. I have a little one to maybe ten inches square. At it for several years. Never had to replace the Bulb and you stick it wherever, turn it on and about. It seems to take a couple seconds to get to the full actual temperature of the sun. I mean not heat temperature but color temperature. Light comes in temperatures from like... to blue, and the sun is in the blue range, really high temperature. So the key with the light therapy lamp. They work so well that you actually have to follow the directions, which is typically add sun to your day during a darkened a day. So if the day is dark, add sun from like eleven am to two PM. You're good. Don't add sun after four or five or definitely turn it on at night time when you're supposed to be getting ready to go to bed, because it will fuck up your circadian rhythms. So anyway, gift number one is pretty cool. Light therapy lamp if you or anybody you knows feeling kind of down, definitely worth checking out. The next one up is a talk space gift card. Hmm, we read it. Oh, digital therapy. So if this is like tell therapy where you get to talk to a real human through video, that's cool. I take that idea. Based on my experience, the only downside... a gift like this is the issue of continuity of care. So if you already see a therapist, getting that data transferred over to this new talk therapy gift card therapist and your meds and the history of her, I mean your records, all that stuff to a talk therapy therapist seems daunting. And if it's only a gift of therapy card for a month, like what's the point? Like they're just going to kind of interrupt your therapy. So there's the issue of continuity of care, is all I'm saying. So if you're going to give somebody a thing like a talk space gift card unless they're going through something that's, I guess, more temporary than other things, grief for something possibly, I don't know, grief lasts a long time too. But basically, don't just give them a temporary gift card and then leave them hanging, like give them a year's worth or don't interrupt their other therapy at all. That's my thought. Next gift on the list a highly recommended SELFHELP book.

Hmm Yeah, I love books. I have a public book list on my Amazon Account, so anybody knows me, they check out my public book list and buy me books. Love Books. I usually read nonfiction. I'll read fiction once in awhile if I find something really kind of cool, sci fi or dystopic future. You're that kind of thing. I don't know. It seems like it would be hard to buy a self help book for another person because that you don't know what they want to help themselves with, but anyway, it's worth a shot. If you've read something and you like it, that's a great start, because at least you have a basis for which to recommend the book, and if your friend reads it to then you can share and have like a mini book club. This next one's kind of odd, but I think I like it. Number four is an affirmation card deck. It's just like a deck of cards with these affirmations like I am grateful. I realized that what is right about my life and I like that kind of thing. Kind of weird, but I am attacked all person I like... have something to fiddle with with my hands. Yeah, I could dig this. An't know. Like fifteen bucks for a affirmation card deck seems like a reasonable price for a gift, because you're not going to throw them away or lose them. Really like it's a deck of card. It stays around forever. But these you can leave in the bathroom while you're sitting on the toilet and just read through some affirmations. Get bored of work, looking for a pin or something. Slide open that drawer. Oh there's a car. Let me flick through a couple. There's some affirmations, all right, not a post of that cute. Number five is boring, non slip Yoga Mat and if you give this to the wrong person, you're sending the wrong message. Anyway. You Fat. You should exercise. What are you trying to say? Number six as a calm membership. So calm is an APP that people use for mindfulness. My issue with this is you should just own things and not rent them, and I believe with calm it's a renters model.

You can't use calm and you just you, just a renter. You never a buy or you'll never own calm, you'll be renting it forever. I do not like that about software. So I'm going to go thumbs down on number six, a calm membership. If you want to check out calm the APP, go for it's got a free trial. I'm sure. Seven fits into the book category again, and uplifting poetry book as opposed to what Edgar Allan Poh. I don't know. What's uplifting to you is probably different than what's uplifting to me. So if you know your friends and know what's uplifting to them, that's a cool idea. Poetry is always fascinating, because the longer you look at good poetry, the deeper it gets. The next gift idea for anyone struggling with their mental health this year is a high quality journal.

I got a bullet journal. I like it, not because I use it in any particular format. I like to doodle a lot in my journals and it's more fun to doodle on a bullet grid pattern than on just lie ends. Yeah, I dig it. I mean what? How could a journal be a bad gift? I mean maybe if they got too many, but get to write and writes right some more filled them journals up. Number Nine Wild I've had one of these before, a weighted blanket. The one I got, I think, was a little too heavy, which is saying something because I'm a pretty big dude. It just too much, but it was neat, although I guess I'd like to try in a cold climate really, because I tried it in San Francisco and it never really got cold there, in combination with with the blanket being a little too heavy. Yeah, I just made me hot, too hot. And their waighted blankets. They don't they're not good for snuggling. Like you can pile a down blanket up... to you, off to one side, you know, and kind of snuggle up on it, but with the weighted blanket it's like individual pockets of beans, bean bag type things, or a little glass beads or something. Check it out, though, because I know like weighted blankets, or the idea of a weighted blanket, works for animals. There's a thing called a thundershirt for dogs and cats to kind of calm them during fireworks and things like that. So there's some science behind putting pressure on the whole system, the whole trunk, chest and whatnot, makes feel like you're being hugged like a baby. Bit So weighted blanket. You got to be careful, though, because they're weighted and they're super heavy, like the whole box might be fifty pounds, so it's going to cost you something to ship as well. Number ten, fun bath accessories. Yeah, sure, why not? Do you take a bath? I do showers, baths, whatever, usually throwing a bunch of EPS and salt, because they say that's a good way to absorb...

...magnesium into your system and magnesium is good for mentally ill people's brains. So eps and salt bath is cool, and the accessory they show here look like some little volcano bath bombs. Pretty cool. Number Eleven on the list of twelve gifts for anyone struggling with their mental health this year a delicious and Calming Tea Collection. I'm down with tea. I just gotta Hmm. How would I describe it? Well, it's a teapot. I got a teapot on Amazon, but it's for loose leaf tea, so it's got this metal cylinder that goes down the middle, which is got super fine holes in it. Basically a screen and you can throw any kind of crap you want and go get some some dirt and some scrub from the outside and throw it in there if you want. But now there's a brand called that Davidson teas on Amazon, and they so big old bag of Ir Vedic, Tea, Chi, tea mate, whatever you want, super fresh, super like whoa powerful.

Throw that in there, wake you up. So yeah, super down with the idea of sending somebody tea. In fact, the teapot is pretty cheap too. I think that's like less than twenty five dollars. Who I like this one a lot. Number twelve a restaurant or delivery gift card. Who doesn't like fucking fast food delivered to your door? Love it. So that was pretty quick and easy, Hey, and I think that's enough to count for fucking podcast episode really. So I'm kind of off the hook and I really do need to get some rest. I'm coming to part at the seams, doing my best to hold it together. So let's recap this list and I'm going to get out of here. The list twelve gifts for anyone struggling with their mental health this year. Light therapy lamp, Talk Space Gift Card, a highly rendered a highly recommended self help book, an affirmation Card Deck,...

...a non slip Yoga Mats, a calm membership, an uplifting poetry book, a High Quality Journal, awaited blanket, fun bath accessories, a delicious and Calming Tea Collection and a restaurant or delivery gift card set simple. Huh? Okay, I'm going to go have my feelings to myself and I will talk to you tomorrow. I'm not of my sad, I'm not said, I'm not of my said, Whoa work. I'm not of my said. My said, my said, said. And now back to the wall.

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