How To Be A Good Podcast Listener: Doing Your Part In A Two-Way Relationship


John Emotions explains the dynamic between small podcasters and their listeners, and how everyone can be better podcast listeners

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Episode · 2 months ago

The Pandemic Needed Better Messaging | All About The SafetyNet App
I rant a little on the ill-conceived, poorly-planned, and wildly disorganized messaging of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Then, I explain what I learned about nets in general, safety nets in particular, and an app I discovered called SafetyNet.

—Pandemic Crowd Compliance Needs Kinder, Smarter Messaging
— Curfews squeeze bigger crowds into shorter hours. Why?
— I discovered the SafetyNet app; All about ropes and reliable nodes

Episode · 2 months ago

John Emotions talks with Christian Lovrecich at PixlFeed Radio
Christian had me on his radio show and we talk about how I started the Emo Dojo project, and how having more open conversation about mental health will help everyone over time. This is a short segment of a longer conversation you can watch, here:

Episode · 2 months ago

The Lost Legacy of Wilhelm Reich and The Brain-Zapper Device I'm Testing
I talk a little bit about one of my favorite, controversial scientists that history has largely forgotten; Wilhelm Reich ... discoverer of Orgone. Also, I'm trying out the TDCS device tonight after the show. I want to find out where undiscovered greatness meets pseudo-science.

Episode · 2 months ago

I'm feeling especially lonely and misunderstood today.
I'm feeling especially lonely and misunderstood today.