How To Be A Good Podcast Listener: Doing Your Part In A Two-Way Relationship


John Emotions explains the dynamic between small podcasters and their listeners, and how everyone can be better podcast listeners

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Episode · 2 months ago

During the Challenger disaster, I was up in a tree ...
Correction; those actors in "Come As You Are" were not disabled
Where were you when the Challenger shuttle exploded?
Bones Brigade: An Autobiography
Skateboarders Vs. Ninjas
Why some people aren’t wearing masks …
Wearing masks is basic sanitation, like using toilet paper.

Episode · 2 months ago

Meet Shock — My cohost from Shock and Emotions
I was talking about my sleep hygiene and Shock changes the subject to his dick chafing from jerking off too much ... possibly with a fake vagina. Real-life pandemic lockdown problems on today's Daily Emotions.

Episode · 2 months ago

More of My Favorite Obscure Documentaries of the Pandemic ...
Today I talk about some more interesting documentaries I've watched during the pandemic, including: 'Will Work For Clicks,' 'Burt's Buzz,' and 'The Pollinators.'

Episode · 2 months ago

My Favorite Obscure Documentaries of the Pandemic ... So Far
I've found a bunch of really decent documentaries over the past year. Today, I'm talking about 'Three Identical Strangers,' 'Come As You Are,' and 'Carts of Darkness.'