Medication Recall | Gut Bacteria | Poop Transplants


Today I talk about an important medicine recall for people with soft penises and/or depression; then we get into gut microbiota, and fecal transplants.

Haiku Show Notes:

Sad your cock won't rise/

Mourning the morning before/

The new poop reboots

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Episode · 1 month ago

New kid or stray dog/ The novelty wears off soon/ Now I am nothing

Since my new podcast host ( ) transcribes the entire show anyway, my new epsiode titles/descriptions will be in Haiku ... just because.

New kid or stray dog/

The novelty wears off soon/

Now I am nothing

Transcriptions are available free at 

Episode · 2 months ago

Another good reason not to try suicide? You'll feel different tomorrow anyway.

My mood has improved from yesterday, and I give a quick update on the LiftId tDCS (trnascranial direct-current stimulation) I've been using now for 5 days. Hang in there. This holiday is almost over. Politics is almost over, and the holdiays are almost over. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Visit

[Scroll down for a loose transcription at]

Episode · 2 months ago

Why No Livestream? Avoiding Mission Creep and Preventing Cinestance

I'm talking about Mission Creep, the Observer Effect. and Cinestance. Sounds pretty weird. It's not that weird. It's not that important anyway. Just another in my daily podcasting workout. Please consider actually leaving a review, email, or voicemail for me over the holiday. I am alone and lonely. 

Episode · 2 months ago

I'm Starving For Attention! What Becomes Of The Hungry Ghosts?

I’m doing my best not to lose it today. I talk about what I think loneliness is, compared to being alone.

Our “soul” is the space between our thoughts … but what happens when your soul can’t communicate with others?

Are we doomed to a life of misunderstanding?

I think I’m on my own for the holiday — send me a message? A review? A voicemail?