Coming Out Crazy: Disclosing Our Hidden Differences


John talks with fellow podcaster, KT, about the positives and negatives of accepting labels and sharing your mental illness diagnoses with others.

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Episode · 2 months ago

I Hear Music in Running Water: Is Oxytocin a Cure for Tinnitus?
I’m talking about ringing in the ears today. It’s a condition called tinnitus that starts as some kind of physical damage to the hearing mechanism, then trains the brain to continually recreate the ringing sensation, even after the original ear canal damage is healed ... making it a mental disorder.

2nd Lockdown … If you would have worn your masks the first time, we wouldn’t have a 2nd lockdown
Tinnitus: Part 1
Hearing Music in Running Water
3:00 (Digression)
Electronic Harassment
Color Harassment
Targeted Individuals
Paranoid Schizophrenia
7:00 Tinnitus: Part 2
9:20 Meet Oxytocin: The Cuddle Hormone
12:30 Is the ringing in my hears because I don’t feel loved?

Episode · 2 months ago

Let them grieve the loss of their sh*tty little brat. It's still grief.
Day 10 in a row — I'm starting to get the hang of things. On today's show I get into stuff like:

We’re changing the podcast intro
I need a description for the show
Can you please review this podcast?
Women have sex as their advantage, Men have violence
Wanna see my balls?
Let Trump supporters grieve in peace, without mocking them
I don’t display a gradient in my emotions to others; I only show them “fine” until it’s not
I support underdogs, and people who have suffered loss regardless if the loss was an asshole
Trump is a shitty child running amok in Walmart, and the GOP are his parents

Episode · 2 months ago

It's just another manic Monday ...
I'm feeling pretty agitated today. Not sad ... kind of a fast melancholy.

* ADHD is acting up, stressing me out
* Opted out of the medication
* The pressure of being a creative
* When ADHD starts feeling more like mania
* tCDS — Transcranial Direct-Stimulation
* Shout out to Ames and Mr. Bipolar Joe

Episode · 2 months ago

Aphantasia, Hyperphantasia and The Problem With Labeling
I talk about this thing I discovered called “aphantasia” where I can't actually see anything in my mind when I close my eyes. I have no visual imagery. I can imagine it in a way I can describe to others, but I don't actually SEE see anything. Here's some other points I cover (in order):

But first, My High
Aphantasia Vs. Hyperphantasia
Visual Imagery Vs. Imagination
The Problems With Mislabeling
Are Mental Differences Bad or Good?
I AM (condition) Vs. I HAVE (condition)