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Denying climate/ Change can have deadly results/ If not influence


Updates include John's perspective on the extreme winter storm blasting the American midwest, and what he's recently learned about the differences between hobbyists, artists, content creators, celebrity, and influecers.

Welcome back to the mighty EMO Dojo, myname is John, and these are my updads. So today's updates include myperspective on the giants: Winter, Storm Gripping America. What I learned about influencers versus celebrities, a sneak peak about this weekend's guest and, of course, an update on theEMODOJO project, so sit back, relax and enjoy you know. As a Californian, I neverreally paid much attention to the weather map. Someone I'd watch themorning news. You know national newscast. I would just look at it likeOh yeah, it's pretty wild over there. It's always blue and white and purple,and we always have the orange and yellow and red every once in a while. People would getsome green and apparently that's like perfect to weather green. You wantgreen, but then, of course, California started getting wildfires and yeah, ultimately hone Ofe the reasons Imoved away from California. Well not permanently it's like y home, but was because of all the concrete for oneis just everything was built up and then the smoke. Then the smoke came theforest fires. At some point. We were surrounded in the way the the bay worksaround San Francisco. Is it just if it's pulling the air the wrong way?It's going to draw all of the smoke from the surrounding mountains rightdown into the on top of the bay water effectively, and if you live anywherenear there so yeah. I had masks from back thenwell before the pandemic came around, but you know then I got to Louisiana,and this is the weird thing too. So when I get to the new place, theweather casters are saying things like. Oh, this is record breaking so anyway.The people there are also surprised and Louisiana. Yeah just got chased outof there by a couple of hurricanes, like literally lived through to hurricanes down there.That was Weird Oklahoma got up here and there are the firstthing was an ice storm. I talked about this kind of during the ice stormreback when it happened, but people that aren't from here orfrom experience the true ice storm wouldn't know what it is. So here's thething I've been to and lived in Lake Taho right, not in the lake around theLake Topo city, specifically, and also Alpine meadows and Donna Lake. So I have lots of experience with snowand super cold weather, but I had no experience with an icestorm. I don't know what not sure why maybe Ihave, but I just didn't realize it, because the way the infrastructure n like Ta was built.It's built for that. I guess, like the power lines are underground and such sowhen, anyway, when this ice storm hit Oklahoma a bit early in the season, allof the trees still had their foyliage on them all the leaves were there allthe bristles and needles and everything were on all of the plants and that collected tons of waterliterally in tons and weighed down all these things andbroke them basically, and it froze for so long outside we're talking belowfreezing for many days in a row like a week or ten days or somethingridiculous and it froze everything hard anythingoutside that was made of water was...

...frozen. I saw a truck hit a tree and the treeexploded like a chandelier. They just that's it at's, just wild the Trukdidn't really get much damage at all was the strangest thing ever anyway.That was historic and now this past week I thought man, that's a narly storm, soanother big storm comes down, and not only is it cold, it started to bringsnow. Well. The people around here aren'tused to snow, not like this kind of snow. I guess I asked people be likewhen I first moved here. Does it snow here and they're like yeah, maybe onceor twice a year, so I figured that meant snow like like Taho like feet,many feets of snow. Now I didn't mean that I think it meant like an inch ortwo. Maybe the reason I know this is because nowthat it snowed six inches, there are nearly enough snowplous to get to thestreets, so they only ploued the main streets and everybody in thesubdivisions and the neighborhoods they're literally screwed they haven't,they don't have shovels for the fronts of their trucks. These people don'teven know what chains are they don't know? What tired chants are snow chainsare like in California. You often see oh there's, a a chain requirement ifyou goin up highway eighty ore over highway, fifty there's a chainrequirement well, for this whole entire storm. I've watched all of the localnewscast. Nobody once has mentioned chain requirements, and yet theycontinually report crashes of people on the freeway sliding out of controlbecause they don't have any fucking chains. I don't get it. Are theyspending their money here on guns instead of chains? was there somethreat they needed the guns for like where were they when the terroristswere trying to take over the capital, all these gun nuts? Are they? I don't?I don't get it? Are you buying guns instead of chains like? Why was thisarea not prepared if it' snowed? That's the mind boggling thing and it drivesme crazy, because I've really, I feel, like I've, been cooped up in a littlecage for like four days now so well, I guess I'm not and I'm goingto exercise by my freedom tomorrow, I'm going to go out because the truck is four wheell driveand has alterain tires. So I'm just going to fucking back out of the snowyass driveway here in the apartment, complex and weve. My way around all the idiotswho have backed out of their parking spots and can't move now and arebasically blocking the driveways and uts it's a mess again because nobody has like a fiftydollar set of chains or cables to put on their tires. I'm also wondering whata lot of the people see also in the news in America there's this kind ofmyth that a lot of people are moving from California to Texas, and that mayor may not be true. I know. Certainly, some people are so I don't know what alot is, but I know I move from California to notFuckin Texas to Louisiana and on my way up from Louisiana to Oklahoma, Ispecifically drove my ass around Texas, not into Texas. It's not my kind ofplace. Se like Oklahoma people might think of. It is a well. I don't knowwhat they think of it is I thought it was hill billy, but no, that's moreGeorgia, Tennessee at West Virginia apparently definitely got some swamppeople in Louisiana, but obviously those aren't hills so they're, not hillbillies but know Oklahoma just seems like a place. People go to hide likeanarkistd and crazy people. That's what Oklahoma reminds me of Texas. On theother hand, so yeah, obviously there's a reason why things are cheaper inTexas. Look, they have a crappy infrastructure. They get one Gud DemIce Co. Okay, now to be fair, it is extra cold in at the end of this week.There talking about it might get above thirty, which will actually have been afifty degree swing from two days ago.

So two days ago it was minus twenty andin a couple more days, it'll be almost thirty. So that's a pretty big swing intemperature, fifty degrees swing and temperature, and yet we still won't beup to freezing. So all of us know outside it just sits there. If peopledrive on it, it squitches it down like sand, an compresses it, but there's, like I, don't know, eightinches on my back patio that accumulated and snow drifted. I kickedsome of it and was able to sweep a lot of it with t e broom. That's how lightit was. Anyway. S wanted to get rid of that shit before it started to melt andget much heavier and turn into actual work and the crazy myth that Fox News ispeddling about Texas and the power rid down there. So, apparently, the powergrid in Texas is just completely overwhelmed, obviously, because it's soGod them cold, Tit's, minus mine is something right, it's less than zero!Well at that temperature. For so many days again, the pipes freeze, peoplecan't run water, and now here's what's going on down in Texas because theyhave not winterized their industries. Their industries are set up to providepower in the summertime because it gets fucking hot there and everyone needstheir air conditioning. Well, the machinery that runs theirpower plants is not set up for this kind of cold weather. That goes for thewind turbines. It goes for the gas, the oil, all of it, solar panels getcovered in snow whatnot, but solar and wind only contribute. Maybeten percent of power to Texas's energy grid, whereas gas and oil contribute afar greater amount and when those things failed, it's much worse. So I'mnot pointing fingers in anyone thing. I think it's smart to divest our energy resources, so we don't rely onany one thing but holy moly. So I mean don't you get it people they havegrappy infrastructure, they knew some day it would get cold and their stuffwould freeze up. So basically the valves, the meters, the things they useto read the flow of energy and things like that. They just freeze up peoplecan't get to work, because cars freeze up of diesel fuel turns to Jeil andsome of these tractors and they can't move anymore T. U it's all, that's howcold it got or is. I should stay, I'm sitting in a warm apartment and youknow whatever I go outside for entertainment, not for whatever anyway,the point being is, if yeah, if you're living somewhere, that's cheap, there'sa reason that it's cheap and in this case that's the reason they didn't payfor the proper infrastructure and the and the ironic thing is tes. A lot ofpeople in Texas are like tend to be conservative, right, leaning and, tosome extent, climate deniers. Climate Change Deniers, not Shur, the proper term there andthat's exactly what's biting them in the ass right now, the same thing thatthey were talking shit about California. For with the grass fires forest fires, that's all climate changedriven well, this is what happens in Texas andit freezes all your shit down how many people in Texas are dead now becausethey froze to death because they had no water, no energy, no lights get in thecar and they go out and they get stuck in the snow because they don't have theproper equipment on their car. Si Now they're stuck in the snow until theirfuel and thei car runs out. Now they freeze because nobody can get to them,because the roads are still closed because the fire trucks can't getthrough. They don't have the right kind, oftires and all that stuff for snoweither. There was a crash on the turnpike where some big rid caught onfire and they couldn't get anything to it. For like a half an hour by the timethey got a tank to it. o The tank run out, super quick and then froze over isjust a mess completely ill prepared. So if you live in the in the Arctic, theygot windmills that last and can run in...

...super cold weather way worsetemperatures than this. Why? Because they've been winterized same with theirpipes for their oil, they just weren't ready in Texas. So all those people whomigrated to Texas, because it's cheaper over the next ten years, ar probablygoing to find things, become a lot more expensive and it's funny too, because alot of times, especially I noticed in places like Louisiana, where I used tothink well, why did they move there? Well, obviously, people don'tnecessarily move there, but why do they stay there? If there's alwayshurricanes and things tearing up your land and flood you out? Well, I didn't think about it until Ilive there, and this is kind of the cool thing about moving around is thatyou actually get to learn a lot about why things are well ind Louisiana,there's a lot of poor people. They have nowhere else to go, or they have thisweird kind of golden cage situation where they have family property there.So the family property isn't worth that much to sell and go live somewhere elsesafer and kind of become like a climate migrant. So it's kind of in their mindbetter just to keep the property, because the storms are that bad. Theyaren't that frequent, but you know over the years they're going to get worseand more frequent, but you know again: What are they goingto do? Theyr sitting on property? That's quickly going down in value andthey're already kind of poor. So where are they going to go and where would you go? Would you justride it out? I don't know I started to think yk yeah. That is a reasonablething to do. Although I swear to God, if I lived in Louisiana, I woulddefinitely live on posts. I live on pylons or whatever you want to callthem. You know big peers that come out of the ground. IWOULD, have themdrilled really deep into the ground, so I know they hit bedrock and then they'dcome up out of the ground like at least ten fifteen feet, and then I would putmy house on top of those posts. That's one way or I would build e house onfloating concretes much like the houses over an Iceland and places like that.That also suffer from global warming, because the sea is rising and they areable to live on the coasts in normal houses that are just ppeered withchains to these giant dock things, but their houses go up and down with thewater. I think everybody in like a place like Oklahoma, where they havelots of wind, should live in a dome like a dome, a Godsic Dome House. Oh myGod, there are some that are so cool and I'm pretty sure the costs keepcoming down, lower and lower until they're competitive now with theregular home construction. But look up like high tech, Godsic, Dome home onYoutube and go. I got stuck in a worm, hole man, there's just like Whoa, somany cool things spiral staircases. That kind of circle, the outside of theDome in a Nice Circle in the very top of the Dome, that's your master bedroomthat looks out over everything super cool anyway yeah. I think it's important tohave the proper construction for your zone, but the thing is with climatechange: the zones keep moving so quickly, so you almost have to have afireproof windproof flood, proov kind of home that moves or is movable. Imean in my mind, I'm envisioning this network of shipping containercommunities they might exist already, but not like.I'm thinking, I'm talking about ones that have actually a transport network,that's included with your rent. So if you live in a fancy and all thetransport containers, look the same like a shipping container, you'd see ona train or a ship or whatever, but they all meet the same standards.Very nice, all the proper ramenities that you'd like, but with the rent that you pay or Iguess you could buy, it figure out some way to buy it. Obviously, people liketo own things comes a transport network...

...that you could basically live anywhere.You want, within the network, so say: they've got property on the edge of the Hudson River, wherever you know, or itjust going to be random property wherever, but the thing is, you couldjust have your trailer plop. There live there for a little while have it pickedup put on the train put on a boat taken over to Japan, dropped off over thereand like a stacked, trailer village, you could do anything with these things,and people can just go move where they want to, but more importantly, peoplethat need to move could be easily moved to safety when things like ice storms, fires, floods and thosesort of things occur. So you know I'm like generation x right,we grew up. We were programmed a certain way. We came to create a bunchof cool things on earth and you know that's my perspective and a lot of my peers. They reallydismissive of influencers, and I was at first because I did notunderstand what that is. Like Wel, I don't what is this exactly because atfirst glance you get the idea that why is this person famous for doing nothing?And I'm like that's just the detective in me, said that can't be that'ssomething else going on here. So I've been doing a bunch of research both inaudio books and documentaries on the television, and what I learned, I think, is likethe key that will help generation x and baby boomers finally understand whatand influence there is, and maybe not be so dismissive about them. So if you don't want to listen to anyfurther, an influencer is a salesperson yeah, that's what it comes down to. So you have what will generically callcontent creators? These are people that put stuff up on the Internet forwhatever reason: okay, after a while, they develop some credibility withtheir small audience of whatever it is. Here's, where a lot of apparentlycontent creators fail on their way to becoming an influencer. If that's, whatthey're trying to be, they fail in picking a focus because they fail to understand thatbeing to influencer is simply being a salesperson so to become an influencer. It's important to pick the things youwant to sell. Are you going to sell cosmetics, you'e going to sell vagina candles? Are you going to sell you knowaudioprograms? Are you gointo like what is the thing you're going to sell dogfood sneakers watches picket, whatever it is, whatever genre you're in there'sa lot of people like, for example, there's a guy. I listen to Mike Dogadiohe's a Youtuber who is really into microphones, and so, when you're, apodcaster and you're looking into the best microphones, you often come acrossMike's Youtube Cenno, where he reviews all the microphones you've beenthinking about. Well, he's done that enough. That he's become influential, and now he gets product and ostensiblymoney from microphone companies. They send him free microphones. He talksabout them good or bad. I'm not sure who pays him, but he alsois a voiceoveractor. So what he is influencing and talking about also ascredibility directly to his day job, let's call it so in Mike's case he hada nice tight focus, created content consistently and persisted and Voisla he's an influencer now and that's whenI starte track it back to like pick and... any Weirdo right, not not mike orthe OT micro's microphone show anything like that, but people, let you just seerandomly show up on Ellen degenerist during the daytime like during Covid,I've had opportunity to watch daytime TV and people show up on Ellan, I'mlike who the fuck is that I don't know that person and I'll go look into it. I'm like Oh,it's, an influencer and I'll go look into what they influence. It's alwayssomething they always sell something, so that makes it pretty straightforwardand then, of course, there are celebrities who are also influencers.It gets a little bit mixed up here, but let's try to deciphe it so in my mind, or for what I can discern acelebrity has made it famous doing something other than being asalesperson dies that make sense so they're an artist of some sort, aperformer. Whatever a poet, you name it a model. Those are celebrities. Theycan use that celebrity for sure to become an influencer celebrities areinstant influencers the moment they want to sell something. Of course theflip is not necessarily true right. A salesperson is not a celebrity. Nowthere are people that are so good at selling things they eventually elevateto the level of celebrity. You could probably think of very few, becausethat's how seldom it happens most of the people we think of that arecelebrity. influencers were celebrity of some sort used whatever minorcelebrity. They had and played their cards right leveraged into businessopportunities became prominent influencers that waymaintained themselves in the public. Spotlight became celebrities. On top ofthat, so they became celebrity for being influencers, so th that doesexist right. I'm thinking of somebody like Kailey Janner who's. Just borninto a spotlight of a none of her shoosing right and she managed to flipthat eventually, with the help of others- and you know her resources athand into a Billion Dollar, I think cosmetic industry, some kind of beauty,product industry, but people like her are few and far between very few peoplebecome famous because of their salesmanship like thesharktank people them- and you know maybe twenty others are known, but byfar most celebrities come from the arts and that kind of takes it back one morestep right to the beginning. What are people doing that are creatingcontent? Did you start out to create content? Because you want to be aninfluencer? If that's the case, you really should stop figure out whatthings you want to sell and you can jump start your career that way,because then you're already starting to focus on the right things to talk about.However, if you are a person that just likes to goof around and like ourhobbyist like, I would consider myself a hobbyist in many ways, especiallythis show it's okay to accept that you're, a hobbyist right. I see there'shobbyist, there's artists hobbyist become artist as they improve. I see asee it that way, but not all artists want to go on and become a celebritylots of artists have a thing against becoming celebrity. They think that'sselling out, for example, so in that sense, hobbyist and artist seem toquote unquote, create content regardless they would do that if nobodywas around to look at it. Like that's a thing like, I think that is thedifference between content creators and hobbies. Artists is that contentcreation wasn't a thing before the Internet, whereas hobbies and arts werealways the thing. We don't really need content creators. So if you're going to be a contentcreator to try to be an influencor, please eliminate some of the noise andjust pick a focus. If you are a...

...hobbyist and artist, fuck yeah have fun, go balls out, butjust do what you're doing for the passion of it, not because you'retrying to quote unquote, create content and put it on a schedule and Goddamnmonetize everything. Oh, my God gives me a migrangeus thinking about that. How many rockbands? How many thing likethe best rock bands in history, do you think sat down in their first rehearsalsaid G guys? How do you think we're going to monetize this for Fuck's sake? Hobbyist and artists are not contentcreators by trade, they're hobbyist an artist what they do. You can turn intocontent, but that's not their first thing inlife. They would be doing that if nobody was around. So I think it's important that we keepthe value on the hobbyists and t e artists and remind the content creators thatthey should really focus if they want to be influencers, because, if you'rejust creating content for R, why are you putting nemes out for no reason?That's so dumb, but I digress. I apologize maybe you'rejust a mem hobbyist and that's cool too so I'll just leave it at that. LET'S BEFRIENDS! Okay, LET'S BE FRIENDS! In fact, let's have Johnny Nash Sing us alittle song about being friends all right. Take it away. Johnny we're in this world doin a struggling along just like and ter Tien, and now back to the wall.

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