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Live from Emo Dojo

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Gary talks bootlegs/ Johnny wants global co-hosts/ Some thoughts on aging


Gary talks bootlegs/ Johnny wants global co-hosts/ Some thoughts on aging

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I'm sorry, I took the money, I'm sor Ito them N, I'm Fara. Sorry, I took them a sdoing all the OI wanted to. I wantedto guarantee that I was going to get the show. I have to get the tickets, I'm notgoing to make e last minute decision. Go! Oh Yeah, I'M gonna film! Thisfucking show tonight that's ite real. Did I do that? GOINTO. A show thenmeans something different to you in your mind too, because it also means,in the back of your mind, you're going to record it now. Nowadays, you don'trecord shows but somewhere in you'R in your programming from your twenties,it's like got to get a ticket got to make sure I get in got to get thecamera, so you still got some of that programming and that's interesting, soit is in a way it's an obligation, go...

...into a show in some way. In your mind,it's like kind of an obligation, because I got to get my Cameran and Igot to do this ig even though thirty years aop yeah yeah exactly it was workfor sure. So you probably somehows associate it with work and a little bitof stress too. I looked at it a couple of ways. One is.It was work too. I loved most of the shows I saw because I love live music, so it didn't really the only time Ireally felt like a job as when I went and did the shows by myself, and I hadto watch out for security and film. The show yeah that Wa, that was fun AAn oneeye on the fucking fuck you rina and one eye. Looking at the camera, yeahI'm like and plus the Camaraderie of doing shows with other people must havebeen like fun right. Oh yeah way better than doing it by yourself, but I meanthere must have been opportunities and shows were like well fuck it we got toget this show and I'm the only motherfucker next to it. So well, I'mgoing...

Oh dude future guest I've been reaching out tomy buddy in Brazil. We used to do this h and he's totally down for the PODCAST.U Yeah Os Goe the only drawback. He can't do Saturdays. He can do Sundays,but it's after three pst, because he said he's four hours ahead of me: YeahCool Soim, I'm down with Sunday, too. Okay, I got because I wanted to runthat by yeah right. That actually reminds me. I got another guy stand up comic from Australi fromAustralia that wants the fuck yeah like possibly explore the opportunity ofbeing like a recurring correspondent. That kind of thing, maybe Bush. MaybeBrazil could do the same bit because I like it if somebody's got a Mike and iswilling to be on a podcast once and they're good. Why not fucking buildthem into a show? You know what I mean, especially if they're international,especially if they're fucking... and not us like not now,what's going on in Brazil, what's going on in Australia, yeah yeah, the OscolDude and then and then Soi reached out to him more so than the American guys,Fuck Yeah, and also a different voice like a female, somehow some way we'llget a female voice, so we'll get international voices and female voices,and I think that w'll be fun your side. I don't know any females, so Gary GaryGary Gime, the fucers name Saturday ight live Gu. This late tnight show you meancurrently yeah, it's not Jimmy Kimwals, the other guy you mean he's got his own talk, showyeah, Seth Myers. No, you nek the that one yeah that fuckerGuy. What about he stole Dana Carvy's...

...bit last night after data carvey did the bit on hisshow with him and Mike Myers last night. He had a bit where he had the band going and he said I'm an old time orsomething something not a prospector something slightly different and hishis punch line was like Com and get it and like that's exactly the fucking say.Was You just tol from Dana carvy you ass, fucking, Weirdoh, mebe, Dana said? Oh,you can have it had to have. I don't think Dana gives a shit. Idon't either. I mean, although wait a minute. Hehasn't hot, a podcast for about a week and a half now right, because hedoesn't give a shit yeah exactly because it didsn't give a shit a a little fucking for the last two days.My back in sides of just it's almost..., I pulled something you know whenyou you fucking, move and you're like ow fuck. Maybe IT'S ATUMA! Oh I'm pretty sure I got cancer allover my body. It's just it's just eating me away. I got achs all over fucking teeth jawneck. It fucking eat me alive and I don't care, don't care. I want to go out. Naturally, if I'mgoing to go out on cancer, I guess I'm going out on cancer as not natural, well natural, in the fact that I got it. I don't know where fucking Cami butyeah. If I catch something that's caused by society, I'm definitely goingto have society try to fix whatever it gave me if I just catch something thatI fuck fucked up, like I don't know, got son Burnan got cancer got skincancer because I laid in the sun too long. Well, I can't blame society onthat.

Oh Man, now, if it's some fun liketalcompower cancer or some weird shit like that yeah, I'm suing somebody's bother,fucking ans soon the ass yeah. If I had optimism of wanting tolive longer, yeah I'd fully be on it, but I don't I I don't have any issues.I feel fine, Oh dude, yeah! That's why I waslaughing when Youre talking about like I'm old or whatever, because I get itin the context of going to a concert because going to a concrerts, fuckingwork y got stay up late you got to like maybe have to party or definitely goingto fuck your died up a little bit right. You might have an extra drink or adrink or smoke a little more something you just definitely fucking up yourschedule right just to go, see a band. I wasn't talking about that. What I wastalking about was in store the other day in the middle of nowhere. Was it like a hamburger, join that typeof place and H, Ladi's, all fluster,...

...trying to get orders back and forth andShewas like an old mabel kind of lady right like an apron and a fuckingwillittle hairpiece and there's two teenagers working there theyere justfine sheas, just like trying to figure out how to run the register. She just straight up said: I'm well, I'm fifty one years old, likeI'm supposed to give her a break andlike. Fifty one! That's my age, I'mlike this, I'm older than you and I' like I just fucking freak down like Ifeel like those kids right there and you are like an old assed lady anm likeWhoa like this, is why I don't play tinder anymore dude, because I got likefifty one year old, ladies, that look like old, ass Mabel that keep goinglike like like Im, Oh yeah, I bet you like by fucking like Dick. You wantsome of these Ti. You want some of these right here once some on thisCrean Dick this old fucking shriveled up fucking Dick Yeah, I get it, I get it. I still gotmy youth on my look, but no, I...

...definitely don't feel like I'm, I'm definitely not at my my my good. Mygood energy yeah comes and goes it'll come back summer will be here. You cango outside more all that right. Well, it's been nice. I've been goingout trying to INEFORT. Today it was so fucking windy that you just go outsideand you're like fuck this and now back to the wall.

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