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John; August 3, 2021


Day 3 of the August Daily Episode Challenge where I create a new podcast for every day in August. @johnemotions

And we're back. I like it that way. Just quick and easy. How are you? Who Are you? Introduce yourself, don't be rude. So today is by the way. Welcome to emdojoe. I am John and this is my podcast. So today's August third. I was at the doctor's office all day, first time patient, kind of situation in a new hospital area. So what's cool is this is like Indian medicine. I have the good fortune to be a native American and I live in a part of the country now where they actually have tribes and services for native Americans, because we're surrounded by actual reservations in tribal territory. They serve anybody, but if you're Indian, you get to go to the head of the line. It's like magic, and it's all free. Too much. So went there because, I think I told you the other day, I got the shingles, which... ass. Get your shingles vaccination to hopefully prevent that from happening. Long and short of it basically gives you a horrible attack of your nerves, so much that actually comes out as a rash. But meanwhile your nerves are under attack and my shoulders all fucked up right now because of that. Anyway, this doctor gave me like some steroid cream and some neurontin for my nerve stuff. Yeah, and I got some sleep something else. Can't remember the name, but it was heavy, dude. You like a tranquilizer. And how Man I took that when I got home last night and man, I slept and I slept. It was pretty wild. Anyway, I feel much better in this place. Also has a gym, three dentists, some behavioral therapist, oncologist, optimologist, all the all the things, you know, like a hospital campus. Would have so really impressed. It's only about fifteen, ten, maybe fifteen, minutes from a housetops and love it. Close enough... be handy and far enough to be out of mind and out of sight when I don't need it, because if I'm not sick, I don't want to see a hospital and when I am I wanted to be close. So yeah, a big shout out to the all the staff over there at the Indian clinic. Love it. Thank you very kind. I felt much better when I left. You know, it's a trip when you say Indian, because I look as white as anything right and there's some people in there with long, like black hair and braids straight up like a stereotypical Indian you might see in a movie, like an old western movie or something, and everybody in between. Right. I'm like wow, so this is more like cultural role. And I thought about it like Jewish and Israeli's, you know, Jewish people versus Israeli's, or Hebrew I should say, or all of the three, you know. So that always like because I had friends and my ex wife was Jewish and stuff like that, but I never could understand like you guys also. So Hebrew or you just convert to Judaism, and now... Jews, which you can't convert to Hebrewism. And like, I'm an Indian, I can't convert to not Indian, I don't know, but I can become a Christian or Jew or, you know, Muslim. All that very confusing sometimes. But what's not confusing is the idea of culture. I start to think about a passage in a book I recently read from. You've all no Ha Ari, I think his name is. Yeah, you've all Harari, twenty one lessons for the twenty one century. So in this book he proposes the idea that nowadays we have a bigger problem with culturalism in that racism, you know, the idea that there is a superior race. That has been disproven by science. It hasn't disproven why Kenyans and Ethiopians always win the Olympic track events. But I digress. I'll just say it takes a...

...prototype to create a stereotype. All right. Anyway, back to the culturalism. The culture is. I'm not culture role ISM. Culture is MM. The idea is now that, since we've disproven racism to be a stupid idea, we've evolved, especially with the help of the Internet and social media. We've turned into a bunch of culturist, and a culturist is a person who obviously think about it, think about what their culture is, and you could pick anybody's culture out. So I'm thinking like rednet culture. In particular, the people I typically would think of as racist are really culturist, because I know many of them who've adopted black friends who had their same culture and viewpoint, guns, hunting, swear words the old days, all that stuff right, and when they bring like an African American into their culture now they kind of get points and they're able to say to others, no, I'm not...

...racist. I got a friend as black, my best friends black, so all that might be true. Maybe he's not a racist. Maybe doesn't like other black people just like the same way he doesn't like other white people or other Chinese people who aren't into his backwoods culture. Do you see what I mean? So what I'm saying is the culture, regardless of if you're into the Trans community or if you're a bricklayer or you're backwoods hill billy or whatever, you have a certain culture of your basically life on certain models. Right, and of course, out of defense, you come to argue that your model, your perspective, is the best way. It takes a lot of self work to understand that your way might not be the best way. And then you add the Internet into the mix, right, so people can discover and change their own personal culture in the blink of an eye. And and the reason people want to belong to a culture is so that they can look down at others and find fault in others and cancel others. So they find...

...their tribe, their new little culturist situation. They reflect the get into that memeissis, you know, where you just you want things, just because you see other people having them, well, if you see other people enjoying solidarity and community because they say nasty things about other classes of people, well, you're going to start saying those things too, because you want to belong to a group and they'll otherwise look and feel like you. So Hey, I might as well extend myself and say Nasty Shit to other people. And that's what cultures do, and the cultures can be anybody. Like the critic culture, you know, who criticize everything. There's the Comedians, there's that's a culture of comics. You know. There's musician culture, there's tattooist culture, there's biker culture, jock culture. I mean just go down the list right and really we all want the same thing. We want food on her table, shelter, liberty. HMM. Yeah, beyond that it's an individual thing.

But it's it a trip that we're all fighting over the same shit, or is it not a trip that is the same shit? Is Limited resources as a limited food or something? No, there's plenty of food in America. So why are we fighting over scarcity issues when we have plenty of stuff here? There's plenty of stuff. Did you know they're vacant homes for everyone homeless person in America. We don't have a housing crisis, we have agreed crisis. And again that's one culture. The rich landowners who own multiple properties versus the rensers. Again see culture versus culture, and it's not. It could be black renters and black landowners, or vice versa. Could be Chinese residents or white residents or landowners, or vice versa. Could be any mixture of anything, but you see what I'm saying. The culture is landlords versus renters in this scenario, but you could point out that in any scenario. That's what's driving me nuts because it just moves too fast. I try to... kind and accept anybody's culture. Tell me once, I'll try to lock it down, remember it. I might need a second reminder. Cool, but if you're going to go swap cultures three weeks from now for weeks from now and then change your mind next year, I'm not obligated to keep up with that. That's on you. If you want to keep changing your cultures and expect people to catch up, nope, we're not doing that. Likewise, if you join some kind of culture and you just get too extreme, to demanding, too weird, to judge you of others. Yeah, nobody's going to follow that either. No normal minded person's going to jump into your little culture. So just pick a culture that's chill, a normal person kind of thing, and stop hating on other cultures just because they're different, because that shit changes from day to day, from month to month. The Internet mixed culture change so fast and allows anybody to jump from culture to culture that there's no possible way people are going to be able to keep up. So we just got a chill the fuck out. That's a good segue. So to chill out. I was just checking out some new shows on and I...

...found something really cool you might like. It's called Rhadi's and it's on Hulu. So look for Hulu if you got it. They usually have a free trial subscription or whatever. But it is a miniseries, a document, a Docu series. I mean, let regulars here, it's a series on Hulu. Anyhow. It's written and directed by a camera and crow who also did almost famous. So basically it's like a series of almost famous. It's about Rhodi's, those Roadi's. It's got a great cast, lots of recognizable faces in there, lots of great acting chops and just the backstage, in the behind the scenes of the concert industry. I really enjoy that a lot. Here's a quick side story about Cameron Crow. Okay, I was working at Bill Graham presents and I went down we had a giant cage vault and though in the warehouse, like an Indiana Jones looking warehouse with just all the rock memorabilia from the late S S S and all that stuff, and I was...

...just poking around it there on lunch break once and I found a box with some letters in it. One of the letters was from a young reporter named Cameron Crow to Bill Graham asking if he could get some free backstage passes to the sex pistols show at winterland. And I'm like, this is a fucking epic note right here. This shouldn't be down here in the box. Can you imagine that? So Cameron Crow did all kinds of stuff. He's superfamous rider and director and whatnot, all about rock and roll, those kind of shows, and at the time nobody knew that. But to have found this letter where he was talking to bill another icon, another hero of mine, Bill Graham, about tickets to the fucking sex pistol show, which turned out to be the sex pistols last show ever. Anyway, ever since I saw that letter, and I've been a fan of Bigger Fan of Cameron Crows, I guess. I mean knowing that he was a young reporter trying to get into the sex pistols through Bill Graham. Yep, points for me on that.

So when I saw this show I decided to give it a shot and so far watched the first episode. It's great. Some of the shows nowadays get good, but like after the third episode, and sometimes they don't have the patients to get that long into a series. This one, Rhody's on Hulu. Yep, I jumped right in. Is Right there. First episode really cool. I'm down. I'm going to go watch the second one after I edit this podcast. So that's all I got. October. Three in the CAN. Talk to you again tomorrow. The's October or fuck up. It's the MED's. Right, it's the MED's. That's UCK. August. Third in the can and I'll see you tomorrow. August. Fourth over now and now back to the wall.

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