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Episode · 3 months ago

John; August 5, 2021


Day 5 of the Daily Episode August Challenge ... John talks about the second-largest polluting industry in the world, deceny, nakedness, and previews a couple new movies. @johnemotions

Oh, hey welcome back to Emo Dojo. It'sme again, John, so I just recorded an entire episode with my Mike turned uptoo loud. I was all distorted and that's what you get for trying torecord without some headphones on dirt. So I put my head funds on and I'mrecording now, and I don't hear the distortion, so we should be good to gotoday. I am on the road down in a place called broken, Bow Oklahoma, which, ifyou look on a map of America Oklahoma is about in the center in the lowerright corner is broken, bow down there kind of where it meets Texas andLouisiana. So as I'm driving today, I heard a interesting fact that I wasn't reallyaware about, but once he set it out loud, I totally understood it and thathe was talking about the largest...

...polluters in the world. So the largestpolluter are the oil industries, but the second largest, who do youthink the second largest polluter? Is it's the fashion industry? What Yeah?Well, now that I said it, it makes sense so takes about five thousandgallons of water to create a pair of jeans and a Tshirt, and if you don't want to use as muchwater, you can use synthetic materials like polyester and what not, but thenthat's all made from petroleum products and those things don't deteriorate forten to twenty years. Then you combine that with the problem in the fashionindustry in general, they used to have spring summer and then fall winter, basically, two seasons. Well now, they've got fifty two bankrow seasons every week is a new season in the fast fashion industry in whichthey encourage people to buy the latest greatest trend for that week and, ofcourse, to keep things affordable. This... all garbage clothing. It's poorlymade. It's made in sweat, shops by you, know virtual slaves. I mean literalpeople that are basically slaves. They earn so little money in the worstconditions. In fact, about eight years ago, there's a factory in Bangla Diskcalled the Rana Plaza Apparent, was like three thousand people in there theinspectors had told them. It was unsafe. The banks on the bottom floor hadcleared out. Well, the factory workers up stairs were forced to work again.The fucking thing collapsed, killed like twelve hundred people injured,twenty four hundred plus people and never really made the mainstream news,doesn't fit that capitalist narrative, you know, got em, get the new clothesof the week yeah. I just found that interesting. You know something well,why do we wear clothes anyway? We have climate, controlled buildings, climate,controlled cars. We don't really. We could like turn the temperature, towhatever makes us feel good and just... around naked like. Why are we stillcovering ourselves up? Is that this old religious thing and most of the peopleI know are like atheist or agnostic? They don't give a fuck about religion,yet they still wear clothes. Let's all start running around naked. Why not,and that also kind of SIG segues into tissue. I have about anti mask people who say they're being forced to wearmasks well, they're, also being forced to wear pants. I talked about this theother day. Well talk about a lot because it drives me crazy at thehypocrisy. Why do we wear pants? We don't need to wear pants. Oh it'sagainst later run around naked. Why is it against the later run around naked,because it's some old Christian values? Well, fuck? All that you know. Ifthat's the only reason, then there is no reason why we should wear pants. Sowhy don't you you know rage against that machine and run around naked. Justgo around naked. You would save the planet. You know you eliminate someglobal warming. You prove to the man that you're not going to kneel down tohis pants laws.

That would be really brave of you and it would be in line with your I'mnot wearing a mask stance, so you could be like I'm not wearing a mask. I'm notwearing pants, I'm not wearing a hat or shoes. Are you fucking ridiculouspeople in the masks? No masks whatever? What's just get a mass put a mask onDude, put a mask on your penis and your pants over your head. That's a goodlook, put a fucking face mask on your crotch and some pants on your head.That's about what I think of those folks anyway, that kind ofridiculousness have you guys heard the new MetallicaSong, not a new song. It's an old metallica song re done for the jungle.Cruise movie check it out pretty good, pretty epic.If you've heard metallica play with the symphony before then you kind of getthe idea they could do nothing else, matters for the rocks new movie- Oh Hey,as I mention it look. What fucking comes on the air is liket nonstopcommercials for this thing looks pretty...

...good. I heard it's a bus, though that'stoo bad you can't make every ride into a movie just to promote the new rideseems a little transparent to me. Speaking of music and movies. You knowthat Dude Pete Davidson from snl Saturday night live well. He is goingto play the role of Joey Ramon in an upcoming movie about the life of JoeyRamon, so that could come out. Cool is kind of got that droopy long face andapparently he's taking the role pretty seriously and he's a you know, workingon his acting chops and doing a lot of research on Joey himself, so you knowfingers cross. I hope that turns out a lot of times. I see previews for thingsand I'm like yeah, but I'll go with that. Also, the new ghost busterstrailer, I'm down with that idea. It's actually a sequel takes place. It's thegrand kids of the original ghost busters kind of like a Jumong storywhere apparently, the ghost busters,...

...the original ghost busters. He had alltheir gear in the basement of an old house and as this story goes thegrandkids you know because of the economy, they got to move out of theirnormal place and move out to the country and the old house that they hadgot willed to them in a will and when they get there, they find a gear and ofcourse they open it up and all hell breaks loose. So it looks like a lot offun, a lot of good special effects. You see the State Puff Mars, mellow managain men, I should say they're, small and there's lots of them and just youknow a bunch of good stuff. So that looks good too I'll check that out andI'm really curious. I don't know if you guys catch over the Air TV anymore,like Network TV, a lot of places. I've lived in the past, what kind of hillyand didn't get good reception. But when I moved to the flat parts of AmericaAntenna TV is still a big thing like because they got digital antennas. Youget pure clear signal of free television like you, don't have to payfor you by your TV, you plug it into power and Bam. You got all thesechannels and if you got the Internet...

...hooked up to the TV got even morechannels, so it's pretty cool. So I'm always looking at interesting things,but I saw commercial for the wonder years. Remember the wonder years, KevinArnold, all that well that's being redone with blackpeople and Don cheedle is the narrator voiceover guy. So that should beinteresting. I'm looking forward to see and how that goes, seeing if they is itlike a completely different story or theygoing like episode by episode, same script, same script, kind of likethey when they did the office when they changed the office from the Englishversion to the American version, each scene is almost identical, so I'm curious if they do that withwonder years or just write their own new dialogue should be cool I'll, giveit a shot, and I don't know what the fuck happenedto Lego masters. I mean Shit. It's been like three weeks since they had a newepisode, hello.

We don't have that much patience. So,of course Fox right get on it Fox. You can't do news worth of Shit and youcan't seem to put a consistent Sitcom up each Tuesday on a regularbasis. Whatever it's all I got really, you know triedto do this August daily episode, podcast challenge and this counts fortoday, especially since I'm on the road, I'm working stayed up late, working I'min a hotel room, and I think this should count since I'm doing a show.Each day this month- and you want to say something- you can call me- leave amessage at four o five, four, four o three, three three, oh you can email me John at emo do Jocoand I'm on twitter at John Emotions. So hit me up. Let me know how you're doingif you want to promote a project or...

...just chat, I'm happy to do that. If youwant to link- and you want to like recording official podcast with me I'll,give you a link in a time to show up, you can even podcast together right onright on have a great afternoon and back to the wall and now back to the wall.

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