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John; August 7, 2021


Why are some body dysmorphia's celebrated and encouraged, while others are silenced and stigmatized? And, why celebrate negative labels at all? 

This is Day 7 of the August Daily Episode Challenge

Her welcome back to Modjo it's Saturday,Jeez already so, who gets to claim Nero diverse. I thought it was people on the aspergerspectrum, but I'm reading an article here fromsomebody with Adhd that claims to be near o diverse as well, and then thatgot me thinking generally about labels. So I thinkabout labels a lot and I'm always curious about people who wear negativelabels like a badge of honor like why. Why would you do that? I'malso curious about people who do dumb things repeatedly and wonder why theyget their feelings, hurt by doing the dumb thing, like posting unflattering pictures of themselves onthe Internet and then wondering why...

...people mock them and then they do itagain and wonder what happened again. I don't know man, you could be right oryou could be happy sure, you're right, you should be ableto post whatever you want, whatever you want on the Internet, free of bullying, of course, but that's not theway it is so if you want to be happy just don't do that stay off the fuckingInternet right anyway, back to labels and this whole neuro diverse thing gotme thinking about again labels in general, because I was watching thenews. I saw a news flash of a transgender weight lifter. So that'snot news to me, but what is news is the drama, thefarcical drama of this particular story, so the cliff notes, version, long andshort of it is there- is a male to female transitions person was a man...

...born is born with a penis. Let's sayfemale born with the Penis, that's a fair way to say it and transition tofemale, and then that person went and competedin the Olympics as a weightlifter. Well, since she didn't win now, she's tryingto say never mind pretend I didn't pretend you didn't see this yeah forget.I ever did this. That's the weird part to me: I'm likewhat do you? What do you mean? You went through all that trouble to get to theOlympics as a woman and now never mind Huh, just that. I feel likethat, one that you know the gift with the Black Guy, the skinny black? UWalks into a room when you type in Huh it just tilts his head. It's got allthe question marks. That's how I feel when I read that story, I'm like whatdo you do what so yeah, that's interesting! Isn't it that storybrought up a different issue to me because, for example, body this Morphia, like not being inthe body not seeing the body you think...'re in and thinking that you have tochange it also includes includes trans. I don't even know what you call thatpart people who are born with the wrong janitors. It also includes people whoare anorexic and Belami anybody that sees their body in a way that othersdon't has body this more few, but it always it's trippy to me and again thatthing about justice to me is like. Why do some dysmorphic is get supported andencouraged when others are shunned and belittled? I guess I argument could bemade about. Some are dangerous and others aren't,but it seems like they're all they all involve some element of danger. Forexample, they they shut down anorexic groups onfacebook is the barly. Not Eating is dangerous.Starving yourself is dangerous,...

...but they allow transgender groups because apparently being bullied todeath is not dangerous. I don't know, and speaking as a formal former biliniperson, we don't get any love where's the lovefor the believing people. We should be supporting people if you want to cutoff your Dick or throw up your food. I support all of that starving yourself to death and that's different. Strangely, I thinkpeople that are belimen o get just enough calories from the food thatstays in their guts. It's my non scientific observation of myself as abelieved person. So how about that for some light? Hearted Saturday nightconversation yeah, that's all I got really actuallyI'm just getting tired, I'm trying to heal, trying to rest up, and I feellike I barely have enough time over the weekends. If I just chill and relax torecharge my batteries before Monday,...

...then I realized it was getting late andI'm like shit, I gotta do a podcast, real quick but anyway that was what wason my mind because I was looking at the Internet and watching the news there. You have it I'll talk to againtomorrow, on Sunday take care of me and now back to the wall...

...and now back to the wall.

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