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John; August 7, 2021


Why are some body dysmorphia's celebrated and encouraged, while others are silenced and stigmatized? And, why celebrate negative labels at all? 

This is Day 7 of the August Daily Episode Challenge

Welcome back to Ebo Dojo. It'sSaturday, Geez already. So who gets to claim neuro diverse? I thoughtit was people on the asperger spectrum, but I'm reading an article here fromsomebody with Adhd that claims to be neuro diverse as well. And then thatgot me thinking generally about labels. So I think about labels a lot,and I'm always curious about people who wear negative labels like a badge of honor, like why, why would you do that? I'm also curious about peoplewho do dumb things repeatedly and wonder why they get their feelings hurt by doingthe dumb thing like posting unflattering pictures of themselves on the Internet and then wonderingwhy people mock them. And then they... it again and wonder why ithappened again. I don't know, man, you could be right or you couldbe happy. Sara, you're right. You should be able to post whateveryou want, whenever you want on the Internet, free of bullying,of course, but that's not the way it is. So if you wantto be happy, just don't do that. Stay off the fucking Internet. RightAnyway, back to labels and this whole neuro diverse thing got me thinkingabout again labels in general, because I was watching the news I saw newsflash of a transgender weightlifter. So that's not news to me. But whatis news is the drama, the farcical drama, of this particular story.So the cliff notes version, long and short of it is there is amale to female transitions. person was a man born is, born with apenis, let's say female. Born with...

...the penis, that's a fair wayto say it, and transition to female. And then that person went and competedin the Olympics as a weightlifter. Well, since she didn't win,now she's trying to say, never mind, pretend I didn't. Pretend you didn'tsee this. Yeah, forget I ever did this. That's the weirdpart to me. I'm like, what do you what do you mean?You went through all that trouble to get to the Olympics as a woman andnow never mind, Huh? said. I feel like that one, youknow, the gift with the Black Guy the skinny black eye, walks intoa room. When you type in Huh, it just tilts his head. He'sgot all the question marks. That's how I feel when I read thatstory. I'm like what you do? What? So, yeah, that'sinteresting, isn't it? That story brought up a different is you to mebecause, for example, body dysmorphia like...

...not being in the body, notseeing the body you think you're in and thinking that you have to change.It also includes includes trends, I don't even know what you call that part, people who are born with the wrong genitals. It also includes people whoare anorexic and beliemic. Anybody that sees their body in a way that othersdon't has body dysmorphia. But it always it's trippy to me, and againthat thing about justice. To me is like why do some dysmorpheas gets supportedand encouraged when others are shunned and belittled? I guess argument could be made aboutsome are dangerous and others aren't, but it seems like they're all.They all involved some element of danger. For example, they they shut downanorexit groups on facebook because apparently not eating is dangerous, starving yourself is dangerous, but they allow transgender groups because apparently...

...being bullied to death is not dangerous. I don't know, and speaking as a formal former beliemic person. Wedon't get any love. Where's the love for the beliemic people? We shouldbe supporting people. If you want to cut off your Dick or throw upyour food, I support or all of that, starving yourself to death,and now that's different. Strangely, I think people that are beliemic could getjust enough calories from the food that stays in their guts. It's my nonscientific observation of myself as a beliemic person. So how about that for some lightheartedSaturday night conversation? Yeah, that's all I got really. Actually,I'm just getting tired. I'm trying to heal, trying to rest up,and I feel like I barely have enough time over the weekends if I justchill and relax, to recharge my batteries before Monday. Then I realized itwas getting late and I'm like Shit,...

I got to do a podcast realquick. So anyway, that was what was on my mind because I waslooking at the Internet and watching the news. There you have it. I'll talkagain tomorrow on Sunday. Take care of and now back to the wall. And now that La.

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