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John; August 9, 2021


John talks about the importance of choosing your own path before the algorithms decide for you, and how Twitter recently discovered its photo-cropping algorithms are not only racist — they are ageist, ableist, and Islamaphobic. 

This is Day 9 of the August Daily Episode Challenge. John got suspended from Twitter for a week.

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Hey, what's up? It's John. Welcome back to Emo Dojo for Monday August nine. This is the ninth day of my daily episode challenge for August, so thanks for hanging in there. I know they they're they all can't be gems, but you know whatever, I'm getting in here getting it done, doing the editing, uploading all that Shit, so I that counts for something. I was just looking at article about twitter. Right, I like twitter. I like it's nice and concise. Just gotta say what you got to say and get off. Often it seems like a Shit River. It's nothing but a bunch of garbage flowing by and you can comment on it and get stinky yourself if you want, but it's a good way to craft headlines and things like that. I got kicked off twitter for a week because I think some terrorists got mad when I said something like shoot him if they get...

...out of line. Yeah, so I had to delete that post and I got I can't use any of the buttons on twitter for a week. Wow. So here's what twitter did over the weekend. They were at Def Con, which is a hacker conference. They held some breakout session and had some hackers just kind of test their system and go through their photocropping algorithms to see if they can find any any errors, oh missions or any fuckery generally speaking. And of course they did so, not only seeing the past. Their Algorithm, their photocropping out agorithm, was racist. It would always crop the white people, leave the white people in and crop out the black people. Well, they also found out it's a just ablest and Islamophobic. So twitter will crop you out of you have white hair or gray hair, if you have a head scarf and if you're low. I kind of get the low... You if it's cropping faces in, the majority of the faces are in the center. I can see why I would crop there. But it's saying that it's ablest because that will exclude somebody sitting in a wheelchair. So that's the only one I have a question about. The other ones are weird right, like head scarf. Huh? Yeah, it'll leave you out if you got a head scarf on or gray hair. So why was the mentioning twitter? Well, not because I got kicked off because of the algorithms. I was one of the chapters in you've all Harari's book twenty one ideas for the twenty first century. He dedicated one whole chapter to the algorithms. And the creepy thing is not to me that robots are going to rule the world or anything like that. It's that you get pigeonholed into the wrong thing in life. Did you ever see the B movie was Seinfeldt? I love that..., but it also shows that kind of regimented idea that you can be this or you can be that or whatever, and you stick with it and that's all you get to do. And that's what the Algorithms in social media do right now. They're forming opinions of you and reinforcing those opinions back into a loop. And so what Ha are you warns about? Mostly is that if you don't know what you want to be in life, if you aren't solid on your plan for the future, and who is really right? A lot of people don't really know what they want to do next week, let alone next year. But if you don't have some concept of what you are and your your what you offer to life, the algorithms are going to start putting you in wrong categories and one day you won't be able to get out of it. Your choices will be limited. You won't see the same job offerings, you won't see the same house offerings or food options. This sounds... that's crazy talk, but it's already happening. Imagine self driving cars of the future that refused to let you get off the freeway at a particular exit because your credit score isn't high enough. Imagine ambulance lowering your priority because you haven't paid your healthcare bill. So now that everything's connected, the algorithms means something right. They're always working and they're always trying to find a place for us. We can't just swim around in the spectrum anymore. It's the is a binary thing that's trying to make us either or so to that end, all I'm saying is think about what you want to be and contribute to the planet as life goes on, and be careful and what you choose, because the algorithms are going to reinforce that. And if you haven't chosen, maybe stay away from the algorithms as much as possible. I know it's hard. If you got ATM card or Cell Phone or whatever, that you're already you're...

...already being tracked and cataloged and labeled in quantified. So to the extent that you want some kind of free will, you better start thinking of those choices now so that you can get the algorithms to work in your favor. I think those people that do decide what they want to do with themselves will will benefit greatly because the algorithms will actually help. They can't. They can't but help if you've already chosen that thing that you're into. So that's why it comes back to twitter and their algorithms being so racist and ablest and agest. They're already working against us, the algorithms, that is, not the people that made the algorithms. They did it unwittingly. The thing is, if you train ai with your own personal biases, the AI is going to have your own personal biases. So if you got a bunch of white dudes coding the AI, guess what ductor. So, if you want to read more,...

...just I think it's on. It's just fucking Google Twitter Racist Algorithm and go to the new section. You can read that article and of course I Highly Recommend Harari's Book Twenty One ideas for the twenty one century. I hope you have an excellent day. I'll talk to you tomorrow. And now back to the wall.

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