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Anti-Psychiatry and Medical Language Models, Bipolar Style


John Emotions discusses a brief Twitter encounter with the anti-psychiatry crowd and the problems with excluding legitimate voices from the mental health conversation by limiting the way people talk, and the words they use. Recorded live from the old Psych.Media Group page on Facebook, November 2017. @BipolarStyle @JohnEmotions

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Welcome back to by polar style, the podcast for by polar people and those who love them. Join US online at by polar stylecom Johnny motion. Okay, now a brand start ticking. It's also interesting. I was really angry when I first got home and then when it came down here to the office, I'm still pretty angry, like, yeah, why don't I have to go to a podcast? Ridiculous, why can I just relax? And the answer is, of course, well, I can't relax, but to be having the structure over time is more relaxing than just quitting things and trying to figure out what else to do next. So try to do the podcast with some regularity and anyway got back to this. So here's the new thing, and this might actually be the gist of the podcast. So let me let me enter the podcast through that. Hey, welcome back to bipolar style. I'm Johnny Motions and today, this week, we're going to talk about wide strange world of Anti Psychiatry. Are you ready for this? All right, so we have my facebook live stream folks with us. If I interrupt the podcast to answer questions, I'll try to keep that succinct and to the point. Points and for facebook live people. You can always check this out in a few days at bipolar stylecom and we're also on itunes and stitcher and Google play and maybe spotify in a couple days too. I heart radio, whatever, all those normal places that you find podcast. So Anti Psychiatry? What? What is this? Okay, so I was kind of kind of tripped into this situation on twitter. Of course there's a guy who's like commenting, or a Gal, I don't know. He's like me on twitter, hides behind a memes, I don't really know. You know gender, but this...

...started, you know, poking questions and then, fuck, I think he was commenting on one of these stories I shared. Like typically in the morning when I get ready, I go downstairs and have some breakfast and look on the IPAD through flipboard. It's pretty cool APP, and I subscribe to all kinds of interesting mental health news and psychology reports and science reports and things like that, and I share those stories kind of randomly HAP hazard. They don't really give it much that I just think they're interesting when I read them say hey, maybe, maybe you'll dig it. So then I could go back and reference it later to if I wanted to reread it. I'll just check my own stream anyway. And Aunti, psychiatry guy, replied to one of these and I was trying to reply in kinds because, well, here's the thing with psychiatry and psychology in general. So for those that are new to bipolar and mental health in general, psychiatry is the MD who prescribes the drugs. Psychology is the therapist who does talk therapy, and the two typically would work together and you use best to have both, but if you can only have one or the other, just, you know, take what you can get anyway. So there's psychiatry, psychology and then there's people who are anti psychiatry. Now, this person in particular was interesting because all along I had kind of aligned antipsychiatry with scientologists and they don't believe in psychiatry or medication or anything like that. I think if you go to Hollywood they've got a museum there called the Psychiatric Museum of death or something like that. It's pretty crazy, which is saying something coming from a bipolar person. Anyway, they have a Psychiatry Museum of death. The very against it for whatever their belief system... That's fine. That's also another interesting thing. So I'm not sure why the scientologist are so against psychiatry, aside from the death and the experimentation, but come on, I mean realistically, even as a patient of psychiatrists and psychologist. Honestly, yeah, of course they're humans and they don't know smarter than most of their patients and a lot of them have studied the condition less time than those of us who have it. I've had it, so we've studied it and experienced it firsthand much longer than many of the people trying to treat us. I get that. That's that's fine, but at least they're curious, at least they're trying to help, they're trying to get in there and find out what makes the human brain tick. They have a curiosity about psychiatry in general, like how the mind works, the workings of the mind. So my biggest beef, apparently now that I've kind of have a day or two to contemplate it with the antipsychiatry crowd, is the the lack of or the complete shutting down of curiosity, of curiosity about the brain, like if those are the only people at the forefront, neuroscientist, psychiatrist, psychologists if they're at the forefront, and the only folks at the forefront of figuring out mental health, then why stimy or stifle or any way obstructs that progress with that curiosity? Just that doesn't make sense to me. It doesn't add up and I've never heard a good argument as to why not be curious, aside from Oh it people die. Well, fucking people die every day for a lot worse reasons or a lot less noble reasons. For those of you who listen to the podcast only, I do this kind of devious thing now, and I apologize for my longtime podcast list centers, but people on facebook actually get more of more of a show. They get the visual and they get all of the behind the scenes, because I just I stream it... on facebook and then I edit out what you end up hearing as a podcast. So I don't know. I'm not trying to commit podcast users to get on facebook by any means because I'm not a huge fan of facebook, but hey, it's there and this where everybody thinks. This the fucking town square. So as a video of me on the town square, cool anyway. So get over on facebook, go to facebookcom groups, psych media. Oh Hey, I made it even easier. You can go to psych dot media. Just type that new browser, push return. You're there. Media or DOT media is a top level domain name, likecom, Dot Org, dotnet. Well, now they got dot media and Psych Dot media goes right here with this video plays. That's just what we'll do with that. But I know that I like watching other folks video like UN sparkled, unpacked sparkle. I got to get it right. I was mess up people's name. Is just a little bit like a dad getting the names of movies slightly wrong. Yeah, okay. So back to anti psychiatry. Well, here's here's the funny. The funny part and the ironic part right is. Oh, I didn't really quite know what to make of this dude, because it says I'm not a scientologists. I'm like, all right, we'll take them at his word. I'm not that being a scientologists is any weirder than being a Christian or Jew or Muslim or whatever. I mean, everyone's got their fantasy that makes them feel better as a community. Fuck Yeah, okay, great, congratulations, I'm happy for you. This guy claims not to be a scientologist. Cool, he's still antipsychiatry. Like whatever happened to that dude to make him go on such a tirade against curious people like you? Want to start doing a research on how many deaths occur in psychiatric research and well,...

...basically, how many fucking guinea pigs do they lose? Not Guinea pigs, but like human guinea pigs. Clearly people die taking too much Med's, take the wrong beds and killing themselves, ect therapy, frying people's brains. That I mean there's some fucked up things for sure, and some of it seems, by today's standard, still archaic really, but we've got nanotechnology coming up. We've got the ethics evolved of putting robots in your head that can target depression, by polar mania, target all of these chemical fluctuations and fix them. So you know, that's real, that's factual. That's something they'll be able to do sooner than later. So do we stop scientists? We're going to start burning books, of going back to flat earth. But where? Where's the line here? So anyway, if you're having fun and you getting kind of Sassy, go on twitter. Twitter seems fine, safe enough, and just go scroll through some antipsychiatry people and kind of get a feel for what they're all about, because some of them are super zealot and they can't argue it all with you because they're just and some of them will talk to you for a little bit, kind of suck you in and make you think they're your friend and then they're like Oh, yeah, ha ha, tricked, yeah, you actually do your pro psychiatrist. That a a whatever, man, what are fucking crazy people? But yeah, what really sealed the deal was when this one guy didn't really have a response for him. So I'm like whatever fuck, I'm going to bed. I go to bed and then the next day when I wake up there's like eight, nine tweets that have felt like from this guy. Might have been less. Felt like twenty, but the guy just tweeted and tweeted like Oh so you won't answer big man blow or Blah, Blah. I'm like what the fuck are you talking about anyway? So of course the manic guy fucking tweeting like a crazy person,...

...doesn't believe in taking his mad's that's that's how I saw that. So whatever, I'm if you find anti psychiatry people, I would advise not to engage them because they have that kind of Vibe, like like the Mormons, like they believe in Christianity. Plus they got their extra book. It's does Anti Psychiatry people think they've got it figured out. Plus they know a little more than than you or me combined. So their magic people and they're not really rational to argue with anyway, they exist. So and they're not all scientologists. So trip on that. If you like what you heard, subscribe on Apple Podcast by Itunes and join us. F my color style, that car and spill. It's it's funny how when I get talking, well, I just fucking get talking. I was down in the cafe the topic came up about a podcaster be limited in distribution because their particular podcast. This it's not my podcaster, isn't everything to a psych media but in a different group and they're, you know, not on mious group. So I can't really tell any details, but generally the person that had brought the issue up was unable to get their particular show into a mental health network because, get this, they don't use the medical language model. And get my Ravit ears in frame medical language model, which immediately to me smacks of classism and elitism and the whole thing of like, who has access to that fucking knowledge that you're using? Or not knowledge, but who has access to the language that you're using? If everybody, if we can't include everybody in the a true mental... dialog, to me it's tainted. Your work is tainted. You have to let everybody speak and speak that they in the way that they are comfortable speaking. You have to meet people where they are. That's pretty much given. I would assume most people in the mental health field and know that or knew that, but apparently not so. In a way that kind of ties in with the earlier segment about the Anti Psychiatry people who are how do we put that? I guess the way I framed it last time was very anti curiosity in my mind, because clearly, yeah, people die from mads, misdiagnosis, medications make people jump off bridges. I get I get it, man. There's mistakes everywhere and yeah, I guess they could all be inexcusable, but they also happened for reasons. Pick any industry. An assembly line, a robot will kill somebody. In the medical field, pills will kill people. Psychiatry, psychology could even kill people. What you tell people there's court cases where fucking people. There's a girl who I think is going to prison because she texted her boyfriend to go ahead kill yourself or some shit like that. I'm paraphrasing, but yeah, so how you affect people psychologically or through a psychiatric medication manner. You know, it makes makes a big difference. Okay, Anti Psychiatry, shutting people down more subversively through that elitist medical language model. Okay, those are two problems I have with that. And then having to focus about bipolar all day in the bipolar world, to you have the issue of New People coming on for that. saw this in the podcasting world as well. When you're a podcaster, you're very, very curious, like how does a podcast get made? What kind of Mike Should I buy? What kind of like? Do I need a mixer? Do I...

...need this? What's the best host? Oyeah, you're curious about all these so you join social media groups. You find out. Okay, cool, I'm going to start podcast. It's kind of the same way with mental illness. I've noticed new people come on to get diagnosed every day. They start, you know, searching through different social media and now they're asking the same old questions over and over. So that's human nature, I guess, to ask. I'm going to ask my question. Fuck all if the questions already been answered. I don't want to use the search function because I want people answer me directly. I think that's human nature, so I'm not going to hold it against people, but it does drive me crazy that new people keep asking the same thing and again, since I'm not the kind of person who gets paid to be bipolar. I'm not. I don't have a thing that pays the bills that say hey, I'm I'm a bipolar guys a better start to think about all the people I admire in the media that are bipolar or have bipolar or again, however you want to frame it. They're already famous for doing their thing. They're usually performers. There are in the creative arts actors, singers, m band people, comedians and things like that. So it kind of reminded me to get back to my thing. So I don't want the next season of this show chaos update to really be about bipolar disorder as much as just a podcast created by a guy with bipolar disorder. Follow me, there's a distinct difference, but it's a very important difference. That said, when people start searching for bipolar disorder, I don't necessarily want to steer them to chaos update, because that would be weird. They could go listen to the first season and get all the season one bipolar talk, the resources, they can be forwarded to, the different links and things like that, which I think that's cool, because I really just want to do my part, but also balance out with do my part for myself to like personal development, to move move life along. And how do you do that if...

...all you're doing is focusing on your disorder? It's funny when I deal with the Anti Psychiatry people, a lot of them don't realize the whole reason this show is called bipolar style is because I'm not sold on the fact that it's a disorder. They call it a disorder, but based on what? What is order? What is the proper chemical balance that we are imbalanced against? If they say, Oh, it's a chemical and balance, well, what is normal? What's the normal level of chemicals? Can you write it down for us so that we can adjust ours accordingly, because apparently you don't fucking know what balanced is. So it's kind of rude to say we're imbalanced or disordered. So to the Anti Psychiatry people, I'm throwing you a bone. Yeah, I just I'm not sold that that's a disorder. I'm totally open for discussion about bipolar disorder and some of the others as well, especially the the mood ones. Like who's to say just because someone mood regulator is different than yours means that that's the wrong way? Maybe we're emoting correctly and Y'all are little dancer, little coldhearted or something. Who knows? Anyway. Yeah, so we put together two pieces. If you're watching on facebook, kind of clip this facebook piece here that we're doing now with the previous one about anti psychiatry, just kind of blending them in. I'll edit it into one podcast. will put it up on by polar stylecom in the meantime. Yeah, do your thing around the holidays. Mat stay safe and they got warm lines. You don't have to call a hot line. You don't have to wait till it's critical and you want to jump in front of a train. You can call a warm line and just chat with people, just have a talk, you know, just call them up and say, Hey, I'm not feeling well. This is bothering me. Whatever. Maybe I'll call one.

No, no, I'm going to go see a movie. I'm going to go see the disaster artist. Looks Fascinating to me. So I hope you well and enjoy Christmas. If you're doing that, be safe and check out another podcast, definitely after Christmas, before the New Year, and we'll start off two thousand and eighteen with a bang. Cool, cool, cool, all right, cutting the camera, cutting the mics, putting my shoes and go and see a movie if you liked what you've heard on apple, podcast by Itunes and join us at my color stylecom thanks bill. It's.

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