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Live from Emo Dojo

Episode · 1 year ago

Happy Freedom Day | Songs About America; Good and Bad


John talks with Nick and Gary about songs that have "America," or "USA" in the title. When one of us can't tolerate a song, the safe word is "firecracker."

God Bless The U.S.A.
American Guns
American Idiot
American Metal
This Is America
American Pie
American Woman
American Woman
Real American
Team America
Kids in America
Living in America
Made in America
The Bright Lights of America
Miss America
Miss America
America The Beautiful
Party in the U.S.A.
Born in the U.S.A.
Surfin' U.S.A.
Rock in America
I'm Afraid of Americans
American Badass
We're an American Band
American Girl
Don't Tread on Me

All songs copyrighted by their respective owners and played here for non-monetized educational reference.

Welcome back here's John at LilyStudios with today, Lily Pon Ohe. What's up welcome back to thePODCAST, today's just kind of a loose casual show. I was getting togetherwith one of my sons and a friend of mine from the West Coast, Gary my sonNick, and we weld just shooting the Shit. Really, it's decided to record itjust an excuse to record a podcast and put one up here, no big deal, so wedecided we would have our conversation over all of these songs about Americaand the USA that we could find. So it didn't really matter what Genra were.If they were pro America or anti America. There were just songs that hadthat in the title or in the chorus whatnot, we had a safe word firecracker. So ifany of US couldn't stand the song anymore, we would just say fire crackerand he would move on to the next song anyway, I kind of fucked it up. Ididn't quite have it recording when we first started, but we started with anintro and neil diamonds coming to America. So that's where we pick it uphere and just let it go from there. I'm just going to fade this up and you havea Happy Freedom Day. If you're in America, it's Independence Day, freedomcelebrate what you got while you got it and look forward to speaking with youand talking to you next time too. So here's this thing, which is recorded aMinte ago, water, hell of fast like to the Brin,and you just have to navigate swimming out every single morning, like it fells up as if a car was filledup with water ntell a freshureiz. You feel like swim through open the door D,like figure out a shifty way to so my room is bone dry and all of asudden. The alarm goes off and the water starts pouring in and it's Bas,air sealed so it'll just keep filling up. The only way out is, I got to gothrough the doorway, but well. The way to the only way out is whatever way youcan. You can manufacture. It sounds like some kingsmen exercise exactly it's it's straight up out ofthere. It sounds to me like it's going to haveto be a little more intense, because if thealarm goes off and the water starts filling up, I could easily get to adoor now that doors walk get that's out, that's not how it works. Okay, so you say you wake up and it'salready filled up with water or something you know like you're, notyou're, not getting you now bassball. So what are the choices then hold yourbreath or what that's impossible? Whateveopyo was toscribe this room. Howcan you wake up in water? You? Don't you don't wake up until, like imagine, you're floating asleep, allthe way to the top of the roof and then once you hit the roof and it fullyfills up the like you're that heavy of a sleeper and then he goes and then Riyou get that one last oxygen breath so you're telling me how I'm going tosleep then how much money? I don't. What's the challenge onded grand amonth to do wor rest of your life, but you have that's how you wake up for therest of your life. Oh, like Youre, drowning yeah yeah. I think I would get used to thatfeeling because that's not too different from like Wakin up panicked for sure, and I never have that Soi'mgood. I mean I've woken up panic and I for free, so like son, to pay me ahundred grand a year to wake up. A'll fucked up in the morning like Oh yeah,cool his Tis. Some benefit. Definitely Lyeah. I don't know I'd have to givethat some thought well hold on guys, wait, guys, listen hold on. I gotta get my Ligter Andl Slit, NO FAVORITE SONG! Isn't it. I will notlisten. That's your favorite song! Oh Hey! I also thought of a rule fortoday's show. If any of US can't stand the song, thesafe word is firecracker just say fire cracker and I will forward it to thenext fucking American song. I like that great idea: Oka Whya, cracker allg Gary,saves the day on this God. Damnd Lee Greenwood sure is wha. WE'RE MISSING! Thanks Gary Ar you Don anythink tonight forIndependence Day Gary Now nearit off what is it Kirklin, Coklavakascrewdrivers baby? No, I'm not drinking tonight. You youere telling me lasttime you're doing some cranberry mix something grandbury orange juice and Baca Houaspret os good fucan CRA with a little orange to just so were just a slash, osome Cran or like more like more orange juice than Cran, depending on the mood. Sometimes I'lldo more orange juice and SPLASHACRAN.

Sometimes I'll do a ton of cramberryand SPLASHF orange juice. Wow, that's fair! Sometimes you feel like an eggotime. If you notthere you go start thinking of SS commercial song,Jinglescandy bar ones were pretty good. Actually sometime, sometimes you feel like a nut.Sometimes O don't enjoys. God notes Peter Ball, MOMS, don't Becut Somse, imtel. What else like Scool House, Rock Dud CRII'm in the COCONET theseven up, Oh yeah, and then you had that blackguy. I think I was like a CA, Caribbean typeguy with a white suit. He was from the James Bond Movie. He is the the guywith the Voodoo face in the old James Bond with Roger more that was the samecat same actor. I Super Deep Boise not to be confused with Orlando Jones, makeseven up yours. That was our Lando Jones. You mean James Ar Eald Jones.Orlando Jones was the mixd seven up yours guy from like the early S, makeseven up. Yours ohoh. Remember that that was a fucking cool campaign. MIKEP UP Yours, that's fucking cleverser! I guess so itwasn't a song. Okay, it wasn't a song. Dary have another burning question. Oh God, it's a little better! I think it's a little better or bitter teter, battor, better yeah, all rightso for the rest of your life. You don't have to pay for anything likejust this random dude comes up and he just has like thismagic. Instead of like a John Lenin, a gold card, it's like a black it. Justlike a black debit card with unlimited money, credit card, whatever wait aminute. Why does it always have to be a dude can't be a chick no as to have sun,because we just wait because then you because Hiy know wit bean obvious yest like because all right so say you'regoing to where, if you need to make any purchase ever for the rest of your life, this guy just comes up out of the BUEand goes I don't worry. I got it us if you're buying a house whatever an onetransaction he just popps up out of nowhere yep it just comes up likefucking Looki. You lie okay, I continue an then. If you get okay, do you want to Kepcompletely transaction? You say Yep Finger in the butt one second for eachtransaction for every hundred dollars, no, nocouras! For so that's why I'm saying like. If you go to dollar tree and youbuy like twenty dollars worth of stuff, that's still only one finger but thenyou're like fuck. I forgot something: Ye Go and saving up my shit and Haveanintense, like lists like specific list and having teams of people helping meand if I ever got ta finger up the butt everybody would get fire but know ifyou have to like wait a minute finger up the butt for a second one. Secondper transact for every capitalist, just one onetosand Yep, you mean per no waita minute per transaction yeah or for item for transaction okay, and what'sthe or like do this or what knows that is for the rest of your life that thatsame Du, that's putting the finger in the but is also paying freetransactions for Fitue up the butt yeah I'll, take a finger up the butt forFree Transactona whatever for a second. What's this dude looking, but it's asecond every time yeah. Is he going to sweet talk me tosecond every time, though, every transete yeah, like imagine, going toWalmart and saying God, fucking Damn, and I forgot, like the toothpage forgotto the play, something you need and then you got to get like the wholereason I came down. I need to place Goddamn. We have to take another fingerin the ass wait and it has to be in public too, wherever the transactionsbeing completed. Av Ti tell her at the Hellerba. I still take your clear onthis with transation becaus. A transaction to me can be either eachitem or now hols the whole thing yeah. So s going at Walmart and Buynga Ocarshopping and you have like wanty items. You could either ASER AC yeah,either insert your credit card to pay for it or bend over and they inserttheir finger into your bud. No, you can't no you're not allowed to proallmy items, no firt Tiso. If I go out there and go okay, you know what Icould use a new fucking TV and that thing costs like two grand whateverright, yea same finger up the but tink p finger about the plan. Well, that'swhat I'm saying D you could like! You could like order, all your shit at oncefor just one finger up: Teboy, like a million dollar transaction. I buy allyour things once a year, so ye t thi Os head in... you do it you're not allowed to buystuff secretly on your own either. You can't like go to the movies byyourself or nothing like I just told you. If I can go, get a twotousand. DoHAP Fuck, bythank him butth, okay S, you would never go think! Think aboutgoing to the moviego buy a car lat's like yeah. You got to get a finger atthe, but you want me to fight as far for you for one second think aboutgoing to the movies you have to go up to the like you dud you just Woan got,you can buy your tickets online, you can't buy. You can sneak things in Luke.You want their popcorn Rightso. What about monthly bills like your fuckingmonthly cell phone and Mont O? He intervat can fucking Monty got afucking bend over at the got the front door. You Magh as well just put hisfinger out there and just so sit on it. Just make it one of those like thosepointers that tee like just get a model of it like a mold like a tcher used touse for cimbler being like a fucking finger button bank, you could just gosit on the finger for like an hour and store Fingerbutt Credit Youe, justyou're like nocking te Guy Nec to you, your idea, i'man, I'm not fucking athirty six minute or right now, fucking shaving up for a housesood. I got a operation next week, but I gotto save up for the House first before Igo, it's almost like juicing up yourphone. It's like! Okay, IT'S ON EMPTY RIGHT! Now, I'm gon no stick to chargeron there, eoleek! That's it! THAT'S A etchange Wula! That X, you got that yougotta, buy that Electrical Tbout the power, I would say no on the chargingup the butthole like storing uses, but I would I would still probably do it, but we still don't know what this guylooks like. Like Patn Oswall Certy, it's just aout there Havi lots of aslong as its the same guy is wrapped up in a condom or something no,no, not at all. No wilver cant. Not Me. I gotta, Igotta do barback in Atsthe Wor, O dude. It's just let the Walmon thinking thesame dude like like a not at like a Keion who reaves type of like like a he thinks he's like a profit type oflike I just appear where I am, but I got fat version like a Tom Sigura typeof countin leaves, Oh God, Yeah Yeah. I O Gir, like Agin G, your lasur OeSimagine, Lucyk Jus. Looking at his watch for one second Fuckin Christoea, are we done here yeah? I was going to say we passed, Ithink two songs areready. I can hear American metal in the background.That's a song boy, American American medal. We could talk about the songs at all,like our history or on Rihta, Oh yeah, if you find a song that heare that youwant to talk about, bio means bring it up. Well, I do remember hearing this onkvhs yeah. I think that's where I first heard: Lizzie Bordon as well. That's aone big ugly, dude man. He Look Wat one of those mandrils like those monkey. There'sfucking a Rangat Tang look at things with the faces that look like a redwhite and blue kind of colorful face. That's what Lezzie, Lizzie boardenlooks like the singer in real life. He's fucking, UNME yeah. I remember hearing this and I'mlike this is okay. It didn't make me want to Leke, go out and get the record even when I saw it it like recordexchange or resputans. I just remember, looking at the logoand going okay sounds lettal Yeah Art's, pretty Dil, though straightforward power, metal, no, theGALOP, the Gallop, Yo o Ein Adno hold o the documentaryeson iron. Maiden. Have you watched all those those are Greatof, God, Damn oneof them: fucking Dude, there's three of them on youtube on the armaden channelore, great, which are they in order liketheyatrilogy, stor starte in the first and keep moving or whatever yeah yeah.What it is is part. One is the early days when they first formed all the wayup until hour slave. I think yeah yeah, becausenumber two was somewhere in time. It sevenh son, whats. The third might be wrong on that anway greatthey're, thorough to sup. Go they interview every every band. Member Nice.Oh you are you D ce my shirt or just bring ap Bir on Madin genuinely. I didsee that, but I have been list like the other day I popped in somewhere in timethe whole record. I wast know that start dedition, that's a great record,yeah yeah. That is a good record to listen to start to finish. Iron maidwas good at that from there a back...

...about four five records. Well, I guessyou go all the way back at that point, but yeah. Well, I think seventh, son of a seven son had somesongs, but I think as a whole, I hated can'. I play with madness aveages whatthe Buckar you guys dog you. It's a good song man, it's a good song! No,but Moonchild's really good. I like that one, a lot. I think. That's theopener Bo no causu somewhere at time isprobably one of my favorite iron maiden songs. I would definitely put that inthe top to cot somewhere in time, but you don't like the other one. You justsaid madness hate it wow. They sound so similar tome not at all. It's not at all. Yeah are you are fucked in the head,listen to thim again and then do your comparison. Jesus all right, Mr Dj. WHAT'S THE NEXTAMERICAN? Well son? Okay, so this one nick hit me too. I hate this song bythe way say like I said we don't have to like these songs and if anybodywants to call firecracker by all means, but let's give it a listen real, quick.This is Coldo, I'm not gonna call fir. Cracker till I hear it Shildus Campnno!This is America, and this is a explicit lyrics. So watch ing pretty little earsif you can't handle curse words, but I'll take a listen. I me just in highschool when everyone thought that was a controversiallike seethe muic to litruthe wok kids, like I like a bunch of fucking uitars,dancer. Ats, I ultyour kids got you Sipino GT, you slipingwhat, I'mwithis is Megtwhat, I'm whiping you ned itecackme insomeone that can sing fucking oldperson, Yo God, Damn old person, your fucking firecracker child Te Scampinoand you like Ha Don mcclinna, that's a whity. I can get with. Oh Shit, fuck you Tuy! This is a classic. This reminds meof being the child, but just remember being a kid all the time we hear thison the am rock radio station in the car deliver because it was very it's a longsong right and like ou of this stuff. In the s you what you blacked out, Iblocked ID locked it, meaning that when I did hear it back, then I never wantedto hear it again. Maybe you heard it when, like your neighbor was molestingyou or something just like a mental thing, putting his finger up my buttfror one. Second, exactly he said you can earn a bank ee trying to get paid.They can put this in the bank for when you're old you cul, buy a house o myfinger fingerbutt points, Nse rock and fucking got damn dude, that's going to be aconversation piece from now on, yeah finger bout points, think about e, butten graas that' a Ik, Ga chick at the Mar and shoot she says, and in that question, though, have youheard about fingerbut points? Lo at Wul, Yo Rteryo sit on my finger.I'll pay, you ourmy think Oh yeah pay for these drinks too. Justsit on my fingere. What you'll be soin o tincanyou teach methisis something Americafy M me Jus, driving to high school indlike a ninety two Ford Explorer Haid Life. I, like your specificess yeahcreativeATR, an one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and explorer yeah rightpaints a picture that the listener can really get. Yeah E, like mostly a darkcolor with a little bit of elike the car. It was like that kind of Aqamarineground disgusting thatis. You know the color, like almostlike the Ford truck yeah, like o the Toyoto trucks but yeah like a Turquoisup, wway dude. This is paster all the...

...way. AMC PACER that that's Wat a rightthere, epit Adan. Then I got the same car that POPs had hat point a heAmerican foetors. What's that Gershut up powering up all rigtikof, my fingertgto get his ownfinger up, is Butyea, go use te shower, but te go shower be day at ofl. FirstBuddyrthart of the conversation you would remember some Shitn. We don'teven need to take notes how about twenty grand a week, but instead of abusing if a day whenyou use the bathroom when you flush it's like a little like Mexican Midgen,Dude Name Hector that just goes Ka Wike who gets Tho Twenty grand you, Oh fuck,you'll, take that everyo. Instead of the good day it just hangling, I go wit the water. I tell a highpowerwait a minute. What does he do? He spits water in my Butt Yeah Lik Inseadof the Te Day. It's just tha dude, like just his little Lepor conface, like H,Herba Villa Chas, looking at always one of those things where, after I'm donetaking a shit, I push a button and his guy just magically appears out ofnowhere yeah es involl. He he comes up from the fucking. Flork comes up out ofthe floor, like imagine just like. If you were to stand up and turn around,there would just be like a circle face where the toiing foll is just like O, I wer the water instead ofthe water it'ss like Al Ye. So back to this twenty grand a week that motherfucker was squirt water in my ass from his mouth yeah enough to clean it too,I'm not like as powerful as a but e you get paid to. Let him do that for yourButt Christ, Man Yeah, okay, Awas, like I said I' like amazing. Yes right, theinsertion of the finger is about as far as I will go in this conversation,because if you start going to you take a Dildo up your ass for, like Twentyon,a yeah, I mean there', there's a fine line for sure of size and Yaw and Girthand ors pressure. Can I fast over this song withoutlosing one of my fucking Firepracki? I FYA Crackor Thi, rang sure the songs. Like eight minutes? Oh, I didn't know, we had like limitedfirecrackers, I'm going to limit you because you fucking GIV up firecrackerevery one of my songs like a little bit. TREEM and I'L Have N you'll only wishI'd. Do that I reckno we got to hom dingers in a rowher playe this earlier. Why Are we hearing it again? Well, we were justwarming up earler. This is actually cort wait o now you can play the otherversion. We were talking about and compareon Ravis one okay. This is American woman.Ai Wan do to are offthis list. Momentar hold on s telling you and Nex Group gotfun irstso search American moment. W was that James Game or something likethat? No, it was te guest o. It basically almost sounds likecredence. Yeah, we'll meet again kidding, butdon't know here sounds like some s: Circus, music, I'm just playing it's fine. I Gota digthe organicness of it all. Oh, the Tam Ner is better than the otheronenic Li sn yeahhe fuckother one's. To like tryingtoo hard. I thought it was overproduced that wasmy feeling on it. But Johnny likes those kinds. Pous they like crab at is cool, so love, leting, Cravis! Don't get mewrong. I just didn't think I a O wrong. I'm getting you wrong. I think I'mYeugein some wenny strong hate right now. What is it dark? That is? It? Areyou Thinkin Myway? I that an original Aright, let's get back to e the RealDope Shitth? Okay, and we can we talk about some great music here. Gary did you watch W A lot at all likethroughout the ages...

...or we Erewe're pretty into it back whenwe're like younger? I remember because when you were coming over to the housewith Johnny was living there. You were big time, Ino the RESTI. They were boysand they would wrestle with each other. Imagine like three brothers assers likethe ring leader and he's, got like two little kids, five years younger thanhim and he's like the ringmask going en an at a like jump off the beds and offthe bunk beb mattress fortees its not like tases yeah, it's pretty fun, andhow can you not let boys rest who's your go to? Who is your favorite wrestlerback in the day? What ID the days? What's the Gehe sure there were get? IMin I got into it about eighty five toabout eighty nine. Was it still wwf back then yeah yeah? It was wwf upuntil around ninety nine okay, who was your favoriteguy? I was born before Hol Cogan turn o heel in the NW that whole era up to that WHO's, yourfavorite guy, hiper, rowdy, owd Roddy Piper- was that, likethe big turning point for ww was the and only in Hindsigde. I think that's agood cutoff point, because then we start having the new guys, the Rock andthe scene as ofh. The world start came on the stage, not much. That was my j,that was my phase was like B, the start of ww with Licina and Sean Mik. Well,Sean Michaels was there from a while, like triple age and stuff, just themall getting older, yeah, Randy ordan undertaker, but to stefs stuff likethat. Let's back up a seck here, because in the s around eighty five MTV was actually the catalyst, becauseI remember when they showed the whole Cogan Moisis Wore Gard match on MTV andIwas like Fuckit Hes, showing wrestling hand- I you know just kind of got intoit and I think it had to do with Cindy lowor Mor ta Manan, because she waspretty popular around that time. Wait because of that wrestling, Vit, videoshe had and girls just want to had fun. There's like a little cross over there. What you mean, like se, how Lo Albanoin that scene in the kitchen core you al Bannos, a big wrestling, guys thatwhy the crossover I mean, I don't know what Wa Po you don't remember thenature of a crossover that you were drawn to on MTV. Well, it was just thefact I started watching MTV and Dude Ou. You remember the days when you'd watchMTV for like three fucking hours and then all of a sudden. It's like Ohwe're, going to show wrestling. It's like fucking, yeah, yeah Fuckin theafternoon or something and it's like what yeah yeah now Casi've been intowrestle. I guess it was remember Friday night wrestling. It wason around the same time, Miy be USA network or something in the old dayswithin Friday, night wrestling and then Friday night videos- I don't it mightnot have been the same channel but f there was a Friday night wrestlingversion. That was a little bit earlier than that Cindy Loper era. Well, Ithink what was it? The local channels got thea Wa Emember, the aid American wrest of association, Yep Verngana, that dude yeah that that okay and itwas also on ESPN to number two, but it was also on ESPN rock roll connection. With the WWF wasHul cogans an MTV, then I was just like o kind of likethis ets tomoreo became acceptable to our CAS wrestling like that was theultimate jocks meet the rockers yeah behindsiht matches to. I went toquite a few matches at the college eam in the cow P Yeah we did to with Rayand his grandma was really into I, because she had watched like gorgeousGeorge in the old old days, so we're like oh there's, wrestling on nowadays,too Fra, Much Gos, O, let's go so. We used like grandma's handicap, pass thisparkd up close to the front non good seats and we yeah. We saw some coolshit over there. I think my favorite who's, your all. Do you have an alltime favorite because I still think back today's like ultimate warriormacho man or those kind of guys, almost because as much as I like, the Rock isa modern actor o performer like as a as like a wrestler to what wrestling meansto me. It's more like kiss and kiss the makeup days. Batan! That's a goodquestion, because when I got into the WWF and I got into wrestling, Ialso started watching the wtbs stuff in a Saturday afternoon. So and that'swhen Rick Flair and the for horsemen, and you know that whole dusty rode,Magan, Ta, h those those guys got into my life too, but I got out of it ineighty nine ass too stupid, he retired.

Well, he turn eself watching it OayouSwag, it just was not in my wheelhouse at all. At that time, at plus, I wasfilmand shows. So when I got back into it. I think it was just channelflipping one time and I think I was on TNT and I was watching WCW watchingKevin Nash through Ray Mysterio Junor into the side of a fucking trailer head.I Hirst I was like Whoa Stereo as awsome. What's going to happen here andyeah, and then it took me tit hot me again. That was like ninety five. Ithink that's yeah. That was a good angle for sure. There was also it's aweird thing like when you find out. Somebody has the same birthday as you.You sin instantly. You think there's some universal cosmic connection likewell. We probably think the same way about similar things. Right undertaker is for Meso, I'm like Ohyeah cool because he kind of spans a little bit of both generations. Ias wasfucking iconic, you know yeah, I never licked undertakers matches until hestarted doing Hellin. He cell. I always thought his slow way of doing. It wasjust yeah. No, he no fucking at, but his Parsona was one of the better asyeah I like the high flight, even Shat Michaels is probably one of myfavorites of all time, because Hes R, like Tadordig, do I mean the hardes arekind of Naw, but they would do yeah. They were kind of Te, save what in thesame they're like the Tusu. The duo sn Mik, I'm thinking of like the s twowith like jake the snake and SAR water and Fuckang Olka eat for your and stuff.Oh yeah, I hated sergeant slaughter. I thought he was stupid Y A, but he wasthe awesome heel. Who was the guy we're supposed to have bit ust the guy thebark like pro you as hl, though it was marketed as a good guy yeah? Well, wewere punk rockersback, then so we thought anything that was tro. USA wasfun fuck. You US A fuck this. You know I mean because Youyoure punk Rocker, webasically if you're, poor or a punk rocker or a black guy or whatever thegovernment really doesn't do anything you're like what the fuck is. Itgovernment even fore this place. Sucks so tend to be like did Wat'? U fuckingfull up the exploited, fuck, the USA. You've just started talking about punkrock. I got phone crock on my list. I didn't know you yeah. I thought I hadthe exploitid on here. Yeah we'll hit all that for sure no OAS, the goat and wrestling was Niccoli Yeah Mik folly. Ido like Mickel, you think he's a goat. Huh is just the whole mankind andfucking tha hitean Sho as funny as F or just likin s, yeah yeah Eugene. Well, the other cool thing was when Igot back into it. Ninety five and I started watching the Monday night wars.I also got into ECW and that's I had satellite, so I could get the you know:Various ports channels that carried it olike. Let's Dri Teo tlet's tryyeah.Let's try Robyeah well, not to u. You is what influencedwwed that attitudeere. If it wes pres W that wouldn't have happened, didn't they use ECW as afarm club at some point effectively like not oficially, but I mean, like ohyou're, good, we'll take you. Thank you. What Boo thing? What are you feelingson Stin? It really had a lot to do. I get this thing in a minute. It reallyhad a lot to do with the fact that Paul Hamand, you know falle dangerously, isa mastermind, but not a great businessman. I would en have in Ponanjust go. Oka Look L Yeah E's, like I thinkinvincei man, Jus Goin, all right.Let's split it into a like a higher intense one, because people are losinginterest of like the story and stuff that they want to see wrestling. Theywant to see like action and Shit, so wit just do fake, like Goreography orlike stunt. Some of US like for movie sets like let's yeah woman, Fire Soan,pretty much up the anti. It's all visual t and all the money comes fromTV like. Well, I don't know: Do you think they're, like the music industry,used to be where all the money was ticket sales, fuck, Yeah Dude? So manypeople go to those things. I've been to like two of them, there's so many justand then hot Super Chube e, like started twenty five bucks up to aboutseventy five for really close ees at twenty five dude. If you coul do nosebleevs, I think those are fifty minimum wow yeah, I think thatit wrapped up o yeah. We used to go a lot of the s.Then I like I said, and then I stopped you know watching it and then I gotback into it and started going to the wcwnwwf stuff. I went to like a goodraw at Davis in, like ninety saveni think yeap. I think I want t with Tony Rodconnection. I remember Myeah. I've seen ARCORENACOLISEUM SAN OSE COW Palice, O ive, never got on at the motgomery wards theater. No, I heard about it yeah. That was atrip. I don't know how I ended up there, but where the big Dome Theater was if,as a hill theyst have like a little...

...rinky dink ones like do yourself banconcerts, but do it yourself wrestling and they had a actual fucking wrestlingust tarp, whatever that ring set up and a bad guy and good guys and all therolls were acted out. Ther heels doing this shit good guys coming back,everyone seemed to know who the bad guys and good guys were. They werebuying t shirts. It was. The whole thing is quite seen I wa oding fromwhat year was this. Was this s like early as or somehone? I knew you like,I think, won, would sound w. We were in school together, Hmm Bul, okay. That was the time when Iwasn't in te wrestling at all. That was yeah. No, I wasn't either affect. Ithink it might have been somebody from school that offered to bring me overthere. I reallike that showed it to me an Mik go. This is some Weid Shit. Ididn't know this Intrestin Dude. If? U, if you think about it right now,fucking wrestling is so America, it's so America. It fits this conversationright now, shallow fake scripted, Alitza Fun to watch drama, but yeah try and watch it. Now, IT'SUNWATCHABLE! It's how it's shot, how it's presented?It's just it does. It does not have a feel at all. It's very structured and homoginized yeah. Theygot them. Robotic camera arms like preset to their same movement, eachshow kind of like a metalica show where the bombs go off like you got to be onyour mark or you will get blown up so the wrestlers like it up. You got hityour mark here. Here's the music make sure it walk. Fourteen steps and cutleft and then the explosions wire go oup here. I don't think it's quite thatscripted, but pretty close well. Have you heard that during the pandemic,they've been doing empty arena matches yeah burdes to about football andbasketball as well, and all you hear is and literally good stern. Did it bestbegaes? Let's do this contest and it's all audio it's like. Is I gay guysfucking or is it wrestlers what it was it you hear this it's funny he's like? Is that wrestling or two gayguys fucking the fuck? The people are just like Robin. What do you think it is? I thinkthose are wrestlers. I do they had A. I mean they had somefunny ass audio and it just trips me out when they interview Richard and Jd, and they talk aboutthey find watching gay porn, Hilarious, okay, yeah! That's what that's what Isaid too, I'm like dude. If you're watching a porn period, something's nervous laughter like maybeere, get together well, Yeah Robin says that all the time she goes, oh RichardKay y, just won't Fuckin admitit. I Trust Robin's judgment over all of em.Oh I do too robin is actually the sharkest person on the fuck p Yep Yepbu by distance. So it sounds to me, like we've, passedover a few songs that just playing on ther keep going netwereup to. I liveing in America, but whatwhat did be miss the last wellbefore that we heard the kids in America Bu Him wild from the s wherethe kids, an in Marica whoa before that was team. America, Fuck Yeah, Fren,okay, that was from a band calledixt six SALMOS, because you can't reallyfind the official team America on Apple Music, for whatever O so lsixty sixSamos at a pretty decent version other well. It is a song written andperformed by Tray Parker in the movie yeah. These eanly made check it outreal quick again. It's quick somer plus I like it fuck this toby key shallright cracker? No, I'M NOT gonna! Do the intojust ripit fo. I Bo ICK UOSHIT's awesome and wonder how their new seasons goingto be. I hope it sucks why they sell out to got bamhbo. Why are we so poorthat weve think hpos as sin? Well, what I recall it is mainly their old stuff and thenew stuff is still going to air on...

...comedy central. That makes sense. Yeahwell, wonplus hat's been on wherever who love forever yeah that was dude, they've been doinglicensing deals, just m breaking money off that fucking show my God stillGoodi get hiher hands, cirethink eery, they got fuck you moneyfor sure, drove down the road. The other day,brinks m came across a big old water tank and town called more Oklahoma, said home of toby key they're, proud of this Po cructe downhere. Do you thati This Guy America? He Ain't prejudice,he's just Madin America, firecracker fucking give Hem no fucking Jesus PUNK ROCK! That's why I cracked itbecause this is the bright lights of America,where they sell souls Bu Antiflag, taking a Bong Rit on Ote police. Sometimes I always have issues withantiflag, because they're too upbeat soundedg, their lyrics are very harshrough and anti establishment. Hannack is kind of Leris, but they're so upbeatabout it. They're always well wo. WEWHAALL. The time I', my God, you guyswere just deliberant happiness, but there's little subversionunderneath well, is o this. The fan where thesinger gransition head tell me more. I think he did. Ithink it's intide FL, one of them anti something Ban Yeayeah, he transitioned Inoawonan, not a dog oget like no. It wasn't the shee going to a he.It was a sheet year C, Joe, if you could have like transitional powerstoday, I' like to be a bamboo plant. Oh that kind of transition me cin. Why?Just for man to woman or woman to man? Why not be able to transition to liketo hear Romot I'd like to be that table Ri ta tanks there it is you transation, no finger out the butt, a finger up, tob whatare you doing overthere, okay move on Oh yeah, Ouknow, the SOM? Not yet IT'S NOTCLEAR AL RIGHT! I'm like thisfucking Song! This is a deep cut. Don't tell me yet iwhat Oes, I think Isse. Iwant to see. If you can guess it too get my wrong buzzer ready, Sur, PLAC, O Adto. I think I know, but I'm confusing itwith those like foreigner. They would to it together for sure it's a stick. It is stick this America,Great Song, yeah there you go...

...not like the guitar rip that Down Hop. Funky group O sixteen notes on the High Ait. Even stick. She coud ID ye fuck them up, SAT DISCO FUCKING! You like it yeah it's cool, it's not bad! I couldtolerate T I'm reading yeah, that's about it Oirfo I feel like we got a box ofchocolates and we're just taking a bite of each one's like yeah itwas, prettygood. Yes, try! Another one. You Know James Blunt much ot a fire crack on the James Blunt one.Already a Garand E, don't even get to ear it at all. Yeah Omewas Ju say atleast it'Sclassic. Oh Ya started off that way. Sit Happy Freedom Day, fuckers oor part light up a lot of fireworks.Yeat, Oh yeah, Sh ben yesterday was Narlin an his hart thunder and dudelast night. The lightning was so intense. You could stand outside. Therewas way more lightning strikes per minute than the any firework show.Itwas near constant ind, like I've, never seen anything like this EOREIT'slike eighty five today and hot and dry you're in Tordado, alleyman you're,going to have beautiful, amazing weather, duth mix, thatch ha couplegood shots it' like straight up, lightew, bolts, just standing out frontdoor. Yensterday now, do you guys live in an apartment,yeah KINDOF, like a common apartment like anewer apartment, Aai yeah, you got space, no one room, but it's like nine oralmost a thousand feet. So tell me about the fuck, the fourth situation over therewh how cone people have become so disenfranchised with freedomindependence. I don't have the answers to that IEAR.To me I mean I get it: Bean anti flag and anti fucking white people with guns,Hill, billies and country music. Aget. All that. But like don't don't peopleunderstand, this is the only holiday. We have to celebrate freedom andwhatever form it is. What it boils down to is people are bored they're fed up and they just want to. I guess create a new thing away from the old ways. You know what I mean. Well, that'stotally understandable. I but SOI, that's why yea the problem is youhave to present the newer, better vision, you're not going to attractpeople away from what exists s open, they've, never going to change things.You have to show people a newor better way. Otherwise, if you just say no fuckyour old ways. Well, that's I can change MI thing Yodon't, like yourpercent right Johnny. You also got to keep in mind that these movements thatare out there are not that well organized easily subverted by thegovernment to the government gets inside all the movements and waters hemdown. Okay, then I guess you could say that I thinkpeople just do not want to be controlled anymore. This is the nature of freedom exactlyand this is a holiday all about freedom. So why are people saying fuck, thefourth? You don't want freedom,...

...whatever, whatever Freedo Mane. I thinkthey look at it as Whiteat, how they ook at it. Do you just think it's likean imposition like? Oh it's just tha day were supposed to buy fucking redwhite and blue party supplies yeah. I agree that fuck that, butthat's not I mean why would you use your freedom for that? We can you serefreedom for anything well again, you're asking questions. Ican't give you any answers to but got damn you shut up, I'm listening tomily Cyrus for a second bi backer fuck that used up yourfirecrackers for the Maeerbodandand e jsi hate pop music can't stand it it's just so that you have a limited musical Palat. Inthat sense, no sorry mywe Wan a what about it. ARY does not eat fast. Foodmine is so fucking wide. It just does not include pop no Popa Papas fast food.Basically, I, like you, don't o don't like McDonald's. I like to know why,though, like Wa, I want to know itses so fully produced like contrived. You think its just madejust for hits just for listening. Instead of like not a hard sieisically,make it Catchio and yeah and the conspiracy. Is they hover at afrequency that you know caters to that type of listener? Exactly and I call it,I call it the that's, not a Feo by the way. That's aact, that's a fact. I know this companies that use software tha tospecifically that to look for certain frequency, tonal ranges, speed, Pittinand all that stuff. That's why a lot of Rega does sound the same, even thoughit's like. Oh here's, a reggae song, here's a classic and here's a pop andhe's a techno its like WLAN. Why I al kind of sound the same Wel fucking?Does that put it through Wav for monitors and Abot Tal Yeah? Would youyou know, turn on AU radio and you pop across a fucking pop station. Younotice it's either louder more treblier, more base and lively. It has a lively, fakeness there's. The word I waslooking for faith hot music to me is fake. Like fast food, it appears to be foodand you feel sated for a second but SEC. That's not very good for you, but it's makes money and that's whythey still continue doing it because Thi happen to think the mily song isthat you cased on it's fased on fucking capitalism and money, yeah we'red upborn in the USA, frow ship, the dollar Sif EDAA. What do you think of thissong and what did you think F it when it first came out? I liked it. I didn't consider it pop though I likedis Manford Mann, song or his song that they covered. You know flinded by thelight, but when this came out like this Fuckd,this is overly contrive. This is this dude. This is why never like BruceSpingston, who hat bruce, springs thing for like twenty five years. I finallysaw him in the to late twosands, where he was mid, two thousand something likethat where he was performing old, woody and Arl, those guthrey songs from thethe dest Boll and he's a great storyteller and really good performer.And now I like him, but since my first real introduction to pruce Springsteanwas this God, Damn Chesias Jingo Song, never liked him, my Fuk that a but nothear hi'm talking, I'm like O, he suffers FRUCI efrestion and beenthrough it. All, I'm like is the fucking Gok ot, so I feel bad for twenty five years,ofv ignoring him, but it's his fault for making this comass. But that's whyhe wrote all those songs that have to do with the working man and the trialsof tribulation an contrived to me. It's like he's ut, making this shit up rightand now he's a filthy, rich musician from Daan. I don't Hae know itall on. I like him as a person seems like a really neat guy, even inhindsight retroactively, I kind of like this song because the Drumma rocks Ohgood man, whatever I was never a huge fan. I respected him and then, when Iwent and saw in live in ninety nine and filmed them. I was like Oh shit. I seewhy you get out the fucking fan base because yeah anhe's a best one. I Afull electric estreet ban, is pretty fucking fool to watch it's well. Ithink the other reason why I like this..., a lot dude is maxis snare. It'sjust yeah fucking. It hits yeah it's and I think that's what kind of drew me to it, because, as I'm ineighty five, you know ou listening, Tho Thrash and Punkyn crossover and allthat kind of stuff. And then, when you hear like that, just cooking loud snare,it's like whoa well es speaking of a nice good, wacking snares. This nextsong has one of my other favorite pop drummers of the S and s fucking hard hitting on the stair meberthis one both hands on the snare, an Er. Isn't it Har, Kenny, arrinoff, yeah, Caranon, whats, diffint songs. You did heard of yeah when I firstheard him on the radio. I was like I like this guy kind of fool. Yeah is Ithat, on that one song, Jack and Diana? No, I it was more of a faster heavierone, Kofi it was when he was known as JohnCooper Yeah. This is that was that era too. Well, when he teached to John MellinCampis, when he went a little more butt, PTAKA SS ant dreamish. I guess youcould say at that time. Wer Et sounding an done with John couger yeah, not no. I espect forthat guy. What the artist it's good song, your out there drinkingon fourth of July right now, O her. It's a happy Song Oy shake that boodyget up. O'l Fiel Lawnchar Kenny Arnoff, though, gives it thepower vamps dumber due when we went to see the oldfirm Casals on night street. What Club witme yeah? Oh It', slims swimmed dude. There is adude there pretending he was a canny Aronau as funniest fucking shit ever do what,because I'm like, like I've been around Lii drums, are just inthe crowd in the crowd dressed like him, looke just like him telling people hewas him and I'm, like, I don't know, Dude Kenny.I follow each other on social media and, like I've, met him in person. You're,not im, bro and then hes out by his motorcycle OUP front. I'm like justbecause I was getting drunk is Fuckin Miso. What kind of Mercil is Thatbralike I got's, being Don Pretty Nice Huh, so nhes Uti start o hanting questions on'.Like Ha, this fuck right hear it was the weirdest thing because there's likeit was't only a couple years ago, wee like growing ass men and here's anothergrown ass man, pretending he's a famous drummer that nobody's heard of and likethat's weird dude, that's fucking, weird! Don't you think I think Erenofdoes live in Rink County, though? Doesn't he the dude? It wasn't him, but I'm just saying: Does he live up upin Otol? I don't know, but I wouldn't know yeah okay, but I just know thatthat wasn't ham at all. I don't even remember you telling methat story. I was too drunk to remember as well as sor, just remembered now, nthe Hindsi likefuckingw hased situation Hese, but the days when you were livingon Brandon right yeah, he towe have a lot of good times when Youobra yeah. Ifyou got a place to sleep in downtown San Francisco, thet, that's great,especially if it's clean and bed bug free, Ol, the Bett. It was also thelocation of where it was. It was kind of a way from the city a little bit.Yes, the Bretinit yeah. It's like you can walk to it in ten minutes, butyou're just ten minutes away from the edge of the Shit Yep yeah, which isjust far enough, plus we're like three floors up and like that was just Inough off the street. So you could actually had some solace when you gothome, especially that distance and three stories like if Youre threestores up in the tender line. It's not far enough away. You need to be liketen stories up in the gender long be so fucking high up there, that? U couldn'thear the street you're really looking down. That's a kid Di you! The tender lone,has height restrictions of thirteen stories. I'm not surprised, but why the homelessadvocates put that in place about thirty forty years ago now to keep highrise construction people from building...

...there. Therefore, the real estate thereis worth way less to developers. That's why those old buildings stay there? Okay! So that's why it's indk and it'snever going to change of looking good yep you'd have to change the law andlift the height restrictions, because that's good land people would love tobuild a story skyscrapers rigt there. You could expand all of San Franciscoto make it look like a future city like a supercity of the future, but thetanded Lon has a heigh destretion. Well, I don't know if I told you this, but Ipersonally think that the Covid plandemic thing that's happening, whereit's driven so much business to people working at home that all those emptybuildings right now in the financial district man they olte start thinkingabout using those for fucking housing- Oh yeah dude for sure. Well already,we've talked about this before, like the housing in America, there's sixvacant homes for everyone homeless person. So the problem is justdistributon. If we just gave every homeless person their own house andjust distributed it more evenly, we would have solved that problem. Theother problem is how do you train people that are homeless not to behomeless, because it's a it's a misse to train themselves to live that way?Giving them shelter won't change it immediately, but anyway, yeah there'splan Po. is they continue to bag and get some sort of little assistance inthere? They will have that mindset at that's the he thing. That's thead to it,yeah! No, that's the programming. They have to be dprogrammed into Acactin,the way society montel politics need to bt program yeah. All of America, wethink we don't think about that. We don't think first house them Ben dprogramme them, because nobody wants to admit that it's a programnproem and now back to our regulary scheduleprogram on my son, Yeah Yeus Son, fucking, love nr heart, you can still rock in America as longas it's at a drive in a drive through concert, yeah right, they're, trying to pushthose. I can see that and it's not going to work. You just see. fuckingvanilla IES got himself some prepublicity just to be in a duce. Oh, he was supposed to play like somerestaurant in Texas or something yeah and he sais yeah, I'm going to still doit. So, of course the fucking social media jumps on his ass about that andthey as Al. Oh, no, I'm decided not to like, of course you weren't going toand hen. It turns out only sold like two hundred and eighty tickets anyway.So, like you, just begging for free publicity, Licyeah ever seen that ranger concert. Yes, Whydos? He Al! You saw him with the county fair grounds. Last hum about Timeeoseen him there, I've seen him at conquered Saman Cocker. That was cool. What is sea poke? I sawmit, I think,Dounton ar baby no nonot, not maybe Sacamento, though d wait a minute I sawthem. I think I sawim in the HS at conquered,and I also saw them recently opening for some bigger band yeah. I thought Ithink I saw it like TNT and Striper, or some kind of shit like that back in theday, late s that kind of bstow. What's that whatabout it? I think I saw him with that kind of a show up the pavilion. I thinkit was to t and striper and night ranger. I don't think Night Rangerplayr was driver, but I was A. I think they supported like very e a'l on themetal heads were at that stringer show on the area. I remember seeing larsrunning around handing up flyers affact that striper show metallica Larse, yes, hat's Yeahs Wer,because I am like that. Clearly it's large weare metal fans. We know whoLauras is right, like Fuk e, that's weird and we sat behind Goddamn Yello t thatsame show yellow be Ofera yeah. He was a a tripershow. Yes, without a DEUBT. What the fuck yeah I a fucked up, show dudestriper, cal, covilion lady go Wen yeah and then I'm pretty sure like testamentguys were there or EXO Ist guys, because a lot of those big hairylooking dudes were there yeah, I was it was a Truko Struk. Ithought I was in the minority on my friends going because we had lane had a friend who was a big churchgoing guy and he was into the whole church rock and strifer and Petra, Ithink, was the other band. I think PETTR was open. I think they're, theones that opened. I think it was no...

...that so loudness opened well. loudnessdefinitely supported. Petra might have been before loudness. Loudnes blieve was striper at that show.Huh I fucking Badass a Kiro Takasaki wait a minute: Oh Shit, Dude. That wasthe unleashed in the Oh God. What's that son, the MTV son,that was just fucking Hilare, her er, so that that was tndt dude that was TNTloudness in Striper, ery yeah. This is a great song. Youpicked I'm afraid of Americans by David Boy. Oh, I think it will. I think itwhen I first heard it I'm, like God, Damn you Bowy, that is such a greatsong and e. So right, so I to pay the rigtof Americans Fuck Yeah O as asociety. We are so fucking psychotic right now, we've always been psychotic. This isjust the magnifying glass being yeahi know it's exactly. The pressurehas beenturned up. Well, especially when you hear fromforeigners how Ameria certain Americans Act Ablod, they, like he fuckit they're,left to think as broke up there for Simin. What was thatlast bit? They think their shit doesn't stink.Americans, Hav travel abroad, in other words Y. They act like theiroffice. They impose their will on whoevers around them, like Fheyr attheee, Olt evolve around us, wor them or whatever yeah, and I've never beenof that mindset. It's like, if I'm going to go visit a porin country. Iwant to respect what's going on and learn a little bit: Yeah Dude, I'M GGON pus. I Pan Rocket Blak and fucking McDonald's younowall that as long asit's a country that allows some legal cannibas consumption, I will goanywhere and ten with anybody and even people that don't do thattemporarily, I'm non to say a good Chonko. Europe isnow pretty open open towards that yeah. THAT'S MY DREAM! Spot right nowis like Amsterdam pop on that bicycle highway smoke, a bunch of weeds ride,bicycles everywhere, sounds so fucking great all around the Netherlands, whichis basically flat, Yeah Yeah Fer a lot love. It sounds so great. Germany wouldbe fun too, like the Tha varying century yeah, but theyre they got theirproblems as well. I mean wel thers prou their player right now. I think theproblem is the Internet, we're all SOE iper connected watching everything allthe time, just doom scrolling through our devicees. Looking for more badshitsand look at e. very true, very true. I Will Toi the clouds man look at thetrees. Well, you know, I don't know how bad itis there, but still around here when you just bike around and see peoplejust staring at their fom, all the walking, that's what I don't get andit's mainly girls. More than guys I've noticing HM- and I was just like why don't youjust take your eyes away from that and just take in take in a tree? Take in afucking who minds me ow. Okay, remember we grew up with answering machines right and you basically just left itthere an you did your thing and then you checked it and you got back near itlike Oh yeah, there's the answeraits Blingin Red Lihe, but nowadays isalmost like we'll bringing the answerin machine with us everywhere and we'rejust staring at it watching, for the answer seem to blank aread light, so wecoin go out, Hey I do or whatever it's like fuck. I just I want to go, get abig old fashioned answer machine just carry t around with me and have a lightthat goes off. What do you doing with that? Oh waiting for the Messagetinwait for a notifications to come through, come on through well you're, not wrong,but I'll. Add that think. Oh God I had it now. It's gone esmoking over there. What are you doing now? DO NOTHING! It's just my brain,Dude Wat, a you. What was my point? I was trying to moveyeah. I did this yesterday too, and it pissed me off it. Didn't friend ofsomeone like that loss, my train of to people lose the train of thought aroundme. Alot us! That's! I have a force field, it's called confusion and chaosSSO. If you GOTP too close to me, it's like what I was thinking of somethingbefore you fucking nd. It's not like. I do it suddenly, so I'm not reallyinterrupting it. Just like what can't be around you, it's too much. You have a good Floz. What's it calledconscionce blow floa conscious, you're good at being able to get outeverything in a concise in that ligicl manner? I guess I nmean Vince go way back...

...did youer. Did you hear about his dog?No murdered someone killed his dog yeah thit's yeahdid he's Somin Wen on Dong. When I was looking Social Media Tirate, I think,is on instagram or something and like Risk Ang peace, my dog it got murderedby my neighbors and blout Andy Es Dud. It was so criptic that you're, like duean you, make sense, it's very similar to what you just playd kill my dog and her o Yo pawhich pictures of the dog andhim with the dog and his parents, and you pick cit rock American badic. An I hear this for second, I haven'theard it on Gainin the propaaelrise. I went a seven time still because AEG wiwy youremember that Yehit's funny when you brought upundertaker, I'm like AMCAN Badsan was good he's like newgin. You know it'slike the music's good, but M Yo said to Dor out light. Why must you be that Oh dude yeah he's totally drinking thenewd coulatof just defending trump, but not having anny type of? Doesn't ATBACK SLAP BACK W? It's likethe way new Jan o NEUTENC. When he's spoutnoff is politicall, Tia, yeah andthe way he does, it is you're, basically going dude you're describingwhat trunk does, but yet he fucking lot bats it away,and- and it says this is what the fucking liberals were doing. It's likeDude, Oh yeah, flection, yeah, we get it. We can seeboth sides, it's not ido one, so cited aboutit right. So once I wfit Itwhi beone so cited or one sosite yeahyeah. Have you seen the undertakerdocumentary? It's really good? No, I saw andred the giant, that's another.One we got to put on a watchlist nick is under is beyond a egenat one. That'sa great one! Yeah, it's preally good rick, a Ar Pretty forthirties good too.You want another wrestler documental, I'm not asking for these. I'm notasking for these. Just give it to me. Like gifts, they didn't ask. I amsuggesting Dick Fuck, like you like one of those demo tapes, the kids handedout on the streets. You know that's a fucking obligation cad that ain't Ofucking Ge Ude. I completely forgot that he sampled Sabba Tru during thewhole song ood at sounds like ad being semlar Cou,mid twosand army military movie. What are going infor the attack- and you know there was some dumbass out there- that probablyhurt this song before he hearts hat the true and went like. Why is metallicacovering Kid Long Igt? You know, there's fucking some outthere like that o wait. I got fire CAC FIREFRETYEP. I don't need to hear awhole fucking spon. So that's fine cow bell,...

...pretty good grand funk, yeah, probably one of Thiv down, can't think of any other Pi themcouldn't think of being so proud of being an American ban to write a song about it. I'm not not an American either. Youknow what I mean Usti just am me you're, not a what it's like, I'm notnot proud to be Ameriphan, but I'm like. What's the big deal like I ar AmericanIm like Oh, okay, Terin, bad, there's, good and bad, butit's like why why you so bos for Cri Pride is a Sid fool like settle downover there with that Jingo Lesin? Well, dude, that's similar to the way thesoccer fans are. You know it's just like Brazil, Brasilian Englin, whateverso you're from there great. I love it yeah, I'm the same way too. I I don'tgive a fuck where you from. Are you cool right? Thank Assol, coall, goodright, stop being adit what you Goy next, we got one more on this list of all theones we found so far. Chack this Onsi Tom Pattyb, great songs, just the Guy Fucking, not on my worst daybros. She C thinking what movie Tis this song conjure up inyou mind he's in to that, come to mind to meinstantly. Yes, there there are movies that songhas been in, but I cannot give you a title. So the first one is fast timesBridgemont high. Where is it it Jennifer Jason Le, I think, is thecharacters actthe actress's dame when she loses her birginity at theBallfield at night, ateffectively gets pregnant and thenshe has to Gohave the OCON. So tonight she got pregnant they're playing thisreally yep and then also the first victim. We see in silence ofthe lass when she's driving her van alone before Buffalogodo, whatever hisname was e she's singing this to herself theAmerican girl. So I mean every time I hear the song you could think fasttimes for xsidon. I think petty, probably could haveretired off the licensing who did O that song in movies, because I think itwas in quite a few movies other than the ones you're yeah such such a easyto recognize it and so be. I think that's why it's weird that it was usinkind of grizzly scene. That way, and I always thought that the weakest link in Tom Patty Ban washis voice. I never really cared for his voice. Okay, let's say Tom, pettyversus Ozzy, Osbords Ohjesus, I gotta go ozgo. I gotta go Tom, it's not the best, butit basically doesn't sound strange if you're Gett have a city voice, just atleast it should be casually shitty instead of stranging Shitty by Azes.Well, are you talking soloizing or ozzy...

...anything as just the PLOSE, the VoyceWall Aon, the Sabat stuff, an Jus bossim Sabbat was ebut still ozzy'svoice was still a weak spot inside with the MOE NA. I can't, I can you say: was theweak spot in Sabbath Bill, Lord? No, there wasn't a week spot cop out. No,there was no weeks pot. It's awesome is hell of onhe was lordbeend goodbye. He was towards the end, but definitelynot nepple, not in the early. It totally worked, especially the firstrecord first record phenomenal tit's, just dark jazz blues here, Real Quick Mer so with your playlist tebody, andso basically that whole list was longs that obviously had America or USA inthe title. Gary starts whinind agains like, butcan it be anything so I can include Medan again, I'm like no, what aboutdon't shed at me Ian, but let's play that anyways fuck, it thereit's a come again very patriotic. That was themain reason why I picked that that's the first one that came to mind whenyou were talking about this, just the patriotic side of it, but you weren'tsuper clear on it in the very beginning of just like yeah pick something withAmerican USA and it like something about America, O, okay, O with USA orAmerica in the title yeah, you had to clarify it after I question you aboutit. Go Look. Atit, go, look again, go look again, yeah, because if it did not, if wedidn't have such kind of rule, it could have been anything like it'severybody's impression of what's American. What's all about America, I fucking don't know. Did you know mewell enough? I'm gonna songs that would, if it didn't haveAmerican the title. I'd say like dude, it's basically singing about Americayeah! I just it's. The the topic was interesting to me, because I don'treally like people trying to be overtly patriotic, because those are usualy,the worst fucking offenders of our constitutional rights. They're, like Itend to agree with you fast year: Thro they have their ideal of what Americais, instead of just the idea that America is free and when they try toimpose their ideal on the rest of us, I'm like Bov, you, that's antiAmericans me any kind of passions from the right or the left. I don't care.You can't tell us how to Liveyo' Tryobyou ever hear three eleven to asong called, don't tread on me. No I've never heard it no NA NA. Listen this Metallica for bit firecracker o Yo, Oh yeah. I heard this song before that was my bond by the way, not undethree Aleven Song, Yeah Yeah. No, it's legal here listener. It's Legal Woo Gary is too so we're all legal, ten yeah weed stores open there inCalifornia, still oh yeah, Oh yeah, yod brand new and just open up MartinasNice. What part the industrial part by highway, POR andPechego over there by where the trii studios is that area kind of very closeyeah go north! It's y! Let's see Po een further up up by the CHP. You Yeah yougow up Bacheco, make a left on Arnold...

...and, as you're going up the hillthere's a street called. I think it's sunrise, something it's in that littleindustrial development up there on the hill guse haven't been yet, but theyjust opened up quietly. As they said this week, progress baby slips, Myn Bavy, stapsyeah. They made the patch you familiar with that the patch as it perhaps that you wearthat gives you cannibits. No the website the PA Yeper the capointYeah Yeah Yeah. They made it and that it popped up. In my new speed- and Iwas like Oh oh, like they made the news in the PAT fucking blog. Yes got to gotme. Yes, the well. The title was Onely Creek Native Opensdispensory martines its like grant ONA freak Nati all right, but it's sothe pictures of it looksnice et check, er that I will, but I need weed what was thatMonk Rock Ban? You said they had the America Song. What was the name of theBan Circle Jertewards, the SURPE JERKS? Whowas that? Are you? Did we talk about it in text?No, I think we might ve talked about earlier on the show we just haven'tplayed it, because I didn't pull it up on the list. Oh the fuck Yusa right, oiteoitlet, sefuck up some commas. Fuckeverybody to waited. I just got Ta, go from probablyfind explor yeah. They probably have some censoringfullshit, where, if you only put fuck us of and they'll se, tell its sort ofdifferent to you know what I mean. So some of them have F astrous astres intheir song. Some of them don't put that in so you kind of have to know how theartist specified the work fuck yeah hit. This one is a postof capital,F, Astros, ASES K, the BOOIN COMA NAT fome apars forenthesissostupid due for Ego, backthisis Alf for my friends, Hey Nickwhateve dude. This is all for my friends that Listeno that came from the Sacramento area.ESCAPEPOMP buddies. It's a MARSHPITC hi a is fool, SOE, tough! It's really upbeat! It's got a greatcatchy beat there buddy fucking! Awesome! Excuse me, did he say all they want? IsMoney, money, money, capitalist pigs, a new idea, fine fuck?The USA find songs that slander, the USA shats be hard. My friend, I don't knowman there's not a lot out there. This. This was the bauziest of all of them,especially back in those days as this came out like early, that's athere's, one. Let's try this. I don't like to use the word USinterest. That's why I wish some other critics friends of hours would stopsaying we go into this country. We go into that country. We do this and we dothat and I'm really. We don't do anthing. They do it to us. We are partof the victims, we're not parof the...

...victimizers Woy Moly wathat was a song called Fuck America,Biy choking victim on the record, called no gods, nomanager. I reemberthe name of that Fan. I neverheard the music til. Now S, tick of the tax pairs do wuccome out alwaysactly like this. Every year,exactly this Timei went outside Ownthean, O meanlswallow, the line iiikind of like it looks like Noalay like thitime get offplay. I hat. Don't blame the story e. We called it America by no effects. Ioy iabout this interesting fuck for USA. What e EVOR, who stifist? Let you guess Bro, say again: Thit's Mike Patten! Isn't MrBungl Yeah? THAT'S MR bungl yeah! It's from this year. It's a single, sayssingle, two thousand and twenty simply called USA. Yeah Yeah, THAT'S CABARTO! It's pretty tight. You Got Patt parkloks goty on t'sa good, find right. There, Bro YeahDude a Rightd...

...hold on that's Om, like Patten Shit right there totally. Lo Wow no affects I to kind of antiAmerican songs. Those Co lists, ANTII, should say: Anti Governor Franco, UNAMERICAN Franco, an American no effects war onthe EK war on erorism ever thought about the problems of Thi,fannwhy e e Bai, Mik e, so goodwhil wit it and when ter's always Aud, but thewall woried on the Moiininese outside of Caifornia Fon Bai, dotfrcoone,Ameican, cool little ditty wot, no effects, Brako ine American O Shit. They found atop twenty punk songs about America, Oh yeah, and they went on Ou Tsl got one ameican something Americanyeah Thi jus called Americanthey're gonnait's, just called American gotn call Americanlet's go to means Ose,that', some fun man, it's refreshing, it's good, dudes, very refreshing. Ihaven't Listenid to you, so dude, tak out a lot of their ties, ones,link, Becaus, they're, all different they're, all really good records justout of the bar an O, see if they got this one as thisis one of my favorite,weird songs from them like coke, blue, the punk stuff or morealong these lines of what we justher more like this ado. Come again. This is TSL. Oh Yeah Wow. Eighty four here ne eighty four fromchange today, yeah that', underatethe record. It's my favorite song off the records. Were you MI, thro, O there? I justcan't sleep, tg...

M Meyno, oedof at's, a cool itle Jam du. WHAT YOU WANTO DO! Whati S. Nice Niceu really stood out to mebecause that was back when I was listening to the violent fams and other. You knowthings that were punk rock by TATITUDE, but not by sound Y. U Know How to talk,and what's that I said it fits right in yeah right I mean because it definitelyhas a punk vive like we don't give a fuck what you think we're playing, but it's Ol, Tha musicit itbut havemore of a new waste wing yeah. The residents were like that to me as well. Notthi not O was that iwae was about tosay the residente or a band. I have never heard one lick of a song yetthey're, one of the most mysterious type bands out there. No, that I missedthe Mus, the residente of the guys, the eyebars on their heads right, yeah yeah,those Dos I saw documentary about them and I they're just fucking weird man from streeveport and then move to SFjust because they were too weird for streeport and they fit right in a SFjoin the art community. But Anyway, I think it was the replacement. I wasthinking o worsomth anyway, good time tomatose. All these sounds bids. BECONrap started exploring different shit that wast necessarily hard right, and you know what I commend you forbeing open minded to listen to it because me, on the other hand, I was soclose minded in those days that yeah I wanted to hear just grash that this iswhat my mind wanted and bearing off the stuff like that. Just didn't happenuntil way. Later years, when I was like yeah, I kind of like this stuff. NowI've actually been going through listening to more music of bands that I hated back then and revisitedthem to see. If I still do now minds me, it reminds me of one goodartistit's, probably a good way to end this show on this episode because find its it matses both of thosebecause I was never a big Gimy headtan right because just noisy to but then I don't know now is a more matureperson that smokes a lot of pot'm like Oh yeah. It's really interesting HanHendrix rules and there's certain records, though, to get- and I wouldsay, the band of Gipsies is his best stuff. Then, of course, the star SpangalBanner, which of course didn't make my cut because it doesn't actually sayAmerica or USA, but this is a great song for the fourth of July, especiallythe way he fucking tears it UPMA. I it Wan Don, it's so ridiculoustik. I love it. What more? I want you to look God, which one believe it or not, spy. Se, anFrancisco Band you ever heard of Christ on parade, I think so. The they're calld, eight skatecore kindof band the songs called America. The...

Myth see if you can find that look just curious to see how fuckingheavy thrashy this is. Did you hear when he played that Starspangle banner? He did that in the morning. Did He oh at the widtockversion, Yeah Yep? They have Christ on Parey, but not thatparticular song. Okay, Jimmie handrews, trying to do johnny begood offo cover he judis Freez did of thatsong. fucking kidtime. I love that cover. No, you don't Oh yeah. I do, andI love that movie johnny be good, that they wrote it for with Nodamn your lionsack. I have that my play with dude. I could tell on your fucking smile on youhave that how much laymos right up, because it was the with Anthony MichaelHall, and I love that movie when it came out. It sounds fucking like that they got that turbo lover sound beforeturbodover came out. There are too many mynos. I do. We gotta get some food thit'sabout seven o'clock here, so we an't gos about to say the same thing maybeenjoy some fireworks and whatnot in America. Mirtha nonexinstant, here Independence Day inthe Penia, all the fucking that'sthe, most her fucking Freedomday, baby, Haryonlast question one last answer between Barbecue Colopanio, Saltan,vinegar or regular. An O got chips wit. Your favoritesonthinicathat is the right answer. Sir Bose are the best ones and I'd say:Barbecue is second. If you go to Winco near you, I got a good bran, ner winkes Pittsburgh Gary, don't go toco, Yea Cross G. I was Sa Food Max on mine. You Makcarry say over. I stuf I need anyways, but Igo by my kids over treater Joes I, like Uever, had ones from ther ary, now they're kind of hard to realize they'refucking fire, we ju real yeah, really Bein little bread. I don't know if Younseen like you know about the size of what a fat cigar, but about a quarter,INC big jus, a little tiny fuce of bread with about a quarter in topamasonbaked on Sohe, so they're, so addicting and theire Kenbl, what they're kind ofexpensive and it's like fivedollars a little bag, a trader Jos bag, an o slano one person, that' Te Peron size bag like there's only like ten ten stackdeeper. If you like card treets like that or one of that generally get os ashot. I've never really been a Parmajohnchees guy on my snatch. Neither really IAS. Just II got fetted as a kid. Well, when you're living with Johnny,who loves those, I'm not surprised,... instructions for how to Wase Poc, but when you're the father and you'reeating these things in front of the children's you you give himself yeah. I know. That'strue, that's that's why you Gealwa a I mean cheese and crackeris totallydifferent. I can do that, but now IV Never Hev't thought aboutdoing chips and the Carmajan flabor on it all right. Man Enjoy Yourself. I goodtalking to you and we'll hook up so frock and roll man, Ol, say Dude Yeahrihd on man AP. He Fourth of July Ha Gang, see ou guy later Du thanks for subscribing to the lilypod,learn more at Lily. Studioscom.

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