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Episode · 1 year ago

Happy Freedom Day | Songs About America; Good and Bad


John talks with Nick and Gary about songs that have "America," or "USA" in the title. When one of us can't tolerate a song, the safe word is "firecracker."

God Bless The U.S.A.
American Guns
American Idiot
American Metal
This Is America
American Pie
American Woman
American Woman
Real American
Team America
Kids in America
Living in America
Made in America
The Bright Lights of America
Miss America
Miss America
America The Beautiful
Party in the U.S.A.
Born in the U.S.A.
Surfin' U.S.A.
Rock in America
I'm Afraid of Americans
American Badass
We're an American Band
American Girl
Don't Tread on Me

All songs copyrighted by their respective owners and played here for non-monetized educational reference.

Welcome back. Here's John at Lily studios with today Lily pod. Oh Hey, what's up? Welcome back to the PODCAST. Today's just kind of a loose, casual show. I was getting together with one of my sons and a friend of mine from the West Coast, scary my son Nick, and we were just shooting the Shit. Really just decided to record. It just an excuse to record a podcast and put one up here. No big deal. So we decided we would have our conversation over all of the songs about America and the USA that we could find. So it didn't really matter what genre or if they were pro America or anti America, they were just songs that have that in the title or in the chorus whatnot. We had a safe word, fire cracker, so if any of US couldn't stand the song anymore, we would just say firecracker and would move on to the next song. Anyway, I kind of fucked it up. I didn't quite have it recording when we first started, but we started with an intro and neil diamonds coming to America. So that's where we pick it up here and just let it go from there. I'm just going to fade this up and you have a Happy Freedom Day. If you're in America, it's Independence Day. Freedom. Celebrate what you got while you got it, and look forward to speaking with you and talking to you next time too. So here's this thing we just recorded a minute ago. Water Hella fast like to the Brim and you just have to navigate swimming out every single morning like it fills up as if a car was filling up with water and tell a pressurize you to like swim through and open the door, like figure out a shifty way to they get around it. So my room is bone dry and all of a sudden the alarm goes off and the water starts pouring in and it's basic air sealed, so it'll just keep filling up. The only way out is I got to go through the doorway, but well, we wait to the only way out is whatever way you can, you can manufacture. It sounds like some kingsman exercise exactly. It's straight up out of there. It sounds to me like it's going to have to be a little more intense because if the alarm goes off and the water starts filling up, I could easily get to a door and out that door's locket. That's nowt that's not how it works. Well, okay, just so you say you wake up and it's already filled up with water, or so you know. Like you're not you're not getting you're not possible. So what are the choices then? Hold your breath or what? That's impossible. What are ob you weight? Describe this room. How can you wake up in water? You don't. You don't wake up until, like, imagine you're floating asleep all the ways to the top of the roof and then once you hit the roof and it fully fills up that like youar that heavy of a sleeper and then he goes and then right you get that one last oxygen breath. So you're telling me how I'm going to sleep. Then how much money? I don't. What's the challenge on your grandom month to do w rest your life? But you have that's how you wake up for the rest of your life. Oh, like you're drowning. Yeah, yeah, I think I would get used to that feeling, because that's not too different from like waking up panicked, for sure, and I'd never have that. So I'm good. I mean, I've woken up panic and I for free. So, like soda baby under grand a year to wake up, I'll fucked up in the morning. Like Oh yeah, cool, this does some benefit. Definitely all right, fair enough. Yeah, I don't know. I'd have to give that some thought. Well, hold on, guys, wait, guys, listen. Hold on, I gotta get my lighter and Lit. No, favorite song, isn't it? I will not listen. That's your favorite song. Oh Hey, I've I also thought of a rule for today's show. If any of US can't stand the song, the safe word is firecracker. Just say firecracker and I will forward it to the next fucking American song. I like that great idea. Okay, fire cracker. All Right, Gary Saves the day on this Goddamn Lee Greenwood, sure is. We're missing thanks, Gary. Are you doing? I think tonight for Independence Day, Gary, now some smearing off? Or what is it? Kirkland? Kirkland Vodka screwdrivers, baby, no, I'm not drinking tonight. You were telling me the last time. You're doing some cranberry mixed something granberry, orange juice and vodka. Sounds pretty awesome. SCATE VODKA, cray with little orange toil just some we're just a splash or some crayon, or like more like more orange juice than Crayan. Depending on the mood, sometimes I'll do more orange juice and splash of cran sometimes I'll do a...

...ton of cranberry and splash of orange juices. Wow, that's very good. Sometimes you feel like an egg some time. Did you not? As you feel like a net, did you don't? There you go, start thinking of s commercial song jingles. The candy bar ones were pretty good actually, wake days Polish. Sometimes, sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes don't Um enjoy Scott notes, peterball mounds. Don't, because sometimes, see I'm time. Don't. Yeah, what else? School House Rock, Dudes, Coos rock with you, and I'm into cocon net. The seven up, yeah, Oh yeah, and then you had that black guy. I think it was like a carrot career being type guy with a white suit. He was from the James Bond Movie. He is the guy with the Voodoo face and the old James Bond with Roger Moore. That was the same cat, same actor. All right, super deep voice, not to be confused with Orlando Jones. Make seven up yours. That was Orlando Jones. You Mean James, a real Jones, M Orlando Jones, was the mix seven up yours, guy from like the early s make seven up yours. Oh ooh, that that was a fucking cool campaign. Makes Seven Up Yours. That's fucking clever. That's a clever ad campaign, I guess. So it wasn't a song. Okay, it wasn't a song. Very have another burning question for you. Oh God, it's a little better. I think it's a little better or bitter, but it or bad or better? Yeah, all right. So for the rest of your life you don't have to pay for anything. Like just this random dude comes up and he just has like this magic instead of like a John Lennon gold card, it's like a black it's just like a black debit card with unlimited money and credit card whatever. Wait a minute, why does it always have to be a dude? Can't be a chick? No, asked to have sun because religious. Wait, because then you because I would be an obvious yes, but because. All right, so say you're going to where if you're need to make any purchase? Ever, for rest of your life, this guy just comes up out of the blue and goes. I don't worry, I got it. And just say if you're buying a house whatever and one transaction, he just pops up out of nowhere. Yep, it just comes up like fucking book at Eli. Okay, continue. Then if you get okay, do you want to get completely transaction? You say, Yep, finger in the butt, one second for each transaction, for every hundred dollars. No, no persts for so that's why I'm saying, like if you go to dollar tree and you buy like twenty dollars worth of stuff, that's still only one finger. But then you're like fuck, I forgot something to go and saved it up my shit and have an intense like lists, like specific list and having teams of people helping me, and if I ever got a finger up the butt, everybody would get fired. But know if you have to like, wait a minute, finger up the butt for a second, one second per transaction, every capitalist just onzero. Yep, you mean per no, wait a minute, per transaction. Yeah, or per item, per transaction. Okay. And what's the or like do this or what knows? That is for the rest of your life, that that same do that's put in the finger in the butt is also paying free transactions for a finger up the butt. Yeah, I'll take a finger up the butt for free transaction forever. For a second. What's this dude looking? But it's a second every time. Yeah, is he got a sweet talk me? The second every time, the every transaction that like. Imagine going to Walmart and saying, God fucking Damn it, I forgot like the toothpaste. Forgot toilet, like something you need, and then you got to go, like the whole reason I came down. I need toothpaste. Goddamn. Have to take another finger in the ASS. Wait, and it has to be in public, to wherever the transactions being completed, at the teller. At the teller. Yes, I'd still think you're clear on this. With a transaction, because a transaction to me can be either each item or now holds the whole thing. Yeah, but thin going to Walmart and buying a whole card shoopping and you have like twenty items. You could either in after that, yeah, either insert your credit card to pay for it or bend over and day insert their finger into your butt. No, you can't. Well, you're not allowed to put all my items. So about the pay for stuff? So if I go out there and go, okay, you know what, I could use a new fucking TV, and that thing costs like two grand whatever. Right, yeah, same finger up the butt, I think a finger up the play. Well, that's what I'm saying. Did you could like? You could like to order all your shit at once for just one finger up body, a million dollar transaction, like by all your things once a year, same time with this rock. Is Allig is heading. So you do it. You're...

...not allowed to buy stuff secretly on your own either. You can't like go to the movies by yourself or nothing like I just told you. If I could go get a two thousand dollar have fucked by a here. But okay, you would never go to think or think about going to the movie. Buy A car. Let's like, yeah, you got to get a finger at the butt. You want me to buy this far forth for you for one second think about going to the movies. You have to go up to the like you dide. You just would can buy you can buy your tickets online. You can't buy your you can sneak things in, but if you want their popcorn, we see. What about monthly bills, like you're fucking monthly cell phone and monthly Internet feels every fucking monthy got a fucking bend over at the guy at the front door. You might as well just put his finger out there and just so'll sit on it. Just make it one of those like those pointers that he like. Just get a model of it, like a mold like the teacher used to use for the kidler being like a fucking finger Butt Bank. We could just go sit on a finger for like an hour and store finger butt credits. So you're just you're like talking to the guy next to you. I do. I'm I'm not fucking a thirty six minute or right now, fucking saving up for a house. Dude. I got an operation next week, but I got to save up for the House first, for I go. Dude. It's almost like juicing up your phone. It's like, okay, it's on empty right now. I'm going to stick the chart you're on thereically, that's it. That's it's change. I would say that extra you got that, got it, buy that electrical got about the power, I would say no on the charging up the butt hole like it's storing uses, but I would I would still probably do it, but we still don't know what this guy looks like like Patton Oswalterrty. It's just a out there have to be lots of it, as long as not the same guy is wrapped up in a condom or something. No, no, not at all. No, liver can't. Not For me. I gotta do I gotta do bareback. It's the work or dude, it's just not the wall mom and I. It's just thinking the same dude, like a like a not at like a Keanu reeves type of like like a he thinks he's like a prophet type of like I just appear where I am, but I got a fat version, like a Tom cigura type of Keanu Reeves. Oh God, yeah, yeah, ta a girl, like. Imagine Group your budgeons we seek. Imagine Louis K just looking at his watch for one second. Chris Dahlia, are we done here? Yeah, I was going to say we've passed. I think two songs are ready. I can hear American metal in the background. That's a song, boy, American, American metal. HMM. It's where we can talk about the songs at all, like our history, or just write as a Oh yeah, if you find a song that here that you want to talk about. By all means bring it up. Well, I do remember hearing this on Kva Jess. Yeah, I think that's where I first heard Lizzie borden as well. That's a one big ugly dude. Man, he looks like one of those mandrills, like those monkey, those fucking Orangutang, look at things with the faces that look like a red, white and blue kind of colorful face. That's what Lezzie, Lizzie Borden, looks like the singer in real life. He's fucking ugly. Yeah, I remember hearing this and I'm like this is okay. It didn't make me want to like go out and get the record, even when I saw it a like record exchange or rest mutants. Um, I just remember looking at the logo and going, okay, sounds mettal. Yeah, Parts Pretty Dope, though, straightforward power metal, totally the Gallop, the Gallop, Dude, I'm getting aiding the same or, Oh hold on, the documentaries on iron maiden. Have you watched all those? Those are great. Out of Goddamn one of them, fucking dude. There's three of them on Youtube on the iron maiden channel. They're great. which are they in ordered? Like they had trilogyese are started in the first and keep moving or what up? Yeah, yeah, what it is is part one is the early days when they first formed, all the way up until power slave, I think. Yeah, yeah, because number two was somewhere in time and seventh son. What was the third? Might be wrong on that, but anyway, the great. They're thorough too. supergrow the interview. Every every band member. Nice. Oh you are you do see my shirt? Or just bring up iron maiden generally. I did see that, but I have been list like the other day, I popped in somewhere in time the whole record. I listen to that started condition. That's a great record. Yeah, yeah, that is a good record to listen to start... finish. Iron maid was good at that. From there and back about four or five records. Well, I guess you go all the way back at that point. But yeah, well, I think seventh son of a seventh son had some songs, but I think as a whole I hated can I play with madness? That was just what the fucker? You guys don't look you. It's a good song, man, it's a good song. Nah, but moon child's really good. I like that one. A Lot. I think that's the opener. But no, Cott somewhere in time is probably one of my favorite iron maiden songs. I would definitely put that in the top caught somewhere in time. But you don't like the other one. You just said, madness, hate it. Wow, they sound so similar to me. Not at all, it's not at all. Yeah, you are, you are fucked in the head. Listen to him again and then do your comparison. Jesus. All right, MR DJ. What's the next American well song? Okay, so this one nick hit me too. I hate this song, by the way. Say, like I said, we don't have to like these songs, and if anybody wants to call firecracker, by all means, but let's give it a listen real quick. This is called I'm not gonna call firecracker till I hear it. Child, just scamp. You know, this is America and this is a explicit lyrics so watch your pretty little ears if you can't handle curse words, but I'll take a listen. Let mean just in high school, when everyone thought that was a controversial and liked music. You do, those like true Dhit the what kids like I look like a bunch of fucking retards dancing cans with culture. Kids. You need a yeah, yeah, Hey, are crack Ya, hey, someone that can sing. fucking old person, you Goddamn old person, your fucking fire cracker child. This gamping on you like had mcclan. Now that's a why do I can get with Oh shit, fuck you. It's funny. This is a classic. This reminds me of being a child. Just remember being a kid all the time. We heard this on the A M Rock radio station in the car because it was very it's a long song, right, and like at a minut out of this stuff from the s. You what you blocked out? I blocked I blocked it, meaning that when I did hear it back then, I never wanted to hear it again. Maybe you heard it when, like your neighbor was molesting you or something. It just like a mental thing. Putting his finger up my butt for one second exactly. He said, I you can earn a bank now was trying to get paid. They get put this in the bank for when you're old you could buy a house of my finger finger butt points use rocket. fucking Goddamn Dude, that's going to be a conversation piece from now on. Yeah, Finger Butt points, fingerbut but ten. Grant asked. That's all I got. Chick at the bar and shoots, she says. And now frame that question, though. Have you heard about Finger Butt points? I love play. would be rather you sit on my finger. I'll pay you that power my finger. Yeah, well, yeah, pay for these drinks to just sit on my finger. What you want me sit on your finger? How you that's good. Can you teach me? This is something American Pie rems me just driving the high school and like a Ninty two forward explorer, Hayton life. I like your specificness, creative adjects and one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and explorer. Yeah right, paints a picture that the listener can really get. Yeah, like mostly a dark color with a little bit of Lens of a paste getting work up, like the car. It was like that kind of Aqua Marine Green, disgusting Nice, you know, the color, like almost like the Ford truck. Yeah, like, I don't Yota trucks, but yeah, like a Turquoise Upright old way. Dude, this is Pacer all the way. AMC PACER. That that's what that...

...right there. Keep its own keep it dead. And then I got the same car that POPs had points of Hug American for service. What's that there? Would you say? Shut up, powering up. All Right, sure, left tick of my finger. I'm tart to get his own finger up is but yeah, go use the shower bday. Go go shower biday at off first buddy. All right about I'm gonna remember that. That's that's part of a conversation. You would remember some shitty. We don't even need to take notes. How about twenty grand a week? But instead of using a bi day, when he used the bathroom, when you flush, it's like a little like Mexican midget dude named Hector that just goes. Wait, who gets the twenty grand? You, Oh, fuck y'all. Take that everything. But instead of the bid day, it just handling, like with the water. I tell a high powered wait a minute, what did he do? He spits water in my butt. Yeah, I instead of the Bi Day, it just that dude, like just his little leprocn face, like her herb a village is looking. Guys always frond of those things. Where after I'm done taking a shit, I push a button and this guy just magically appears out of nowhere. Yeah, he's involved. He he comes up from the fucking floor. Comes up out of the floor, not like imagine, just like if you were to stand up and turn around, they would just be like a circle face where the toilet pole is just like old like where the water instead of the water, it's just like a little face. So back to this. Twenty grand a week. That motherfucker was squirt water in my ass from his mouth. Yeah, enough to clean it to I'm not like as powerful as it, but day would be. You get paid to let him do that for your Butt, Christ man. Yeah, okay, as like I say, it's like no this right. The insertion of the finger is about as far as I will go in this conversation, because if you start going, will you take a Dildo up your ass for like twenty one that? Yeah, I mean there's there's a fine line, for sure, of size and and Y'all, and girth and, of course, pressure at a ripples on the phone. Very, very can I fast forward this song without losing one of my fucking firecrackers, and I firecracker on this one. Sure, the song like eight minutes long. Oh, I didn't know we had like limited firecrackers. Well, I'm going to limit you because you fucking get a firecracker every one of my songs, like a little big three man, I'll have nothing left. You'll only wish I do that American womb. We got two humdingers in a row right here. Played this earlier. Why Are we hearing it again? Well, we were just warming up earlier. This is actually recording. Wait that. Now you can play the other version we were talking about and compare on Rab this one. Okay, this is American woman. will do to are off this list momentarily. Hold on this club telling you add next guy. Wop, I got fun. So search American woman. Who was that? James Gang or something like that. No, it was another guess who it basically almost sounds like credence. Yeah, we'll meet again. Kidding, I don't know where. It sounds like some circus music. I'm just playing. It's fine. I've gotta dig the organicness of it all. Hople, the Stam near is better than the other one. He nicklinks Sony. He put other ones to like trying too hard. I thought it was overproduced. That was my feeling on it, but Johnny likes those kinds of plays stick, likes and grabs is cool. It's all love, letting grabs. Don't get me wrong, I just didn't think I got you wrong. I'm getting you wrong. I think I'm dealing some lenny strong hate right now. What is it our what is it? Are You thinking my way? Is that an original? I don't know. Fuck all right, let's get back to the the real dope shit, okay, and we can we talk about some great music here. Um, Gary, did you watch wwe a lot at all, like throughout the ages?...

Or we were? We were pretty into it back when we were like younger. I remember because when you were coming over to the house, when Johnny was living there, you were big time in the wrestling. They were boys and they would wrestle with each other. You imagine like three brothers. Asher was like the ring leader and he's got like two little kids five years younger than him and he's like the ring master going did that added like jump off the beds and off the bunk bed mattress forts. It's not like basins. Yeah, it's pretty fun and how can you not let boys rest? Yeah, who is your go to? Who is your favorite wrestler? Back in the day, what did the day? What's the devil that? Sure there were. Yet I'm I got into it about eighty five to about eighty nine. Was it still wwf back then? Yeah, it was wwf up until around nine. K. Who is your favorite guy? was born before whole cogan turned heel and the Nwo, that whole era up to that. Who's your favorite guy? Hyper, rowdy, rowdy, Roddy Piper. Was that like a bit? The big turning point for wwe was the end. Only in hindsight I think that's a good cutoff point because then we start having the new guys, the Rock and the scene as of the world starts came on the stage. Not much. That was my that was my phase. Was Like de wi, the start of wwe, with like sin and Sean Mikel well, Sean Michaels was there from a while, and like triple age and stuff, just them all getting older. Yeah, Randy Ordney, undertaker, but to still stuff like that. Let's back up a SEC here, because in the s around eighty five, MTV was actually the catalyst, because I remember when they showed the whole Cogan Medisis Square Garden match on MTV and I was like why the fuck are they showing wrestling? And I, you know, just kind of got into it and I think it had to do with Cindy lapper more than anything, because she was pretty popular around that time. Wait, because of that wrestling bit video she had, and girls just want to had fun. There's like a little crossover there. What you mean? Like she how Lou Albano in that scene in the kitchen. Correct you. Albano's a big wrestling guys. That why the crossover? I mean, I don't know what was up. You don't remember the nature of the crossover that you were drawn to on MTV. Well, it was just the fact that I started watching MTV and dude, you remember the days when you'd watch MTV for like three fucking hours and then all of a sudden it's like, Oh, we're gonna show wrestling it like fucking yeah, yeah, like in the afternoon or something. Then it's like what? Yeah, yeah, now, EXAC, I didn't wrestling. I guess it was. Remember Friday night wrestling. It was on around the same time. Might be USA network or something. In the old days were the had Friday night wrestling and then Friday night videos. I don't it might not have been the same channel, but there was a Friday night wrestling version that was a little bit earlier than that Cindy Lapper era. Well, I think what was it? The local channels got the AWA, member the aid American Wrestling Association. Yep, vering Guanya, that dude. Yeah, that okay. And it was also any is pn to number two, but it was also on his PN. Yeah, but Nice number rock roll connection. But the WWF was whole Coogan and MTV, and then I'm just like, oh, kind of like this. That's two. More and more of it became acceptable to our culture. Wrestling like that was the ultimate jocks meet the rockers. Yeah, in hindsight, the matches too. I went to quite a few matches at the Coliseum in the cowhow yeah, we did too with the ray and his grandma was really into it because she had watched like gorgeous George and the old old days. So we're like, oh, there's wrestling on nowadays, to Grandmach Goes, oh, let's go. So we use like grandma's handicap past as park up close to the front. That on good seats and we yeah, we saw some cool sit over there. I think my favorite who's your alt do you have an all time favorite, because I still think back today's like ultimate warrior, Macho man or those kind of guys, almost because I as much as I like the rock as a modern actor and performer, like as a as like a wrestler, to what wrestling means to me, it's more like kiss and kissed, the makeup days and that kind of time. HMM. And that's a good question, because when I got into the WWF and I got a wrestling I also started watching the wtbs stuff in the Saturday afternoon so and that's when Rick Clair and the four horsemen and you know that whole dusty Rhodes, Magnum ta, those those guys got into my life too. But I got out of it eighty nine because it just got too stupid. He retired. Well,...

...he turned her belt watching it, sold all your swag. It just was not in my wheelhouse at all at that time at plus I was filming shows. So when I got back into it, I think it was just channel flipping one time and I think I was on TNT and I was watching WCW, watching Kevin Nash Throw Ray mysterio junior into the side of a fucking trailer head. I for hurts and I was like, Whoa, mysterio was awesome. What's gonna Happen here? And Yeah, and then it hook me. It hit me again. That was like ninety five. I think that's yeah, that was a good angle, for sure. There was. Also, it's a weird thing, like when you find out somebody has the same birthday as you, you say, you instantly think there's some universal cosmic connection, like wow, we probably think the same way about similar things. Right. Her undertaker is for me. So I'm like, Oh, yeah, cool, because he kind of spans a little bit of both generations and he's fucking iconic, you know. Yeah, I never left undertakers matches until he started doing Helen's cell. I always thought his slow way of doing it was just yeah, no, he no fucking act, but his persona was one of the betters. But yeah, I like the high flight. Even Shawn Michael is probably one of my favorites of all time because he was like not or big dude. Well, I mean the hardies are kind of new, but they were too. Yeah, say, they were kind of the same. In the same they're like the twosome, the duo of Shawn Mike. I'm thinking of like the s two with like jake the snake and starts water and it's fucking ultimately, or your and stuff. Yeah, I hated started slaughter. I thought he was stupid, but he was the awesome heel. He was the guy we're supposed to hate, but just the guy that barked like pro you as a sleep in the hill, though he was marketed as a good guy. Yeah, well, we were punk rockers back then, so we thought anything that was pro USA was fun. Fuck us a fuck this, you know. I mean because you're punk rocker. He basically, if you're poor or a punk rocker or a black guy, whatever, you the government really doesn't do anything. You're like, what the fuck is the government evenfore, this place sucks. So I said to be like, Dude, what's that? Should fucking pull up the exploited. Fuck the USA. You've just started talking about punk rock. I got punk rock on my list. I didn't know you. Yeah, I thought I had the exploited on here. Oh yeah, we'll hit all that for sure. You know who's the goat and wrestling was mcfoley. Yeah, make folly. I do like Nikol. You think he's a goat. Huh, he's just the whole mankind and fucking that did be, dude and Shit, as funny as fun or just like you. You're like what you do. Yeah, yeah, Eugene. Well, the other cool thing was when I got back into it ninety five and I started watching the money night wars. I also got into ECW, and that's that kind of go because I had satellite so I could get the, you know, various sports channels that carried it. You like, let's try it. Doesn't let's try rob yeah, let's try rob but like upgrade it with Harb wire, fire and Shit. Yeah, well, let's stops about you. is what influenced wwe to that attitude era. If it wasn't prettycyw, that wouldn't have happened. Didn't they use ECW as a farm club at some point? Effectively, like, not officially, but I mean like, Oh, you're good, will take you. Thank you. What about thing? What do you feelings on sting? It really had a lot to do. I get this thing in a minute. It really had a lot to do with the fact that Paul Hayman, you know faully dangerously, is a mastermind, but not a great business man. I would send Evans finding man just got. Okay, it looks like agents did. Yeah, he's like. I'm thinking Vincent Ma and just kind of all right, let's split it into a like a higher intense one, because people are losing interests of like the story and stuff. If they want to see a wrestling they want to see like action and Shit. So it's just do fake like choreography or like stunts, almost like for movie sets, like let's yeah, Roman fires, yeah, and pretty much up the antie. It's all visual. It's all the money comes from TV, like well, I don't know, do you think they're like the music industry used to be, where all the money was ticket sales? Talk. Yeah, Dude, so many people go to those things. I've been to like two of them. There's like so many just and then that's super cheap. They're like start at twenty five bucks up to about seventy five for really close to heave at twenty five. Dude, if you could do nosebleeds, I think those are fifty minimum. Wow. Yeah, it's got that shit wrapped up now. Yeah, we used to go a lot in the s. Then I, like I said, and then I stopped, you know, watching it and then I got back into it and started going to the WCW and WWF stuff. I went to like a good raw at Davis in like nine s seven, I think. Yeah, I think I went with Tony Rod connection. I remember under the RAW. It's somewhere in my Sacramento or son. Yeah, I've seen ARCO ARENA, Coliseum, San Jose, Kyle Palace. I've every good one at the Montgomery rewards theater. No, I heard about it. Yeah, that was a trip. I don't know how I ended up there. But where the big don't theater was a plies a hill day staff, like a little...

...rinkydink ons, like do it yourself fan concerts, but do it yourself wrestling. And they had an actual fucking wrestling tarp whatever, that ring set up and a bad guy and good guys and all the roles were acted out. That heels doing this shit, the good guys coming back. Everyone seemed to know who the bad guys and good guys were. There buy a t shirt. It was the whole thing was quite seen. I'm dueling press. What year was this? Was this the S, like early s or someone I knew you like I think it won't. The time we were in school together. HMM. Well, okay, that was the time when I wasn't in a wrestling at all those yeah, like, no, I wasn't either. Effect I think it might have been somebody from school that offered to bring me over. There are really that showed it to me. I'm like, Oh, this so weird shit, I don't know this existed. Dude. If you think about it right now, fucking wrestling is so America. It's so America. It fits this conversation right now. Shallow, fake, scripted, ha ha ha. Let's see, fun to watch, drama, but yeah, try and watch it now. It's unwatchable. It is it's how it's shot, how it's presented. It's just it does. It does not have a feel at all. It's very structured and homogenized. Yeah, they got them robotic camera arms like preset to their same movements. Eat Show, kind of like a metallica show where the bombs go off, like you got to be on your mark or you will get blown up. So the wrestlers like it up. You got to hit your mark. Here. Here's the music. Make sure it walk fourteen steps and cut left, and then the explosions will go off here. I don't think it's quite that scripted, but pretty close. Well, have you heard that during the pandemic they've been doing empty arena matches? Yeah, I've heard this too about football and basketball as well. And all you hear is, uh it literally did scern did it best, because let's do this contest and it's all audio. It's like, is a gay guys fucking? Where is it wrestlers? Because what it was? It you hear this Huh Ah Ah Ah, that's funny. He's like, is that wrestling or two gay guys fucking? And Hmm, the fucking, but the people are just like, Robin, what do you think it is? I think those are wrestlers. I had dude, they had a I mean they had some funny ass audio and it just rips me out when they interview Richard and Jed and they talked about they find watching gay porn hilarious. Okay, yeah, that's what I that's what I said too. I'm like, Dude, if you're watching a porn period, something's nervous laughter, like maybe weren't gay together. Well, yeah, Robin says it all the time. She Goes Oh, Richard's gay. You just won't fucking admit it. I Trust Robin's judgment over all of them. Oh, I do too. Robin is actually the sharpest person on the fucking Yep, Yep, Yep, but by a distance. So it sounds to me like we've passed over a few songs that I was just played on through. It's kipkoe. Now we're up to a living in America. But what? What did we missed the last well, before that, we heard the kids in America by Kim Wild from the S. where the kids in America? WHOA BE FOR? That was team America. Fuck, yeah, from that. Okay, that was from a band called sixty six Samus, because it you can't really find the official team America on Apple Music. For whatever we so sixty six SAM has had a pretty decent version of it. Well, it is a song written and performed by Trey Parker in the movie. Yeah, these emingly mate. Check it out real quick again. It's quick. So on. Plus, I like it. Fuck this total key shoot. All right, cracker, no, I'm not going to do the intro. Just it. Fo Bowles, chick pop, button suck. It's awesome. Yeah, man, wonder how their new season's going to be? I hope it sucks. Why they sell out to God Damn Hbo. Why are we so poor that we've Beenk HBO's is same. Well, what I recall, it is mainly there old stuff and the new stuff is still going to air on comedy central. It...

...makes sense. Yeah, it will plus been on wherever, Hulu forever. Yeah, that was due. They've been doing licensing deals. Just made breaking money off that fucking show. My God, still good fire. They could tire think everything they got. Fuck you money, for sure. Who drove down the road the other day came across a big old water tank in the town called more, Oklahoma, said home of Toby Keating. They're proud of this motherfucker down here. To you, that's yeah, this guy, he ain't prejudice, he's just made in America. Fire Cracker. fucking give them no fucking Jesus punk rock. That's why I cracked, because this is the bright lights of America where they sell souls by anti flags. Taking a bomb rit one moment please. Sometimes I always have issues with anti flag because they're two upbeat sounded. Their lyrics are very harsh, rough, anti establishment annarchist kind of lyrics, but they're so upbeat about it. They're always all the time. I'm like, you guys are just delibering happiness, but there's little subversion underneath. Well, isn't this the band where the singer transition? I don't know, I'd heard of this. Tell me more. I think he did. I think it's anti Fla. It's one of them anti something bands. Yeah, yeah, he's transition into a woman, not a dog like. Nah, it wasn't a she going to a he, it was a sheet. IS WE DOPE? If you could have like transitional powers like today, I'd like to be a bamboo plants. Oh, that kind of transition, any kinds? Why just from man to woman, to woman to man? Why not be able to transition to would like to be a robot. I'd like to be that table right now. That's plants. there. It is your transition. No, finger at the butt. Did you get it? She get a finger up the back. What are you doing over there? Okay, move on. Oh, yeah, you know this song. Not yet, it sounds flare. All right, I'm like a this fucking song. This is a deep cut. Don't tell me yet. What is the things I want to see if you can guess it too. I get my wrong. Buzzer Ready, Sur Nice. I'm loud too. I think I know that. I'm confusing it with those like foreigner. They would, they would tour together, for sure. It's sticks. It is sticks, this America Great Song. Yeah, there you go, like the guitar rap,...

...that down Home Funky Groove, little sixteen notes on the high at seven stick and you get fuck them up that disco fucking you like it? Yeah, it's cool, it's not bad. I could tolerate. I'm ready to move on. It's about it. I'll go start for I feel like we got a box of chocolates and we're just taking a bite of each one's like yeah, that's pretty good. Yes, try another one. You know, James Blunt much or a firecracker on the James Blunt one already Gary, and I don't even get to hear it at all. Yeah, I call it. Let me occur. I was gonna say at least it's classic beauty. Oh yeah, it's started off that way. See it. Happy Freedom Day, fuckers, little round her parts light up a lot of fireworks yet. Oh Yeah, yesterday it was gnarly then it's heart of thunder and dude, last night the lightning was so intense you could stand outside. There was way more lightning strikes per minute. Then the any fireworks show is near constant. I'm like, I've never seen anything like this. Boors picture. I guess it's like eighty five today and hot and dry. Dude, you're in Tornado Alley. Man, you're going to have beautiful, amazing weather. Dude, mix that's the couple good shots. It's like straight up lightning bolts just standing out the front door yesterday. Now, do you guys live in an apartment? Yeah, kind of like a common apartment, like a newer apartment, a spacious winker. Yeah, you've got space, no one room, but it's like nine. I was almost a thousand feet. So tell me about the fuck the fourth situation over there. What how came people have become so disenfranchised with freedom and independence? I don't have the answers to that out. It's weird to me. I mean, I get it be an anti flag and anti fucking white people with guns. He'll billies and country music. I get all that, but like, don't don't people understanding? This is the only holiday we have to celebrate freedom and whatever form it is. What it boils down to is people are bored, they're fed up and they just want to, I guess, create a new thing away from the old ways. You know what I mean? Well, that's totally understandable, I but that's what yeah, the problem is you have to present the newer, better vision. You're not going to attract people away from what exists. Well then they've never going to change things. You have to show a people are newer, better way. Otherwise, if you just say no, fuck your old ways, well, that's not going to change anything. You also don't like your percent right, Johnny. You also got to keep in mind that these movements that are out there are not that well organized, as least subverted by the government to the government gets inside all of the movements and waters and down. Okay, then, I guess you could say that. I think people just do not want to be controlled anymore. I have this is the nature of freedom, exactly, and this is a holiday all about freedom. So why are people saying fuck the fourth you don't want freedom, whatever, whatever freedom...

...means? It that way. I think they look at it as a white little thing. So that's how they look at it. They just think it's like an imposition, like, oh, it's just the day we're supposed to buy a fucking red white and blue party supplies. Yeah, I agree that. Fuck that, but that's not I mean, why would you use your freedom for that? We can use our freedom for anything. Well, again, you're asking questions I can't give you any answers to but God damn you shut up. I'm most of the Miley Cyrus for a second, fire doctor. Fuck that used up your fire crackers for the minute. Ja, Ja. I hate pop music and stand it. It's just so the you have a limited musical palate in that sense. No, sorry, Miley. What about? What about it? ARY does not eat fast food. Mine is so fucking wide. It just does not include pop. No POPs, pop US fast food. Basically, I like you don't. You don't like McDonald's. I like to know why, though. Like why. I want to know the duck it's season so really produced but contrived. You think it is just made just four hits just for listening instead of like not a heart felt, scientifically make his hatcheats. And the yeah, and the conspiracy is they hug over at a frequency that you know caters to that type of listener exactly, and I call it. I call it the that's not a friend Parsing, by the way. That's a that's a fact. I know this. Companies that you software the too, specifically, that to look for certain frequency tonal ranges, speed pitting and all that stuff. That's why a lot of radio does sound the same, even though it's like, Oh, here's a reggae song and here's a classic and here's a pop and here's a techno. It's like, well, why did it all kind of sound the same? Well, fucking does they put it through way for monitors and about that. Yeah, when you, you know, turn on our radio and you pop across a fucking pop station, you notice it's either louder, more treblier, more base and lively. It has a lively fakeness. There's the word I was looking for. Fake Pop music, to me is fake like fast food. It appears to be food and you feel sated for a second, but that's not very good for you. But it's makes money and that's why they still continue doing it. Because this happened to think the Miley Song is a que sost on. It's based on fucking capitalism and money. Yeah, word up born in the USA. Show ship the dollar, see if the dollar. What do you think of this song and what did you think of it when it first came out? I liked it. I didn't consider it pop, though I liked his Manford man saw or his song that they covered. You know, blinded by the light. But when this came out, like this spot, this is overly contrived. This is this dude. This is why I never liked Bruce Bingstein. Who had that Bruce Springstein for like twenty five years? I finally saw him in the too late where he was our midto thousand stuff like that, where he was performing old woody and Arlo Guthrie songs from the the dust bowl, and he was a great storyteller and really good performer. And now I like him. But since my first real introduction to Bruce springsteen was this Goddamn cheesy ass Jingo Song, never liked him. Like fuck that back. But now I hear him talking, I'm like, oh, he suffered sproken depress yet and he's been through it all. I'm like, I is the fucking good guy. So I feel bad for twenty five years of ignoring them. But it's his fault for making this Dumbass but that's why he wrote all those songs that have to do with the working man and the trials and tribulations and contrived. To me, it's like he's just making this shit up right and now he's a filthy rich musician from now I don't I don't hate him at all. I like him as a person. Seems like a really neat guy, even in hindsight, retroactively, I kind of like this song because the drummer rocks all good man whatever. I was never a huge fan. I respected him and then when I went and saw him live and ninety nine and filmed him, I was like, Oh shit, I see why he gott the fucking fan base, because and he's special and likes a full electric e street and is pretty fucking fool to watch. It's well, I think the other reason why I like this song a lot, dude, it's Max's snare. It's just, yeah, fuck it hits.

Yeah, it's and I think that's what kind of drew me to it because as I'm in eighty five, you know, me listening to the thrashing, Punky Crossover and all that kind of stuff, and then when you hear like that just fucking loud snare, it's like Whoa, well, who's speaking of the fight? Find Nice good whacking snares. This next song has one of my other favorite pop drummers of the S and s fucking heart hitting on the stair under this one. Both hands on the snare that's in here. And didn't it care? Kenny Airnoff? Yeah, aaronoffs, most his songs. You did get it. Heard him. Yeah, when I first heard him on the radio I was like, I like this guy, kind of cool. Yeah, I think that one, that one song, Jack and Diane. No, it was it was more of a faster, heavier one think of it. It was when he was known as John Cougar. Yeah, this is that was that ARA to. Well, when he changed to John Mellon camps, when he went a little more said to be takes serious NAT Dreamish, I guess you could say. At that time, or at sounding done with that's it. John Cougar. Yeah, not. No, a lot of respect for that guy. White the artist that it's a good song. You're out there drinking on fourth of July right now. I did. It's a happy songbody shake. That booty get up off field launch are Kenny ARADOF though, gives it the power van Dummer's Duke. When we went to see the old firm casuals on Ninth Street, What Club would be? Yeah, Oh, it's slim's, slims. Dude, there's a dude. They're pretending he was a canny arenof it's funny as fucking Shit. Ever, Dude, what? Because I'm like, like, I've been around the drums. Are just in the crowd, in the crowd dressed like him, look just like him, telling people he was him, and I'm like, I don't know, Dude. Kenny and I follow each other on social media and I'm like, I've met him in person. You're not here, Bro, and then was out by his motorcycle out front. I'm like, just because I was getting drunk as fuck, am I? So what kind of morcize is that, Bro? It's like, Oh, yeah, it's being done pretty nice. Huh. So kind of drawings you play? He's fucking started hanching questions. I don't like I have this fucker right here. It was a weirdest thing because there's like it was only a couple years ago, like grown ass man and here's another grown ass man pretending he's a famous drummer that nobody's heard of and like that's weird, dude, that's fucking weird. Don't think. I think you're enough. Does live in Marine County, though, doesn't mean the dude. It wasn't him, but I'm just saying, doesn't he live up up inn? Now? I don't know, but I wouldn't know. Yeah, okay, but I just know that that wasn't him at all, because he's I don't even remember you telling me that story. I was too drunk to remember as well. These sources remembered now in behinds. I like, fucking weird. That was a weird situation. These were the days when you were living on Brandon, right. Yeah, they took we had a lot of good times when you were on Brandon. Yeah, when if you got a place to sleep in downtown San Francisco, that that's great, especially if it's clean and bedbug free, all the better. It was also the location of where it was. It was kind of away from the city a little bit, just the bread in it. Yeah, it's like you could walk to it in ten minutes, but you just and minutes away from the edge of the shit. Yep, yeah, which is just far enough. Plus, we're like three floors up and that was just high enough off the street so you could actually had some solace when you got home, especially that distance and three stories. Like, if you're three stories up in the tenderloin, it's not far enough away. You'd need to be like ten stories up in the tenderloin be so fucking high up there that you could hear the street. You're really looking down. That's a trip. Did you the tenderloin has height restrictions of thirteen stories? I'm not surprised, but why? The homeless advocates put that in place about thirty fort years ago now to keep high rise construction people from building there. Therefore, the real estate there is...

...worth way less to developers. That's why those old buildings stay there. Okay, so that's why it's in Dk and it's never going to change of looking good. Yep, you'd have to change the law and lift the height restrictions because that's good land. People would love to build a story skyscrapers right there. You could expand all of San Francisco to make it look like a future city, like a super city of the future, but the tenderloin has a high restriction. Well, I don't know if I told you this, but I personally think that the Covid plandemic thing that's happening where it's driven so much business to people working at home, that all those empty buildings right now in the financial district, man, they otter start thinking about using those four fucking housing. Oh Yeah, dude, for sure. Well, already, we've talked about this before. It like the housing in America. There's six vacant homes for everyone homeless person. So the problem is just distribution. If we just gave every homeless person their own house and just distributed it more evenly, we would have solved that problem. The other problem is how do you train people that are homeless not to be homeless anymore, because it's a it's a mind set that trained themselves to live that way. Giving them shelter won't change it immediately, but anyway, yeah, there's plenty of expenses. They continue to beg and get some sort of little assistance in there, they will have that mindset. That that's that's that's the program had to it. Yeah, I know, that's the programming. They have to be deprogrammed into act, acting the way of society wants to help. The politics needs to be deep program yeah, all of America, we think. We don't think about that. We don't think. The first house them, then deprogram them, because nobody wants to admit that. It's a programming for a him. And now back to our regularly scheduled program on my song. Yeah, your song, fucking loves and there a Hark. You can still rock in America as long as it's at a drive in, a drive through concerts. Yeah, yeah, right, they're trying to push those. I can see that, and it's not going to work. Did you see? fucking vanilla ice got himselves some pretty publicity just to be in a Douche. Oh, he was supposed to play like some restaurant in Texas or something. Yeah, and he said, yeah, I'm going to still do it. So of course fucking social media jumps on his ass about that and they's all, Oh, no, I've decided not to, like, of course you weren't going to. And then it turns out only sold like two hundred and eighty tickets anyway. So like he's just begging for free publicity. fucking yeah, you ever Seen Night Ranger concert? Yes, why don't you know? You saw him with the county fair grounds last hum about time. Seen Him. Seen him there and seen him at conquered. See Him and conquer. That was cool. What I seen with Conkard? I saw him it. I think mountain air. Maybe. No, Nope, not that. More maybe Sacramento, though. I wait a minute, I saw them. I think I saw him in the s a conquered and I also saw them recently opening for some bigger band. Yeah, I think I saw that, like tea and tea and Striper, some kind of shit like that back in the day, late s. That kind of the show. What's that? What about it? I think I saw him with that kind of a show up the pavilion. I think it was t t and striper and night ranger. I don't think night ranger play with a striper, but I was at there. I think they supported like verry third. All the metal heads were at that striper show. So the area I remember seeing lars running around headed up flyers at that striper's show. Me's all cool oars. Yes, what? Yeah, it's weird because I liked that. Clearly it's laws like we were metal fans. We know who lars is, right, like the fuck's he doing here? That's weird, doesn't sound? And we sat behind Goddamn Jello at that same show. JELLOW BE OFFRA. Yeah, he was at the striper's show. Yes, without a do what the fuck? I yeah, it's fucked up show. Dude, striper conquered pavilion, ladies go when? Yeah, and then I'm pretty sure like the testament guys were there or exus guys, because a lot of those big hairy looking dudes were there. Yeah, it was. It was a tricky show. I thought I was in the minority on my friends going, because we had lane had a friend who was a big church going guy and he was into the whole church rock and striper and Petra, I think, was the other band. I think petro was opened. I think they're the ones that open. I think it was no that showed. loudness opened. Well, loudness definitely supported Petra might have been before loudness. Loud...

...displayed with striper at that show. Huh, it's fucking Badass. Akira Takasaki, wait a minute, Oh shit, dude, that was the unleashed in the Oh God, what's that? Saw on the MTV saw on that was just fucking a whole lear her is so that that was TNT, Dude. That was TNT loudness and striper really. Yeah, this is a great song. You picked I'm afraid of Americans, by David Bowie. Oh, I think it will. I think it. And when I first heard it I'm like, God damn you, Bowie, that is such a great song. He's so right, so excited to be afraid of Americans. Fuck yeah, so, as a society we are so fucking psychotic right now. We've always been psychotic. This is just the magnifying glass being turned off. It's exactly the pressure has been turned up. Well, especially when you hear from foreigners how Americ certain Americans act abroad. They like he fucking they're left to think they broke up there for second home. Was that last bit? They think their shit doesn't stink. The Americans to travel abroad, in other words, they they act like their pompus. They oppose their will on whoever's around them. Like fair that to get result revolved around us, for them or whatever. Yeah, and I've never been up that mindset. It's like, if I'm going to go visit a foreign country. I want to respect what's going on and learn a little bit. Yeah, Dude, I'm going. I'm going firsts I don't place. It could flag and fucking McDonald. You know all that. As long as it's a country that allows some legal cannabis consumption, I will go anywhere and Tang with anybody up that joke, and even people that don't do that. temporarily. I want to say a good chunk of Europe is now pretty open, open towards that. Yeah, that's my dream spot right now. Is Like Amsterdam. Pop on that bicycle highway. Spoke a bunch of weeds ride bicycles everywhere. Sounds so fucking great, all around the Netherlands, which is basically flat. Yeah, yeah, I've heard a lot love it sounds so great. Germany would be fun to like the the varying country. Yeah, but they're they got their problems as well. I mean, well, there's prop their pere right now. I think the problem is the Internet. We're all too hyperconnected, watching everything all the time, just doom scrolling through our devices looking for more bad shit's look at. Very true, very true. I will love to the clouds man. Look at the trees, well, you know, I don't know how bad it is there, but still around here, when you just bike around and see people just staring at their foam all the walking. That's what I don't get. And it's mainly girls more than guys, I'm noticing. HMM. And I was just like, why don't you just take your eyes away from that and just take in? Take in a tree, take in a fucking reminds me. Oh, okay, remember we grew up with answering machines right, and you basically just left it there and you did you think and then you checked it and you got back near it's like, Oh, yeah, there's the answer to it's blinking red light. But nowadays it's almost like we're bringing the answering machine with US everywhere and we're just staring at it, watching for the answering to blake a red light so we can go out. Hey, I do or whatever. It's like. Fuck, I just I want to go get a big old fashioned answer machine and just carried around with me and slit that goes off. What are you doing with that? Oh No, waiting for a message. When for a notification? Just come through, come on through. Well, you're not wrong. But I'll add the I. I think. God, I had it. Now it's gone. He's dripping. Were Smoking over there? What are you doing now? Do Nothing, it's just my brain, dude. Fuck you. What was my point I was trying to make? Yeah, I did this yesterday too, and it pissed me off, it did, in front of someone like that. SASS my train of thought. People lose a train of thought around me a lot, because that's I have a force field. It's called confusion and chaos. Was So if you got too close to me, it's like what, I was thinking of something before you fucking it's not like I do it suddenly, so I'm not really interrupting it, just like what. Can't be around you too much. You have a good plus. What's the falling conscious? Blow flow of conscious? You're good at being able to get out everything up in a concise and jo eligible manner. I guess me and Vince go way back.

Did you hear? Did you hear about his dog? No, it murdered. Someone killed his dog. Yeah, that's yeah, dude, he's someone went on my dog. When I was looking social media, Tirade, I think it's on instagram or something, and like rist in peace. My Dog. It got murdered by my neighbors and Blouse. Any even dude, it was so cryptic that you're like, Du can you make sense? It's very similar to what you just played. Just did so kill my dog and Burdo, your Jew he picked which pictures of the dog and him with the dog and his parents, and you picked Jay Rock, American Badass. Have I hear this per second? I've ever heard it all time in the prop the steal up. You remember that? Yeah, everything good. It's funny. When you brought up undertaker, I'm like, American Badass, yeah, like that something. Actually, he's bad. Was Good. He's like nugent's you know, it's like the music's good but pretty. Such a Dork out, like why must you be that way? Oh, dude, yeah, he's he's totally drinking the nugent cool aid of just defending trump but not having any type of doesn't it's like the way nugent nugent when he's spouting off his political tire. Yeah, and the way he does it is you're you're basically going, dude, you're describing what trump does, but yet he fucking black bats it away and and it says, this is what the fucking liberals are doing. It's like, Dude, oh yeah, and flexing. Yeah, we get it. We can see both sides. It's not you. Why do one so sided about it? Right, so once I was spit it out. Still. Why do one so cited for one so cited? Yeah, yeah, have you seen the undertaker documentary? It's really good. No, I saw andred the giant. That's another one we got to put on a watch list. Nick is under it is the Andreid the giant one. That's a great one. Yeah, it's really good. Ricks are pretty for th s good too. You want another wrestler documentary? I'm not asking for these. I'm not asking for these. You just give him sup like gifts. They didn't ask. I am suggesting, Dick Buck. It's like a are you like one of those demo tapes the kids headed out on the streets? You know that's a fucking obligation, kid. That a don't fucking gift. I for Dude. I've completely forgot that. He sampled sad but true, during the whole song. It's good one sounds like would be in some like mid two thousands army military movie. What we're going in for the attack. And you know there was some dumbass out there that probably heard this song before he hurts. That the true, and went like why is metallica covering kids? Ronald Right, you know there's fucking some out there like that. Oh wait, I got firecrackers to firecracker. Yep, I don't need to hear a whole fucking song. So that's fine. It's cow bell, sweet, it's pretty good, grand funk. Yeah, probably one of the best.

Can't think of any other by them. You couldn't think of being so proud of being an American fan to write a song about it. I'm not not proud of being American either, you know what I mean. It's just that I don't want look. I just am me. But you're not a what it's like. I'm not not proud to be American, but I'm like what's the big deal? Like I are American. I'm like, Whoa, okay, I'm sems bad. There's good and bad, but it's like why, why'd be so boast for pride? Pride is a SID Bool, like settle down over there with that Jingoson. Well, dude, that's similar to the way the soccer fans are you know? It's just like Brazil, Brazilian, England, whatever. So you're from, they're great. Love it. Yeah, I'm the same way too. I don't give a fuck where you're from. They are you cool? All right. Well, thanks. Stop be an asshole and be cool and we're all good. Right, stop being a Dick. What you got next? We got one more on this list of all the ones we found so far. For check this one, classic Tom Petty, Great Songs, just the guy. fucking not on my worst day. Bro. What movie does this song conjure up in your mind? It was into that come to mind to me instantly. Yes, they're there are movies that song has been in, but I cannot give you a title. So the first one is fast times, gridgemont high, where Jennifer, Jason Lee, I think, is the characters act, the actress's name, where she loses her virginity at the ball field at night and effectively gets pregnant and then she has to go have the abortion. So that night she got pregnant. They're playing this really yep. And then also the first victim we see in silence of the lambs, when she's driving her van alone before Buffalo Boga, whatever his name was. I wouldn't manages her. She's singing this to herself, the American girl. So I mean, every time I hear the song, i. e. would think fast times or sons of the lads. I think petty probably could have retired off the licensing he did of that song in movies, because I think it was in quite a few movies other than the one you're yeah, such such a easy to recognize it. It's so upbeat that I think that's why it's weird that it was using kind of Grizzly. Seeing that way, and I always thought that the weakest link in Tom Petty Band was his voice. I never really cared for his voice. Okay, let's say Tom Petty Versus Ozzy, osboe. Oh Jesus, I gotta go Azzy Clack, I gotta go Tom. It's not the best, but at least it doesn't sound strange. If you could help a city voice, just at least it should be casually shitty instead of strained and Shitty like Ozzy's. Well, are you talking Solo Asi or Ozzy? Anything Ozzy,...

...just the voice. The voice quality alone. The Sabbath stuff is just awesome. The Sabbath was a was a, but still ausey's voice was still the weak spot. That sad at the Nah. I can't I get you say it was the week spot in Sabbath Bill Board. No, there was no weak spot. Cop Out. No, there was no week spot. It's awesome's hell of the weeks. But he was weirdly end goodbye. He was towards the end, but definitely not, definitely not in the early it totally worked, especially the first record of first records. Phenomenal. Let's just dark jazz blues. I can also here real quick rare so and with your play listen every body, and so basically that whole list was long as that. Obviously had America or USA in the title and Gary Starts Wine and against like. But can it be anything? So I can include MIT Anakin, like no, what about? Don't shed at me, I can, but let's play that anyways. Fuck it, there it's come again. Very Patriotic. That was the main reason why I picked that. That's the first one that came to mind when you were talking about this, just the patriotic side of it, but you weren't super clear on it in the very beginning of just like yeah, pick something with American USA in it, like something about America. Oh, okay, with USA or America in the title. Yeah, you had to clarify it after I questioned you about it. Go look at it, go look again, go look again. Wow, wow, so bad. Yeah, because if it did not, if we didn't have such kind of rule, it could have been anything. Like it's everybody's impression of what's America. What's all about America? Like, I fucking don't know. Did you know me well enough? I'm going to songs that would if it didn't have American the title, I'd say, like, dude, it's basically singing about America. Yeah, I just it's the the topic was interesting to me because I don't really like people trying to be overtly patriotic, because those are usually the worst fucking offenders of our constitutional rights. They're like, I tend to agree with you, Yash you. They have their ideal of what America is instead of just the idea that America is free, and when they try to impose their ideal on the rest of us, I'm like fuck you. That's anti Americans me. Any kind of passions from the right or the left, I don't care. You can't tell us how to live. Don't trod on bird. You ever hear three hundred eleven to a song called don't tread on me? No, I've never heard it. Nah, Nah, Nah. Listeners METALLICA for a bit. All right, cracker. Oh Yeah, I heard this song before. That was my bomb, by the way, not on the three hundred eleven song. Yeah, yeah, I know it's legal here, listener, it's legal where Gary is too. So we're all legal and laugh. Yet we'd stores open there in California still. Oh Yeah, Oh, yeah, you'd endow and just open up Martinez Nice. What part, the industrial part by highway for and Pot Chaco over there by where the tried it studios? Is that area kind of very close? Yeah, go north, it's you. Let's see how further up up by the HP you. Yeah, you go up pot Jaco, make a left on Arnold and as you're going up the hill there's a street called, I...

...think it's sunrise something. It's in that little industrial development up there on the hill. Nice. Haven't been yet, but they'd just opened up quietly. As they said this week, progress, baby steps, mill and baby stips. Yeah, they made the patch. You familiar with that. The Patch, as it a patch that you wear that gives you cannabis. No, the website, the pass up for the yeah, yeah, yeah, they made it in that. It popped up in my new speed and I was like, Oh, oh, like they mate news into patch fucking blog. Yes, gotch gots. Yes, the well, the title was Walley Creek Native Opens dispensery and Martinez. It's like, Oh, great, on freak native. All right, very cool, very cool, but I saw the pictures of it. Looks Nice. Would check it out there. I will when I need weat what was that? All Rock and you said they had the America Song. What was the name of the band? Circle Jerks? WAS THE CIRCLE JERKS? Was that are you? Did we talk about it in text now, where I think we might talked about earlier on the show. We just haven't played it because I didn't pull it up on a list. Oh the fuck us a right, exploited, exploited. Let's see. Let's see search, fuck up some commas, fuck everybody, to exploited. I just got to go from probably find exploited X. Yeah, they probably have some sensoring bullshit where, if you want to put the fuck the US and they'll see fell that sort of different to you know what I means. So some of them have f Astros asters in their songs. Some of them don't put that in. So you kind of have to know how the artist specified the word fuck. Yeah, hit, this one is a capital f Astros astris k the I mean comma, not Comma's Aposto parenthesis. So stupid. Due for are go. This is all for my friends. Hey Nick, what up, dude? This is all for my friends, that listener that came from the Sacramento area, my skate pump buddies. It's a mosh pitchure. Well, some it's really upbeat. It's got a great cantchie beat there, buddy, fucking awesome. Excuse me, did he say all they want is money, money, money, capitalist pigs. Hey, new idea. Find Fuck the USA, find songs that slander the USA. Chance be hard, my friends. I don't know, man. There's not a lot out there. This, this was the fallsiest of all of them, especially back in those days, because this came out like early S. that's all about the whole of us. There's one. Let's try this. The US. I don't like to use the word US interest. That's why I wish some other critics friends of ours, would stop saying we go into this country, we go into that country, we do this and we do that, and I'm withly. We don't do anything. They do it to us. We are part of the victims, we're not part of the victimizers. Holy,...

...holy, it was that. That was a song called Fuck America by Choking Victor on the record called no gods, no managers. While ninety nine. I remember the name of that Fan. I never heard their music till now. Let's check up the taxpayers. Fuck America always exactly like this, every year, exactly this time. I went outside swallow. I kind of like it looks like snow. Exactly like this every time I get off the place. I hate religion. I don't blame the story. We called it America by no effects. How about this interesting fuck the USA? What are they? Who's got well, let you guess, Bro Right, se again, it's Mike Patton, isn't Mr Bungle? Yeah, that's Mr Bungle. Yeah, it's from this year. It's a single, says single. Two Thousand and twenty simply called us a yeah, yeah, that's thembarno. It's pretty tight. You Got Patten Bark looks gotty. It's a good find, right there, Bro Yeah, dude, right, t hold on, that's...

...the Mike Pattnsh right there. Totally love it. Wow, no effected to kind of Anti American songs. It was Commons anti, I should say, anti government. Franco, an American. Franco, an American. No effects. War On the EK, war on errorism, the problem. I like it. Cool little ditty from no fax, Free American Shit. I found a top twenty punk songs about America. Oh Yeah, Y, what a TSLS got one Americans, something, American. Yeah, I think it's just called American. American. It's just called American. You got one called Americans. Weird. Let's go this. Americans have some fun, man, that's refreshing. It's good, dudes, very refreshing. I haven't listening to us. Maybe, Dude. Seek out a lot of their s ones, because they're all different. They're all really good records just out of the blue. Let me see if they got this one, because this is one of my favorite weird songs from them, like cooke blue, the punk stuff, or more along the lines of what we just heard, more like this bad dade to come again. This is Tso well. Oh yeah, wow, eighty four here, eighty four from change today. Yeah, that's under it the record. It's my favorite song off the records. Words in my throat there. I just can't see. Please don't. It's a cold little jam.

Nice, Nice, Huh? Really stood out to me because that was back when I was listening to the violent fams, another you know, things that were punk rock by attitude but not by sounds. You know how to talk. And what's that? I said, it fits right in. Yeah, right, I mean, because it definitely has a punk vibe, like we don't give a fuck what you think we're playing, but it's all the Musa it it, but had more of a new wave swing. Yeah, the residents were like that to me as well. Not, you know it. Who was that? The places? I was about to say. The residents are a band. I have never heard one lift of the song. Yet they're one of the most mysterious type fans out there. Know that I missed the miss the residence of the guys to the eyeballs on their heads. Right, yeah, yeah, those dudes. I saw a documentary about them and I just fucking weird man they also from Shreeve Port and then moved to SF just because they were too weird for Streeve port and they fit right in the SF yeah, joined the art community, but anyway, I think it was the replacements. I was thinking of her some stuff like that. Anyway, good times, those old these songs from the mid of the s were punk rock started exploring different Shit. That wasn't necessarily hard right. And you know what, I commend you for being open minded to listen to it, because me, on the other hand, I was so close minded in those days that, yeah, I wanted to hear just rash that that's just what my mind wanted, and veering off the stuff like that just didn't happen until way later years when I was like, yeah, I kind of like this stuff. Now I I've actually been going through listening to more music of bands that I hate it back then and revisited them to see if I still do. You know, it minds me there. It minds me of one good artist. It's probably a good way to and this show on this episode, because find it's it matches both of those because I was never a big Jimmy Hend thats paying right, because just noisy to me, but then I don't know. Now is a more mature person that smokes a lot of Potam like, Oh yeah, that's really interesting. I don't and Hendricks rules and there's certain records, though, to get, and I would say the band of Gypsy's his best. Of course, the Star spangled banner, which of course didn't make my cut because it doesn't actually say America or USA. But this is a great song for the fourth of July, especially the way he fucking tears it up, man, and he it went. Yeah, I is so ridiculous. Who State? I love it. What more, I want you to look up which one I believe it or not, by it see Francisco Band. You ever heard of Christ on parade? I think so. They're called skate skate cor kind of band. The Song's called America the myth. Let's see if you can find that. Okay, I'm just curious to see... fucking heavy thrashy this is. It did you hear when he played that Star spangled banner? He did that in the morning. Did he at Theah Woodstock version? Yeah, Yep. Now they have Christ on Paray but not that particular song. Okay, Jimmy Hendricks trying to do johnny be good and didn't awful convert Judas priest did of that song. fucking kidding me? I love that cover. No, you don't. Oh yeah, I do, and I love that movie johnny be good that they wrote it for with. God Damn, you're a lion sack. I have that on my playlist, Dude. I could tell on your fucking smile, on you half that Al my play listly full it right up because it was the with Anthony Michael Hall and I love that movie. When it came out it sounds fucking like that. That got that Turribo Lover Sound before turbo lover came out. There aren't too many my nuse. I do. We gotta get some food. That's about seven o'clock here, so we don't go about to say the same thing. Maybe enjoy some fireworks and whatnot in America. MURCA nonexistent here. Independence Day, independent cans on all the fucking dustables here. You fucking Freedom Day baby. Very want to last question, one last answer. Between Barbecue pub of Pino, salt and vinegar or regular kind of quick chips with your favorite it's on vinegar. That's what. That is the right answer, sir. Those are the best ones, and I'd say barbecue is second. If you got a wind cone near you, you got a good brand. Achieve M. There's windcos Pittsburgh Gary. Don't go to call. Yeah, there's a cross groom kind of like that was just a food MACs on mine. You make carries same overcast stuff I need anyways, but I go by my chips over trader Joe's. I like, Huh, see, you ever had arms on fish from there gary? Now they're kind of hard to feel. They're fucking fire. They're just like yeah, really thin little bread. I don't know if you can see anything, like you know about the size of Pu a fat cigar, but about a quarter inch big, a little tiny piece of bread with about a quarter inch of farmer zone baked on at the top. So fucking they're so they're so addicting and they're humble, but they're kind of expensive and it's like five dollars a little bag, a trader Joe's bag, and slangle one person. That's a person's size bag. Like there's only like ten, ten stack deep of the if you like carved treats like that, you're inder that and ginerally did does a shot. I'm never really been a Parmesan cheese guy on my snacks. He neither really. I was just like I got fatted as a kid. Well, when you're living with Johnny, who loves those, I'm not surprised. Hey, no instructions for how... raise kids? No, but when you're the father and you're eating these things in front of the children's you you give him some. Yeah, I know that's true. That's that's why you always makes, I mean cheese and crackers, totally different. All I can do that, but now I never, never thought about doing chips and the Parmesan flavor on it. All right, man, enjoy yourself as good talking to and we'll hook up soon. Rock and roll man, okay, dude, yeah, right, arm man, happy Fourth of Judi Gang. See you guys later due. Thanks for subscribing to the Lilli pod. Learn more at Lily Studioscom.

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