I Hear Music in Running Water: Is Oxytocin a Cure for Tinnitus?


I’m talking about ringing in the ears today. It’s a condition called tinnitus that starts as some kind of physical damage to the hearing mechanism, then trains the brain to continually recreate the ringing sensation, even after the original ear canal damage is healed ... making it a mental disorder.

2nd Lockdown … If you would have worn your masks the first time, we wouldn’t have a 2nd lockdown
Tinnitus: Part 1
Hearing Music in Running Water
3:00 (Digression)
Electronic Harassment
Color Harassment
Targeted Individuals
Paranoid Schizophrenia
7:00 Tinnitus: Part 2
9:20 Meet Oxytocin: The Cuddle Hormone
12:30 Is the ringing in my hears because I don’t feel loved?

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Episode · 2 months ago

The Pandemic Needed Better Messaging | All About The SafetyNet App
I rant a little on the ill-conceived, poorly-planned, and wildly disorganized messaging of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Then, I explain what I learned about nets in general, safety nets in particular, and an app I discovered called SafetyNet.

—Pandemic Crowd Compliance Needs Kinder, Smarter Messaging
— Curfews squeeze bigger crowds into shorter hours. Why?
— I discovered the SafetyNet app; All about ropes and reliable nodes

Episode · 2 months ago

John Emotions talks with Christian Lovrecich at PixlFeed Radio
Christian had me on his radio show and we talk about how I started the Emo Dojo project, and how having more open conversation about mental health will help everyone over time. This is a short segment of a longer conversation you can watch, here:

Episode · 2 months ago

The Lost Legacy of Wilhelm Reich and The Brain-Zapper Device I'm Testing
I talk a little bit about one of my favorite, controversial scientists that history has largely forgotten; Wilhelm Reich ... discoverer of Orgone. Also, I'm trying out the TDCS device tonight after the show. I want to find out where undiscovered greatness meets pseudo-science.

Episode · 2 months ago

I'm feeling especially lonely and misunderstood today.
I'm feeling especially lonely and misunderstood today.