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Episode · 4 years ago

I'm upping my standards ... Up yours!


Bipolar Style Episodes 23 and 24 are up ... on the NEW RSS feed! Not this one. I changed podcasting hosts to accommodate the new shows we're working on. Instead of deleting the shows in this feed you're subscribed to, I left them up for awhile. For all the new episodes, please subscribe to the other Bipolar Style in iTunes.

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It's only head and now it's online and Bible, this stylecom yes, John Emotions with Bible, that style. Hey, what's up? It's johnny emotions and this is the old bipolar style RSS feed. So if you are looking for actual new episodes of bipolar style, go back out into itunes and look for the other bipolar style. Basically, I changed hosting companies and I did not want to delete all the old episodes. So if New People with, you know, newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder, wanted to listen to those, I just left them up. But moving forward, because I changed podcasting hosts, there's another feed with bipolar style. It's got the old episodes. It's also got the new ones, like episode twenty three and twenty four that are brand new. You haven't heard those and this is not the new bipolar style episode you're listening to. This is just me telling you to go subscribe to...

...that other channel. All Cool, all right, and if you would, while you're over there, maybe you can leave a review. That would be awesome because there are a lot of people that can read the reviews but don't quite have the podcasting software downloaded. They're not sure if they want to get into podcasting or whatnot, but if they read some nice reviews from people like you, maybe that might prompt them to take that next step and start listening and maybe join us at bipolar Partycom you know, something like that. All right, so I appreciate you. I'm sorry for the the technical change, but, you know, to grow the show bigger, I just needed a better host to fulfill the needs that I'm working on right now, and so I've done that. There's a new RSS feed and new feed for bipolar style. Go subscribe to it. This one will stay up for a while, but anyway, if you want new content, check that out all right, by subtle cheese and by following on twitter. Joys, excuse me, as...

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