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Let them grieve the loss of their sh*tty little brat. It's still grief.


Day 10 in a row — I'm starting to get the hang of things. On today's show I get into stuff like:

We’re changing the podcast intro
I need a description for the show
Can you please review this podcast?
Women have sex as their advantage, Men have violence
Wanna see my balls?
Let Trump supporters grieve in peace, without mocking them
I don’t display a gradient in my emotions to others; I only show them “fine” until it’s not
I support underdogs, and people who have suffered loss regardless if the loss was an asshole
Trump is a shitty child running amok in Walmart, and the GOP are his parents

It makes little noise, drums go, and now I can talk. I have a podcast, I have a voice. It's up johnny emotions. It's Tuesday, November seventeen. Oh, so it turns out I've been doing this whole podcast thing wrong, the whole intro, the ads, youtube videos as a whole thing. I'm just so, I've been doing my research. I'm going to change the way we do the podcast intro. So Ready, let me prepare myself and give it a shot. You Go, eat your boy. Go ahead and smash that like button, hit subscribe and make sure you ring that bell. Subscribe to our newsletter. Follow on on Facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin my space, Tumbler, pinterest and check out our new merchandise and give us free money over there each month on Patreon. After the bump, we'll talk about bullet point one, bullet point two and how you...

...can use these bullet points to achieve X. it's podcast title for today's date. Have you heard about mattresses? Here's an APP for one you can't afford after the trial period and welcome our newer sponsors. Build your own website that nobody will visit and prepackaged meal service to prepare you for when you're old. And now back to that asshole. He's so stupid. See, it's that way, way better. I love it, man. It's funny when you do well, okay, here's. Here's what got meal stuck on this, and I'm trying not to get down on myself for it, because there's no reason to, but I do. I do that anyway. I was I'm trying to think of like, what do I put in the description for this...

...podcast? It should say something, but I don't even know, like what a common theme I talk about is. I just feel like I'm talking about Shit I'm into. That's a horrible title for a PODCAST, though. John Talks about shit he's into. Doesn't sound right, even if you change shit the things. Sounds kind of boring. I don't know. Can you help? So I thought, here, do this. So I went to look through the what do you call it? The reviews? Yeah, reviews, like not the click star part, but the actual written reviews on Apple, and I thought I might be able to discern something from there and I couldn't really discern anything from there that like fit. That's what got me thinking about reviews and how like crazy, weird fucking idiots get tons of reviews and likes and things like that on Youtube, and that's where I just came up.

...that the common thread there's like the common thing. They all they all say the same shit, but I'm like that that can't be what's working. HMM. And you hear that what's I work in marketing. I hear it a lot and I even if you don't work in a marketing you might hear this whole thing about authenticity and being genuine and that's what makes people likable and popular. And I don't I don't think that's necessarily true. I think it's about half true. I think others want to see positivity. So if you're genuinely positive and authentically upbeat, for sure you'll get a lot of clicks. If you are genuinely a Downer and down beat about it, like most of the time, if that's your general m then yeah, you're probably not going to get a lot of cliques. However, there's a caveat to that. It... if you're a hot chick or a basic chick or a dude. The dudes are a whole separate category. Dudes get no play in this and the thing with the hot chicks. Those everybody finds some chick hot, so every chick is caught really right, and chicks have that advantage in the grand scheme of the world, in the animal kingdom that humans belong, it feels like to me, women have a sex as their main tool or weapon. Men have violence. It sounds it's very crude and a very oversimplified and whatnot, not dismissing any of the other contributions of that. Everybody can be both. I get it just generally speaking, because on the Internet sex is not one thing. Men have to get reviews. We show our cleavage, nobody cares. You want to see my balls? Nobody. Nobody cares. Like there's a false equivalency between breasts and balls testicles, and nobody wants to see the...

...fucking hairy old ball sac or even a smooth ball sac. Maybe some people do, I don't know. It's not a thing, but you probably get band off of twitch for it. Yeah, there's an indefinitely an advantage there and if you have it, depending on what spectrum of the gender you fall you know, it's up to you personally whether you want to use your advantage for evil or for good or whatever. So I'm not like knocking people who use sex as as a key to get more viewers or subscription or likes, just something I noticed when I was looking at how reviews and clicks and likes happened generally. That said, I'm going back to the original point. I don't know what to describe this show as. If you can help, and you can do it by way of leaving a review somewhere, probably itunes to be the best. It's a little complex to get in there, but it would be helpful and tell me what you I don't know what should I call...

...the fuck? Not Call the show, but like how would I describe it in like two or three sentences? It's tough, but I can use your help. So, as you may know, if you've been listening, I am in the middle of America. I'm used to being on a coast, California or Louisiana. Now I'm in the middle, which actually doesn't really matter where I am as far as the topography goes. I like Oklahoma. It's really cool. Lots of lakes, let's tree, lots of freedom, lots of liberty and that sort of thing. Also, however, lots of Donald Trump supporters one of which I am not. I'm just not a supporter of government. I'm like an anarchist. I'm not like an anarchist, I am an anarchist with a lowercase hey. I don't believe in God's or rulers, and to me, an authoritarian is the worst of all. Now, I think authoritarians coming all different shapes and colors and stripes. However, when they're...

...fucking buffoons and idiots and clowns, on top of it, it's especially embarrassing for the country as well. And now there's quarter million dead people because the Jackass didn't take any action when he could have and should have. I could go on and on. I I'm a protester, like I'm one of those people who protest in the streets. I don't get myself arrested, I don't destroy things. I don't disapprove of people who destroy things. If they destroyed my things, I'd be pissed, but I would get it, I would understand and definitely not violent toward other human beings. But I am a human and I tend to be pretty compassionate. I'm an Asshole, for sure. I mean that's just kind of I'm an abrupt person. I have a low tolerance for stupidity and very little patients as far as timing, just waiting time goes, and I have this weird thing where my emotions don't evolve publicly on... face. As I'm getting more impatient, it'll go from looking like he's happy'd all of a sudden, to somebody else that will appear that I have snapped, whereas that snap might have taken three hours or three weeks or three days or whatever it takes for me to snap. I kind of have a bad tell where I just I'm completely nice and normal looking and it all of a sudden they think I snapped and I'm like, wait a second, compare what made me snap and how much time it took me to snap compared to the average person. The thing is, they don't see my gradient, my emotions don't you don't see them slightly getting worse and worse and worse or more intense or whatever. They just they're here and then they're POW. But I tried very hard not to direct that anger to my fellow human beings. Politicians aside, I don't consider them. Once you become an elected official, your fair game. In my mind, if you're a performer or entertainer or anything... that, you have the choice to be that. You could back away from the limelight or if it gets too hot, you don't like nobody owes you a safe ride into fame, let alone a continued riding its success in a public spotlight. So you could always step back. But you know, I'm always there for the underdog and I feel compassionate for people who lose, like the losers in a baseball game or any kind of I don't know. We apply for a job, or are you trying to do a thing? Or you jump your bike over three kids and well, you know, whatever you're trying to do, if you can't get it done, there's that. That's that thing that just lost, and I feel bad for it to even more intense degree it. There's a issue of loss that pertains more like to grief. This is where it gets into the trump thing. Now, stay with me here for a minute. It's kind of a convoluted metaphor or a analogy, I guess, but I think it will help us work together,...

...right, not me and you, but US versus the crazies who continually support trump. This is how I feel. So I've always thought that trump was like a fucking spoiled rotten kid, one of those kids you see running rampant through a Walmart and his parents just don't care. They think it's cute, and in this case his parents being the Republican Party, the geop. So the geop are Donald Trump's parents. And we've got this crazy little maniacal kid running all crazy through Walmart, stealing money out of people's purses, running over to the pharmacy and screwing up people's prescription and just, you know, sabotaging the whole store, just making a mess of it, and these parents think it's all. It's so cute. And you know the mom over there sues and she's like, oh, but you know, yeah, he's Dad List lets him do it at home. So I don't want to cross his dad. And you know is dad, Mitch, is like, Oh, yeah,...'s not a big deal. So big deal, I got other things to worry about. I'm busy on some other stuff over here, and so you got this problem. Okay, now, that's a shitty family, right. However, what happens if that shitty little kid, through his own mistake while in the store, fucking it up, knocks over some shelves and crushes himself, Gig literally kills himself. Are you going to tell me you don't have any compassion for the parents even, let alone the secondary and third tiers of people that knew the kid or the parents? You don't have any compassion for those people? Now we all engage it. We all kind of even enable people like that in our own lives. This is just on a broader picture. So all I'm saying is that, you know, if that was the shitty family, they're grieving. That's what I'm saying. They're grieving. So while the friends and family of this Shitty kid are grieving, I think...'s fair that we let that grieve however they want. That's the crazy thing about grief is that nobody is doing it right or wrong. You just do it. Do you cry? Did you cry Enough? Are I mean? Did you get it out? Are you holding it in? What if it is, it's hard to say. You know, I still don't do it right. I've lost people close to me and I don't think I grieved right. I'm not sure if there's a way. You know, I did the best I could. Still doing it. It's been years. It's only been a couple of weeks since the election. It's only even been a week and a half or so since it's been pretty much confirmed that their guy lost another but so that's still a huge loss in their life. That was their guy. I don't care if they're guys a fucking asshole, which he was, he's not the one that is experiencing that kind of loss. Any loss he experiences he can feel. I hope he feels at all multiple times. But...

...these other folks, they lost an idea, they it's I don't even know how to explain it. Without it. If somebody, if you've experienced lost loss, then you know what that feels like and then you, I think, might have some empathy with how trump supporters might feel right now. So I don't want to spend too much time on this and I've got to go make some Tacos, but I appreciate you listening. It's nice to be heard and we'll talk tomorrow. And now back to the wall.

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