Live from Emo Dojo
Live from Emo Dojo

Episode · 1 month ago

Marci Delmastro | bPolarArt


John talks with outsider artist Marci Delmastro | bPolarArt about bipolar disorder and discovering NFTs.

Topics include …

  • Selling her very first NFT the same day she minted it
  • “I can’t draw”
  • Giving up drawing
  • Poetry makes her manic
  • Outsider art movement
  • Manic vs. depressive art
  • Rejection Sensitivity Disorder
  • Getting the whole body into art
  • Various art mediums
  • Emo Dojo and The Bouba/kiki effect
  • Poetry as NFTs
  • Developing a Twitter persona

Marci can be reached through her Twitter bPolarArt account @marci_delmastro

Marci's NFTs can be purchased at

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