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Episode 129 · 3 months ago

Meet "Regular G" (formerly known as "G-Shock")


John Emotions talks to longtime, regular guest, G-Shock, who wants to stop being shocking(?!?)

So, John rechristens G-Shock as "Regular G," who then goes on to explain the subtle nuances he sees with the various N-words

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And now, back to the wall.

What's up friends, it's a me, a johnny emotions. How you do it? I've been stressed out and troubled. I just didn't want to share it because you can't really help and some of these things you just have to figure out yourself in life. And then I got a text from my buddy g shock and he was going through some troubles as well. So, you know, as a friend and a brother, you know you kind of got to do your thing and sometimes if you help others and just listen to them, tends to make your own problems fade off in the back. Not that anyone's problems are more important than the others, it just, you know, thinking about something else other than your own problems, including me somebody else's, sometimes makes you both feel better. So if you have a friend that ever wants to just talk and be heard, get something off their shoulders, try listening to them. So anyway, yeah, we had a cool conversation. He was basically, you know, somewhat rejected because, you know, dating things, let's put it that way. And I was parents, you know, he's been on the show before. He is dealing with his mother, recently passed and his dad recently fell and hurt himself. So you know, we're grown ups, but it's still we have responsibilities like our parents when they're ailing, and I'm no doubt that is stressed in him out. So anyway, I said, yeah, let's talk and ask them if you minded if we recorded the conversation in case sounded like a podcast. And you know when I tell them that, he talks like it's a podcast. So of course made a podcast out of it. We talked for like two hours. I'm just going to chop some of this up and give it to you. I'm working on a new idea I'm not whether. I'm not sure whether to put it in this podcast feed or a different one, but I'm open to your feedback. I'm trying to get recurring cohosts. They don't always have to be the same exact person, but what I'm trying to just like get four or five, maybe even six people, all of various backgrounds and abilities, different superheroes kind of thing, and then anyone podcast should have maybe three or four of us. That way there's not a whole bunch of pressure for you know, basically, so somebody could take a week off if they didn't want to record ors had something to do and still feel like they're part of the band, and I've got a handful of people. So Gar is one of them and the others I won't name yet, but I'm trying to get a diverse group of people because I don't like to listen to podcast that are all white dudes. It's just a thing I would prefer. I want some I think of voices as seasoning, let's call it, and if I just hear two white dudes on a podcast, it's like all salt. I mean I need more variety, I need some different spices in the mix. So I'm always looking for different cultural perspectives and that sort of thing. Makes Sense. That's trying to be weird about it. It just like I prefer. I want... make a show that I would hear, that I would want to listen to, and that's the one thing that I miss in most podcasts is a variety of voices. Some I'm working on that. All the other things I we've talked about in the past still pushing forward, but you know, when you're sick it's hard to find good days to make progress. But everything is kind of moving forward. I have some huge hurdles I have to deal with now that I was unexpected and man, big pain in my ass. Whatever, get through it. Work is going okay. I mean it's fine, like it's normal. Things are actually more fun at work than in the past. It's stressful, though, because our whole industry in this particular state is going through a huge change. It's big evolution. They're finally starting to, you know, regulate our market and a lot of the people are just freaking out about it and there's so much uncertainty and confusion about the software everybody has to use. That's a big thing. Fortunately, I'm pretty adept at some of that, at least my part of it now and the role I'm in, so that's okay. You know, I read a lot about different, you know, brain conditions and concepts. Have you heard of the term Alexa Thymia? It's spelled pretty much like it sounds, Alexei, Al Xi Thymia, thy am I a Alexa thymia. So it's a concept that means no words for feelings and so obviously, like many concepts, it runs on a spectrum. But I thought about it a lot when will Smith slapped Chris Rock. You know, a couple months ago now, because I'm like, yeah, that happens a lot, not on TV, obviously. That's that's why it made it such a spectacle. But you know, people just lose it, they go off. There is one term called ieed, intermittent explosive disorder. That's actually a named disorder, but obviously that's, you know, a result of not having words for your emotions and a lot of times we run into emotions that we just don't have words for and sometimes people start to express themselves physically, as in violence. So I think it's important to remember how important education is and to let people speak their minds and develop words and conversations that let them express themselves holy and fully, because if people aren't trained to use their words to express themselves and end up with a condition, not a condition, end up in this state of Alexithymia where they have no words for their emotions, they're going to act out, they going to be like well, I can mentioned will Smith. It's minor example, a school shooter a much, much bigger example. They just don't have words for their feelings so they just take it out on others. It's I'm not saying racism or homicidal maniacts necessarily have a specific mental illness up until the moment that they snap,...

...because a lot of them just don't. I'm saying, their inability to express themselves in words is often what brings them to the breaking point, or even on the grand scale, like in Russia with Putin. Who knows what what breaking point he hit, but he apparently has no words for his emotions, so he sees fit to annihilate people by the tens of thousands. And so when I talk to Garrett today, you know, bringing it back down to reality, a lot of times, like I just don't have words for the emotions I'm feeling as I grow and evolve and kind of work on myself. I mean I still have I still have bipolar like that doesn't go away. Still have adhd and PTSD at those things don't go away. I'm still have trouble trying to find words for some emotions that I have. And when you're in new situation, sometimes new things come up that you just have it ever experienced and therefore you really don't have words for those emotions. So support, education, learn lots of words, practice talking to other people, have conversations, and let people speak their mind without interrupting those kind of things. You know, that can reinvent the art of conversation. I think it's been sorely lacking. Like how many houses have conversation pits anymore? Do you know what a conversation pit is? I remember seeing some of these and some of my parents cooler friends houses back when I was really, really young in the like S, and you'd walk into a house and some part of the house, like the living room or whatever, it would step down like two or three steps into an area, often just surrounded by a couch built into the side of the wall and it was just the area designed for having conversations. It was called a conversation pit. Go to a Google image search for conversation pit. Super Cool. You'll love it. You're probably going to want one in your next custom built house. I know I do. Whenever. That is rotten. Never but whatever Sur priority. If I ever have my own house, I'm going to figure out a way to build a conversation pit and we're just going to go in there and people will talk. So, speaking of people talking, this is just a episode here of my buddy Gary and I haven't a conversation like two dudes working things out amongst each other and of course we digress and in many directions. A lot of that's just distraction so we feel better in the moment. But Anyway, this is Gary in the emo O Joe. Oh my God, God, fucking nothing, man, I got nothing. Dude, I have a forgot. So I relate to your shitty week. I said, I think the difference that I've determined while I was driving around today is because I work in sales and have for like two years. I think I've gotten used to rejection more than I have, because I fucking hate being rejected. I fucking hate it. I that will do a hate not getting my way in general, because I'm me right, love getting mys I don't even love getting my way, I hate not not getting my way. When I get my way, I think that's baseline. That's...

...flat. I should always get my way. If I don't, fucking pissed and then I take it personally and stuff. But Fair enough. So I get rejected at work all the time, not by my employs but by customers or potential customers like that whatever. I like fuck, fuck, meaning when you drive out to some place you're just like fuck, I used to get my hot hopes up. It's going to be a new customer, and now I just like no, just fucking hit the numbers, just fucking keep going. They're going to call. And now when people say hey, you got a new customer, I'm like okay, cool, going out tomorrow too. Just you know, it's a numbers thing. And I started to build up your tough skin, I guess. Yeah, well, it wasn't intentional, not trying to build up tough skin, but and I started realize it happened because I was chatting with some chick on like a dating nap and I'm like, okay, this is going good and it just fucking bails, like not by not just just deletes, just unmatches and like what the fuck, like well, welcome, welcome, right the world. Right. I'm like it could very few are real. So most of them are like these weird Asian catfish is always like the same picture of the same Asian Chick, like she's twenty seven in her names, like eighteen different names, and like a fuck off, and then different names, the same picture, and then I'll find her account somewhere else and they're all like verified and stuff. I'm like this is not verify, this is some bullshit, weird, fake, weird, just whatever shit. And then tons of ugly people just move on through and then eventually you get to like one that's age appropriate and you'r to to and you start a conversation and that's where I lose it, because I'm me. I just talked too much or I don't, can't shut up, I don't know what the fuck they want to hear. I'm supposed to say. mean, I don't really care when what they want to hear. I'm just saying what I think I should say. So right. Yeah, the fucking hurt me a lot. Not even know how to fucking process and I'm like, I don't even have words for these emotions, because it's not necessarily sadness. It's kind of frustration, but it's like a combination of sadness and frustration as fucked up stuff, like Phil you what the fuck like, because we got like, dude, I know you say, well, I don't want to live for very much long. I don't care, but I kind of care and I think I know you do. A tragic accident. We got easy twenty more years on planet, maybe fucking forty more years on the planet. I'm like, I want maybe loan forever. Bro Like I dode, I'm the loneness. The loneliness, I think, is what's griping it me more than anything, is because I have gone to bed. Check this out. I have actually gone to bed, or shall I say, started getting sleepy eyed around thirty now, and by ten o'clock I'm like fuck it, I'm going to bed. I'm in bed now reading a book. Dude, that's some fod for calling us. You know how much, but you know how much brain, technology and science I read. Going to bed at ten o'clock is magical. That's a thing a lot of people don't talk about, but if you get your ass in bed by ten, you're helping your heart and your mind. I feel it's seriously, dude, I feel exactly what you're what you're talking about, because because when I'm in bed, I'm like,...

...all right, ten o'clock, but but see, it's when I wake up because I'm so in tune with the sun. Oh sure, I'm up now, at thirty five o'clock. You still this? I've already gotten my six hours of sleep, and so now, yeah, I'm fucking tossing and turning and then I look at the clock and it's like five o'clock. I get up to Piss. Okay, I'm like yeah, all right, I guess I'm not going to fall asleep again. So really got to find you a purpose, because you're up and ready. It's like, I'm gonna do it, just like I was nothing to do what we're we gonna do? Yeah, exactly. I could go out and try and fucking do what most people do, and that's jog around the block or jogged down the street or go jogging or biking or whatever, but I don't. I don't like doing that in that kind of light, shall we say. Yeah, it's not whore. I'm so used to I'm so used to getting up at thirty that my routine usually is get up, piss, fucking grab my water bottle, go downstairs, fucking mix my men a muse souls. So I fucked regular. So I name my friend Ru Gee. I'm going to move you fray shocks to regular g yeah, dude, maybe, yeah, fuck tage it. I'm fine with that. fucking play regular. Give good for you, man. I'm glad you came up with something different than shock. I mean, yes, I'm about. You don't have to. You don't have to live up to shock that could just live up to regular g yes, exactly. And you know what, probably some of them that listen our shall I say, that we get we get around it, around our age, but I just play. Yeah, I could relate to that. Shut the fuck's going on there, Walter? What the fuck is going on up? Man, Gary, Gary, Gary, Um, let's just say this. We had a neighbor across the street that lived from us that was Polish and she referred to herself as a poll lock. So right, right, and that was all the jokes, like a light in third grade. How many pollocks? But is it the same thing? But, dude, isn't that the same thing as when certain black? So, yeah, I'm a Nigga, not a Nigger, a Nigga. I don't yeah, I don't know, because I don't there's not a thing for me to do with that. Oh like that. There's something I'd love to have a conversation about. What if they're fucking the with the black chick and San Francisco just be like, Oh, yeah, you think of what do you think of the Nigga word? And I'm not doing this just to bait you, just because you know or I get it. UH, some have a problem with it and some do not. So you know, yeah, I mean, Dude, give you notice. There's fucking black comedians out there. Every other word, Niggah, Nigga, Oh shit, Nigga, Nigga, AGAD. They're the like, I...

...think, a black equivalent of us. Just say fucking shit and dude, like every other word, fucking Shit Dude. Right. So, I mean I think that's a black person like us, because I'm not. I don't say their words and they don't. would be weird if I seen a black guy run around say fucking Shit Dude. I mean people telling me fucking she do fucking do? They just don't do it like we too. Yeah, fucking White Guy Voice, hey, fucking shit dude. Yeah, yeah, they don't do it. They don't do the fucking Shit Dude, man. But See, I love to say Nigga, please, and I have never had blowback on it, even saying it to a black person or saying it to a white person. Now, I've never had blowback about the word knee grow. Where does this fall in the spectrum? I know it's not currently the cool words use. But it has. It has knee grow slipped into the n word category? Do you know? Because because the words Kenna say, can we NE GROW? I have more heard the word negrow in long ass time, but in the context of Negro please. That sounds better. That sounds better than the word you say to me. No, I done it. I disagree. Okay, okayya, nigut please, Nick Guy, not or. I got you that. We got me off to keep explaining that part. You know, it's all connected here. I'm not going to edit this shit out of context. No, I have to. I have to just encase with this fucking conversation comes, I know I've gotta get us. I feel like a wait, somebody knew just walked in the room. I got to keep reiterating. Yeah, all right, I got you, I got you. All right. So your contentient is that the way you say and Igg a please is less offensive than if I say me grow please. I you know what. I again, I have never had blowback from it. I don't know. It's not something to be canceled about. PUSS. We don't sell anything. Nobody can cancel as we will sell anything. We're not worth anything. Right. That's great. So maybe we'll do leave it for that. I'm not seeing. I know you're not saying seeing where. Please, I'm saying Niggat, not like they do. Yeah, Aina, please, come on, you know. No. So okay, I for you gotta Roll It, you you can't concentrate on you got a roll. You just gotta be like Nigga, please. Yeah, subtle and under your breath, like hoping nobody actually heard you say it, because my way, my way, requires a kind of loud enunciation. Me Grow please, you know what I mean. So it requires you to Dork it up a bit, and I'm not sure if I okay, so I just work it up yet. Me Grow please. But so, in the great context of things, I would not say either of those terms in public, but I do think me grow please in my mind plenty of times, because in my mind I'd actually don't say the end word either. That's a weird thing. I'm avoiding me. I have a blackout spot at my frontal lobe right now, trying to avoid even seeing that words. Groupe please. Yes, so I don't know. That's that's fascinating. But are there any white people words...

...that offend you to her? Like no, you can't say that around me, ever, no, they're not. Don't get you could say you can say any racist word pertaining cracker, honky. What you know it? Because, dude, we grow up at the Jefferson's. That Shit. Fuck it. Yeah, was no, that's realed in our head. Has Humor, right. I mean how we learned of something the first time is how we think of it. So we first learned of nuclear energy through a bomb. So of course, forevermore nuclear energy is bad. But with that now, yeah, now, if it came out in a way where they're like, I hate this fucking cracker, ass, cracker, I mean like, I think, if it comes out just, yeah, exactly, the girl, it's it's the anger. I think that is the term right there, dude, cracks there, Gager, the other word, or the girl, the girl part, is what they hate and we don't like it it. Dude, Dude, you're a fugue genius. I think you just stumbled upon something that nobody's talked about before. It's all about the Gur. Yeah, it is. It's anger, Dude. I mean if you think about cracker, that's that's fucking anger. You think about Nigger, that's anger. That's just like fuck these niggers. That's that's how that that, I think, transfers. It's all in anger. It's like a fucking hate you. So I'm gonna girl looking dog growling sound. Yeah, okay, totally. I like this. I like this. I think we're making headway. This is definitely podcast material. MMM, yes, you're recording it to right. Oh, yes, Oh, yes, I felt like good gold blue for a second day. Yes, yes, my like life. We're just going with this. Well, I like. I like this. Right now, I'd like to do a piano solo right now on my piano. This girl you speak. No, it is the girl. Dude, my will, quote unquote, I hate to say this, by won't, by one and only black friend when we've had this conversation years ago. I asked him one time. I'm like, Dude, why is it that the girl part you hate, but you can say Nigga and he goes, well, the Nigga part came from us, the girl part came from you guys. So I'm like yeah, they basically soft it off and they softened off the anger. They softened off the girl. Yes, they like, we're going to own this word, but we're going to soften it up so it doesn't remind us of you fucking angry people that invented yeah, because they don't call each other Nigga Gerrs, they just like Niggas. This is as Niggas, yeah, or by their names, like hey, fred, you know whatever. Rarely. Yeah, that's your Richard prior it is the hard are like. That's what Rafael and I used to talk about that a lot, just just as roommates, like yeah, but it was. It was clear and obviously between you and I it's always been clear too. But it's interesting to talk about it because all the other words, like when I worked in the juvenile hall, I heard lots of fucking different names, curse words for white people that I think...

...they thought were going to hurt my feelings, and I never. I was kind of made me laugh because they were funny words. Packer right, packer would way more funny than never offended me. I'm just like, that's funny. It is. They they could have stopped at Pecker. That would have been slightly more offensive, but packer would I just think of ha ha ha, you know, just yeah, they didn't know what that was because they were too young for that, because they were the kids and I was the adult, and I think a Pecker of my Dick. Yeah, I'm like Peckerwood. Okay, why, Redneck Pecker? What I mean? I just always look, I'm into words. I'm always like fascinated the etymology, Mike, where did you come up with this? And Kitchen juven hole and the we're one. What is another thing for a hard Dick? I guess a peckers after going for hard Dick. Pecker. Well, okay, no, no, I'm saying that Pecker means Dick in my vocabulary and would means hard Dick in my vocabulary. So okay, they're basically calling you a dick, like morning would okay, and did this kind of offensive, like if you're a Dick? Okay, HMM, I'll take the calling me a Dick. I'm a Dick. Well, sometimes calling me a hard fucking penis like a Dick a lot. So I wouldn't really be that offend if someone called me a Dick. Now, if they call me an Asshole, it would rub me the wrong way. Yeah, like I'm I'll be a dick. It's fine, it's okay. Like, well, yeah, you want to be a big penis because you're the male. So you want to I want to be a Dick, right. Yeah, look at this. Yeah, you do, boy, fucking ball motherfucker. I got penis wearing a black shirt, your big drumstick. Okay. So I also got called blue eyed bitch. No, blue eyed ghosts, white bitch. Okay. So I think in some black culture blue eyed ghost is actual fucked up thing to be. Yes, that. Well, you think a Voodoo Shit or something, I don't know, because they are like oh little too blue eye ghosts, and I'm like, that is mostly funny to me. I'm not offended. And now back to the wall.

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