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Neophobia Vs. Neophilia


John's boys come to stay with him in Louisiana; quick review of the Cajun Rodeo Championship; then an interesting conversation about neophobia vs. neophilia.

It's only your head, and nowit's online and Bible, this stylecom yes, John Emotions with Bible, that style. Oh Hey, you may have noticed. I didn't. The nameof the PODCAST is changed. Sort of I got tired of using the wordbipolar and pretty much anything, because what purpose does it serve? Why arewe labeling all of this? And then I realized, like when I wasgoing to Kaiser out in California, they're the same way. You see apsychiatrist or therapist and if you try to tell them about your prior history,like Oh, this doctor said I had this or that, they don't wantto hear that. They're just like, oh well, let's just fix howyou feel, like how do you want to feel and what do you wantto be doing in life? Let's focus on that. We don't really careabout the label. So kind of based on that, I'm just changed thename of the stove show from bipolar style to just emotions, like John Emotions. So that's actually what brings us to today, which is super cool.One of my favorite podcasts I've ever done in my entire history of podcasting isthis one. So this is the first one that both of my sons areactually here in the studio. They are taking part part of Project Louisiana withme and if you've been listening to the show for a while, you knowI've been kind of a vagabond, drifting from interesting project one to the next. And so we're starting a mood garden and it's going to be for peoplewith mood and memory disorders. Should be awesome. So my sons are herewith me and it turns out they're into shit like this, to podcasting andwhatnot. So I guess in a way, if I were John Emotions, thesetwo I'm about to introduce would be nick emotions and Jack Emotions. It'sthe emotions this. So what's up to it? It's great to have youand thanks for partaking. I think the listener will enjoy here and multilayered familyapproach to podcasting. So Nick and Jack and I were over at the locallike hamburger diner place called rocket drive in, rocket drive through and getting some Burgers, some shakes and whatnot, and there were some otherwise normal looking folksin front of us right jeans and t shirts, straight up could until they'refrom the country. Let's they open their mouths. Yeah, and apparently we'redoing it kind of right because they look at us like yell from around here, you know what's good, like asking is what's good on the menu,and straight I mean we just kind of like go for the burghers and shakesanywhere. So we're like, Oh, no, we're from California, youare stanish. I know right. And you had little Chit Chat with theFellas and it was like kind of father...

...and son looking crew, or maybejust taller guys and shorter guys or something, but they were, you know,getting their food ahead of us. But yeah, the way for aminute. So you kind of stuck there in small chat and small talk hitchat and one thing led to the next. Then they're saying, what do y'alldoing tonight? And we had considered going to a theater down the streetto a stand up comic, but instead they said, well, we're goingto the RODEO. Like fuck, so Rodeo. So the first night nickand Jack got here, we straight up went down to the Rodeo, theJannings Rodeo, part of the Cajun Rodeo series, and hole shit, itwas something else which think of that. I was more like it was morethan it was more funny to me, but I feel like people would gethot, getting mad because of like guess like it's like tortured animals and stuff, but it's like yeah, but it's just funny that they get into thatkind of thing. It's just funny, like, I don't know, funnyas the right word. Maybe. Yeah, I thought it was funny for sure, especially the part where I was pretty sure it was both animal abuseand child abuse. Head Shit was funny where I because they had this thingwhere, okay, if they have normal cowboy shit, where it's like aguy on a horse chasing a little baby cow and they rope it by theneck, jump off the horse, jump down, throw the cow on itsback and rope up three of its legs so it can't get up for likethirty seconds or something. I couldn't remember, sixteen or sixty, whatever it was. Anyway, the that's normal. And then they had the other partwhere the fucking guy, like a cowboys, just jump out of the shoot withthe medium sized cow that kind of has horns and they got to wrestlethat to the ground. That was cool. And then they had something that wasamazing that I don't think I'd ever seen at a Rodeo in California,and that is well, they put little kids on the backs of sheep andlet the sheep run out of the shoe like a Goddamn Bull. So thatwas amazing. And they had like some older kids, you know, butmostly it was little kids and some of them were wearing helmets, other onesthat should have been had helmets on did not. And the one thing thatjust struck me his nuts was there is a little baby strapped to like abackboard, like you'd put a injured patient from the street into an ambulance onsomething like that. A little baby version up, the baby strapped to itshead and they're haild on my fucking handle. If this they fucking just the clownran with this poor baby bounce along the back of a sheep and Iwas just straps of a fucking of a parachute without the parashuet's like a bigass harness. There's like a gym bag handle or totally that. That wasmaniacal. I'm like, Yep, that's...

...pretty much like. Well, Iwas like that's definitely child abuse and that's, Hmm, animal abuse, like what? But then I'm like, well, they must be doing this for generations, and that because the people just hop right on top of a horselike it. Oh, I'm fifteen. Yeah, hopping on top of ahorse sounds fine. You Get up there, it's hell scary. But Man,if you've been jumping on since the infancy, jumping on the backs ofthings and trying to ride them, I guess being a cowboy pretty easy.It's like the transition the manhood. It's like they they're King Sinheria. Yeah, at whatever age that that one thing was not even a year old onthe back of that sheep. That was nuts and bottle around, probably wellplus end. Like the listeners to the show know that I'm like apeist.It was super, super religiously, they'd like. At one point we feltlike we were in a vice documentary where it's like you expect some crazy shitto happen. It felt kind of cult like, and I don't know ifyou've ever taken acid, but when you take acid you like everything is sopredictable, every people and the way they act, because you just hyper awareof Shit, and we are pretty big. So fucking people were coming up inthe in the stands and I think everybody knew each other and by thatstandard I think we stood out because I saw people like moms and shit standingat the base of the stairs is kind of looking up like who they knew? So who could they wave to? Because they got blessed America and thatfucking alarm. So yeah, it felt kind of weird in that sense.And Yeah, it's pretty enjoyable though. I do it. Yeah, that'sthere on the first day to the most surreal and a thing you can thinkof. Yeah, and they kept like waving the flag and like well,give a big round off of flaws for your Louisiana cowboys. It's like,but they got football here too. It is weird. Yeah, for sure. For sure. Wonder what's bigger, like what's I don't know. Ibet it split too, because you kind of have to pick one, don'tyou think? Or could you have time to do too? I don't know. I don't know if the seasons overlap or not. I think fuck thefar or the Rodeo. Shit's probably more family brought down, I feel like, more than the football. It's probably just see some online. Yeah,because you, and if you do Rodeo, Kinda have to have access to horses. Yeah, either through a way a farm, at the family farmand should yeah, like either through property or through just money to ransom whatever. Yeah, that's so that was pretty interesting. And there's IT's Mardi grastime too, so we'll probably find some cool Mardi gras place to go toand check out that weirdness. So there's a topic I was going to haveon the PODCASTS and it's great here because now you guys can help me Hashit out. So okay, so you know how everything gets binary and hashedout to either or black or white, red state, Blue State, RepublicanDemocrat, I mean fucking up down night...

...and day, ones and Zeros.It's all two choices. But it seems so artificial, like we live.We live in a great spectrum. So why are we just getting down?There is all the gray space in between the yeah, and I think inthat space is color, to you know what I mean, like that's whereall the powers in there for sure. And why do people act and thinkthe way they do? And I started thinking because I'm hyper right. Ialways want to get out and fucking do things, like how can people wantto just sit? And then I also realize I have this knee jerk reactionagainst holidays, and I'm like why is that? I'm like, holidays neverhated on me or hurt my feelings or anything. And then I realized theolder I get, the less I like them. The reason, I think, comes down to these two concepts. One's called NEOPHOBIA and the other isneophilia. So neophobia, neo means new, and phobia means fear. So neophobiais fear, fear of the new. And then Neophilia is basically a passionfor novelty, like a craving love of novelty, things, of loveof the new, so to speak. But what is in that sense?The new researchers are saying it's novelty, it's things you have not experienced.Yeah, so, like God, that's it, because as a person withlike Adhd, I'm always craving the novelty. I got to have new. I'meven in school when I was a kid, I'm like, why arewe learning about stuff already people already know you know, I mean like ifthey already know it and they already wrote a book about it, why arewe? Why are we studying it? Who Cares? Like, can wego learn new shit? And even like an as adult, I'm spas.I'm always like, can we move on to the next idea? Can't wecome on? This next thing is gone. So like God, that that's bothersomeand it's also the tradition, but it's so. I looked into it, man, and that's like part of the political divide is conservatives, traditionalconservatives. They really just want to maintain the status quot same old thing.You know, have offices, beoffice workers, the man and his place, thewoman in her place, you know, shopping malls, pay your taxes,get a fat refund, going a little vacation by a house college student. Yeah, all that as worker. Yeah, the whole it's super cliche. There's just a model, but the models not very effective nowadays and moderntimes. So I think it's important that which explored different ways of thinking aboutso the one idea is like, AH, well, some of us are spazzy, some of us do like tradition. What it can't. What came downto is like people who like tradition aren't evil inherently. I just now. Now, I just see it as like the hallmark holidays. Every everyholidays a hallmark holiday. It seems like, you know, so created like craftedpurposefully for capitalism, for commercial griefs, or just gain over in costume,Halloween decor like, who needs Halloween...

...decorations? Or are in yeah,no, for sure. Let and Christmas decorated. Who needs Thanksgiving decorations?I thought it'd AH. Of these are the questions outs of yeah, well, for sure, and that's, I think, the read that that iswhy people who crave tradition and things not changing, those are the people.But to us, we think so. We think so. Those are theFobes, the NEOPHOBES. They are like no, that's not it's traditional,we have to do this this way, this is the Turkey, this isthe way we've always done things. Then that's kind of a popular catch phrasewith Neophobes, like that's the way we've always done it. But I thinkin what's really interesting was I found out that some tribes, some cultures andcivilizations are more neophiliacs, more neophilic, I guess it would be the word. They're more into the new, craving things because they've had no homeland.They've been pushed around the earth through either slavery or dispores, just be pushedout of their homeland. So I wonder in some ways if us being soconnected to the chickasaw tribe, that those people would just continually push so andtheir DNA. It starts to become beneficial to adapt to the new. Sonow we're like wired to like, yeah, we like new shit. That's howwe thrive, right, we thrive for that, and others they benefitfrom staying still. So that's why I'm like, Oh, it's not reallya political argument. We've just two different types of people, two types ofbrain thinking. Yeah, and I think the world needs both Neophilias and neofolks, because tradition is fine. It adds stability to the structure of humanity, kind of. But without neophiliacs craving new shit all the time, therewould be no new inventions. We wouldn't have gone to the moon. Willstrive to new yeah, because I used to think man striving seems like it'sa crime. But why? Why does it feel that way? And it'sbecause the stuff they have to use for the new inventions. Yeah, becauseyou kind of do have to adapt and live with modernists to like achieve inmodern times. I guess is that was just saying that just I mean allthe resources that you need. Yeah, that's true, for sure, justgetting used to so many new, different types of new things, like thenew advances, and well, yeah, and we're going to like, notreally, but the spurlock where they're like, Oh, you need to you theon your new contract. We're going to force you to upgrade for alittle tiny fan, all right, for a new fan when you don't needand shit like that. That's Oh yeah, they locked you into perpetual updates.Yeah, whether it's hardware or software, and it's almost that way with humans. But again, then I'm like that doesn't work on people who don'twant to change. So I'm like, Oh, we need to rethink societyin general and just acknowledge that there are some people who crave change and shouldbe allowed to be strivers, left alone... strive at all costs, andthen other people who like tradition should be able to celebrate those traditions without gettingin fights with each other about politics or who they're going to vote for.WHO gives a fuck who people going to vote for? Just vote for yourperson, but don't vote for a person because you need to make your opinionknown. It's like they give you the option that it's the whole purposes togo into a silent little room and keep it private. Why do you havethe voice her? You will like. It's why I have to be sopredicted, predictable to know you're going to vote for. Yeah, totally Hashtag. Shut up and vote. That's first first things first. Shut up.Yes, a second thing, vote. Shut up and vote in that order, please. But again, that's me. I'm like, that's the new wayof doing things, just shut up and vote. But I'm like,wait, I'm actually a traditionalist. That's the way we used to you nevertalked about who you're going to vote for. It was a secret. It waslike it's private, like I'm not telling you. And but there wasalso pre Internet. Now everybody wants to discuss the INS and out of everyfucking character flaw of everybody running for office, and nobody's perfect enough. And meanwhileone sides like, well, we just put a clown in and they'relike okay, director. So it's so weird and they call that conservative.So those are the traditionalist those are the NEOPHOBES. That's what it like.Oh, New People, now we don't want to know Mexicans are. They'renew. We I mean we're afraid of the outsiders. That's a Neophobe,somebody who's afraid of the outsider. That fear of the outsider is really afear of the new. So what he calls xenophobics, they're really neophobes atheart. They're afraid of anything new. So we're kind of threatening their existenceby all this progress, like hey, we're going to let transgender people justbe normal, and they're like what, that's insane. But you know,it's just a matter of our brains, like neophiliax were like progress, N, cool, interesting, weird, go for it, that's awesome. Dothat. And meanwhile half the folks were like what we gotten? Did likelike the Vince Neil he keep on rock and shove the double and been do. We'll just fucking if you hit them with the facts, they'll just lockup. I know, I don't know to do well, especially if thefacts are counter to what they've been programmed to think is real, because theycould people. Most people could acknowledge facts when you show them the facts.Like look, the sun rises in the east and goes across the West,and here's a compass that shows you that's east and that's Wester, like,nope, what I was time flat. It's rises in the bottom and goesto the top. Your your phraseology is all wrong. Yeah, like Vincesaid, bird dude this. So I think. I think mostly our familiesall about neophilia. Neophiliacs. Yeah, we're like love the new, thenovelty at all costs, although like your grandma's my mom and your mom's mom, they're kind of traditionalist. They like having their little parties on Easter orChristmas, earls or Helen. Neo phobic.

They just like that. They're likenow, that's just just the way we think, that's no need tochange blood and that's way we do it. Or had see my dad, mydad's and NEOPHILIAC, acrophobic, somewhere in between. Ike's kind of balancedin that realm. Well, when we talk to him, he use youtry to make it seem like he knew his place in the world. He'slike, I know, I'm just a retired old man that just said hasit kind of good and old folks home and I kind of just get themope around smoke pot watch that shows that sounds like some shit you'd say straightyou just see him walking around his old folks home all day every day,rest turned towards like forward. Yeah, like this. It's like an offblue aged pole, not a polo, but an you know, the openedup button, sure, with his chest hair coming out like a golf shirt. Oh Yeah, same pipe to that old woody'll have that till this casket. My Dad's an old hippie from California and he smokes out of a woodpipe. Yeah, there's technology nowadays that he has. He tried the volcanobag, I think maybe once they's not. But how can you guys do thatShit? Resisting change? That's just yeah, I get no, seriously, probably is really speaking of volcano bag. Yeah, was one calling your dameover there. Yeah, we'll hook that up in just a second because, you know what, the bag is way too crispy on the mic's Ithink Jack is on volcano duty. Maybe is on the pick up from overhere. Maybe, I don't know. We've gotten long enough. I thinkyou know, because if it goes more than twenty two minutes, the listenershipjust drops to the bottom. That's right, I get Meta, those monetizations,monetization, monetization, Monterail. We need just healthy thoughts, that's it, healthy thoughts. So anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts about neophobia versusNeophilia, and maybe next time I'll will fill. I'll feel listen like I'mbeing interviewed. It's the first time he's ever been on a podcast Mike livelike this. Don't really know how to think, because it's not actually likebecause you're it seems like are talking to an audience. Yeah, I knowwhat I'm sitting here just looking at you and listen to what you're saying.And when Jack, I just feel like we're in the room together having aconversation. Yeah, that's Yep, you got to jump in for sure,because it's like, well, I know what the listener expects to hear,so there's like a consistency thing either way. But they also know I have kids. So you talking and just jumping... whatever, because I always breakthe fourth wall. Anyway. I talk about using podcast and fucking hey,listen to my new sound effects I made and shit like that, and thenyou make it kind of nasal. Yes, so that's part of the thing.So what we're doing is starting some gardening stuff, because all of uskind of want to get into gardening, but nick wants to get into voiceoverwork, so he and I are going to like scan through Joshua Gordon Levitt'shit recordcom or dot org or whatever start doing some voiceover stuff. Should befine. I dig it, and Jack's going to plant a garden and kicksomebody's ass in a video game. We're going to film it shortly. Soanyway, yeah, thanks, are pretty cool and I'm glad you listen.So anything you want to share with this person here and with us, shallthe devil keep on rocking and the Blue Shit. That's funny. Now we'lljust find an outro that suits this show and know we'll be done. Don'tfeels. Don't really feel. Feels to feel. He's so stupid. Andnow back to the wall.

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