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Newbie's Guide To Bipolar Disorder; 10 Keys to Understanding Your Impairment


I was diagnosed nearly 20 years ago. Through years as a patient, a counselor, and podcast host I've seen several key themes emerge with people newly diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.
This episode outlines the 10 keys to understanding Bipolar that I wish I had when I was first diagnosed.
Clearly, I deliver these topics with a casual hyperbole, and this is not a medical show. However, the points I make are heartfelt, and things I've experienced firsthand. I hope you or your friends and family might benefit from knowing some of these things upfront.
Newbie's Guide To Bipolar Disorder; 10 Keys to Understanding Your Impairment
1:00 - [#1] Diagnosis
5:45 - [#2] Abbreviations
7:15 - [#3] Medication
8:50 - [#4] Symptoms
11:00 - [#5] Sleep
13:00 - [#6] Diet & Exercise
15:30 - [#7] Alternative Treatments
18:20 - [#8] Coming Out
22:00 - [#9] Work, Job, Productivity
25:10 - [#10] Building Support Networks
31:30 - Recap

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It olan Os online swelcome back to bipolar style forSeptember two thousand and nineteen, I'm your host Johnny motions come on inso today. I've got a kind of a top ten list of things that you can look outfor when your first diagnosed with bipolar disorder- and I think we'lljust call this- the newbes guide to by polar disorder. Listen to this, ifyou've been recently diagnosed and share it with your friends and family,if you think it might help your situation because it is pretty scary,so let's just jump right in number one. The diagnosis, this is tricky right. You've beenfeeling crazy at at your wits end for a while, maybe sad, maybe unhinged, youfinally get into a doctor, and they say you have by polar disorder. Now, that'sinteresting right because a lot of people well, it's evenly split, probably and alot of people have both feelings, but a lot of times. People are horrified at that. Thepatient we're talking about the patient families are always horrified, itdiagnoses that they don't understand, but as a patient just remember justbecause the doctor told you you have bipolar disorder today or yesterday orwhatever you're, not a different person than you were a week ago. You werestill you, so don't let the diagnosis change who you are. You are fine, asyou right, you just have a disorder that W can be dealt with and be managedand you could live along prosperous life. So don't let that part get youdown. In fact, a lot of people self includedwhen I was told that when I was given a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, a lot ofthings clicked I'm like, so it was kind of like a relief like aweight, had been liftthredg off. My shoulder, like I wasn't incurably crazyin my head. I actually had something that was identifiable that had symptoms,that other people could recognize and that doctors could help me treatdoctors, meaning you know psychiatrist pharmacist and therapist. So the diagnosis unto itself is hard totake for your friends and family. Understand that too, you might as welltell them been diagnosed with cancer, because some people really freak outwhen you say you've got bipolar disorder. In fact, I've known familiesthat would rather them hear that you were diagnosed withcancer them byapolar disorder so because, at least with cancer, it'sblack and white, it's either cure to some pine or you die at some point withbipolar disorder. They don't really know exactly what it is. They know thesymptoms, but they don't know exactly how to treat it. Everybody's differentand it goes on for fucking years, so...

...know that if you have bipolar disorderis going to go on for years. That's why it's important to remember. You arestill you you're the same person. You were a week ago. Don't let that partthrow you off track. The one thing I would recommend, though, for sure is toget a second opinion or a third or a fourth, I'm not saying go shop arounddoctors until you get the opinion you want. I'm just saying the bipolardisorder. Stigma is very strong and if you are labeled with that and they'renot able to help you get past the the initial shock, it could do a lot ofdamage. When you start telling people you have bi polar disorder, so makesure that that is what you have and the only way to do. That is to geta second or third or fourth opinion. For example, lots of people have maniaand I'm sorry lots of people have depression and anxiety. Anxiety is themost common mental health problem in America. Right now, depressions,probably in number two close behind depression and anxiety together, cankind of feel like bipolar your moody you're sensitive. You know the wholerealm of Iamer going to go through all the all the symptoms, but they match uppretty closely. The difference is mania. You turn psychotic. You hear yourvoices, you start tha, you know things that aren't really there psychosis can set in right. That'smania. If you're just hyper, if you's running around clean on the house,that's not mania, you do. You might not have by polar disorder. If that's allthat you're dealing with so you need to have some psychic, I'm soimsome psychic,you need to have some psychological break. There has to be an issue of truemania where you experience psychosis, look up the you know, symptoms ofpsychosis and see if you have those, if you don't and if you just hyper andtalking fast and upset and anxious and can't leave the House and you'RDepressng, you want to kill yourself, you might not be by polar, you couldstill just have depression and anxiety. So always I know insurance is hard tocome by. Life is expensive. The medical systemin America sucks ass and it's going to be hard to get anybody to want to giveyou a second opinion or to pay for a second opinion, let alone a third orfourth opinion. Just remember that one critical thing: If you're, notpsychotic, if you haven't reached psychosis, you probably don't havemania and you may not have bipolar disorder. So when it comes to thediagnosis, make sure they get it right in the beginning. Otherwise, you can goten or twenty years taking the wrong medicine with no effect. How do youlike them? Apples that fucking sucks speak from experience there so move iton to number two, the abbreviations this can get tricky, especially whenyou start doing e you do your research, online or you're on social media, andthings like that. So bypolar disorder is pretty straightforward. You justtake the bee and the D. So if you're...

...going to initialize it by polardisorder, is bd there's another similar condition called borderline personalitydisorder which again using the rules of initials you take the be and the P andthe D that's bpd. For some reason, people still call bipolar bpd. I don'tknow why, because we don't hiphenate by words anymore. It's that binoculars orbicycle or binary. It's bipolar. It's one wordstarts with the Bee: No hiphens, you don't capitalize the p. just thatconfuses everybody. So, with regards to the initials just remember, just lookfollowing somebody on twitter or something that says: bpd double check:Are they borderline or they buy a polar or do they have that and there's tonsof others? But those are the two to make make sure get right, because ifthe doctor is old fashioned and still using hyphens in by words, he might putbpd meaning by polar disorder when he just wrote, borderline personalitydisorder just clarify with whoever you're dealing with whether or not theyhave bd or bpd, using the rules of initials got it so number threemedication, like I just mentioned: If they get the diagnosis wrong, themedication for bypolar disorder will not work for you. So if your medicinesnot working go back and try, something else, ask them for the next thing thereyou, the medicine research, becomes a rabbithole on the Internet. You can just dig deeper and deeper and find all kinds ofthings to take and reasons not to take it anyway. Let's just all agree thatthe chemicals in medicine do change your brain. They are supposed to changeyour brain for the better. If they're, not, then they just arnt working andthat's okay, you're not broken again, you might not have bipolar, you mightjust be taking a medicine for bipolar and you're anxious or something likethat. Again goes back to the original diagnosis, make sure you get first,second, third opinions and then, when it comes to medication, don't be shy ifit's not working and you still feel suicidal angry, that's another thing: Depression makespeople angry. So if you feel angry, you could be the depression taking it outaround. You know on the people around you, I would like to say it's not yourfault, but you are in control of that you're, most, not control of yourmotions but you're in control or whether or not you open your mouth sojust be aware that depression makes people angry and inform those aroundyou that it might just be a symptom of depression and, if you're, takingsomething for bypolar disorder like a antipsychotic med, that's notaddressing the depression! Well, Shit! You just going to be angry and the bedsaren't going to work. So do your research on the meds and make sure themeds match and accurate diagnosis number four briefly the symptoms frommania to depression. I just talked about depressiong a minute ago there arsome things about depress that people...

...don't understand. It's not simplysadness to me. Depression feels more like having the flu minus thenausea andthe screaming headache, but that lethergy, like your body's, just beenweighed down by the I can't fucking get it up, can't doanything. You lose all your motivation soon. You lose hope. Your hopelessnessjust pervades everything, that's depression, yeah for sure tepreat!That's why depression leads to suicidal Ideatian and suicide itself is because,if you're living so hopeless from day to day to week to week shit it's like,I don't want to kill myself, but I just don't want to adure this. If this isthe way it's going to fucking be forever, then Fuckit, I'm done andthat's where a lot of people get. So if you're depressing is kicking your assgo back to see your doctor and let him know just be out e outspoken about yourdepression, because it will fucking, kill you if you're not or it can killyou. You know what I mean so the symptoms of depression. Obviously,anger letherg acting out sadness, of course, is one, but it's notnecessarily the primary one. I would say it's hopelessness is theprimary one and then, when we get through Hypomania, which is like mania light, Iguess is a good way to say it to a lay person. You know that's that stillcould be anxiety. That could be adhd. You could be just the spas pardon myfriends, an in the UK. I realize spas is offensive to you. The WAY FAG isoffensive to Americans, but hey, let's trade off. On those words, I'm going tokeep saying spas, because I have that too. Okay, I am a spas, Wen use thewords I want to use anyway, I'm a PAS, but up maybe I'm not Madick, maybe it'sjust the HD the ADHD and getting back to the whole idea of mania. If youhaven't been psychotic like out of touch with reality, you might not havemania, don't wear that label so readily, because once your label, with it you'remore fuckd than you might think, number five is a easy one to measureand it's a hard one to attain perfection with and that' sleep. Sleepis a huge thing. Anytime. You go to a doctor about mental health issues when especially mania or hyperactivity, oranything like that comes up. One of the first questions that going to ask you.How is your sleep? Are you getting eight hours a day? Is it the same?Eight hours? Are you sleeping too much yeus sleeping too little? This is thisis key, so I use a little alarm tells me when to go to bed, despite the factthat wear watch on my wrist and there's clocks all around, I still don't A. Idon't think about it. Even with an alarm. Eleven thirty PMcomes around my gods, larm I'll hit it I'll turn it off, and I fucking findmyself still up at Twele thirty, because I turned the alarm off anyway.It's good to have reminders, and also the other side of that is, if you wantto be sleepy at nighttime, get the fuck up out of bed in the morning. If youURL, if say, if your alarm goes off at eight o'clock in the morning and youkeep wacking it until it's eleven well yeah, of course, you're not going to betired com, midnight you're, still going to be awake. The key to get in goodsleep is the Wakin the fuck up. I know... don't feel like standing up. Maybeif you're depressed you won't even want to get out of bed, but wake up likewake. Wake up, stand up for a second sit back down whatever you got to do,but you got to get up in the morning. If you want to participate in life witheverybody else, the rest of the world gets up in the morning. It goes the bedat night, it's a very natural human cycle. For you to be staying up tilltwo or three or four in the morning on the fucking Internet, you know browsingsocial media or shopping on Amazon or whatever that's not helping you at all.You got to get sleep and you are in control of your sleep. How, by gettingthe fuck up out of bed in the morning, I guarantee, if you kit, up outof bedat the rik of the time each morning, you're going to start to be tired atthe same time each night, and eventually you might actually get eighthours asleep on a regular basis. That's key! It's nice to be able to go in AD.Tell your psych doctor Yep! I got my eight hours. Asleepyep Bi've beensleeping regularly all week, long, that's cool! That's a good thing to do,and then the natural component to sleep is number six diet and exercise fuckingmental health, twitter generally hates this idea, because the moment youmentioned diet and exercise, they try to clap back with that's not GoingnoCarre it Thaslook motherfucking, we're not saying it's going to cure it. We'resaying IT'S GOING TO HELP! You got it! No, it won't cure. If you have bipolardisorder, Diet and exercise will not cure you, but it's not going to hurtyou either. If you start drinking more water and going outside for a walk nowand then and it died and exercise also contributes to better sleep. So onceyou get in a systematic kind of rotation of sleep, wake up on time inthe morning get up, even if you don't, you O, have to do anything on a lot ofpeople that are sick, don't have jobs or anywhere to go or even hobbies, butjust fucking get up. Read a book stare out the window, something just be awake,get up and try to eat protein for your brain, don't it sugar, sugaris horrible,for you! Sular is my Achilles heel right now. Ilove it can't do without it trying to figure out how to get rid of it anyway.So again, like I'm, not perfect at all, I'm just saying these are the thingsthat help. These are not the things that will care you, but they willdefinitely help now, if you are family member. Listening to this just stay outof it. Don't sfamily members kind of suck at this family members say: Well.You heard that podcast, I se you got to get died and exercise. It's not for youto say it's for us. The patient figure that out on our own, we know diet andexercise. Can help, and now you know, Diet and exercise can help it's not acure, but it can definitely help eliminate shutter drink more water. Ifthose are the two tips, I can give you on diet, stop eating sugar drink, morewater exercise, it doesn't even matter just get up and move you cund walk ahundred feet. That's enough! If you can do a hundred feet, walk a hundred andtwenty feet the next day you get it just incrementally build up yourexercise until the pumps are moving in...

...the bloods pump and everything's likestarting to rotate through your system. The way it should lane in bed drinkingsugar all day, looking at the Internet, no that's horrible! If you weren't sickbefore that, will make you sick. So I'm not going to harp too much aboutthat. It's pretty obvious all the researches on the Internet, if you'renot paying attention to it, you're ignoring it on purpose, then fine, youjust going to be sick. That's the decisions up to you number, seven, this one's kind of cooltoo. I like this one alternative treatments. So his really weird there'sJesus people out there, Christians and Muslims and Jews- I don't know all the religions of the world whatever,but a lot of people are falling into their religion and they're against medsthey're against medications and pharmaceuticals. I lean more towards science. I know thechemicals will change the way you feel if you take the right ones, that'llmake you feel better cool, but that said, I know prayer makes pep. Peoplefeel better. I know going to church the Community of being around people thatare similar to you. That has a positive effect on humans. Ican't pull myself to go fake it to be in Te Church or anything like that, butI'm not GOINNA dismiss people who use church as an alternative method againlike the Dinn exercise, though it could help, but it's definitely not going tocure you and the same thing goes with the bullshit, the crystals and thehealing and h the energy healers and all that whatever. And if you want togo down that path. Good Luck! That's not going to help you and again itmight make you feel better. In a weird way, I mean because I'm like in thefunct way, which you know scientists will say well you're an idiot like andI'd like. I read my astrology too, but I don't love my life by it. It's justentertainment in Fumtswav, for example. I just don't like facing a wall. Mydesk never faces a wall, that's bad! You like facing a wall when you'retrying to work where all your ener just payimjust right into the wall, that'sdumb! But again you know that's just my opinion, so with alternative healingjust take it with the grain ofsault like dit and exercise the crystals andthe prayer. All that stuff I mean it might help. You feel better, an aplacebo, kind of way or even a realistic way. I mean people say,there's scientists that just said o prayers proven to work. I don't knowgood, might choose your choose! Your poisons carefully, though, whether it'smedication or Jesus they're not going to cure you. If you have bipolardisorder, they will just help like dit and exercise and sleep. Those thingsmight help if they make you feel better. I'm just I'm really leary of peoplelike Hey, stop your mads and smoke weed or just try these crystals in a saltbath or it likes handles and do all ti in that yeah treat yourself well that that's agood idea treat yourself well, but the alternative medicines and treatmentsyeah, I'm not going to recommend those. I would say some of them are down right,dangerous, but that's up for you to...

...decide you're an adult an hopefully Imean I think, you're, probably an adult. So yeah you could do what you want justknow that the other ones start with thisstart with the sleep in the Dietand exercise before moving on to the crystals in the Jesus. Okay, that's agood thought. Ye seems common sense to me e number. Eight, this one getsreally tricky. I call number eight coming out so o what I mean I mean you're in Americathey have thing called HIPPA Health Insurance, privacy act or somethinglike that. So your medical information is supposed to be secure and private.If you get a diagnosis like by polar disorder, nobody else knows they mightknow that you're not performing well at work or at school, but they don't knowthat you have by polar disorder. Whether or not the public knows youhave a mental illness is entirely on you. If you decide to come out somebodywith he mental illness, there are huge risks involved with that, what are they?Let me tell you your job. They can fire you they're not supposedto quote unquool illegal, but you know there's a lot of shit. That's illegal!That happens all the time mass shootings happen on the regular inAmerica. That's illegal! It still happen. You will get fired from yourjob if you exhibit signs of Mental Health Disorder and especially, if youacknowledge it to say, hey ive by polar disorder, I've borderline- I have adhdwhate whatever it is. People around you will treat you differently and theupper management will use that to get rid of you and because they're notstupid, they will never say they're getting rid of you because of that yougot it so an ideal world yeah! Oh No! That's wrong: THAT'S NOT FAIR! Well,whatever we have to live in the world that exists, not the one we wishexisted so be really careful. Also, here's another crazy, creepy thing. Ifyou come out on the Internet with your real name like in your winked inprofile or twitter or facebrook, or whatever and you're using your realname, it just spouting off nothing, but likeI'm sick, I'm sick as fuck. I want to kill myself HIV this ive, that you knowwhat all that Dat is being collected on you and attached to your name in thefuture. You might be denied insurance. You might be rounded up and put into acage. You don't know these are kind of slippery slope arguments I'll admit,but it's dangerous. It could happen, and I've heard the government talkingabout this already. For example, one of the ideas that the White House hasfloated in America is to monitor all of the phone calls of the mentally ill totry to prevent gun violence. So, first of all how the fuck do they know you'rementally ill. They can't just like monitor everybody's phone call. Whereare they going to look they're going to scour all the dathat? They have,including your social media, account and then they'll track your phonewithout you even knowing it that's problem addid to me, and not only justI mean, aside from the creepy think of the government listening to your phonecalls and potentially putting you in a locked room. That's one thing. Theother thing is again like the...

...idealistic world where insuranceshouldn't cancel you, because you've got one condition or another they'renot going to admit they canceled you. For that reason, if you've got an insurance company thatsees you'r posting nothing, but how sick you are nd how you can't get outof bettor work or you're sick not week, whatever t, that's that's going to be aproblem for you too, so lots of things to consider when you come out so tospeak, coming out as a bipolar person, a person with bipolar disorder I'Lrleketo phrase I so just just be aware. There's obvious! That's! Obviously thereason I don't use my real name. I don't want to be in the database ifthey want to come after a cartoon face, looks like a Inyang and put that injail. Go ahead. I don't care, it's not me, stepping away from that. It's acharacter I have created so that I can have a voice, and I would consider I would suggest that you consider thesame thing, even not using your whole name or holding back on Someofe, themore private information. I see literally people putting pictures oftheir medications on the Internet. You can see their name of their phonenumber in the medicine they take. That's dumb, come on and so eigt kindof segues into nine with regards to work, jobs and productivity like howdoes the bipolar person a person with bipolar disorder function in that sense?Now, in the grand scheme of things, I think the whole idea of work is isdumb. I like to be productive. I like to have, I guess, money for lack of a betterword so that I can buy things and have a life, but when people say yeah, I geta job fuck that job suck hey bod, that has a job job. They hate it. If you goto work for somebody else, eventually, you're not going to like to go to workfor someone else. Maybe you do. I don't know I don't I've, never like workingfor someone else and you fall into this trap in your Twetis, like hey, got taget a job. Have a family Di lit now fuck that WHO said you have to get ajob? All you have to do is eat and live that doesn't require a job. Thegovernment like say: Oh Yeah, the job numbers are up. I don't care. Who Cares?That means it's just more people enslaved to misery. So the idea that you have to work youdon't if you're bad enough. If your symptoms are bad enough, apply forstate disability, you know Sdi, they call it social, disability, insuranceor something like that in America. It's basically quote unquote on the Dole,but fuck it. You know we paid into this system if you've worked ever and you'vepaid into it by living. Here we pay into it Oh whath socialism, but whocares we're taking care of each other? All I'm saying is you don't have towork? You don't have to be productive. There's no requirement to be aproductive human on earth. I wouldn't go on the Internet and say: Hey I'm aunproductive person. That's you know what good will come from that I'm justsaying like just reapproach the idea of work and productivity and jobs. If youereally got it bad, if you've got bypolar disorder really badly come up with a hobby AA seriously just get your social security check. Pay Yourent, buy some food started, podgast,...'s virtually free Ho by a miacreSecondhand Mike Borrow Mike I'll. Send you a mike whatever just O ow, youdon't have to work and to the families that might hear this quit. Pushingpeople to work push them to be an alignment with themselves if they're,an artist or a creative person or dancer or whatever push them to do thatthat will take care of the depression, forcing them to a miserable job. That'sgoing to make things worse, so really really think hard about whether or notyou can actually work and if that's an important thing in your life, meaningte work. Obviously, some kind of income is important because you need to eat.You need shelter, but it doesn't have to come from work. It could come fromanywhere there's people with trust funds. There's people like I said toget social security from the government. There's lots of different ways togenerate money or food. You just start a farm just go live somewhere whereit's really cheap to live like in this little town. You can start a littlefarm and grow your own food. I'm not saying that. That's practical, I'm justsaying that you should reconsider the idea of that trying to get a job aspractical. It might not be practical, so don't stress too much about it.Don't make that your first goal, the first goal should be to get better andthen decide. Can I handle a job? Is that the right job for me? Am I even inthe right field of work? All those things need to be considered and then,lastly, number ten. I call it support network you're going to want to developa support network. Not all of our families are supportive of ourdiagnosis and not everybody with a similar diagnosis is supportive ofother people with that. So what helped me a lot was thedepression and bipolar support alliance. You can find them on the Internet at DBs alliance, DOT, Org. They were helpful because they have what are called peersupport groups which are just groups of other people with depression andbipolar tat meet regularly and you sit in a circle. There's no table, you justsit there. You go around the circle and you listen to people share and you canshare yourself if you want. If you have something you need to get off the chest,something that you know others will understand in the group. That's a greatplace to do it. It's like a call, a quote: UNQUOTE, safe space for by polarfolks, so DBSA DB S, alliance, dot, Org, that's a great peer peer group, it'sfree they're, not everywhere, but if you're anywhere near kind of a biggercity or town, there's, probably a branch nearby I've been in places where they don'texist, an people say yeah. You should start one yourself, fuck that this,like it's like being sick, isn't enough work, trying to start a group of othersick people. It's like coraling cats. It's too much work, so peer supportgroups are great. The Internet is another place to find help, but don'texpect it don't expect much help like I do this show. For example, you think itwould be helpful, but honestly nobody that has other podcasts or blogs that Idid. I mean I've met a couple. People from this show and we've exchangedinterviews, but other people outside of your network. They don't give a fuckabout you, so don't expect people that...

...have their own blogs or shows orpodcast or whatever, to come and ask you to be on their show like. I wouldask other people and I used to bring a lot of guests on so they can sharetheir stories and their projects, but they don't reciprocate. So I'm likewell that's a waste of time and you know if you're going to reciprocate. Ifyou want to invite me back on your show, then I'm not going to do that kind ofshow anymore, and so you might find the same problem if you're all hell bent onbecoming a social media. Mental health advocate. So to speak. You know, hey,I'm an advocate great, but just know that's a hobby. You know no one's goingto pay you to do that. It's good for you, you didn't get itout of your system. You got to be kind, don't say things. You know. I have aissue with people posting trigger warning kind of stories on the Internet.That's very passive! Aggressive in my mind. You know if you have, if you knowit's going to traidor somebody, why the fuck are you saying it anyway, justshut up catct, you keep your mouth shut. It's not more important for you to foryour ego to get that message out. Then it is to protect the other person'sfeelings. I mean. There's you know, I'm saying Shit. People feelcertain ways about things like suicide or molestation, or things like that. Ifyou know they already feel bad in those might trigger than why would youtrigger them, especially as an advocate no maybe become just like a person likeme, this is a personal journal. PODCAST, it's not an advocacy. It's not amedicine or health podcast, so I'U say whith. The fuck I want, but if you'reclimbing to be a advocate, don't post trigger warning things just be kind, becompassionate, be understanding that other people don't want to hear that orsee that kind of stuff. So, when you're building your network, it's alwaysimportant to like. What's the end goal, if you're going to be an advocate, beang advocate and if you're going to go to a peer support group, be supportiveand what's but what's really neat those as you gain more insight into yourcondition, you do actually have more to share. You really have to push back theEGO and you know again not post things just to get like a response or likes orclicks. You know a lot of people like here's, the her's a term I heard, forexample, the other day I was watching Bilbur has a new standup paper tiger onNetflix of like bill burn the past. I like him as a person, seems like aninteresting guy. I, like his other work, is cartoon. F is for family all thatstuff his latest standup. Special, though, is this thing I calld clapture.I didn't make up the term. There's a term called Clapthrough, I'm sorry,Clap Peter Clap ter and that's basically, when comedians go out thereand say jokes for applause and approval instead of for laughs, and I feel thatway a lot of times with social media. I'm sorry with mental health advocateson social media. Is that they're not there to actually get laughs, in otherwords, they're, not there to help they're there just to get clapps andapplause, and you know validation. So...

...if you're an advocate you're, not thereto get validation for yourself you're there to help others. So just alwaysknow your role. It's okay! You don't have to be an advocate. Just don't callyourself that and then the other thing is along thethe same lines of no yearrole. If you're not a license therapist or a traine psychiatrist, you can't be a mental health coach thatdoesn't make any sense that seems like you're cutting corners. Whatqualifications do you have to quote? UNQUOTE: Coach Somebody About MentalHealth? That's for a doctor! You know what I mean so watch where you go withthe networking. The Peer Support, the advocacy, it's all good and againremember you know back to number eight coming out publicly. You got to decidewhether you're going to use your own name, an Avatar of some kind orwhatever, but so many things to consider. One other thing to considerjust not doing anything. You know like the there's, a flip of like don't justdon't jout sit, there do something. One of my favorite quotes. I heard from aBuddhist was: don't just do something sit there so maybe consider that if you're aboutto post something that requires a trigger warning or about to beprovocative, if you're calling yourself an advocate, just maybe stop take abreath, hold back, don't say anything: Let it go. Let that Prana go just letit go cool all right. So, let's recap real quick. I know I talk fast, but youknow the nature of the beast. Number. One diagnosis always get a second otthird opinion. Ober, two, the abbreviations by polar disorderis, bdborderline personalityssorder, is bpd. It's see, number three medication makesure you get the right kind to match your diagnosis or it just won't work.If it doesn't work. Tell your doctor, it's just not helping, don't be shy. Number four, the symptoms, mania todepression, remember, depression, makes people angry and a couple of otherthings you wouldn't expect and mania requires some bit of psychosis. So ifyou've never lost touch with reality, you might not have mania number fivesleep get the fuck out of bed in the morning. You'll be tired at night. Do it number six diht and exercise like Isaid, stop eating sugar drink, more water number, seven alternativetreatments crystals in Jesus might make you feel better and if they do good foryou but they're not going to cure, you number eight coming out publicly. UKnow What Shill you tell your job, the government family, you know all ofthose entities and people could use it against you, so be careful. Coming out.Number nine rethink the idea of working in a job. Maybe it's not for you, maybeyouw'd be better off living in the forest or something you know just no, not everybody has to have a job,got it and then number ten. Your pier support network peer groups, onlineadvocacy, you know just think about...

...what you're doing ahead of time andknow your role and contribute. You know if and reciprocate. Obviously, ifsomeone's helping, you then offer to help them back so that, in a nutshell,one O ten, the newbis guide to buy polar disorder. If you' like to contactme, you can try to find me on twitter, Bi, polar style. Oh yeah, by polar stylecom will takeyou right to the the Webpaves, where you can listen to this withoutsubscribing to Itunes, cool cool, all right next episode's going to be fun,we're going to talk about mental illness and gun control. That should behot topic you might want to hear. Some of that I think my take on is a littlebit different than most liberal, progressive mental health, advecacykind of type people again, yeah, not actually an advocate.So I'm going to tell you what I think about gun, control and mental illnesscoming up on the next by polar style. I appreciate you hanging out with me andlistening to me rant. I know yeah, especially if you're listening to it go,be speed or fot speed, a Mu, appreciate you and so take it. Baras e Fafombaby, O Ymayan X.

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