Live from Emo Dojo
Live from Emo Dojo

Episode · 2 months ago

NFT Artist EpicThunderCat: Live from Emo Dojo


John welcomes EpicThunderCat, a rising NFT artist with deep ties to both the art community and mental health outreach. As an artist and licensed mental health worker, her new project "Monsters of Mind" aims to spread mental health awareness through digital artwork, more commonly known as NFTs.

The discussion is wide-ranging and covers a lot of interesting topics, including ...

  • DSM and the inherent corporate bias of psych labels
  • Wrong meds; unmet expectations
  • Pill shaming and stigma
  • Diversity in the NFT space
  • Difficulties in on-boarding new artists
  • The Fear of Change
  • The Fear of Financial Freedom
  • Narcissism in Society
  • Epicthundercat’s Origins Story
  • The Art Process
  • Opensea and Objkt
  • Companies have roadmaps; artists have vision maps
  • The Monsters of Mind Collection
  • Shoutout: Conrad at Outcastverse
  • Diversity in NFTs; hiding behind your PFP
  • Shoutout: Guttercat Gang
  • Getting Over The Hump
  • Give it at least 12 months
  • Epicthundercat breaks through social anxiety and fear of speaking!

Cover art for this episode is a cropped portion of EpicThunderCat's "Love - 13" trading at .35 ETH when this podcast was uploaded. Learn more at Follow @johnemotions on Twitter

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