Live from Emo Dojo
Live from Emo Dojo

Episode · 1 year ago

Quarantine Hit Parade | Something Is In The Air


John Emotions enjoys some herbal therapy and plays a selection of songs and stories during a state lockdown due to the Covid-19 / Coronavirus fiasco.

Follow John @signaljams for his new show featuring artists and performers intentionally using their talent and influence for positive social change.

Here's what we're listening to today ... open your ears, open your mind. This may drive GenZ-types crazy, as we GenX-types can actually listen to almost a WHOLE SONG without skipping to another. Patience young padawan.

Dr. Dog

Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)
Simply Red

Who’s Gonna Save Us
The Living End

I Want Out

The Cranberries
Dolores O'Riordan RIP January 2018

Hold On
Alabama Shakes
Kate E. Motions RIP 2012

Waiting On A Friend
Rolling Stones

That Thing You Do
The Oneders
Adam Schlesinger RIP 2020

Ooo Child
Nina Simone

John Deer Green
Joe Diffe RIP 2020

Crosby Stills Nash and Young
1980 Reissue

Don’t Stop Believing

It's only in your head. Andnow it's online ad Biponu stylecom. Yes, Johnny motions with by ponus style.Hey, what's up, how are you? It's good to be backor whatever. Talking on the microphone. I like to talk on a mic. So here's what I was doing today. I was making a pot of Chilidownstairs with the you know, ITT wols and beans and whatnot, andwe had some time to kill. So one of my sons staying here withthis hat. He was up on night plane animal crossing. So he's takinga nap now, and the other ones watching some youtubes. So pops isup here jamming on some music. And Yeah, I figured you might belocked at home too and just don't want to hear anything serious. Hardly evercheck on social media now at all because if I have to, like Ihave all the keywords filtered and leaves not really much and the like. Thewhole media spear is in dated with Covid and pandemic and trump just too much. I feel like I'm being manipulated by the media. So yeah, I'vebeen following the rules for boy, fourteen days, going on six times now. Anyway, we're doing all right though. But yeah, I just felt likelistening to some music, so maybe you might want to listen along.have stories to go with some of these songs. It's not very long.Probably put the playlist right there so you can see what songs they are andif you haven't heard of some of these bands, go check them out,you know, give them a listen. I am squat, you know,smack Dab Square in the middle of generation x. So if you wondered whyI have such a perspective on music, well, let's it's because this iswhat a form too. Well, here's some other stuff to my kids areinto what I call yacht rock a lot of the time, and not ironicallyeither. They actually like old songs and they're on a quest to find thecoolest light hippists quirkiest old songs that they gave me a lot of input forwhat I'm calling our quarantines, quarantine's greatest hits. All right, so thisfirst one doesn't really have a story and just reminded me of how I feelsometimes, how a lot of people feel, just lonely, lonesome. But Ijust just wanted to kind of reiterate that you don't have to feel lonesomejust because you're isolated. Likewise, if you're in a crowd, you mightfeel lonesome. Lonesome is just kind of a relative state to the other peoplethat are around you, and it's okay to feel lonesome, whether you're isolatedor isolated with people that you didn't prefer, or you got stuck somewhere out ofstate, out of the country even, Jeez. So things kind of haywhere. But Anyway, the song. I found it not even that longago, like two months ago, just listening to the radio here insouthwest Louisiana, and it's from a band called Dr Dog. In Two Thousandand twelve they released this song called lonesome. Nothing, nothing, not nothing.The train is got it and on another I don't and I slip,but get out of here, I love, get out, leave me alone.Can't do what he please. My...

Daddy's thin, falling start. Well, I think up the pieces out of nothing. What does it take tobe nothing, to nothing. What does it take to be love? Nothingat all. What does it take to be nothing? What does it takeup? It's pretty cool too, and yeah, I like that. It'skind of relaxing and melancholy all of the same time. So when you're listeningto this, it might be around April, third, two thousand and twenty,and a lot of people's rent is coming due, a lot of peoplehave mortgages to pay and things like that around the first of the month andin many cases they're just there's no paycheck coming in. The unemployment systems alljacked up and people are just starting to really going to stress out over thenext week or two, especially meanwhile, I'm sure on the news, ifyou're stuck at home because you got no money, because you got no paycheck, factory shut down, you going to be watching news that tells you howmiserable things are and how deaths keep increasing. So just chill, we're all inthis together and check this out. This is called money's too tight tomention from simply read. I went to my brother, see what you cando, and brother hip you. So I call my father. What didthe can't damn, that song is such...

...a Banger. That's one of thekids favorite current songs, and when I say kids, are like twenty andtwenty two years old. Those those two that are staying with me right now. Yeah, Dad, we should love doing so. Anyway, let's talkabout this real quick. While the economy is kind of going too shit,everywhere around the world things aren't aren't impossible to solve. One thing I thinkI should reiterate is that nobody's going to save us. Yeah, so it'swithin ourselves to help ourselves. So let's pull it together. And that justreminded me of this song, by the way. That last song was from. Simply read one thousand nine hundred and eighty five money, two tight tomansion. This is who's going to save us? From the living end welike to call the Green Day of Australia, from a two thousand and three.Who's going to save us? I just don't understand. It seems aplace now it's like, but you know what they say, device yeah,that's cool man. For Two thousand and three, that's the living end.WHO's gonna save us? So we're going to jump back in time a littlebit, like the past couple of days. Since I don't have a Corphobia,I actually like going out. I get depressed and anxious, but Ilike to go out and try to mingle with people. I feel like I'vebeen stuck in a cage especially the last couple of weeks. But it getreminded me of the song used to hear when I was a kid, feltlike lever and twelve years old, from band called Halloween, and the songis called I want out into the side... wish sometimes stay. Man.You See, it's not me, it's not my family with their tans andtheir bombs and their bombs, and they're gone hard because silence we must bestag it's the same one thinesand hundred and...

...sixty there with their tanks and theirbars, theirs and their guns, those from one thousand nine hundred and ninetythree, the cranberries doing Zombie. Just over two years ago we lost thesinger to Loria so reardon, to suicide in January two thousand and eighteen.So rest in peace to her. Not to make this too much of adowner, but I think it's also interesting that some people who have passed didn'thave to live to see the madness that we're stuck in right now. SoI guess there's some bright side. This next song is also about somebody who'spassed, my sister Katie. She had developed ovarian cancer. She didn't realizeit until it was too late. And anyways, at some point in thisthis period, she didn't want me to tell anybody, not my parents,or are our parents, not her kids, not my kids, obviously, whatever. So it's kind of my secret between her and me, since shewas trying her hardest to get treatment and everything, and they did, youknow, all they could. But one thing that really stuck with me wasshe asked me to take her son to outside lands over in San Francisco,big festival down there in the park, kind of going towards near the water. Anyway, it was fascinating because I...

...knew that this would be the lastconcert that her son, my nephew, would see before his mom passed.So it's really heavy to me. Is Really Magical, though, because atthe moment we kind of walked past the security gates park the bikes and everythingand got down onto the meadow. This really just fascinating, really open noisehit my ears and my ears just struck by this fantastic voice from Brittany ofAlabama shakes, and this was the song that was playing as my nephew andI walked on to the concert field. There last I'm there. I'm gonnaOh don't know what I'm gonna do. Must be somebody heart live my mind. I must be got some that's wrong. It's from two thousand and eleven,Alabama shakes doing hold on. That goes out to my sister. Restare soul. Passed away in two thousand and twelve. Saw that song ata festival or if they came out pretty nice. So this one's one ofmy favorite. Just old jangly tunes from the early s. This is waitingon a friend from rolling stones. A The lad just stand remember waiting justrollin stones were always one of those bands...

...when I was younger. I'm like, yeah, I don't know. I didn't really buy any of the recordsor anything until I saw them as a grown up at a fucking concert andwe go well, they're really good. If you can live playing the musiclive is fucking awesome show. Same with Bruce springsteen. Never bought any recordsof theirs, but or his either, but collectively, you know, whenI saw them finally an't like, well, okay, I get it. Seewhy these guys sell out fucking venues all the time. So Anyway,anyway, welcome back. I'm johnny motions, pretending I'm a DJ. While we'reon lockdown here for the two thousand and twenty pandemic show. Exciting justtripping on some music here. So if you watch movies like I love watchingmovies, and my sons and I have been catching up sharing movies that wehaven't collectively seen, I'll share some that I haven't seen and vice versa.So we're catching up on some. But one of my favorite alltime movies,strangely, is from the Plato owne family of products, called that thing youdo, Tom Hanks movie. I think Tom Hanks wrote it, directed it, acted in it, he did a lot of things with it. Ithink those three things really cool. Movie about its kind of like a bandtrend to trying to get their jam on and everything. Well, the hitsong from that thing you do is called that thing you do. Sadly,the guy who wrote that, Adams Lessenger, just passed away from complications to tothe COVID nineteen virus. So that really sucks. Condolences to everyone whoknew him. Truly bad. I bring this up because the song that thingyou do is pretty fucking upbeat and so, in kind of bipolar nature, let'sgo from low sack melancholie said, kind of a more upbeat thing.So if you've seen the movie, that thing you do, you know theannouncers keep messing up their name and, in true fashion, will do thesame thing. So, Ladies and Gentlemen, from one thousand, nine hundred andninety six, bring you the own neaters. Just know every time youdo that, things you play and I'm gonna find you'd be happy, can'tyou see? If you don't need to...

...get you every time you do thatthing to show things is love and I just can't take it. Be Happy, can't if you don't need that. From nineteen ninety six, that's theown eaters. With that thing you do now, I'm just playing. That'ssong called that thing you do, obviously from a band in the in themovie called the wonders. It was from one nine ninety six, and thegentleman who wrote that, Adam slessingers, just passed away from the covid virus, which sucks. So see what we're doing as a society. We're losingsome of our cultural icons, in our greatest contributors to the arts to somethingthat was preventable. Kind of makes me angry. Trying to tone it down. But yeah, it's just it's pretty fucked up, I think. Anyway. I don't want to dwell on it too much, but yeah, wehave to stay indoors. Don't you know the rules? You don't how itgoes. So let's lighten it up a little bit. Yeah, John figuredout. Lighten it up or something. Yeah, yes, dance singing thewonder that scene in the wonders art, the scene in that thing you dowhere they first heard their song on the hit radio, on the radios inthe radio plant shop. They lose it and it almost makes me cry everytime I see that. Such a pussy regarding that. Anyway, this isUpie Song. It's from Nina Simon. She sang this first in one thousandnine hundred and ninety seven. I'm sorry, one thousand nine hundred and seventy one, and this was remixed later, but it's cool remix. Check itup. The world is much lighter. Things gonna get easy, things getright easy, things get right up.

So it's such a great song.That's Nina Simone from one thousand nine hundred and seventy one, who child loveit. So, yeah, I meant to tell you this. So Idon't do as many mental health related podcast because I found that the more Ifocused on that, the more crazy I felt like upset it tons of times. The you know, what you focus on gross. Well, if Idon't balance it out with other things that I like and that I feel areimportant, I feel out of whack and I, you know, need somebalance in my life. So I do another podcast. I was doing itwith my buddy Gary, called signal jams, and we would just like practicing.There's a scene in buster scrugs where the trappers in the back of thestagecoach thing. He said, yeah, I like to keep a hand inthe talk. Got To keep a hand in the talking, and I justthought it was funny to fucking because this is that's true. You just gottakeep talking. As you you forget how to and you'll build up anxieties thatyou forgot how to say the right words or whatever. So I think it'simportant to at least have confidence to put words into the air if you needto. Clearly, I don't need to. Anyway, I do appreciate you listening. So that said, the a signal jabs podcast. I'm switching itup and Gary's a partner of mine. We write screenplays and things like thattogether, and he's working on a different podcast and I want to take signaljams and it's slightly different direction that he's not fully as into as I am, which is activism. So signal jams I will start interviewing artists and performerswho use their both their talent and their kind of influence to intentionally make changein society. Things would be exciting for me to hear from them and Ithink it might be also interesting for for an audience to hear that people.There are a lot of people and artists who create things just to make changefor what they think is the better in society. That's pretty funny. SoI was trying to keep it from being a downer, but anyway, Hey, there's another song right here that is from an artist, another artist we'velost to this goddamn coronavirus, and doesn't matter what side of the spectrum you'reon, you know picking off entertainers and pretty soon going to run out.No, that's not true. I don't mean to make light of their deathseither, but here's another song from an artist we've just recently lost. Hey, fuck you, yeah, I apologize. So this is a Joe diffy performingJohn Dear Green kids down everyone once you like water, stood all thetHevot by Bob and better three Shar they settled down on maybe the sweet cornget meats. They went together like a...

...head and a glove on a ClaireDay from the Front Yard. If you look in no what to look for. Up to the East you can still it is worth about John All theheart. Summer night he both by Bob, shine and better, steeper and thefriend. But it's love to Charlie that I'll cover in the heart beat. Show John Day gree on a hot summer night. We both billy,bob better three good and the fool shouldn't do it. John on a hotsummer night, both by Bob Better, sleep good and the whole. Theboy shouldn't give but it love good. One thousand nine hundred and ninety three. That's Joe Diffy, rest in peace. Joe diffy died from complications due tothe coronavirus just last week and he will be missed for his contributions tothe arts. Starting to wonder, you know we're going to have a bunchof virus babies in nine months with people cooped up in the rooms and nothingbetter to do, or people abstaining because they're freaked out about catching someone catchingsomeone's virus while they're living in the same place, or what's going on.Makes me wonder. But it also brought up this cool song. You know, can't love if you can't be with the one you loved and love youwith love the one you're with. I'll spit it out right here. Theseguys that sing it better. Don't don't say, but don't said. There'sa girl right next to you. You just wait something to do. Iwell, that is some hippie music,...

I tell you. That's crosby stillsa Nash. They they re released that in one thousand nine hundred and eighty. Good stuff, if you seen the obviously everyone's using skype and zoom nowto a tune with each other, talking about to admit the other week.So that's great. And apparently here's the rub, though, with zoom.Once you share your meeting ID, then screwed. Then people share it andforms on Reddit, discord and things like that, and then they'll come inand bomb your whole session. It's teenage boys, of course, and sothey're taken out, they're just it's called Zoom bombing. So those are peoplewho are trying to hold effective meetings or now having to generate different pass codesand keep people in waiting rooms and things like that, which is cool.So just be aware of that. If you're out trying to set up ameeting, if you're new to zoom, make sure that you do not useyour main meeting, because that's like a basically your own meeting that's always openin a way. If you share that ID think it's always going to getbombed. So what you want to do is create a private meeting and alsokeep people in the waiting room until you've can vouch for them or know whothe fuck they are or whatever. So Bro Tips for zoom meetings and skype. I think SKYP is pretty scared, but it's usually just oneonone or somethingthat. I don't know, not a huge skypean, but it works.So that's that. I'm going to take off. I think my Chili's done. My son just texted me said the CROC pots, you know, tasteand delicious in there. So I can't wait and you know, go'll listento some new music. Thanks for hanging out with me and if you wantto follow my latest adventures on twitter, it's at signal jams. Same thingon fucking what you call that other thing, instagram? Yeah, had signal jamson instagram. There's nothing there, though right now. Signal Jams probablyon facebook that I don't use. We get it all, take care ofit all. I just don't publish their a lot. I'm a podcast.I like talking into a mic. Right. So, that said, take careof yourselves, follow the rules, don't get to hysterical. Stop watchingthe news media. Things will be all right a few months and then we'llhave to put it back, put the pieces back together with what we have. So don't be dicks to each other, to be an asshole. Let's beas kind as you can and things will work out. And remember,register to vote and vote. You know I have to talk about who you'revoting for, but just do vote. Vote in November and we'll figure outa way to get out of this together. All right. So I'm johnny emotionsand I appreciate your time. Thanks for listening. What's the Radio Fade? That's not very dramatic. This is..., you know. All right, I'll Steck, I'm checking with you guys later. Subscribe to Bipo thestyle on itues and spotify. Follow along on twitter. He's so stupid.And now back to the wall.

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