Emo Dojo™ Presents: John Emotions
Emo Dojo™ Presents: John Emotions

Episode · 3 years ago

Season 2 Recap: How to Become a Mental Health Advocacy Superstar ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


John recounts the highs and lows of starting a new mental health podcast one year into the ordeal ... tries to mention the new cat three times. Reminds everyone there is no right/wrong way and everything will be different in 200 years anyway. Meanwhile - Season 3 is all about YOU! Join us at BipolarParty.com to get ready!

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It onlyand Os Onlineo, Thi EIT style. You got down by the fuckers, you fucking Walter in Heme. You thinkyou know everything, don't you well. I fucking work my fucking ash off and yousure, as fuck, I'm not Goinno fucking blow it for me now from now on, all your little bits aregoing to be under two minutes and duration and all scripts- and I do meanall scripts, require my personal approval. You see the kind of conditions I haveto work in around here, I'm over it man, I'm over it, hey welcome back to byPola Stoil, I'm johnnye motions, highertop the tender loin in SanFrancisco USA, so yeah man, it's been a pretty wild month. I've done anotherpodcast, so I've talked quite a bit about my experiences over there and I kind of felt like I had done thispodcast already. So I hope I don't repeat too many of those type of things or if you heard that podcast, then youknow you'll know what I'm talking about so wow all right. This podcast! You nowbeen this. Like episode, Twenty Five, I didn't mean to do so. Many episodesinto season two here. Basically, you do, like I don't know like twelveishepisodes per season and two seasons roughly equals a year, it's kind ofmodeled after TV, because I was Drainedin TV and just it's what it'swhat's ingrained in my brain, also in music, you release albums in sets often songs and sometimes a Bonea song or two for somebody. They need a littleextra money so anyway, a dozen or so seems about right when you mix the twometaphors of music industry and TV industry. But with this show here me back up a step. You'll get alot of show here and twenty minutes because, hey you know, I'm sometimes hypomaticanyway, so backup. The reason I started this show originally was because Iwanted like a podcast that sounded like what's called a DB SAmeeting. DBSA stands for depression and by polar support alliance and they have medians all aroundAmerica. So in these meetings people go aroundthe circle they check in, they say their name. They tell how their weekwas real quickly, like a scale of one DOTENO had a shoitty week at a greatweek, and then they indicate whether or not they want to share somethingspecific more in depth later so e can kind of work, your way around circle,and then the MODERATR will come up and said all right. We've got eight peopleto want to share. Let's start with, you know we'll go clockwise and Bob on theleft. You go first and then Bob will say: Okay! Well thanks yeah Bob here and well. You knowI' having a really hard time at work. My supervisoris really big getting onme and whatever okay, so you get it. So I derive a lot of value from thosemeetings in person and I noticed there were a lot of people that would drivefor hours literally to the meetings in San Francisco, which are fairly established. Well, they're veryestablished, they've been here twenty years. I think, and there's people coming from, likeLake Tao, all the way down to San Francisco. So I was thinking manthire's got to be a way to do this. Using technology to put put her on theInternet, somehow what what the hell so slowly...

...put up like a yamer group was like Iwanted to get off of facebook and twittering that I just I just want,like a private kind of online forum that didn't really have theconstrictive rules of a true national organization run by professionals thatwere paid and things like that. I'm just not that kind of person, I'm kindof like an anarchist, I just not into rules and other people's groups andwhatever I'd want to start my own group and mostly for the folks here in SanFrancisco, so that was cool, started moodswinger and everyone kind of did there and it s itwas gool. Did you know it worked for exactly what I thought it intended it to del right so hm, except they didn't work? For me, Imoved away from San Francisco and then I realized wait. Okay, thatwell part of it was that the technology like Yamer was not the best thing bforthat, especially after Microsoft, bought it kind of wrecked ita little bit anyway. I on want to go on O rant there so anyway, just thetechnology was not quite what I was looking for. I tried Google hangg outtried just different stuff anyway. The next thing I was like. Well, Istill what I really missed kind of was hearing other people's stories. So Ididn't it wasn't the typing. I didn't need another exercise for my fingers.It wasn't staring at another piece of plastic with lights behind it. I'm likeI don't need to stay, and it's not that t what I liked was hear in otherpeople's stories, getting the emotion in their voice. That sort of thing- and so obviously you know I ' W twendyseventeen or eighteen thndand, seventeen back then, and I'm like wellsit a podcast. How about that Hawbit? We do a podcast, and my idea was likejust put a Mike in the middle of this DBSA meeting. Of course can't just Godothat, because s that's their group, that'stheir meeting, that's the how they do their thing: Nan and an Ha Soi fuck.How do I do this? Like? Okay: Let's go back to that old online group thing andfind people that want to do it so go online, and now the technology isslack. Do you guys use slack when I was in Los Angeles at a Tech Company?Everybody was using slack so now e use slack. Excuse me: Yes, lackers G, it was super easy. Youcan put it in your pocket, you put it on your phone and once you get aninvite link, you can just go forward your domain name to the invite link hold on one second join the party at byPolar Partycom, don't forget to join the party atBipolar Partycom and that, oh, that's, pretty goodtiming. Actually, because that is the domain name. I bought and pointed it tomy slack name to my slack, invite link, I mean. So if you go to bypolarPARTYCOM, it simply goes to the public, invite link for slack and the peopleAare there. We trust each other. We share, we chat,we talk, we, we might have disagreements Dow, then, but generally,I think most of the people that go there have heard about the link fromeither this show or Becky show that Bword, which he talks about bipolar andborderline personality disorder. So I think, because of the nature of ourshows, most of the people that come there are already fairly politicallycorrect and kind. So we've haven't had to kick anybody out for being rude orbeing creepers or anything like that. So that's that's pretty cool, but theproblem is, I still didn't, have a podcast, I'm like well, I still didn'thave my ideal of having the circle of people sharing their stories in audioformat for the world to hear, because I think that's one of the best ways tobreak down stigma is to let people...

...share their stories in their own voiceswithout any real rules. That way the listening public will start tounderstand. Oh, these are just fucking, regular people that happen to be goingthrough troubling emotions right now. Let's help them instead of Shom themwith labels. You feel me don't. Let me forget to tell you aboutthe cat. Okay, anyway, even with the online group now Byapolar party, you can't just put a microphone in front of people and say:Hey now, tell me your story. It took a while. We had to build trust with eachother and just learn how we were and just kind of check where each other'shead was with regards to you know what they wanted to do withlife or t their mental health, activism or advocacy, or whatever I mean somepeople just want to listen and chat and have no. They don't want to fucking, beon a podcast. That's some people, like that's stupid. Why would I want to dothat? But there are several people now at bipolar, Partycom that are into thisidea of podcasting as a group which I think is fantastic, because I'm thatmuch closer now to having the bipolar style, show B, a group of four five sixpeople with a boterator sharing, maybe each week their stories theire theirsuccesses, their troubles, but really just getting it off of their shouldersand letting the the listening public. No, you know the kinds of things we gothrough and to the extent that the external world affects our feelings, Iguess that's a good way to put it the cat away. I should tell you aboutthe cat real quick before I move on, so if you've listened to the other podcast.Oh here's. Here's one thing about starting to podcast. If you want to getinto the mental health advocacy game, the podcasting think sounds easy, butman it's hard. If you're like a a perfectionist or a betterist, I'm likeI call myself a betterist. I don't think there's such thing really asperfection, but man, you cund, always bak things a little bit fucking betterright, like especially with podcast. The main thing is the sound of theaudio. If the audio sucks, then your podcasts sucks so sorry about thattangent, but I'm like well, so I can just go deep and like the the toys.Basically, you spend too much money on toys. The bicrophone, the fuckingpreamp, the cords and the whole thing. The Software Youcan go off and and getlost in that. But when it comes to the mental health part, it's hard toactually pick. U A brand like because I had to started realize like doing apodcast feels like putting on your clothes. So each time I was doing apodcast I' like GOI'm, wearing the same fucking close again, and I wanted tochange my clothes. I wanted to do a podcast about this and then about thatand about this, so you have to be careful with with the hosts that youchoose, because the first host that was with there's nothing wrong with them.It's just that hold on one second, because I see allthis background stuff about to come up, I'm going to move it over trying torecord everything live fed over there. Well, I've been talkingtwelve minutes, shit man, we better get on it becauseyou got work to do and I got man okay anyway, change, podcast thost,because the other one wanted to charge for each additional RSS feed, which isbasically each show they wanted to charge for a whole new account and I'mlike no dude, I'm just not I'm hardly...

...using any storage and you band with. Ijust want to try different logos and brands and names and ideas for showsand help. Other people start theirs, even if we only do one or two episodes.I just wanted to have that freedom to change up a bit. So if that's yourthinking be careful which host you choose because that's the thing you know someare better for other things: There's like four five great podcast hoasts,and just do your research es lots of places you can find out about themanyway. So that was one of the issues I had to endup. Changing RSS Feeds for this particular show sirens. So we got that straightened out and Ithink I probably mentioned it several times when I was doing the logo. Whenyou do the artwork for a podcast, it should be readable at super super tinysize, like thumb, nail size on a telephone because sometimes it's youknow, people are scrolling through either your twitter account or theartwork on Itunes, fucking, podcast or whatever. So, if your artwork has lotsof detail and says words and Shit in it, you'r not going to read it, it's goingto be a big BLOB at a super tiny size. Also, oh here's the thing right before I putout a logo. I read an article that said depressed people like logos with facesin Hem, like I'm like what you know like Colonel Sanders, and things likethat: Oh my God, whatever okay, so I whipped out of logo. That was a facejust for that and that turned out cool. But you know, even though it's a cool,Ogo and I've got a store that sells shirts, and I don't have to fulfillthat on my own. It's kind of all automated. I don't make any money.SALLING shirts, no I'm not even enough to cover hosting for a month. So ifyou're getting into podcasting thinking, you're going to make a bunch of moneywith merchandise or tshirt sales, or anything like that, man O hit's, a badidea. Don't do that just have just but make sure your arts cool. You know whatI mean make sure it stands out and it's easy to understand and- and it meanssomething to you. If you happen to be a designer and then fuck yeah, do ityourself, because then it means it' that much more right in definitely build an an audiencesomewhere off of the social media. Like email lists, I have my own website.I've always had a website of some sort at whatever whatevercom like you can goto bypolar stylecom. I think that currently points directly to the itunesfeed the new feed. Hopefully the one you're now subscribed to, but that's only temporary, eventuallyI'll point that back to its full website like if you go to JohnnyMotionscom, that's kind of a typical website. If you're going to puttogether something in the podcasting blog realm, you want to beable to capture people's email addresses not to spam them like howmany times have I emailed you like some of you, lots of you actually havesigned up to my emailist, and you know that I've never spanned you, I've,never even sent you an email. I should probably do that. I should probablyemail all the old subscribers on the old feed and the people at the originalbipolar party that I kind of left behind sorry about that folks kind oflike a Irish goodbye, Pulle, the Sham Rock. I started a party and kind ofbacked out the door said by anyway, but I do have those emailaddresses, so I can email them and now invite them to the new bypolar party towebsite, as like change, an and all that good stuff, so anyway, highlyrecommend having your own website ouch just for that just for collecting emailaddresses so that you can keep your fans regardless. What the social mediaof the week is now you know what I mean.

Oh here, here's the this thing drove mecrazy. At first, I thought yeah. I want to hear everyone's voice becauseremember what I liked the group idea, and that was hard to build a group, soI thought well, let me interview one at a time. Okay, that's difficult, because the peopleyou're trying to interview- I don't know what fucking world they'refrom honestly there's a handful that are professional. They know how to useCath Calily. You know like a link on the Internet that points you to anInternet calendar that comes to my email, but you know t they're with theprogram they fucking get it and they show up here they are if they are on skiperight on time, and I could interview them and they come prepared withanswers to questions and a lot of times. I ask questions that are not on scriptat all, which is fun. It makes for a great interview, but there are a lot ofpeople that don't show up. They flake the excuses or whatever that'sdifficult to deal with, especially because I'm the sick one, I'm fucking,I'm sick too right. So I don't have time to chase people around doing oneon one interviews, especially if I'm going to like interview your for foryour fucking thing. If it's your thing already, it's an obligation to me toshowcase you and focus on your thing as well as I can. But then, if you're, noteven going to show up for your own thing, forget it right. That's themthat reminds me of when I was in the music business, and somebody would giveme thei's like demo as if it were a gift and I'm like Dude Bother Furger,that's an obligation that is not a gift. Given me, your shit to play or tolisten to or to do whatever is always been an obligation, people that arecreative when you're in a band and whatnot. You think it's a gift, becauseyour ego says: Oh my shits so great here, but now. If you're trying to puttogether a show, you hear a lot of stuff and a lot of people stuff is notthat great, worse yeah wouldn't even been a problem.People just show up anyway. I just became an issue of like well fuck itI'm going to do my own show I'm just going to talk by not. I can talk a longtime just keep on fucking talking, but again that led to the problem I raninto most recently in the past several months. I startedto realize that the more I focused on the fucking bipolar thing, the morebipolar I felt, which seems pretty obvious. If you think about it. If youkeep running around saying your bad at math, then obviously the world aroundyou is going to support that youpe suck it an math same type of thing. I lookedinto labeling theory have been into that for a while. What you become whatyou get labelled and since by polar disorder, is so vague. It's verysquishy. You know you can't quite get at it. I'm a lot more hesitant to justembrace that label, because it's not going to be the same label twenty yearsfrom now, it's not going to be the same label two hundred years from now. Youknow what I mean, so ' e become a lot less happy to say. Yah I'm by polarlike who cares, who gives a fuck honestly, I don't care what you are. I care, whatyou do and how you feel like. How do you feel on your day today? Existenceand what do you do like? Let's talk about those things, I'm Fuckng FuckYour label. I don't really care that Youre bipolar. Oh here's, why? I don'tcare, because I have like eight of these things and T it keep losing trackof how many Goddamn Disorders I've been labelled with so I mean some people think that thatmight be controversial or provocative. And, frankly it's to me it's so notcontroversial or provocative. I could...

...give a fuck about that argument at all.Like everything, we've thought turns out to be wrong. It always doesscience evolves, religion, evolves, everything changed. So for anybody tostop right now in two thousand and eighteen and say Nope, this is what itis, and this is all at's going to be ind. It's so fucking arrogance. No,it's not things. Will change don't get all wrapped up in your label. We arenot our labels, so be careful of the ones you embrace theyre, they're greatfor categorizing things and for moving conversations forward, but they're alsoused to protect your ego. Thay're also used to thwart progress and they'realso used to just diminish secondary people. What the fuck is secondary people hmoh the cat yeah. So it's hard to find a real cat.Apparently I look on Craig's list and there's lots of people putting fake ads,trying to collect your information and then ultimately telling you okay. Bythe way I live three tousand miles away and I'm going to send you the cat in abox on an airplane after you pay pallme four hundred dollars like what nowthat's a common scheme on Craig's list. Apparently Anyway, I was working the front desk at a hotel.I run give my employees the time off to go. Do the fourth of July Party andsome dude came up and said: Hey I heard y'all was looking for a kitten and I'mlike what do you mean like personally he's? Oh Yeah Yeah? I heard she waslooking for a cat and like Oh wa, because I didn't want to cop to itbecause I'm picky about what it looks like- and I was afraid s going to showme some ugly ass cat that I didn't really want wew. So I onwe yeah. Let me see so he had a picture on his phone. Heshowed me and the cat was hell acute, so long story short ended up, get thecat. I've got a cute cat he's hiding out in that room over there becausehe's a maniac after dark- and I can't podcast with him in here, but he'sawesome and take lots of pictures of them put him on instagram his name's,Zek and and thaht time he becomes Ming themerciless yeah okay. So here's what we're going to do. I need you to prepare yourself because I'm not if youwant to like listen to me, ramble, go subscribe to Johnny Motions, got it like these kind of shows. Thebipolar style show that's in this RSS feed starting in season three, probably two or three more episodeswill be that ultimate idea. I had of like a group of people sharing theirstories each week cool now. What we need is more people to share theirstories, because, right now we got a solid core of people that could supportthe show moving forward. But if we keep doing that with the same people, it'sgoing to sound like a cast. You know I don't want sound like a the same caston the sow every time like Chapo trap, House or something I wanted to actuallyrotate with new people each time. So please go to bipolar PARTYCOM and joinus. LEARN TO TRUST US WE'LL, learn to trust you and get your gear together.Typically, if you have a wired head set that goes into your computer and theEthernet cable into the back of your computer, that's plenty. Some peopletry Wyfi and blue tooth, but then it sucks because the Audio Seck- and howwould you like the audio in your ears right now to suck you? Wouldn't youwant it to sound great? So please do that if you want to join us on theupcoming episodes of bipolar style, get ahead set Mike with a cable to yourcomputer and Accord for your Internet, got it...

...that's funny, I'm like here's, how youdo it you have to do it this way. Well, I'm just fucking, I'm tired of hearingshitty quality audio. I won't listen to podcast in general, because I'm tiredof rooting through the ones that have crappy audio. I go to podcast ourmeetup groups here in San Francisco and Oakland, and we talk about that a lot.A lot of the new people coming on that are starting to make their own shows.One of their biggest complaints is poor audio. So there is a right way to dogood audio. However, if you're getting into the mentalhealth advocacy thing, there are actually no right ways or wrong ways to advocate. There's onlyyour way. So don't let people try to hijack your language. Clearly it's bestif you're sharing facts, but a lot of times, sharing facts in differentlights provokes people and that's okay, but you got to keep the conversationopen. Don't be scared to engage, people have different styles, people havedifferent personalities, but, generally speaking, you know go out there and beyourself just be open on, don't try to shutpeople down. You don't get to control the language. Nobody controls thelanguage the moment. Somebody thinks that they're in charge of the languageis the moment. We've stopped progress and then the thing about stigma inmental health. That's trippy! When I talk with mark the other week, soapparently the best way to get around stigma or destroy stigmuxcuse me or O.However, you want to talk about disintegrating. Stigma is to do better,so we have to highlight our successes. Nobody cares about when we're depressed, come on. Remember the old cliche smile and the whole world smiles withyou cry and you cry alone. That's so true I mean if you just need theInternet because you want likes and that click on your saratone and yourDopomin in your brain and that actually makes you feel better. There's somescience to that sure, but I mean really that you've, just on theInternet to get clicks and lights permission to do that. I never pov thatCAC DA your fire pack up Te Shit. I'm no can no JESA fuck out FY, likepoplike plange me o the ORRIOC ound working OA. You like, like poplelike PLA, IFECOCM OudworkingAl Day you IE G N, just like just Atag when I'm sitting Don TrainEvereowithinweeoefiesons, making that Chang just like Jie Annm, tin, em,traoe Weatherin am fortify Atakand Take Atandthank, you forall, they wante do andput e tempwa Lie Fos Axu.

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