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So Happy It's Thursday ... Updates on new stuff


John Emotions provides updates on upcoming guests, podcast intros and how things are going on this fine autumn evening. If you're feeling down, please use the support resources on our site.

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You don't understand. I had class. I could have been a Contamina, I could have been somebody. Dude, if it's going to be that kind of part, I'm on thing my thiging about Whoa. Welcome to buy polar style. Hey, how you doing? This is I am John Emotions and I'm really glad to have you here. So you know I'm not actually going to use that intro. It's pretty overthetop, isn't it? I like it. I like to listen to it now and then I might share it once in a while, but I'm I'm getting the voiceover person to do an intro so it'll it'll start to even out and you'll get a little more consistent introduction... the podcast here shortly, like after this weekend, I'm getting some more parts. I need to do the phone interviews and then I could interview a couple of cool people I've met on the twitter. Yeah, so today's Thursday in California USA. It's been a long week. Man, working as hard I know. Everybody that works knows working is hard, but man, it seems extra hard when anything set you off, like if you're a bipolar man. Working is ridiculous. Sometimes. You when you. Sometimes getting out of bed is ridiculous, but you've got to eat, you got to pay rent, you got to do stuff. Like stuff has to happen in life where you will like literally end up in the street. So what do you do? You just gotta fucking work it out, man. And what really sucks here's one of the things I was noticing in some of the online kind of groups. Is there the one of the main differences between bipolar and just regular...

...depression is that when you have bipolar, the doctors will rarely give you anything for the depressive aspect of bipolar first. In other words, they don't really treat your depression first, they go for your mania. They're like, Oh, let's work on your sleep first, but let's give you these drugs to slow you down, and then those, I mean, obviously you can't work with too many of those in your system either. So it becomes a whole kind of dog and pony show with trying to figure out what drugs work for you, what ones mellow you out enough so that you can handle a job without knocking you out, meaning that you're not able to perform the job. So it's pretty tricky and I'm not sure about other bipolar folks, but I've noticed this kind of pattern that happens over course of, you know, many, many months or even years, and that will get a good job. Basically I'll be, you know, moderately to me, kind of hypomatic.

Get a good job, the latch onto my skills, take advantage of all the great things I have to offer. Offer me medical insurance, and then I'll go to the doctor. They don't get some meds, and then I'll get therapy. However, in every case so far, the meds and the therapy aren't quite enough of a combination to prevent every occurrence. So then I end up screwing up at work somehow, when, ways that haven't really been explained to me, but I you know, long and short of it, I end up losing jobs. You lose your jobs, you lose your medical insurance, then you lose your meds. No job, no medical insurance, no meads. Move from town to town, try to hook up with the local kind of public health system. They're always chasing around your records to try to figure out what the last doctor prescribe for you. They can't always match the same meds that you took before. So now you're taking different meds and going through different mood swings. So the whole thing is this crazy circus of...

...trial and error really. So trying to do all of that while maintaining a job to feed yourself and how's yourself is a challenge, to say the least. So I like to say Shi, so happy. It's Thursday now. Actually, I'm getting I don't like to say that, but my grandma did used to say it and I think it was funny. So Shi t to you. She it. It's Thursday. Can't wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow. Anyway, back to tomorrow. Tomorrow's paid at work. Yeah, so I can get the parts I need to get my podcast guests on here. We'll start sharing podcast in finding cool people that want to share their stories. I think the NEAT thing about having a podcasts is I can reach out to people and help each other share stories with one another in a way that's a little more meaningful than the written word. I mean, God bless people who write blogs and text and tweet and facebook posts, but actually, when you hear...

...people's stories come out in their own words into your ears, man, sometimes it's really moving and it's nice to know that other people actually feel and really resonate the same way you do, especially if you're in a bad place. I don't know if you found this podcast in a bad place like how you're feeling right now, and if you are, by all means reach out. We've got some good resources. That bipolar stylecom support. There's some warm lines where you can call people and just chat. Doesn't have to be urgent, like you're not. Don't have to be ready to jump off a building or anything. You can just call a warm line and share and share with them anonymously. So try to do that if you're, if you found this podcast, looking for hope of some sort. You know, just check out bipolarcom I'm sorry, by polar stylecom support. Check out those links. Go do that real quick. Okay, hold on, did you do it? No, seriously, go do it. Go do it right now. Get you...

...sit here and listen passively. If you're feeling bad, we have to engage you just a little bit to make sure you're still with us. You know, everything's not going to fall apart in the next ten minutes. So go to bipolar stylecom support. Take note of those. Some warm lines, suicide hot lines, if it's really bad and get on twitter and follow us. We've got a pretty strong twitter following. People are there to help. So if you feeling low, let us know. So today was kind of a day, you know what I mean. I don't know what it was. I got up on the wrong side of the bed. Everything that came at me I just filed into the John is an idiot, John is an Asshole, John is a loser. I filed them all into that cabinet in my head and by lunch I was miserable, just miserable. And you know what, do you do? So if you if you have a job, at least I had some structure, you know, I can kind of plow through... emails and make sure things happen. Personally, like I ride a bike, roade by bike home from work. Got A little exercise and that's always good. Release some actual energy from your from your system. Just get it out. That helps relax a little bit. HMM. Beyond that, though, man, it's got to breathe. So I'm really happy it's Thursday. I'd like to share more. Really look for to these interviews we're going to do on the weekend. So that's all cool. When to get onto twitter, train and figure out and how to better promote. That's such a challenge to me. I'm like, how I follow people I like and I share as much as I could think is reasonable. And like, how do I how? Any how do you do that? Anyway? So if you have some good ideas on how twitter works better, let me know. Yah, hit me up, follow me on twitter. I'll follow you back. Cool Man. That's about it. Oh, here, that's the sound. You probably don't hear that sound because I edit it out, but I make this...'s annoying as we progress through these podcasts. I'm going to stop that noise. I think I've done a better job of not saying so on this particular podcast. All, straighten up the INTRO. No more craziness on the intro. And Tomorrow I've got a cool story to tell you about my sister Katie, so stay tuned for that. I might post it later in the night, maybe even Sunday morning, but a way. I'm sorry, getting way ahead of myself. It's only Thursday now. I will post another podcast on Saturday with the cool story. I did it again, the cool story about my sister Katie. Hope you have awesome Friday. Take it easy this weekend. Be Kind to yourself. Go find us at bipolar stylecom. Join us. Sign up for the email list. That way I can you know we can stay in touch, regardless of what social media platform is the flavor of...

...the year. I love to stay in touch with you that way. So sign up to the email list. Check out the MERCH store for some emo Joe Schwag and what else we got over there? Hmm? Oh, the leaderboard. Go See who's on top of the leaderboard. Pretty sure Diane's kicked all your butts this month and I'll be sending her out in Emo Joe tank top so when she goes and does her workouts she can rock it. Thank you so much for that. I really appreciate all the help. Yeah, I think that's about it. We're doing another podcast, do a podcast with some friends on heavy metal of all things. So we're doing an interview and I'm going to do some research right now. Going to go downstairs and watch a heavy metal documentary about La Metal Metallica, great white quiet riot. You feel me now? All right, all right, then, you guys, have a great day of an awesome Friday. If it's your paid a, don't spend all your money in one place. If you're feeling low, go...

...check out by polar stylecom support thanks a bunch. Hi Guys,.

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