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The ethics of offering health advice to individuals as untrained, unlicensed entertainers


Johnny rants on the ethics of unlicensed, untrained entertainers offering advice to specific viewers and listeners, 'SWATting,' med shaming vs. clean shaming, protecting your brand, and the power of emotions in Captain Marvel.

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It's only and now it's online andBible this stylecom emotions with Bible style. Okay, what's happening? Welcome backto bipolar style. I'm johnny emotions. You're one and only hosts. Yep, no more cohosts, which brings me to the first topic of the day. So I've noticed on Youtube there's a lot of drama going on. I'mnot going to name names, it's not important. What's important is that ithappens. So there's a youtuber that sells untrained, unlicensed medical advice for peoplewith mental health issues or, I'm sorry, maybe mental illnesses, whichever way youwant to frame it, and he got a lot of shit for it. A lot of people are just jumping on him, mostly because he dippedhis toe into the, quote unquote, drama community on Youtube, and Ididn't know this existed. Fascinating to me. So there's a thing called the dramacommunity, you know, and it's not about your local theater, youknow group, or it's not about the high school play, nothing like that. It's literally people talking Shit about each other and gaining cliques. So Weird. I have no idea what with kids are into these days, but anyway, these people aren't kids. These are grown ass men like me getting involvedwith the drama community. Mostly the drama community is younger women and younger dudes, a lot of seemingly maybe gay dudes. A lot of them are out.So I'm not like calling people gay that are not gay and there's nothingwrong with being gay, just saying that that's the community and they love it. They all talk shit about each other and back and forth and include eachother's names and their comments sections and in their ride up. So anyway,this one youtuber eventually got so much shit he said, well, I'm decided, I'm going to pull back for a week. I'm not going to postanything now. Granted, he didn't remove any of the fucking videos where hetalks shit about everybody by name, but you know he's taken a break.In the interim, another youtuber was talking about the first guy by name andwent on this kind of rant about him for about an hour, also givingout his personal phone number, his own, not the previous Youtuber, and atthe end of his video he gets swatted. You know what's Watt itis when an anonymous caller cause the local police station by Your House and tellsthem that you're you and you just killed your family and someone's tied up,you've got a hostage, so that the local police department sends out the SWATteam to your house. This is highly dangerous because people have been killed bynot complying with officers and, you know, trigger happy cops and whatnot. Soswatting is highly dangerous and it's something that apparently happens in the gaming communitya lot and maybe the drama community, not really before in the mental healthcommunity. So I found that whole thing fascinating because it all started with onejackass offering unlicensed, untrained mental health advice for a price. So obviously that'sunethical. You can't do that and as a podcaster, neither can we.We can't offer our advice on on your kid, on your brother, yoursister, your mom or your dad, whoever's got a mental health issue.If you are listening to this podcast, I'm sorry but this is all thehelp I can provide you. I can steer you to a list of locallike dbsa meetings, the depression and bipolar support alliance. They've got a greatlist of meetings. You can go there meet other people, just like youin person and it's really heartening. In fact, it's saved my life acouple of times. So I'm really big on DBSA meetings. For example,you just go to dbs alliance Dot Org,...

...find yourself a local meeting. Ifyou have to, maybe start your own. I know that's asking awhole lot of almost had to do that myself and it's a little too much. So hopefully there's a dvs a meeting near you. You can go toa church meeting. They a lot of grief counselors, a lot of pts, PTSD meetings near military basis and things like that. I know you're probablynot in the military and you may not go to church, but DBSA helps. So what I'm saying is that I'm really an activist, I'm not anadvocate. And how do you define that? So I found a definition that kindof sat with me pretty well and I said an activist is a personwho makes an intentional action to bring about social or political change. So,for an example, Rosa parks was a civil rights activist who challenge racial segregationin one thousand nine hundred and fifty five by refusing to give up re seaton the bus for a white man. Conversely, an advocate is one whospeaks on behalf of another person or group, and I don't speak on your behalf. I speak only on my behalf. I consider myself an activist. I'vebeen a political activist, I've been whatever. I'm just a mental healthactivist, if you will, but I don't speak for you and I'm nota doctor, I'm not a therapist. I cannot help you, and neithercan the cohost that I was trying out. That person can't help you either.Maybe they can, but in my mind it's a highly unethical to offeradvice that you're not trained or licensed to offer. Or maybe, to putit more succinctly, an activists is to speak. To be an activist asyou speak. To be an advocate is to listen. Of course, somepeople might claim to be both, but that's kind of risky because to bean activist just you really got to go fucking balls out sometimes and literally throwyour body on the gears of the machine. That's not speaking for other people.An advocate would not do that, because WHO said that? The peopleyou're speaking forward wants you to do that. It's not a thing. So decideif you're going to be an advocate and what your qualifications are for beingan advocate. If you're not trained, if you're not licensed, you know, tread real lightly on being an advocate because you don't know that you're speakingfor other people. You should ask them first if it's okay to speak ontheir behalf. I'm an activist, bottom line. So, anyway, Ihave like I built the show from scratch right. I did everything about thegear, learned the software, design the artwork, build the website, paythe hosting company, created the Bipolar Party Forum, join the Party at BipolarPartycom, all that Shit. That's on me. So it's like my artproject and to have somebody come in and scribble all over my art that's fuckedup. Or maybe if you had a house guest. Or One of myfavorite examples is camping. If you can't a lot, you probably know whatI'm talking about. So when you camp, you go out and you want toleave as little a footprint as possible. You don't want to disrupt the naturalorder. When you're camping, you tread lightly. Don't disrupt the naturalorder. Find Your place in the Wilderness and enjoy. You don't go tramplingthrough the forest, cutting down trees, shitting all over the place without buryingit, you know what I mean. So really important to know your roleand to stay in your lane. If you're not qualified to be in theother lane, if you don't have a license, if you never been tomedical school, don't offer mental health advice to other people, especially specific otherpeople, and taking it to a whole nother level. You can't accept gifts, you can't accept money or any kind of gift to go offer that helpor engage in those activities. So to me it just crosses all kinds ofethical lines and I had to put an end to it and unfortunately I hadto go back and delete all those episodes, well all six of them. SoI will redo the newbies guide to...

...bipolar disorder by myself, if Ihave to, all do a condensed version which is more in line with myshow. Anyway. I like to keep it short and we'll put all thatback up in due time. As you probably heard, on the last episode, the quote Unquote intermission where I had to kind of apologize, well,not kind of a did apologize, I think, to anybody who thought Iwas quote Unquote Med shaming. That's not the case. Not Med shaming anyone. However, if one of your recovery goals is to successfully function without drugs, it's okay. You can go ahead and celebrate your success. Don't letlet people gasp like you into thinking that their way is the only way,because illness is not a contest. The one who consumes the most meds doesnot win. We're all just trying to feel better. And again, youmay have heard me say it on the internet or out of podcast. I'man anarchist. I don't give a fuck what you're putting your body. Ijust want you to feel better and, conversely, I don't care if youdon't put anything in your body. I read a book once when I wasyounger about a guy who went from being, you know, regular Omnivore, tobecome a vegetarian, to becoming a Vegan, to becoming a fruitarian,then an Aquitarian, where he survived only on water, and then he becamean Artarian, where he learned to survive only on air. Obviously I thinkthat's bullshit, but it's just it's fascinating that you know what people think isokay for them or what might help them if you found something that works foryou, fucking do it, but don't diminish people because they've successfully lived withoutmedication, anymore than somebody without meds diminishes others for taking them. It's juststupid argument. Why are you guys fighting about that? So simply, justto recap, I find unlicensed, UN trained medical advice for mental health patientscompletely unethical. If you take this show to be advice, don't be anidiot. I'm an entertainer. I've been an entertainer since I was a kidit you know, I've just done all kinds of things in that realm andI've never considered myself anything but entertainer and then an activist. I'm not amedical professional. I'm a guy suffering from bipolar. This is my journey.You're listening to this because you're following along, presumably, but I'm not here tohelp you. So, unfortunately, if you've got a very specific issue, don't call me. I'm not giving out my fucking phone number on theInternet so people can swap me just I can send you all the information Ihave about things in your area. I could point to to resources you know, and frankly, that could be a service. I'm not getting involved withit. It's not my forte. But if you want to help somebody withpurerocracy, cool, try that. That could work. Again, tread lightly, though, on accepting money or any kind of gift, because then it'simplied that you're doing it in a quid pro quel fashion and you're just notqualified to do that. Likewise, if you build something, control it.It's yours to control. Don't let people fuck with your projects. And youknow, because people could always go build their own. Half of the reasonI do these podcasts to encourage other people to do their own podcast. andwell, so be it. So go do your own podcast. Don't comeshit in my house, Shit in my woods or whatever. And, moreimportantly, don't appear as though you're a user stepping on podcast to podcast topodcast, you know, trying to make an anime for yourself, like you'rea professional. You're not a professional. You're not a professional doctor, you'renot a professional therapist, you're not a professional podcaster. Get it together,otherwise you're a danger. You know you're you creating mayhem for other people andit may or may not work out, but that's not a gamble. I'mgoing to take with this show. So anyway, no more colost. Soone fun thing I did today. It...

...was kind of a fun thing precipitatedby a not so fun thing. It turns out someone close to me haserupted into this narcissistic personality disorder. None of the rest of us were awareof it fully. Some like, oh Cheez, I got to get outof here. I need some space to breathe. I cannot deal with inPD type folks. I was raised by one and I know all the tailtalesigns and I know when to back away. So it's Tuesday and apparently in thistown I'm in, Tuesday is cheap movie day, so I went outand saw Captain Marvel, which was surprisingly good. At generally like Marvel Universemovies. I don't really have a favorite. I do like some more than others, but this captain marvel one was fucking a lot better than I thoughtit would, let's give it that. So I found it really interesting,especially that they focused on emotions. So there's there's several scenes where the mentorand the Mentee, let's call her, had discussions about how emotions are badand emotions are not the soul of a warrior or some bullshit like that.And by the end of the movie it turns out that controlling your emotions andusing them appropriately are exactly the things that will save the world. You know. So that's if nothing else, go see it for that message that controllingyour emotions are the things that can save the world. Stifling your emotions doesnot make you a fucking warrior, you goof makes you more like a cavemanand undeveloped human that doesn't know how to deal with emotions, because, honestly, warriors have to have emotions to anger rage, those are emotions. Youhave to know when to control them and when not to control it. Butlots of cool stuff, a lot of good connective tissue that explains many otherparts of the rest of the avengers story. I thought that was really cool.We got to see why fury doesn't have an eye. That was neat, kind of like when in Solo, the Star Wars one, where wegot to see Han Solo meet Chewbacca for the first time and we got tosee and meet Lando Cal Rizzi in and when the Millennium Falcon was brand new. I like Solo for that, and Captain Marvel had a lot of originspieces thrown in there and I thought that was exceptional. And a lot ofthe other parts that we know from the other avengers movies, both like CaptainAmerica, Solo Movies, thor and whatnot, kind of all come together with CaptainMarvel, which sets up things pretty nicely for next month's avengers end game. I think that's what it is, end game. Yeah, so itlooks pretty cool. You know, I don't where I am now movies,isn't the thing? Like when I was in San Francisco Downtown, I hada movie pass is twenty bucks a month and I'd go see movies all thetime for twenty bucks. So I see far fewer movies now, but thatone was really cool. I like movies that deal with emotions in a kindof upbeat, positive way. They didn't beat you over the head with it. And Man, the whole movie was like it was all women, likeI think was women code directed, women leads and, if not women,people of Color, black people. Let's say what people say people of Color. We're all a color. I think black people like to be called blackpeople, least in two thousand and nineteen. There's nothing wrong with be called blackperson. Often Times I wish I was a black person so I couldexperience that, to which my black friends saying, though, you don't.But anyway. So the whole movie was very progressive in that sense. Theonly male lead that was white was not a was not a good guy.Spoiler alert. Wait the fuck spoiler alerts if you if you don't want tomovie spoiled, go see it when it opens. We're not going to waitaround a month for you fucking get around and Oh no, don't tell me, don't tell me. No, fucking...

...go see the movie if you wantto know. Otherwise we're going to talk about we're not going to hold ourconversation waiting for your dumb ass to go see the movie already. Go seeit if you care about spoilers or not. But anyway, the the one mainwhite actor in the movie, White Male actor. He turns out tobe the bad guy, which is a great flip on the on the wholeHollywood script. Anyway, join the party at Bipolar Partycom so I went andsaw a therapist last week. I'm going back again this week. That wasgood, you know, I kind of pulling it back together. Haven't seena therapist since like may of last year, so it's almost been a full year, maybe nine or ten months, since I've seen the therapist. Inthat time between I've moved, change jobs and, you know, a lotof high stress situations and I've not been on medication since I left my lastjob and ran out of the insurance there. Because I haven't I don't honestly knowwhere to sign up for insurance in this town or how to even dothat, because I'm not good at bureaucracy. I think I really do have adhdwhen it comes to things like dealing with bureaucracy, for example. SoI go without insurance and without therapy. At any rate. I found acool dude. He's like an ex cop and he's full on into minimalism andhe seems he's got kind of a Buddhist air to him, but I'm prettysure he's a Christian, which a COP Christian therapist. You're saying what Ithought the same thing. The Dude seems pretty cool and I'm not going todisparage cops to his face or religion to his face or anything, because we'renot we're not talking about labels in the sense of what we have and Ithink that's a new thing too. I noticed at Kaiser in California. Shelooked at my chart and saw bipolar disorder, but she she didn't even mention it, though she her whole thing was it's called, I think, outcomebased therapy, where they talk about with you, you know, we discusshow you want to feel. What do you want to change in your life? We don't talk about like the labels. We don't reinforce that, oh well, you have bipolar disorder, so therefore you have to do x,Y and Z. It's not like that at all anymore. And modern therapy, apparently it's all about well, how do you feel? How would youlike to feel differently, and I really appreciated that and it got me tothinking that maybe if we all focused on on that, on the outcome,our therapy or a progress or our recovery, would be a lot easier if wejust focused on how we wanted to feel, which led me to myresearch of emotions and mood and just basic human affect. You know, affectis it's just our general kind of state of being before mood or emotions comeinto play. A lot of people confuse the word effect with affect when theywrite it down, it just affect with the a and the beginning instead.So check it out. Human effect, moods, emotion, they're all differentthings, similar and sort of related, but when it comes down to theway you feel, it's important to you, you know, address which one ofthose that you're working on. So in my case, I'm very reactive, I'm highly sensitive, if you will, and I react a lot, whichpulls up emotions. I just like reach into the bin of emotions andpull up whatever comes up. Well, that's not entirely effective. In fact, a lot of times that's counterproductive and much like in Captain Marvel, Ihave to learn to control my emotions and use them in the proper way torule the world or save the world or whatever the fuck it was. SoI'm going to focus more on emotions. In fact, I'm going to doa show called emotions where I just talk about emotions versus mood and each weekor each day, whenever I get on the mic, I'm going to discussthe emotion I'm feeling, how I got to that emotion and how I cankind of control it. So, hopefully, again as an activist, I wantto change the social and public view of mental health and mental illnesses.So, therefore, I think a show about emotions, especially coming from adude, might be helpful. We can... about emotions. People say,Oh, yes, stifle your emotions. They don't. Those people don't stifletheir emotions. They run around angry, enraged and all that. They pretendlike that's not an emotion. People that say you got to stifle your emotions, they only mean you got to stifle the weak emotions, the ones theyconsider weak, like crying or sensitivity. Or sensitivity is not an emotion.You get what I'm saying. So they want you to stifle only the feminineemotions, but it's okay to embrace the male emotions, the more Mancho nowthat's dumb. We're going to dig deeper into emotions and mood and how theyboth work together so that we can feel better, because the more I focuson bipolar for example, it just it's circulates. I see a lot ofus in the twitter sphere. We keep circulating the same articles. I'm notsure if we're. I know where I get mine. Front I usually likeread scientific papers or articles based on a scientific paper, and I'm usually reallyquick on it and then weeks later I'll see other bloggers talking about the sameshit. So, whether we're copying each other or all getting it from thesame sources at different times, we're kind of like in our own bubble andI'd like to break free of that a little bit more by only focusing onemotions. And again, it's only going to be my emotions. I'm nottelling you how to have emotions. I'm not saying I'm an advocate for youand your emotions. It's just going to be a continuation of my journey howI'm working out my mood disorder by addressing the emotions. And again, it'snot going to be label based like well, what do you have? I haveborderline and I have bipolar and PTSD and anxiety. Who gives a fuck, how do you feel? Let's work on that. Let's work on howyou feel now and how you want to feel next. And by focusing onthe emotions, I think we'll be able to get a lot further, alot faster. Not that again, not that it's a contest, but inthis case it's a fun contest, if it were a contest, because we'rejust trying to get better, taking more MED's is not going to make usbetter. It will just cover the symptoms. More you get me, in fact, I think I deleted a bunch of episodes where we talk about thata lot and that the MED's the drugs you take for your mental disorders,for your neuroses. They're only covering the symptoms, generally speaking. If you'reschizophrenic, they're actually some physiological things that are happening there, but generally speakingyou have to go and Reprogram your brain with new knowledge, with New Peopleand new locations. If you're in a fucked up situation, that all hasto be changed. Otherwise, the MED's you just keep taking them and keeptaking them and you'll never actually be better. You might feel better until you stoptaking the drugs, but that's almost like addiction. It's not addiction becausethe mechanism is different, but it's habitually addictive. It's a habit. You'rehabitually taking those drugs to make yourself feel better because, oh, woe isme, I can't get out of bed. I can't. Yeah, I getit. Fuck, yeah, I get it. I do that allthe time, but I don't say it. I don't get on the Internet andlike preach it and you know, what you put out in the worldis what comes back to you. If you're preaching that, you're wine andall the time about I feel bad. Guess what, that's what the energythat's coming back to you like attracts like that. Sounds like a dumb cliche, but in a way it works. I think Oprah talked about it,the law of attraction, all that Shit. I don't know, seems a littlehocus focused to me, but in retrospect a lot of it is justwisdom. If you if you're friendly, if you smile more, people willsmile back at you. If you're whining, what is the old cliche? Laughand the whole world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone. Well, now we have the Internet and people can cry on the Internet andeveryone will jump in and cry with them. It's the most fucking crazy thing outthere. It's like depression in that sense. Is is contagious. Peoplejust depressed reading other people's depressing shit and...

...the idea that suicide rates keep goingup. That's because when you see suicide as a viable option on the Internet, all of a sudden you think it's a viable option. That shit's contagiousto not in the traditional sense of germs, but we've got to think a lotmore bigger picture than just germs. There's germs in the fucking photons comingoff the light on your screens, in a sense. You know what Imean? What you don't know what I mean? Come on, catch up. So, anyway, my next show I'm going to do it just calledemotions. It's already up in Itunes, but those are old episodes. Like, if you haven't been following that show, here's how that went. I starteddoing one called manic episodes and I thought, yeah, now I'm justfocusing on my mania. Then I had one called chaos update, which Ithought, yeah, that's a cool name, but I'm like, Oh, wait, now I'm just generating more chaos in my life because I'm just focusingon the chaos. So the nature of those particular shows, in the thingsI talked about, are not nearly as focused as the podcast that will become, which is simply called emotions. And in this sense I don't have aproblem simply focusing on my emotions because once I focus on them, I canlearn to control them better, I can learn to pick the most appropriate oneand respond accordingly instead of reacting with the wrong emotion. So I hope you'reable to check that out. My twitter handle is at John Emotions. That'sa lock to count. So you have to ask for permission to follow methere. They don't want to fucking Weirdos following me. And if you're aband or a brand, don't bother. I don't follow bands or brands backbecause they're all trying to sell me something. They're all trying to send me theirfucking demo tape. You know what a demo tape is? An obligation. It's not a gift. When you give somebody a demo tape, ifyou're in a band, demo whatever, Demo tape, whatever you call it, it really is. It's an obligation, just like authors and their books andfilmmakers in their films. Like here, watch this, read this, listento this. I'm like, that's too much. It's too much.I'm not here to listen. I'm not an advocate, I'm an activist.I'm here to speak. So maybe selfish, but whatever. Just want to clearthe air. I'm an activist. I'm going to talk. You canlisten if you want to. You fucking deleted if you don't want to.Whatever. I do appreciate you, though. There's a lot of you out thereand I hope some of this resonates with you, and if so,man, fucking share it, subscribe. There will be plenty more. Andagain, it's just going to be me for the for the time being,for the foreseeable future, just me. Yeah, like it, hate it, whatever. I do take the criticism to heart. So anytime I getan email or a message or a call or whatever, I listened to itand I will make changes accordingly, so long as it fits in with thevision I have for the show. Overall, cool. All right, enough aboutme. What about you? Oh wait, I'm not listening to you. I'm not advocate. All right, I got to get back to whatI was doing in the other room, which was absolutely nothing. I wasmeditating and stretching and I think I'm going to go do some more of thattonight and drink some water. When the sun comes up, I'm going togo play in the sunshine. So in the meantime I will see you ontwitter and have a fucking excellent day. Chow styles on I cheese a fivefollowing on twitter. Joy Excuse me,.

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