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Well-Regulated: Managing Guns and The People Who Shoot Them


Reply with a voice message 2:40
Basic rules for this discussion/debate 3:25
Well-Regulated Militia 5:30
Switzerland? 6:00
There is no freedom from regulation 7:30
There is no GORT 9:30
When the police can’t help you 11:30
Cops are crazy, too 12:15
How much firepower do you need? 12:45
Farmer’s and Rock Salt 14:00
Guns can be basic tools 14:35
True heroes don’t use guns 16:45
Assault versus defense 19:45
All about the mass shootings 20:00
Technology is our friend 21:00
You can’t fix New World problems with Old World solutions 21:30
Johnny Mossberg’s big idea 23:30
The language we use matters 27:00
Regulating all of our rights 28:50
It’s not a gun! It’s a water squirter! 30:30
The cost of technology 31:00
The Mental Health Thing 33:00
The privacy myth 35:00
Anosognosia 37:30
Defending bad behavior as policy 38:30
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It only and o online ith style e welcome back to Buya polar style. Iam indeed johnnemotions. This episode is called well regulated. It's managingguns and people who shoot temmake Ali now, Butyour boy is done s walkingaround like its number one to Wen downtown got on my Pon. Don't shoot youto that thing at me, O to shoo shoot that thing at Meyou know. You've got mySime Bay Co. You Sho shoot thatthing Ta Dso. If you live in America, youobviously know we're having a problem with mass shootings. Mass shootings tend to get blamed onguns. Sometimes they get blamed on people oftentimes. There seems to be kind of a conflict.Ind Society can't agree on which it is so I'm going to go through some points,and you know make a few other points and try to I don't know just provide you some moreinformation to make better decisions with regards to guns and killing people, and thingslike that, like you know, so, let's get into it. Let's well there's a lot of stuff hereand just by the way, I am my personality, my delivery style when togo through it quickly and I'll- probably bounce around quite a bit.Fortunately, I'll leave show notes. So you can see the more salient topics bytheir time mark in the podcast and if you want to jump ahead to those goahead, that's fine, but this whole thing won't take very long, yea half anhour or so so it's going to be hard to keep up and, of course, I'm going to upset people m going toPiss people off because I m fairly independent thinker and I have differing opinions on guns andmental health issues, so I'm bound to Piss, probably everybody off. Hopefully you know you're not too upsetabout it. But if you do have a point you'd like to make by all means, go tobypolar stylecom, whether you're on your phone or whatever device you'relistening on there should be a button there. That says something to theeffective leave, a voice, Maile and leave a voice message, go ahead andleave me a message, and I will do my best to play that message in itsentirety, on upcoming, followup show to guns and mental health. Okay, so don'tfeel like you, don't you can't argue with me. I'm totally up for adiscussion. Name calling's not going to help, but if you want to discuss gunsand or mental health with regards to each other feel free to leave me amessage and I'd love to hear from you. So that's it. Let's, let's go forward.Let's take the next first step. So when this, let's, let's call it a debate, Ithink it's more of a discussion, but there are like two or three points thatam pretty hard stuck on and the first one is that we have toagree that human lives are more important than money. Why? Well,because human lives invented money, human lives invented guns. Human livesare more important than all of the other things, so we have to agree thathuman lives are more important than money. If you don't agree with that,then I'm not going to have a discussion with you about the rest of the things, and we also have to agree that guns arean American right in trying in the constitution. Amendment number two: Wehave the right to keep in bare arms...

...and the third one. We have to agree that facts establishedby legitimate research and studies are more valuable in the debate thanfallacies. If you don't know what a fallacy is, if they didn't teach youcritical thinking in high school, go look up, fallacies fall a C IESfallacies, look up those we're not going to get involved with those thingslike Straw, man and slippery slopes, and all that, if you pose a problem,that's not actually happening right now, like you're, presenting a problem thatMac might or might not happen in the future. That's the slippery slope werediscarding those. So to reiterate, we're going to agree that lives aremore important than money. That guns are an American right and that factsare more important than fallacies cool all right now we can move forward. So,as you may or may not know, I am a California person born and raised inCalifornia, but I move a lot. I travel around the country. I've been to manydifferent places, I'm currently in deep South Louisiana gun country, Bible beltthe whole bit, and I make it a point to get out andvisit other humans in person and stay with them for a while, so that I could better understand them.So, let's start with the well regulatedmilitia, let's startwith the well regulated militia they'rethere, for example. Let's takeus Switzerland, for example, there's a a kind of a quasi myth that everybodyin Switzerland has to have a gun. That's not that's not true. What therthere's some cool detail in here, though so in Switzerland, what happensis when you are twenty years old and you're a man you go into training, you learn how to basically militarytraining right and then you're done after the training.They send you back home, but they send you back home with a rifle and ammunition. Now in the past tenyears or so they stopp sending the ammunition. They just send you backhome with your rifle that they trained you how to use and at the end of your basically so from twenty to thirtyyears old in Switzerland, you're part of the militia. If any, there's anyemergency or danger, you're called up you've been trained with your rifle andnow, instead of you know the fifty bullets they used to give you, you haveto go to the armory and check out your bullets and even back when the swit,the Swiss government handed out bullets and guns. The bullets were handed outin sealed packs, and the government audited those bullets regularly. Theywould go to people's houses and check on your bullets. Okay, still sealedgood to go for many reasons, I'm assuming because they want to make sureyou had the bullets in case there really was an emergency and for thesecond reason, that you'r just not screwing off and using all your bullets, either sport hunting or killing people.I guess anyway, that's well regulated. That's that's a cool way to start. IfSwitzerland can do it, we can do things like that. The whole idea that we havethe right to freedom from bureaucracy- that's bullshit! You have the right tokeep and bear arms. You don't have the right to be free from legislation thatgoverns the use of the gun or the bullets or anything else. There'snothing in the constitution. That says you get to avoid regulations. You justget to keep and bear a gun by the way. Of course, it's for well regulatedmilitia and there's no such thing in America. There are not, I mean I, youcan call it the army, but that's not what we're talking about in America.The implication is that we needed a...

...well regulated militia in case someJackass takes over and instructs the standing army to fight against thepeople, and then the people could stand up with the rel, well regulated,Balitia and fight back, which sounds awesome in practice. IFIT were onlywell regulated, but it's not back in the seventeen, almost eighteen hundreds,the soldiers would have to same thing as Switzerland. You'd have to go backto the armory. To pick up your bullets, you had your gun. It was in the benefitof the government for people to know how to use a gun and to be well trainedon how to fix it and break it down and put it back together. That's all cool!U, of course a gun is useless without bullets, so they kept their wellregulated militia. They kept their bullets in the armory and you'd have togo meet own at the armory and pick up your bullets. When everybody agreedthere was an emergency so flash forward to today there are roughly three hundred andninety three million guns in America about a million of those are registered, so that means there are three hundredand ninety two million unregistered guns in America like wow. THAT'S PRETTY INCREDIBLE! Sothe idea that we're going to somehow move backwards in time and register allthose is Ohseem mathematically impossible. I guess, is the best way.To put it. I don't want to say it is impossible, but this is not a sciencefiction movie, THERE'S NO GORT! It's not the day of the Earth stood still,there's no Om to present power that can render all weapons uselesssimultaneously. That, obviously, is not going to happen. Neither is trying toregister in hindsight three hundred and ninety two million anything that's notgoing to work, especially because they're they're, not scientificinstruments. Their crude machines are just made out of steel, they got youknow a couple springs and rotating barrel. If you get a revolver, but it'snot a complex thing, easy to hide. Now they make them out of plastic. You knowyou can download blueprints and print your own gun made out of plastic thatwill fire a real bullet. How are you going to stop that pretty hard right? So how do we regulate the guns? How dowe keep and getting back to the whole thing? So the gun is a touchy subject,for example, in Louisiana. I live in a place where she's like one of the farms we stay atthe driveway itself, is the dirt road, probably almost a half mile long. It connects to a road that connects toanother highway that connects to town, but if there were some bad guys, whatever kind of bad guy, you couldimagine coming to your house what good is there's calling the copsis not going to do anything. They don't they're not going to come out and helpyou ther they they won't make it there on time if they do they'll be behindthe bad guys down the dirt road and bad guys will be closer to you anyway. It'sjust a shit show there's no fucking way that you could rely on the police toprotect yourself in a rural area like this. Likewise, when I lived in nearSkid Row and downtown Los Angeles, or when I lived inside the middle of theTande Loin in San Francisco, when you call a cop because there's a threat,they don't show up for fifteen o twenty minutes, even if the fucking get I mean,even if the fucking police station is across the street a block away, theyjust don't show up that quickly, so god advocates the ones who claim selfdefense. I think that's well intentioned. They might not have thebest intentions in you know calling out that argument, but it's valid. Thereare many places in America where the police cannot help you. Moreover, if you're mentally ill, youdon't want to call the police anyway, because they could set you off and endup killing you like they do police kill mentally ill people, never call thecops. If you have a mental illness or a...

...mental health emergency colematic getsome doctors out there to help. You never call the police tell them to staythe fuck home with their weapons they're just going to make a situationworse. Adding guns to a mental health crisis is never a good idea, even ifthe guns belong to the police, largely because many police officers havemental health problems themselves. Ex military people have ptst a lot ofthese folks have their own mental health issues that they simply don'treport because they don't want to lose their jobs so understand that we've gotlots of Mentaleo people running around with guns on purpose, with badges, the independent spirit of America.People like you, know myself and lots of people. I know we're like well fuckit if the cops aen' going to come. I do need to take care of myself. So that'sone argument for having a defensive handgun, but what kind of gun do youneed to defend yourself, an assault rifle I'm not even sure, that's a fairterm, but it is a term that they use in the marketing material. That impliesthat you're going out to attack something you know what it's not ahunting rifle, it's an assault rifle whether ar fifteen stands for assault rifle. I don't think so. Ithink it stands for something else, but anyway I see a lot online. A ARstands for a sor rifle. I think it's a marketing interm. I think it's Harmonmewat whatever I didn't. I don't care anyway, but getting back to the otherfact like what kind of weapons should we be allowed to have if none at all or all of them, you knowwhere do you draw the line? Is a six shooter enough is at two shot Darrengerenough to protect yourself. Do you need a long barrel? Is it short barrel? Fine?Frankly, I like the Mosper of five hundred, you rack that fucking shotgunand most good guy, I mean most bad guys with any brain in their head, a goingto drop what they're doing and move away from you right, so racking a shotgun, that's pretty effective and you don't even have to shoot it but again ashot gun in more than you know. Fifty yards is not going to hurt somebodyunless you got a good slug in there. Instead of U know some Buckshot orwhatever, I remember as a kid we used to climb up in the mountains and thefarmer up there had he put rock salt in his shotgun shells.So if it ever hit you the little rock salts would get in your skin and burnlike fuck like I don't know how fuck burns, but that's how Buch they burn.Imagine Ow, like salting your eye, now imagine a little a bigger bead of saltup under your skin. That's shit hurts it's not going to kill you, but it'sgoing to remind you not to get on that farmers yard againer upon his field, which also brings up another point inthe south guns, are just a tool, like I mean sure,there's there's idiots to drive around with gunracks and unnecessary displayof their fucking armament. You know the typical, like monster, Truk dudes, withlittle dicks that kind of thing whatever I'm not talking about Thos,I'm talking about you know honest to goodness, just farmers who need t theyneed a gun to put down to cow with the broken leg or to shoot off a coyote,that's coming in for the chickens, they're, just tools for farmers forpeople like that, it's just a tool. So, if you can imagine somebody saying yeah,we need to take away your tools. What how does that sound? Think of whatever job you do and ifsomeone just randomly came and said Yeah we're going to confiscate yourtools? Well, it's not that much different than the vaping products.Nowadays, you know a couple of people dive from some some bad. You know vitamin E acitate in the jailand then want to take everybody's vape device. It seems a little overoverreaching, but again you know. The government has the right toregulate commerce, that Federal Trade Commission they can. They can regulatewhatever they want, especially interstate commerce. So, to tell afarmer, he can't have his tools. What the fuck is he supposed to replace agun with? How are you going to kill a cow that needs to be put down becauseit's broken? What are you going to do if you got twoor three coyotes out in the field...

...coming for your chickens at night,you're going to sit out there on a stool with that slingshot with thawrist rocket? Good Luck! I don't know anyway, so tools they're,seeing this tools by some people in the suburbs. You get a whole differentargument. You just get these kind of people that are like yeahfucking guns and they probably never even shout a gun. They probably justput them on display like a poser. Look, oh I'm into guns, because I'm manly manwell you're not really like show me a hero that took care of the job with thegun, and you know, I might say, Oh yeah,good job. If you could show me the hero who took care of a problem without agun. Now that's a true hero, especially if he was up against a person with agun. So I don't know it did't anybody could pull a trigger ovar gun. You knowfive year old doesn't make him a hero, doesn't make AP. You know an olderperson a hero just because you can shoot a gun that does not make a hero.A hero would be somebody in my mind that could just do things without a gun. Again we're not talking about tools,I'm not talking, there's no such thing as being a hero for shooting off thecoyotes. That's not what I'm talking about I'm talking about in the sense ofyou know in civil society, where a problem's going down a bank robbery oryou know something like that and assault. You know take care of itwithout a gun, then you're a hero. If you shoot a gun all right. Well, it'seven you're, not a hero, but you're not like you know an asshole you justdefending your property. That's fine! There's a story recently where threekids came up on a guy's lawn and had masks gone. They had guns, and Ithink the story said that they had assaulted somebody in the front longlate at night, and then the the homeowner came out and killed all threeof the kids. That's pretty amazing and sad for the families for sure, and evensad for the guy who killed them because he's got that on his his plate for therest of his life, not saying he's wrong, but it's still something he has to process,which you know it's difficult like taking anybody's life. I am very proliving if it's alive, let it live. Now. I'm not going to get into a debate onwhen something is a viable life form. That's not a debate for a man to have,but I'm just saying if it's alive let it live whether it's a a snake or evena coyote. You know I wouldn't shoot Akoyote, I just shoot near a coyote orjust they got like a bar. I forgot what the thing bareflaiers. I guess you call Hem when you live in the mountains near bears. Weuse these things called bare fleers. We also use pine Sall on our doors becausebears hate pind sal anyway, if you happen to run across the bear and he'saggressive, have these little tiny things about the size of a can of Macethat shoots off a flare shoots out about fifty yards and big old pop soundlike a like a Madio lmost like a nice deep boom sound that scares a shit outof a bear. He scares him away and he doesn't kill you. You can do the samething with coyotes. You can do the same thing with anything our trying to scareaxcept humans that are actively trying to kill you, because they probablydon't care and they probably have a reason. Ta, try to kill you, so that'sthe thing whe. We have to have a reason, a way to defend ourselves in circuminecircumstances where cops aren't around the bullshit, though, is most o thepeople. I hear the arguments coming from are in the Goddamn suburbs the'rein the suburbs, where the police arrive in five minutes, because they gotnothing better to do than give out speeding tickets when they get a callthat Oh there's an attruter fuck. There's like twenty cops at Your Houseand those are the suburban people that are cling, Ingto, their guns so hardand like dude, you don't even live in danger. You're, a fucking white guy ina suburb of America, life does not get any easier on this planet than yourlife is right now, if you're winning so much and you're still that angry go seehelp man go get your emotions in check so that when you are playing with yourguns, you don't hurt somebody and the type of gun, whether it's for defenseor for assault, makes a difference in this argument, because what we'rereally talking about here is mass killings, pthere's, there's crime inthe city, there's domestic crime, all...

...kinds of horrible crimes in whichpeople die at the hands of perpetrators with guns guns are also a big role in suicides,especially suicides of former war vets. So there's an issue there with peoplekilling themselves with guns. It's probably one of the better argumentsfor controlling the use of guns, somehow and we'll getto the word, control and just a second to because that's problematic. But whatwe're really talking about is mass shootings. How do we prevent the massshootings? How do I mean because peple that's? What freaks people out peoplemore and more? A staying inside staring at screens all day instead ofinteracting with other humans in public, and some of them will chock it up tobold, stanger Souf there. You know, I don't want to go to large eventsbecause Jesus you know someoy could just shoot it up. Wyeah, that's true!That actually is true, but don't let that fear overcome you so that you justperpetuate the problem by just sitting and staring at your screen and typingaway. Like Yor, we have a right to guns and your social amedia accounts of goback out in public and check it out, but we need to address the massshooting things. So that's where I think technology is our friend, I'm noteven sure, lomenting the amount of bullets in a clip or magazine. I'msorry matter, you know what I mean because well it's just not a fight, I think, isan effective fight in the European Union. They have a limit on magazinesizes, I'm not sure what the number of bullets is, but they thought that thatwas a way to go just limit the number and eventually Switzerland even joinedin on that too. They limit the number of bullets that a gun can shoot at acertain time, which I guess, if you want to limit the bullets, Bett seem soass backwards, like some fucking eighteen hundred shit, why are peopleusing old world solutions for new world problems when we have technology?Here's where people start to get in the slippery slope arguments, and I'm nothearing them just because they'r slippery slop arguments and you can'tprove that it will happen or won't. What I would propose is bettertechnology and guns. For example, there's a company called shot spotter.I think it's called where they have towers in high crime neighborhoods thatcan detect the pop of a gun. It processes the sound triangulates whereit came from, and cansend police over to a certain area and kind of scrollaround a few blocks, see if there's any crime happening. That's cool. This samecompany also has some awesome technology that they apply to schools.For example, they have technology now that, if shot spotter s installed inyour school and a gun goes off, thetechnology will send back to thepolice a map of the school where the shots came from. If there's a secondaryshot, it'll map that it could effect IV Wy draw a map of where the shooter hasbeen and send that map in real time over to the police station, so thatwhen the police get there, they'll be able to deal with the situation a lotmore effectively. More importantly, though, when you have that kind oftechnology and it detects a shooter in a specific area on a map of a school,it could automatically lock every other door in the school it mejust go on andon with the technology, with artificial intelligence. Five G, coming on inseveral years, there's going to be more and more speed and more more processingpower to help determine where shooter is and where he should be compared toshooters that are chooting that things that they're not supposed to beshooting at the Johnny Mosborg of the Mossburg gun family. I think prettysure I know his nameis Johnny and I'm pretty sure, he's a Mosburg. He couldbe a Smith and Westi'N, not fucking care whatever. It's not. The pointpoint is the son of one of the heirs to all of the the guns Johnny MosburgLat's Colmtat has invented a technology. It's a thumpprint technology where the gun won't... Unless it knows it's you, whichis cool, a lot of people say: Oh well, what if it doesn't work well to provehis technology to the military he had to put it through torture tests. Itworked three thousand times in a row without fail, that's more effectivethan most average handguns. Even a revolver might jam more than once everythree thousand times so the technology exists so that you could buy a gun thatonly you could shoot. So if there was ever an instance of who shot thisfucking guy. Oh it came from that gun you're, the guy with the gun, it's kindof the similar way to way you know, there's a car crash. The DMV determinesthat that's your car you're responsible, whether or not you were driving it'syour responsibility, you're fucking responsible for your car. You should beresponsible for your gun, so combine that thumbprint technology withartificial intelligence, faster networks, satellite imagery, imaginethis in the future. You can have all the biggest magazine. You want you. Afucking drum magazine like that asshole used in Dayton. Doesn't matter themoment you and your you know: High Tech Gun with the trigger that only you canoperate through a thumb brint. The moment you get too close to an area.You should not be with all that equipment. It'll just shut you down.Yes, it will shut you down or it could shut you down. A lot of people say yeah.Well then they could shut it all down. Really you think so. Why would they dothat WHO's they? Who is they by the way, the government, the government, theoverpowering government that you should have fought against up till now anyway?This is another argument I fucking get into it two, a types their whole dealwas: we need a well regulated militia so that you know in case tyrant, triesto take over the government. We can deal with it. Well, a fucking tyranthas taken over the government and you didn't do shit about it. There in liesa huge hole in your argument. If you're not going to stand up for everybody inAmerica, you're going to stand up and say oh well, except for trump he's, notreally that bad well, l fuck off, he is that bad guns aside, you know, he's thekind of guy that the militias should have been after. He should have beentaken down a long time ago by militias put in Ha cell, kept there for the restof his life. You know we don't need people like that propped up so highly.That said, you know if you're, not Goingno fucking go, do your job. Youhad one job that tool. You had your well regulated militia, your one jobfor that and your argument was to prevent you know people from takingover America. Well they did they took over America. We got communist Russiaback in the President of America and you realize, like the second s and USSR,is socialist. That's what's taken over America from the top down and your dumbass, two a types didn't do anything about it, probably because you'r racistand you agree with him, but hey, that's a different episode. So here's thething that's problematic, I think, and when we talk about managing guns and people is theterminology we use a lot of times. I hear words like common sense, Gunoreform. You know what. If someone came to you and said that you were not usingcommon sense, you would be offended. We can't go after gunpeople and tell themto not using common sense. I had a gun, I don't have one now, but I irrelevantI just didn't use it. So I sold it because I like money better and I'm a good shot all about a side.Well, let me just put that out there I lie guns. I will have one probably in the future.I don't need one now when you travel it's kind of hard because state thestate. Sometimes people give you the Sideeye when you going through a boardof check and you got ny weapons- Oh yeah, I do so anyway, I'm not opposedto guns, I'm not opposed to shooting, but why can't it be more like a fuckingbowling alley? If you want to shoot, go to the shooting range and get a gun,there shoot the gun while you're there enjoy it shoot any gun you want. Theyhave machine guns at some of these...

...ranges in Louisiana. You can just goshoot to your hearts content and then, when you leave hey back to home no gun,or maybe just a small defensive weapon like a sixshooter or something simplethat won't fall apart on you or something very easy to clean anddisassemble and know all about or like grandma, with with the two shot.Darrenger very simple device, but it would stop a rapist. Stop a mugger. Ifstop a person breaking into your window, that's for fucking sure you know Iwouldn't have a problem. Wifh everybody America had to carry a two shot, littleDarrenger in their pocket concealed then you'd never know who the fuck isthe Carryin, so you have to assume everybody is, and I don't think we'regoing to have a lot of massshooters if everybody carried to two shot.Darrenger seems kind of simplistic, but you know it's one idea and so gettingback to the regulating part. The First Amendment free speech. Yes, they canregulate our speech. Second Amendment right to bear arms. They can regulateyour right to bear arms they're, not taking away our free speech, they're,not taking away your guns, but the government does have the right toregulate them. I know you push back because, oh well, if they do this, thenthat will happen again. THAT'S SLIPPERY SLOPE! You don't have any proof thatthat will happen whatever. That is that you've imagined in your head. So enough,with the slippery slopes, we got to come up with real ideas. Technology isthe best way to deal with that and if we had guns that people could shootfreely wherever they wanted to, except when you're starting to near acrowd like, why would anybody need a gun activated near a concert? Ifthere's a concert nearby, there should be an invisible shield that deactivatesall unauthorized guns, leaving them with only security guards or lawenforcement, or whoever protects the concert in this example and much like Israel or Switzerland. I thinkeverybody at a certain age, not just men, men and women transpeople,whatever all the people should be trained at a certain age, to work, agun there's three hundred and ninety three million guns in America. There'sa hundred. I mean one point: two guns for every human in America: THAT'S Alot of guns! That's like not learning how to swim on a planet covered withwater. If you don't know how to swim and you live on earth, that's just dumb.If we don't know how to use guns in America, that's dumb, but it gets socarried away. Like I was at Public Swimming Pool in California, once acouple years back and a little kid, let's Call Him Collin, you know it waslike his friend had gave him a squirt gun in the pool. So he ran up to thething got up on the side of the pool and said, Look Mommy. I got a squirtgun and the MOM superliberal obviously came back said Colin. That is not asquirt gun that is a water squirter. So she just didn't even want hem to saythe word gun. You can't stick your head in the sand and think that that's goingto solve the problem, not saying the word gun, you fucking kidding me get agrip man, and so what's all this technology cost that's going to be tooexpensive hut back to rule number one we've already decided and agreed thathumans are more important than money and besides we live in a capitalistcountry. Money is not an issue if it costs money, somebody will just inventa better, cheaper thing. There's competition in the market fortechnology. If we can get the fucking corporate lobbyist that receivecommunist Russian money through the NRA, paying it to the you know, thelawmakers that's an issue. If we can't stop that flow of money from Russiathrough the NRA, to the senators yet were fucked, but that again politicaldiscourse and voting, and all that aside, we still have to come up with anidea. The idea is technology. Let the free market run free, quit, puttingthis false hopes or regulations or constraints on people through threatsor promises, or whatever you're doing... coerce the free market quit doingthat. Obviously, if Johnny Mossburg has a way to put a thumb brint on a gun, sothat only the user could open begun and fire it that's technology isprogressing if shot. Spotter has a map away to map a school and tell youexactly where the shooter is: That's technology progressing? If we can justconnect all of these, you know that guy up in the tower in Las Vegas Thet shotup the country concert. His gun wouldn't have been active. It couldn'thave been active. The my magical, invisible shield, of course technology.Yes, cost money, don't care, spend the money just spend it. You got plenty ofit. Whoever wants to invent this shit can go out and create a better gun.What we're running into is just resistance from corporate lobbyist fuckcorporate lobbyist, their their priority is money overpeople. Now in this argument, people are more important than money. For thereasons I explain, because people invented money, people had the capacityto invent a gun and people can invent our way out of this mess. If thosefucking obstructionist lobbyist people would get the fuck out of the way, andso the last thing I wanted to just throw a wedge into just to Por. Put alittle book mark here is the mental health thing right. People say: Oh well,guns, don't kill people, crazy people, kill people well, N t not not. Normallymost mental health patients are more likely victims of gun crime thanperpetrators and the kind of mental health problems that come to pass thatwe find out later after people shoot up them all or well documented it just nobody didanything about them. There's another type: There's disorderslike intermittent explosive disorder, IED Haha, real funny terminology, butyou know where people just snap and people do just snap there's a historyof mass shootings in America I mean when I was a kid. I think he was thefuck s or something I'm old man, but there's a dude Ho shot up at McDonald'skilled over twenty people. There's a Guy Ho just walked on to a schoolcampus in Stockton, California, with a you know like a a sault rifle typething, or a semi automatic rifle shot up the place. That's when Diane FindStin the senator crafted gun loss for California, of course, gun people likese, you didn't wor, but people still shooting things up elats, because thestates next to it didn't pass any law. You know you're. Only your laws areonly as good as the best laws and if every state doesn't do something, thenyeah your fuck, I mean I could go down to the gunstore right now and by a gunin Louisiana. No background check, no just nothing. They'll file, abackground check, but I leave with a gun it'. Just dumb and then I couldjust drive across to California and use it there's so many holes in the lot.However, if I had a high tack gun with the Thumb print on it, it would know Ileft from Louisiana to California. Again we don't have any rights to notbe tracked. You might think you do. You think yeah, like it's a right toprivacy, but even that is can be regulated. We don't have a completeright, O privacy ever since nine eleven, you know with the Bush administrationstarted letting the phone companies scoop up everybody's communication andgive it to the spies. There is no privacy. So that's a joke. If you think,like Oh wet, we won't have privacy, you fucking, I you give all yourinformation to facebook anyway, and you tell them where you're at and what youdid and what you ate and what kind of car you got and what kind of guns youshooting you tell the fucking Internet that already. Where do you think thegovernment gets US information from the Internet from computers from networks?So the idea that well, we wouldn't have any provoly. If e tracked us, whereverwe went El, I don't care, I don't care that I have I'm not going to go shootshit up, so I don't care. If the government knows my gun is moving fromLouisiana to California. I wouldn't care if I was in California, if my gunstopped working when I got to a concert crowd either. So the technology isavailable, it's ready to be implemented, but people think Oh, no, it's just tooexpensive, but to compared to what man, your kids life, what kind of price doslike way Lapierre put on his family's...

...lives and what would happen if they alldied from you know, gun violence. I'll tell you what happened nothing. Hewould just say it was God's. Will that's the way some of those peoplethink they think it's God's will and they'd find a way to twist it into morereasons we should have guns. If I would a Hav it gon, I could have protectedthe that kind of thing. Sorry, Texas, Acenter, hell, billy accent whatever Idon't mean to imply thet only hillbillies stand up for Jesus and guns.There's plenty of idiot white people in the west coast that have some weirdposer effect with the yeah. We should have guns. Yeah guns are important. Youknow our rights and without thinking of the rest of the part, you know the rest,the whole commandments, all the commandments in the Bible, the fuckingamendments in the constitution, none of tem say you get to do whatever you want.Whatever you want, I doesn't doesn't work that way that the government canregulate things, that's their job. In fact, if they didn't regulate things,we wouldn't really need a government. Would we- and I know a lot of you-think that hey that's actually a good idea? We don't fucking, need TAgovernment burn it all to the ground. Great! That's awfully privilege the youto say that. But again you know how's that going to work just because you gota gun and you're white and privileged, and you know things have worked out foryou. Okay, you think that I got mine so fuck everybody else well, yeah. Thefuture won't have a safe place for people like you either, but gettingback to the mental health bit a lot of people with mental health problems withmental illnesses are never treated in addition to whatever a mental illnessthey have. They also have something called Anosonosia, which is a completelack of insight. They don't think that they're mentively ill, so they willnever go o, see a therapist or psychiatrists. They will never takepsychmeds because they in their mind and their heart of hearts. They lackinsight and simply don't think that they are sick. We can see that they'resick by the way that they act and a lot of these people end up inpositions of authority, because that's what they're drawn to I'm not sayingmilitary people, especially but especially cops cops, are Drawin topositions of authority because of some deep insecurity of wanting to controlshit. Well, you know if they go out with the gun they're going to controlthings with the gun if they have to, especially with the the union, thepolice unions, they will stand by any cup that I mean their first inclinationis to stand behind the COP, regardless of what happened. Well, let'sinvestigate first D: Despite hundred eye witnesses, video the cops unionwill still say. Well, let's investigate first, you know that's bullshit! Ifeverybody can see what the COP did. We know that that's a bad cop and it's notthat one bad cop spoils the whole barrel. The fucking barrel is infected.Any good apple you put in the cop barrel is going to get infected anny, not every there's. Some good copsthat maintain a decent career start to finish. God bless him. Is that the right word use. God blessThot whould, you say the people like that anyway. So the fact that themilitary isn't dealing with the PTSD and the cops aren't dealing with thecontrol freaks that become police officers. I mean you've got vedtingprocesses. You've got psychtest, you know, come up with better sycetests useAI to figure out who the fuck is going to be a bad cop. That's all I'm sayingwe have the technology. We can rebuild the whole gun system, we have fome. Solet's try that and let's stop using words like control and instead ofmanage, because we're not going to control guns, we're not gong to, likeyou know, taking guns away. Any of that is not going to work. Letpeople keep their guns as many as they want, but manage the guns. Better putthem on a grid. Make sure that people are not accumulating in one area with alot of high powered weapons with lots of bullets, you know make sure that oneperson that's been acting strange on the Internet, make sure that person isnot bringing Ha high capacity magazine... a crowded area technology can do allof these things and we're just simply not trying hard enough with technology.A lot of it just comes down to people sayng. No, it's too expensive! Well,it's not too expensive, because we've already agreed that life is moreimportant than money, so get out there and spend the money on the technologyto stop mass shootings. Don't take away the guns, you can't take at way theguns you're not going to take away their tools. Nobody wants to take awayanybody's tools. There are. There are people that do I'm sure, like BetoOroick, you know blasting out yeah we're going to take your ar fifteenswe're going to buy it back to what end to what end they're just going toremarket it back as a M. Sixteen again, that's all the Ur fifteen was it's acivilian M. Sixteen, why not just sell Hem and em sixteen and every time youtry to cotify this cotify it you end up making things worse, becauseyou say well we're going to outlaw ar fifteen. Well, then they just come outwith the AR sixteen. Technically, this isn't covered by the law. So anytimethe capitalist see a restraint on their money, making they're going to worktheir way around it. Well, in this case, we have to give the capitalist anincentive to fucking put better technology into guns, Bu more peoplecreating better technology which lowers the cost of the technology to theconsumer and eventually will have well protected, well regulated societywhere mentally ill people like police and the military, don't get to shootguns and that stable people will have their guns disabled if they ever enterin a situation where there shouldn't be. That seems like a fair trade to meagain. You know I'm sure I said planty of things that Piss people off on bothsides, but that's okay. I mean I'm not here to Piss you off, I'm just here tostart a dialogue where we don't wuse words like control or common sense, orman dates now, fuck. All that we're going to keep guns, there's no way toget rid of three hundred D: Ninety three million guns, and if we got ridof three hundred and ninety two million and just left the one million that areregistered, I don't think those people are going to be able to protect us in aemergency situation right. So let me know what you think: If you you know,I'm not going to mock you. Well, if you call and leave a message, that's justcursing and name calling Morl Yeu can curs al. You want just name Collins Notreally going to help, and I hope I haven't name called too much in thisepisode. That' said, if you want to have a dialogue for sure, leave themessage and tell me why technology won't work. Why have you so littlefaith in technology if it's, because you fear thegovernment thet? Why arn't you doing something right now to affect changingthe government? You know if you really fear the government from taking overyour gun or controlling shit in the way you don't like it, you got to come upwith the logical argument for why you're not addressing the governmentright now. Why are you afraid of the government doing that? What about thegovernment makes you fearful well figure that out for yourself leave me amessage and, like I said I'll put this all together in an episode in thefuture. You know basically a response to the gun, episode, Cool. All right,that's that's enough! That's just enough! I've talked too much. I feellike I'm wearing your ear out. I just had to get this out because you knowwhat is it's Monday would not be surprised if there wasanother mass shooting this week in America. It's just just the way it is,and we've got to stop the mass shootings. Once we coan stop themasshootings, we can work on individual domestic crime, Gan crime and thingslike that. Those are not the focus. Normal people are not worried about Gancrime because they don't they're not in a gang and they don't go to where gangslive a lot of people in domestic situations where they're in danger,they have a pretty good sense that they're in danger already and AEworking actively to get out of that situation. So Gan crime, domesticviolence and that sort of thing will worry about thit, later bank robberies.We can talk about that later, but right now, let's just focus on the masskillings, let's figure out away through..., to eliminate mass killingsby guns, cool cool, all right I'll talk to you next time hit me up on twitterat bipolar style or you can go to by polar stylecom and Yeah Dou thing right,cool se, Lat just one thing: Dude! What's that you have to use so many cuss words Te Fuck, you talking about? U.

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