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Well-Regulated: Managing Guns and The People Who Shoot Them


Reply with a voice message 2:40
Basic rules for this discussion/debate 3:25
Well-Regulated Militia 5:30
Switzerland? 6:00
There is no freedom from regulation 7:30
There is no GORT 9:30
When the police can’t help you 11:30
Cops are crazy, too 12:15
How much firepower do you need? 12:45
Farmer’s and Rock Salt 14:00
Guns can be basic tools 14:35
True heroes don’t use guns 16:45
Assault versus defense 19:45
All about the mass shootings 20:00
Technology is our friend 21:00
You can’t fix New World problems with Old World solutions 21:30
Johnny Mossberg’s big idea 23:30
The language we use matters 27:00
Regulating all of our rights 28:50
It’s not a gun! It’s a water squirter! 30:30
The cost of technology 31:00
The Mental Health Thing 33:00
The privacy myth 35:00
Anosognosia 37:30
Defending bad behavior as policy 38:30
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It's only head and now it's onlineBible. This stylecom yes emotions with boyle style. Hey, welcome back tobuy polar style. I am indeed John Emotions. This episode is called wellregulated. It's managing guns and people who shoot them. Take a little now, but your boy is done. He's walking around like it's number one towin downtown, got on the phones. Don't shoot, shoot, shoot thatthing at me from shoot, shoot, shoot that thing at me. Youknow you've got my simpathy, but don't shoot, shoot, shoot that thingand don't shoot, shoot, shoot that thing, shoot, shoot that.You know you got my shoot, shoo, shoot. So if you live inAmerica, you obviously know we're having a problem with mass shootings. Massshootings tend to get blamed on guns, sometimes they get blamed on people.Oftentimes there seems to be kind of a conflict and society can't agree on whichit is. So I'm going to go through some points and, you know, make a few other points and try to, I don't know, justprovide you some more information to make better decisions with regards to guns and killingpeople and things like that, like you know. So let's get into it. Let's well, there's a lot of stuff here and just by the way, I am my personality, my delivery style when to go through it quicklyand I'll probably bounce around quite a bit. Fortunately, I'll leave show notes soyou can see the more salient topics by their time mark in the podcastand if you want to jump ahead to those, go ahead. That's fine, but this whole thing won't take very long, half an hour or so, so it's going to be hard to keep up and of course I'm goingto upset people. I'm going to Piss people off because I'm fairly independent thinkerand I have differing opinions on guns and mental health issues. So I'm boundto piss probably everybody off. Hopefully, you know you're not too upset aboutit, but if you do have a point you'd like to make, byall means go to bipolar stylecom whether you're on your phone or whatever device you'relistening on. There should be a button there that says something to the effectof leave a voicemail or leave a voice message. Go ahead and leave mea message and I will do my best to play that message in its entiretyon upcoming follow up show to guns and mental health. Okay. So don'tfeel like you don't you can't argue with me. I'm totally up for adiscussion. Name Collins not going to help. But if you want to discuss gunsand or mental health with regards to each other, feel free to leaveme a message and I'd love to hear from you. So, that said, let's let's go forward. Let's take the next first step. So inthis let's let's call it a debate, I think it's more of a discussion, but there are like two or three points that I'm pretty hard stuck on, and the first one is that we have to agree that human lives aremore important than money. Why? Well, because human lives invented money, humanlives invented guns. Human lives are more important than all of the otherthings. So we have to agree that human lives are more important than money. If you don't agree with that, then I'm not going to have adiscussion with you about the rest of the things. And we also have toagree that guns are an American right enshrined in the Constitution Amendment number two.We have the right to keep in bear...

...arms. And the third one wehave to agree that facts established by legitimate research and studies are more valuable inthe debates, then fallacies. If you don't know what a fallacy is,if they didn't teach you critical thinking in high school, go look up fallacies. Fallacies, the fallacies. Look up those. We're not going to getinvolved with those things, like Straw man and slippery slopes and all that.If you pose a problem that's not actually happening right now, like you're presentinga problem that Matt might or might not happen in the future. That's aslippery slope. We're discarding those. So, to reiterate, we're going to agreethat lives are more important than money, that guns are an American right andthat facts are more important than fallacies. Cool, all right. Now wecan move forward. So, as you may or may not know,I am a California person, born and raised in California, but I movea lot. I travel around the country. I've been to many different places.I'm currently in deep South Louisiana, gun country, Bible Belt, thewhole bit, and I make it a point to get out and visit otherhumans in person and stay with them for a while so that I could betterunderstand them. So let's start with the well regulated militia. Let's start withthe well regulated militia. They're there, for example. Let's take us Switzerland, for example. There's a kind of a quasi myth that everybody in Switzerlandhas to have a gun. That's not that's not true. What there's somecool detail in here, though. So in Switzerland what happens is when youare twenty years old and you're a man, you go into training, you learnhow to basically military training, right, and then you're done. After thetraining, they send you back home, but they send you back home witha rifle and ammunition. Now, in the past ten years or so, they stop sending the ammunition. They just send you back home with yourrifle that they trained you how to use and at the end of your basically, so from twenty to thirty years old in Switzerland, you're part of themilitia. If any there's any emergency or danger, you're called up. You'vebeen trained with your rifle and now instead of, you know, the fiftybullets they used to give you, you have to go to the armory andcheck out your bullets. And even back when the Swiss, the Swiss government, handed out bullets and guns the bullets were handed out in sealed packs andthe government audited those bullets regularly. They would go to people's houses and checkon your bullets. Okay, still sealed, good to go. For many reasons, I'm assuming because they want to make sure you had the bullets incase there really was an emergency, and for the second reason that you justnot screwing off and using all your bullets either sport, hunting or killing people, I guess. Anyway, that's well regulated. That's that's a cool wayto start. If Switzerland can do it, we can do things like that.The whole idea that we have the right to freedom from bureaucracy and that'sbullshit. You have the right to keep in bear arms, you don't havethe right to be free from legislation that governs the use of the gun orthe bullets or anything else. There's nothing in the constitution that says you getto avoid regulations. You just get to keep in bear a gun. Bythe way, of course it's for a well regulated militia and there's no suchthing in America. There are not. I mean if you can call itthe army, but that's not what we're talking about. In America. Theimplication is that we needed a well regulated...

...militia in case some Jackass takes overand instructs the standing army to fight against the people, and then the peoplecould stand up with their all well regulated militia and fight back, which soundsawesome in practice if it were only well regulated, but it's not. Backin the seventeen, almost eighteen hundreds, the soldiers would have the same thingas as Switzerland. You'd have to go back to the armory to pick upyour bullets. You had your gun. It was in the benefit of thegovernment for people to know how to use a gun and to be well trainedon how to fix it and break it down and put it back together.That's all cool, but of course a gun is useless without bullets. Sothey kept their well regulated militia that kept their bullets in the armory and you'dhave to go meet down at the armory and pick up your bullets when everybodyagreed there was an emergency. So flash forward to today. There are roughlythree hundred ninety three million guns in America. About a million of those are registered, so that means there are three hundred and ninety two million unregistered gunsin America. Like wow, that's pretty incredible. So the idea that we'regoing to somehow move backwards in time and register all those is well seem mathematicallya possible I'd guess, is the best way to put it. I don'twant to say it is impossible, but this is not a science fiction movie. There's no Gort, it's not the day of the Earth stood still.There's no omnipresent power that can render all weapons useless simultaneously. That obviously isnot going to happen. Neither is trying to register, in hindsight, threehundred ninety two million anything. That's not going to work, especially because they'rethey're not scientific instruments. Their crude machines are just made out of steel.They got, you know, a couple springs and rotating barrel, if yougot a revolver, but it's not a complex thing, easy to hide.Now they make them out of plastic. You know, you can download blueprintsand print your own gun made out of plastic that will fire a real bullet. How are you going to stop that? Pretty Hard, right. So howdo we regulate the guns? How do we keep and getting back tothe whole thing, so the gun is a touchy subject. For example,in Louisiana, a in a place where she's like one of the farms westay at. The driveway itself is a dirt road, probably almost a halfmile long. It connects to a road that connects to another highway that connectsto town. But if there were some bad guys, whatever kind of badguy you could imagine, coming to your house, what good is there's youcalling the cops is not going to do anything. They don't they're not goingto come out and help you. There they they won't make it there ontime. If they do, they'll be behind the bad guys down the dirtroad and bad guys will be closer to you anyway, and it's just ashit show. There's no fucking way that you could rely on the police toprotect yourself in a rural area like this. Likewise, when I lived in nearSkid Row and downtown Los Angeles or when I lived inside the middle ofthe tenderloin in San Francisco, when you call a cop because there's a threat, they don't show up for fifteen or twenty minutes, even if the fuckingGat, I mean even if the fucking police station is across the street,a block away. They just don't show up that quickly. So gun advocates, the ones who claim Selfdefense, I think that's well intentioned. They mightnot have the best intentions in, you know, calling out that argument,but it's valid. There are many places in America where the police cannot helpyou. Moreover, if you're mentally ill, you don't want to call the policeanyway because they could set you off and end up killing you like theydo. Police kill mentally ill people. Never call the cops. If youhave a mental illness or a mental health...

...emergency, call a medic, getsome doctors out there to help you. Never call the police. Tell themto stay the fuck home with their weapons. They're just going to make a situationworse. Adding guns to a mental health crisis is never a good idea, even if the guns belong to the police, largely because many police officershave mental health problems themselves. XMILITARY PEOPLE HAVE PTSD. A lot of thesefolks have their own mental health is use that they simply don't report because theydon't want to lose their jobs. So understand that we've got lots of mentallyill people running around with guns. On purpose, with badges, the independentspirit of America, people like you know myself, when lots of people Iknow were like, well, fuck it, if the cops aren't going to come, I do need to take care of myself. So that's one argumentfor having a defensive handgun. But what kind of gun do you need todefend yourself? An assault rifle? I'm not even sure that's a fair term, but it's a term that they use in the marketing material. That impliesthat you're going out to attack something. You know what, it's not ahunting rifle. It's an assault rifle. Whether a are fifteen stands for assaultrifle. I don't think so. I think it stands for something else.But Anyway, I see a lot online are stands for assault rifle. Ithink it's a marketing term, I think it's armament. Whatever, I didn'tI don't care anyway. But getting back to the other act, look,what kind of weapons should we be allowed to have? If none at all, or all of them? You know, where do you draw the line?Is a six shooter enough? Is a two shot derringer enough to protectyourself? Do you need a long barrel? Is it short barrel? Fine.Frankly, I like the Moss prog five hundred you rack that fucking shotgunand most good guy, I mean most bad guys with any brain in theirhead are going to drop what they're doing and move away from you. Right. So racking a shotgun. That's pretty effective and you don't even have toshoot it. But again, a shotgun and more than you know, fiftyyards is not going to hurt somebody unless you got a good slug in thereinstead of some buckshot or whatever. I remember as a kid we used toclimb up in the mountains and the farmer up there had he put rock saltin his shotgun shells. So if it ever hit you, the Little RockSalts would get in your skin and burn like fuck. Like I don't knowhow fuck burns, but that's sound much they burn. Imagine how like saltin your eye. Now imagine a little, a bigger bead of salt up underyour skin. That's your hurts. It's not going to kill you,but it's going to remind you not to get on that farmer's yard again,er up on his field, which also brings up another point. In thesouth, guns are just the tool. Like I mean, Sure's there's idiotsto drive around with gun racks and unnecessary display of their fucking armament. Youknow, the typical like monster truck, dudes with little Dick's, that kindof thing. Whatever, I'm not talking about those. I'm talking about,you know, honest to goodness, just farmers who need to they need agun to put down to cow with the broken leg or to shoot off acoyote that's coming in for the chickens. They're just tools for farmers, forpeople like that, it's just the tool. So if you can imagine somebody saying, yeah, we need to take away your tools, well, howdoes that sound? Think of whatever job you do and if someone just randomlycame and said, yeah, we're going to confiscate your tools. Well,it's not that much different than the vaping products nowadays. You know, acouple of people dive from some some bad, you know, vitamin E Acetate inthe GEL, and they want to take everybody's vape device. It seemsa little over overreaching. But again, you know, the government has theright to regulate commerce, the Federal Trade Commission, they can. They canregulate whatever they want, especially interstate commerce, so to tell. A farmer hecan't have his tools. What the fuck is he supposed to replace agun with? How are you going to kill a cow that needs to beput down because it's broken? What are you going to do if you gottwo or three coyotes out in the field...

...coming for your chickens at night?You're going to sit out there on a stool with a slingshot with the wristrocket? Good luck, I don't know. Anyway. So tools, they're seenas tools by some people. In the suburbs you get a whole differentargument. You just get these kind of people that are like, you're fuckingguns and they probably never even shot a gun. They probably just put themon display like a poser. Look, oh, I'm into guns because I'mmanly man. Well, you're not really like. Show me a hero thattook care of the job with a gun and you know, I might say, Oh, yeah, good job. If you could show me the herowho took care of a problem without a gun, now that's a true hero, especially if he was up against a person with a gun. So Idon't know, it doesn't anybody could pull a trigger of a gun. Youknow, five year old doesn't make them a hero. Doesn't make a youknow, an older person a hero just because you can shoot a gun.That does not make a hero. A hero would be somebody, in mymind, that could just do things without a gun. Again, we're nottalking about tools. I'm not talking there's no such thing as being a herofor shooting off the coyotes. That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talkingabout in the sense of, you know, in civil society, were a problemsgoing down, a bank robbery or you know, something like that,in assault, you know, take care of it without a gun, thenyou're a hero. If you shoot a gun, all right, well,it's even you're not a hero, but you're not like, you know,an asshole. You just defending your property. That's fine. There's a story recentlywhere three kids came up on a guy's lawn and had masks gone,they had guns and I think the story said that they had assaulted somebody inthe front lawn late at night and then the homeowner came out and killed allthree of the kids. That's pretty amazing and sad for the families for sure, and even sad for the guy who killed them, because he's got thaton his his plate. For the rest of his life. Not Saying he'swrong, but it's still something he has to process, which you know,it's difficult, like taking anybody's life. I am very pro living. Ifit's alive, let it live. Now I'm not going to get into adebate on when something is a viable life form. That's not a debate fora man to have, but I'm just saying if it's alive, let itlive, whether it's a snake or even a coyote. I wouldn't shoot aKyote. I just shoot near a coyote or just they got like a bear. I forgot the thing bear flares, I guess you call them. Whenyou live in the mountains near bears, we use these things called bear flares. We also use pine saw on our doors because bears hate pin saal.Anyway, if you happen to run across the bear and he's aggressive, theyhave these little tiny things about the size of a can of Mace that shootsoff a flare, shoots out about fifty yards and big old pop sound likea like an Amadi, almost like a nice deep boom sound that scares theshit out of a bear. He scares them away and he he doesn't killyou. You do the same thing with coyotes. You can do the samething with anything you're trying to scare, except humans that are actively trying tokill you, because they probably don't care and they probably have a reason thattrying to kill you. So that's the thing, when we have to havea reason, a way to defend ourselves in circum in circumstances where cops aren'taround. The bullshit, though, is most people I hear the arguments comingfrom are in the Goddamn suburbs. There in the suburbs, where the policearrive in five minutes because they got nothing better to do than give out speedingtickets when they get a call that, oh, there's an intruder. Fuck, there's like twenty any cops at your house, and those are the suburbanpeople better clinging to their guns so hard and like, Dude, you don'teven live in danger. You're a fucking white guy in a suburb of America. Life does not get any easier on this planet than your life is rightnow. If you're winning so much and you're still that angry, go seekhelp man. Go get your emotions in check so that when you are playingwith your guns you don't hurt somebody, and the type of gun, whetherit's for defense or for assault, makes the difference in this argument, becausewhat we're really talking about here is mass killings. Pete, there's there's crimein the city, there's domestic crime,...

...all kinds of horrible crimes in whichpeople die at the hands of perpetrators with guns. Guns are also a bigrole in suicides, especially suicides of former war vetts. So there's an issuethere with people killing themselves with guns. It's probably one of the better argumentsfor controlling the the use of guns somehow, and we'll get to the word controlin just a second to because that's problematic. But what we're really talkingabout is mass shootings. How do we prevent the mass shootings? How doI mean? Because, Pete, that's what freaks people out. People moreand more staying inside, staring at screens all day instead of interacting with otherhumans in public, and some of them will chock it up to bullets.Dangerous out there. You know, I don't want to go to large eventsbecause, Jesus, you know, somebody could just shoot it up. Well, yeah, that's true, that actually is true, but don't let thatfear overcome you so that you just perpetuate the problem by just sitting and staringat your screen and type in a way like you're we have a right toguns and your social media accounts, of go back out in public and checkit out, but we need to address the mass shooting things. So that'swhere I think technology is our friend. I'm not even sure limiting the amountof bullets in a clip or magazine. I'm sorry matter. You know whatI mean, because well, it's just not a fight I think is aneffective fight. In the European Union they have a limit on magazine sizes.I'm not sure what the number of bullets is, but they thought that thatwas a way to go, just limit the number, and eventually Switzerland evenjoined in on that too. They limit the number of bullets that a guncan shoot at a certain time, which I guess if you want to limitthe bullets, that seems so ass backwards, like some fucking eighteen hundred sho whyare people using old world solutions for new world problems when we have technology? Here's where people start to get in the slippery slope arguments, and I'mnot here and them just because there's slippery slope arguments and you can't prove thatit will happen or won't. What I would propose is better technology and guns. For example, there's a company called shot spotter, I think it's called, where they have towers in high crime neighborhoods that can detect the pop ofa gun. It processes the sound, triangulates where it came from and cansend police over to a certain area and kind of scroll around a few blockssee if there's any crime happening. That's cool. This same company also hassome awesome technology that they apply to schools. For example. They have technology nowthat if shot spotters installed in your school and a gun goes off,the technology will send back to the police a map of the school where theshots came from. If there's a secondary shot, it'll map that. Itcould effectively draw a map of where the shooter has been and send that mapin real time over to the police station so that when the police get therethey'll be able to deal with the situation a lot more effectively. More importantly, though, when you have that kind of technology and it detects a shooterin a specific area on a map of a school, it could automatically lockevery other door in the school. It means just go on and on withthe technology. With artificial intelligence g coming on in several years, there's goingto be more and more speed and more and more processing power to help determinewhere a shooter is and where he should be compared to shooters that are shootingthat things that they're not supposed to be shooting at. The Johnny Mossberg ofthe Mossburg gun family, I think pretty sure I know his names Johnny,and I'm pretty sure he's a Osburg. He could be a Smith in Weston, I fucking care. Whatever, it's something. The point point is theson of one of the airs to all of the the guns, Johnny Mossburg, let's call him that, has invented a technology. It's a thumb printtechnology, where the gun won't fire unless... knows it's you, which iscool. A lot of people say, oh well, what if it doesn'twork? Well, to prove his technology to the military he had to putit through torture test. It worked threezero times in a row without fail.That's more effective than most average handguns. Even a revolver might jam more thanonce. Every three thousand times. So the technology exists so that you couldbuy a gun that only you could shoot. So if there was ever an instanceof who shot this fucking guy, oh, it came from that gun, you're the guy with the gun. It's kind of the similar way toway, you know, if there's a car crash and the DMV determines thatthat's your car, you're responsible, whether or not you were driving. It'syour responsibility. Your fucking responsible for your car. You should be responsible foryour gun. So combine that thumb print technology with artificial intelligence, faster networks, satellite imagery. Imagine this. In the future you can have all thebiggest magazine you want, a fucking drum magazine like that asshole used in Dayton. Doesn't matter. The moment you and your you know, High Tech Gunwith the trigger that only you can operate through a thumb print, the momentyou get too close to an area you should not be with all that equipment, it will just cut you down. Yes, it will shut you down, or it could shut you down. A lot of people say, yeah, well then they could shut it all down. Really you think so?Why would they do that? WHO's they? Who is they by the way,the government, the government, the overpowering government that you should have foughtagainst up till now. Anyway, this is another argument. I fucking getinto it. Two a types. Their whole deal was we need a wellregulated militia so that, you know, in case of tyrant tries to takeover the government, we can deal with it. Well, a fucking tyranthas taken over the government and you didn't do shit about it. There inlies a huge hole in your argument. If you're not going to stand upfor everybody in America, you're going to stand up and say, Oh,well, except for trump, he's not really that bad. Well, we'llfuck off. He is that bad, guns aside, you know, he'sthe kind of guy that the militias should have been after. He should havebeen taken down a long time ago by militias, put in a cell keptthere for the rest of his life. You know, we don't need peoplelike that propped up so highly. That said, you know, if you'renot going to fucking go do your job, you had one job, that tool. You had your well regulated militia, your one job for that, andyour argument was to prevent, you know, people from taking over America. Well, they did. They took over America. We got communist Russiaback in the president of America, and you realize, like the second sand USS are is socialist. That's what's taken over America from the top down, and you, dumb ass to a types, didn't do anything about it, probably because you're racist and you agree with him. But Hey, that'sa different episode. So here's the thing that's problematic, I think. Andwhen we talk about managing guns and people, is the terminology we use a lotof times I hear words like common sense, gun reform. You knowwhat, if someone came to you and said that you were not using commonsense, you would be offended. We can't go after gun people and tellthem to not using common sense. I had a gun. I don't haveone now, but in irrelevant. I just didn't use it, so Isold it because I like money better and I'm a good shot. All outa side. Well, let me just put that out there. I likeguns. I will have one probably in the future. I don't need onenow. When you travel, it's kind of hard because the state, thestate. Sometimes people give you the side eye when you going through a bordercheck and you got any weapons. Oh yeah, I do so anyway.I'm not opposed to guns. I'm not opposed to shooting, but why can'tit be more like a fucking bowling alley? If you want to shoot, goto the shooting range and get a gun there. Shoot The gun whileyou're there, enjoy it, shoot any gun you want. They have machineguns at some of these ranges in Louisiana.

You can just go shoot to yourhearts content and then when you leave, hey back to home. No Gun, or maybe just the small defensive weapon like a six shooter or somethingsimple that won't fall apart on your something very easy to clean and disassemble andknow all about, or like grandma with with the two shot derringer. Verysimple device, but it would stop a rapist, stop a mugger, ifstop a person breaking into your window, that's for fucking sure. You know, I wouldn't have a problem if everybody America had to carry a two shotlittle derringer in their pocket, concealed. Then you never know who the fuckis the carrying so you have to assume everybody is and I don't think we'regoing to have a lot of mass shooters if everybody carried a two shot derringerseems kind of simplistic, but you know, it's one idea. And so gettingback to the regulating part. The First Amendment, free speech. Yes, they can regulate our speech. Second Amendment, right to bear arms.They can regulate your right to bear arms. They're not taking away our free speech, they're not taking away your guns, but the government does have the rightto regulate them. I know you push back because, oh, well, if they do this, then that will happen again. That's slippery slope. You don't have any proof that that will happen, whatever that is thatyou've imagined in your head. So enough with the slippery slopes. We gotto come up with real ideas. Technology is the best way to deal withthat. And if we had guns that people could shoot freely wherever they wantedto, except when you're starting to near a crowd. Like why would anybodyneed a gun activated near a concert? If there's a concert nearby, thereshould be an invisible shield that deactivates all unauthorized guns, leaving them with onlysecurity guards or law enforcement or whoever protects the concert. In this example,and much like Israel or Switzerland, I think everybody at a certain age,not just men, men and women, Trans People whatever, all the peopleshould be trained at a certain age to work a gun. There's three hundredninety three million guns in America. There's a hundred, I mean one pointtwo guns for every human in America. That's a lot of guns. That'slike not learning how to swim on a planet covered with water. If youdon't know how to swim and you live on earth, that's just dumb.If we don't know how to use guns in America, that's dumb. Butit gets so carried away. Like I was at Public Swimming Pool in Californiaonce a couple years back and a little kid, let's call him calling,you know, it was like his friend and gave him a squirt gun inthe pool. So he ran up to the thing, got up on theside of the pool and said look, Mommy, I got a squirt gun, and the MOM's Super Liberal, obviously came back said, Colin, thatis not a squirts gun, that is a watcher squirter. So she justdidn't even want him to say the word gun. You can't stick your headin the sand and think that that's going to solve the problem. Not Sayingthe word gun. You fucking kidding me? Get a grip man. And sowhat's all this technology cost? That's going to be too expensive. Hutback to rule number one. We've already decided and agreed that humans are moreimportant than money and, besides, we live in a capitalist country. Moneyis not an issue. If it costs money, somebody will just invent abet or cheaper thing. There's competition in the market for technology. If wecan get the fucking corporate lobbyists that receive communist Russian money through the NRA payingit to the you know, the lawmakers, that's an issue. If we can'tstop that flow of money from Russia through the NRA to the senators,yet we're fucked. But that again, political discourse and voting and all thataside, we still have to come up with an idea. The idea istechnology. Let the free market run free. quit putting this false hopes or regulationsor constraints on people through threats or promises or whatever you're doing to coercethe free market. quit doing that.

Obviously, if Johnny Mossberg has away to put a thumb print on a gun so that only the user couldopen begun and fire it. That's technology is progressing. If shot spotter hasa map away to map a school and tell you exactly where the shooter is, that's technology progressing. If we can just connect all of these you knowthat guy up in the Tower and Laws Vegas that shot up the country concert? His gun wouldn't have been active. It couldn't have been active the mymagical invisible shield. Of course technology, yes, cost money. Don't care. Spend the money, just spend it. You got plenty of it. Whoeverwants to invent this shit can go out and create a better gun.What we're running into is just resistance from corporate lobbyists. Fuck corporate lobbyists.They're they're a priority is money over people. Now in this argument, people aremore important than money for the reasons I explained, because people inventing money. People have the capacity to invent a gun and people can invent our wayout of this mess if those fucking obstructionist lobbyist people would get the fuck outof the way. And so the last thing I wanted to do just throwa wedge into just to poor put a little bookmark here. Is the mentalhealth thing right. People say, oh well, guns don't kill people.Crazy people kill people. Well, not, not. Not. Normally, mostmental health patients are more likely victims of gun crime than perpetrators, andthe kind of mental health problems that come to pass that we find out laterafter people shoot up them all are well documented. It just nobody did anythingabout them. There's another type. There's a disorders like intermittent explosive disorder,ieed ha ha, real funny terminology, but you know, where people justsnap, and people do just snap. There's a history of mass shootings inAmerica. I mean when I was a kid, I think it was thefuck s or something. I'm old man, but there's a dude who shot upa McDonald's killed over twenty people. There's a guy who just walked onto a school campus in Stockton, California with, you know, like aassault rifle type thing or a semiautomatic rifle shot up the place. That's whenDiane Einstein, the senator, crafted gun laws for California. Of course gunpeople are like so, you didn't work, but people still shooting things up.Well, it's because the states next to it didn't pass any law.You know, you're only your laws are only as good as the best laws, and if every state doesn't do something, then yeah, you're fucked. Imean, I could go down to the gun store right now and buya gun in Louisiana and no background check, no, just nothing. They'll filea background check, but I leave with a gun, just dumb,and then I could just drive across the California and use it. There's somany holes in the law. However, if I had a high tag gunwith a thumb print on it, it would know I'd left from Louisiana toCalifornia. Again, we don't have any rights to not be tracked. Youmight think you do. You think, yeah, like it's a right toprivacy, but even that is can be regulated. We don't have a completeright to privacy. Ever since nine hundred and eleven, you know, withthe Bush administration started letting the phone companies scoop up everybody's communication and give itto the spies, there is no privacy. So that's a joke. If youthink like oh well, we won't have privacy, you fucking hidiot.You give all your information to facebook anyway and you tell him where you're atand what you did and what you hate and what kind of car you Gottand what kind of guns you're shooting. You tell the fucking Internet that already. Where do you think the government gets us? Information? From the Internet, from computers, from networks. So the idea that well, we hopeto Proyvo. So if you trucked us were we want, I don't care. I don't care that I have I'm not going to go shoot shit up. So I don't care if the government knows my gun is moving from Louisianato California. I wouldn't care if I was in California if my gun stoppedworking when I got to a concert crowd either. So the technology is available, it's ready to be implemented, but people think, oh no, it'sjust too expensive. But to compared to white man, your kids life?How what kind of price does like Wayne...

Lapierre put on his family's lives?And what would happen if they all died from, you know, gun violence? I'll tell you what happened. Nothing. He would just say it was God'swill. That's the way some of those people think. They think it'sGod's will and they'd find a way to twist it into more reasons we shouldhave guns. If I would have had a gun, I could have protectedthem. That kind of thing. Sorry, Texas, Act Center, he'll billyaccent whatever. I don't mean to imply that only he'll billy's stand upfor Jesus and guns. There's plenty of idiot white people in the west coastthat have some weird poser effect with yeah, we should have guns. Yeah,guns are important. You know our rights and without thinking of the restof the part, you know the rest of the whole. Commandments, allthe commandments in the Bible, the fucking amendments in the constitution. None ofthem say you get to do whatever you want whenever you want. Doesn't.Doesn't work that way. That the government can regulate things. That's their job. In fact, if they didn't regulate things, we wouldn't really need agovernment, would we? And I know a lot of you think that,hey, that's actually a good idea. We don't fucking need a government.Burn it all to the ground. Great, that's awfully privileged of you to saythat, but again, you know, how's that going to work? Justbecause you got a gun and you're white and privileged in you know,things have worked out for you. Okay, you think that I got mine,so fuck everybody else. Well, yeah, the future won't have asafe place for people like you either. But getting back to the mental healthbit, a lot of people with mental health problems, with mental illnesses,are never treated. In addition to whatever mental illness they have, they alsohave something called a Nosa nosia, which is a complete lack of insight.They don't think that they're mentally ill, so they will never go to seea therapist or psychiatrist, they will never take psych meds because they in theirmind and their heart of hearts, they lack insight and simply don't think thatthey're sick. We can see that they're sick by the way that they act. And a lot of these people end up in positions of authority because that'swhat they're drawn to. I'm not saying military people especially, but especially cops. Cops are drawn to positions of authority because of some deep insecurity of wantingto control shit. Well, you know, if they go out with the gun, they're going to control things with the gun if they have to.especially with the the union, the police unions, they will stand by anyCOP. That I mean. Their first inclination is to stand behind the COP, regardless of what happened. Well, let's investigate first. Despite a hundredeyewitnesses video, the cops union will still say, well, let's investigate first. You know, that's bullshit. If everybody can see what the COP did, we know that that's a bad cop and it's not that one bad copspoils the whole barrel. The fucking barrel is infected and any good apple youput in the cop barrel is going to get infected. Any not every there'ssome good cops that maintain a decent career start to finish. God bless them. Is that the right word use? God bless? So what do yousay the people like that anyway? So the fact that the military isn't dealingwith the PTSD and the cops aren't dealing with the control freaks that become policeofficers. I mean you've got vetting processes, you've got psych tests, you know, come up with better side tests, use ai to figure out who thefuck is going to be a bad cop. That's all I'm saying.We have the technology. We can rebuild the whole gun system. We havethe meet. So let's try that and let's stop using words like control andinstead of manage, because we're not going to control guns. We're not goingto like, you know, taking guns away. Any of that is notgoing to work. Let people keep their guns, as many as they want, but manage the guns better. Put them on a grid, make surethat people are not accumulating in one area with a lot of high powered weaponswith lots of bullets, you know, make sure that one person that's beenacting strange on the Internet, make sure that person is not bringing a highcapacity magazine to a crowded area. Technology...

...can do all of these things andwe're just simply not trying hard enough with technology. A lot of it justcomes down to people say no, it's too expensive. Well, it's nottoo expensive, because we've already agreed that life is more important than money.So get out there and spend the money on the technology to stop mass shootings. Don't take away the guns. You can't take away the guns. You'renot going to take away their tools. Nobody wants to take away anybody's tools. There are there are people that do, I'm sure, like Bet Oh ohrourke, you know, blasting out Yo, we're going to take yourare fifteen s, we're going to buy it back to what end? Towhat end they're just going to remark it it back as an msixteen again.That's all the a are fifteen was. It's a civilian M sixteen. Whynot just sell them in M sixteen? And every time you try to codifythis, codify you end up making things worse because you say, well,we're going to outlaw are fifteen. Well then they just come out with theR sixteen. Technically this isn't covered by the law. So anytime the capitalistsee a kind of restraint on their money making, they're going to work theirway around it. Well, in this case we have to give the capitalistand incentive to fucking put better technology into guns by more people creating better technology, which lowers the cost of the technology to the consumer and eventually will havewell protected, well regulated society. We're mentally ill people like police and themilitary don't get to shoot guns and that stable people will have their guns disabledif they ever enter in a situation where there shouldn't be. That seems likea fair trade to me. Again, you know, I'm sure I saidplenty of things that piss people off on both sides, but that's okay.I mean, I'm not here to Piss you off. I'm just here tostart a dialog where we don't wear use words like control or common sense ormandates. No fuck all that. We're going to keep guns. There's noway to get rid of three hundred and ninety three million guns. And ifwe got rid of three hundred and ninety two million and just left the onemillion that are registered, I don't think those people are going to be ableto protect us in emergency situation. Right. So let me know what you think. If you've you know I'm not going to mock you. Well,if you call and leave a message, that's just cursing and name calling.moral. You can curse all you want, just name Collins not really going tohelp and I hope I haven't name called too much in this episode.That said, if you want to have a dialog, for sure, leavethe message and tell me why technology you won't work. Why have you solittle faith in technology? If it's because you fear the government, that whyaren't you doing something right now to affect change in the government? You know, if you really fear the government from taking over your gun or controlling shitin the way you don't like it, you got to come up with alogical argument for why you're not addressing the government right now. Why are youafraid of the government doing that? What about the government makes you fearful?Well, figure that out for yourself. Leave me message and, like Isaid, I'll put this all together in an episode in the future, youknow, basically a response to the gun episode. Cool, all right,that's that's enough. That's just enough of talk, too much. I feellike I'm wearing your ear out. I just had to get this out becauseyou know what it is. It's Monday. I would not be surprised if therewas another mass shooting this week in America. It's just just the wayit is and we've got to stop the mass shootings. Once we can stopthe mass shootings, we can work on individual domestic crime, gang crime andthings like that. Those are not the focus. Normal people are not worriedabout gang crime because they don't they're not any gang and they don't go towhere gangs live. A lot of people in domestic situations where they're in danger. They have a pretty good sense that they're in danger already and are workingactively to get out of that situation. So gang crime, domestic violence,and that sort of thing. Will worry about that later. Bank robberies,we can talk about that later, but right now let's just focus on themass killings. Let's figure out a way through technology, to eliminate mass killingsby guns. Cool, cool, all...

...right, I'll talk to you nexttime. Hit me up on twitter at bipolar style, or you can goto bipolar stylecom and yeah, do your thing. All right, cool,see you later is one thing. And what's that? You have to useso many cuss words. Fuck you, talking them out style on I cheeseand following on twitter. Joy, excuse me, by Quality.

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